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There's more to this than they're admitting

Our correspondent writes ...

"Devious bastards!" I muttered when I read the Mail on Sunday's article about bugged wheelie bins a few weeks back. As Bexley Council weren't one of the councils listed in the article, I never thought to check our wheelie bin but then I noticed someone had written in to the local free newspaper about it and sure as eggs is eggs, when I checked, I found our brown compost bin had a bug secreted under the rim but hidden behind a circular plastic cover.

The council had never mentioned this when they distributed four bins to each household - one for compost, one for paper, one for plastic and tins, and the last for bottles - insisting they be used to help the recycling effort.

This is fine by me as I have no problems about recycling except that the major contributors to the landfill problems have not been told to stop causing the problems. I'm referring to the companies who package their products in non-recyclable materials.

But, hey, that's commerce. And governments will never tackle polluters if they are commercial enterprises. Such an action might jeopardise the funds that probably find their way into the troughs many bureaucrats and politicians feed from.

Instead, it's too easy to penalise the scapegoats - or customers, as they're generally known. Ratepayers in this case.

So here we all are ... sifting through all our rubbish and sorting it in to separate piles to go into the appropriate bins. The dustbinmen, meanwhile, seem to be doing less and less. They merely wheel the bin from the pavement edge to the lorry where it is hoisted up and tipped.

And now we know the truth, it is also registered by some electronic reading device on the lorry. For what purpose?

Well, that's obvious. Sooner or later local authorities will find a way to increase our taxes even further. It will probably coincide with the time when we actually place our own bins on the dustcarts and thank the refuse operatives for doing sweet FA.

When interviewed on Breakfast Television this morning, the Chief Executive Officer of North Kesteven Council claimed the idea of monitoring and weighing the bins was to reward those who contributed to the recycling effort. Well that's a load of 'round things' for a start. If councils wanted to reward us, they would redistribute some of the profits they make by selling the compost we donate - or the funds that come from paper, metal and glass merchants. But no. Instead they raise our council taxes remorselessly, make us do some of their work for them, and lower the general level of service they give in return for our obscene donations to the local authority coffers.

Of the four bins Bexley Council supplied, only one is bugged - the compost bin. They don't monitor paper, cans or bottles and they can't bug the bin that takes all the non-recyclable leftovers because that's my property. I bought it from the council.

So let's look at this more closely. If the council weigh my compost bin every week to determine whether I should be penalised for not doing my bit, how do they take into account the fact that I have a rather large composter of my own at the bottom of the garden? They don't weigh the paper, tin or bottle bins so presumably my efforts there are not important. Similarly, there are many others who cover their gardens with paving stones or decking so they don't generate too much compost.

Based on the evidence of my light-weight compost bin, the council could decide to send me an additional bill for not contributing sufficient grass cuttings. This would be the reward for large families with big lawns who churn out lots of wasted food and cut their lawns frequently.

Since the council were so dishonest that they sprung these insidious wheelie bin spies on us all without bothering to mention it, why should we now trust anything they say in mitigation? Why should we believe any statements they give out about using the recalcitrant non-recyclers to compensate the good ones and thus reduce council taxes.

We shouldn't. Councils only have one objective in life and that's to screw us for everything they can get. To do that, they will distort the truth and lie through their teeth when challenged. That's the very nature of modern civil servants.

Visitors' Comments

Michael Weir, Birmingham writes:

A bigger load of B/S I have yet to read. There are many similar rumours around. A simple way to find out if there is any truth in this gossip is to phone the council and ask who the bin outside your house belongs to. If they say, as is the norm, that it is theirs then inform them that you have taken legal advice on the subject and that a monthly charge of 10 is to be paid for the space it occupies within your property.

This was, in my case, x2 (soon to become x3) so me and the council came to an agreement - they took away the bins and I am 200 pound a year better off.

Most people cannot see the way this works but it is very simple if you think about it. I still have my bin emptied every week even when my neighbours don't get a collection. If after a while you cannot work it out drop me an e-mail and I will let you in on the idea. The councils are just scaring you into action

Editorial Comment:

We would like to know how this works but Mr Weir has provided an incorrect email address.

Threeskins of Bournemouth writes:

The council in Bournemouth put rf chips in the new bins we were given and neglected to inform us. This got out and the end result was about 15-20 thousand of these bins having the chip dug out & chucked as far away as they could be thrown.

Michael Tomkins of London writes (on 7/11/2011):

Why have councils become more dishonest??? Please Google Common Purpose Exposed. It's your right to know the truth.

Editorial Comment:

The facts about Common Purpose certainly show that their methods are used by councils. But they have also infiltrated the police, the armed forces, the judiciary and many other sectors. If you sometimes wonder how it got this bad, a study of Common Purpose makes interesting reading.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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