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More proof that the police are more interested in dissenters than crime

Our correspondent writes ...

On the 12th of August 2008, my nephew who lives with me (and has done for the last 7 years) came home rather drunk.

At this point, I should say that he has never committed a crime nor has he ever been out of work. But he has previously been a victim of police violence. That was when he was 15. On that occasion he was sexually assaulted by a Police Officer. The complaint against this officer was upheld but no action was taken. Since that day he has been continually harassed by them.

He gave up driving because he was always being stopped. On one occasion the officer that stopped him swore at him then fined him 80 saying my nephew was abusive.

My nephew complained despite having paid the fine. Again this complaint was upheld and again no action taken.

Last year the Police attacked my nephew in front of my home while he was waiting for a taxi. A police car pulled up and they asked him where he was going and who he was. My nephew answered that they knew who he was and that he lived at the house behind him. One officer jumped out of the car, knocked him to the ground and jumped upon him. He then charged my nephew with assault.

I complained about this officer's attitude and my complaint was upheld. After this, every time a police car passed me, the occupants would run their fingers across their throats or shout "scumbag".

Please bear in mind that I am a 62 year-old ex-serviceman and I am disabled. The only arguments I ever had were with David Blunkett and the local Committee. I thought then that some people on the council were really nasty people and time has proven me right.

Back to the 12th August: In his drunken stupor, my nephew broke a mirror on my wall and cut his hands. I had a bit of a rough time with him but because of the police attitudes he soon gets depressed. I thought he may be badly hurt and decided to ring for an ambulance.

The police arrived but by this time my nephew was fast asleep on kitchen the floor, snoring his head off. I told the police I did not need them but they forced their way past me into my room asking if my nephew was OK.

I said, " Yes, he is asleep. Please leave him where he is. He will wake up with an headache but he'll be OK."

One of the officers took no notice of me, walked straight into my kitchen and up to my nephew on the floor. He kicked him in the side and shouted, "Wake up, you bastard!"

I yelled, "Leave him alone."

The Officer knelt down on top of him and started to thump him in the face. I begged of them to leave him alone and I was in tears by this time.

The Officer said, "I am nicking him for assaulting a Police Constable."

I yelled, "How come he is still wandering what is happening to him? You woke him up violently."

I do not drink but he turned to me and said, "Shut your fucking mouth or you will be nicked for being drunk and disorderly."

By this time more officers had arrived. They strapped my nephew up and carted him out of the house like a rolled up carpet. He was shouting, "Help me, uncle Tony. Please help me!"

I have never seen such a disgusting misuse of authority in my whole life. And I have never seen a police officer so rotten as this one was. He was scruffy looking and unshaved. He swore. He was an animal.

It is always dangerous to complain about these Nazis in Sheffield but not only that, it is dangerous to upset local politicians.

This is a brief statement as to what took place on that night. But it turned into a nightmare - a horror story! My nephew was held in the cells for 18 hours. He was denied a doctor but he was eventually bailed to return to the police station two weeks later. He arrived home covered with bruises and scratches.

I am now so depressed that all I want to do is to leave Sheffield. But we are prisoners because we cannot afford to move. I could perhaps get an exchange but I do not think this would help. I need to get a clean break away from this evil City - a city run run by evil men like David Blunkett.

I have had a lot of harassment from our police and our council but I can handle it. It is different for a young man like my nephew.

It is so sad that our once proud and efficient police force is now a tool for our political masters. I have seen and witnessed many acts of violence by South Yorkshire Police and have myself been attacked for my opinions and the fact that I complain when I see injustice. Our local team come under the instructions of our Local MP, David Blunkett, who encourages these acts of violence.

In his view, Sheffield is the capital of The Republic of South Yorkshire and he is the President. Sheffield is a Labour stronghold - the HQ for the labour cult; a brainwashed society that will always vote for the same old brigade.

My nephew has probably been picked on just because he lives with me. Three times he has been made to suffer for what I do. The fact is the police are so corrupt. I have always asked, "WHO POLICES THE POLICE?" They are out of control and are accountable to no-one. Not for the first time they have damaged my home and I am convinced it will happen again. I was once a Conservative but I am no no longer political. I just try to exist in the heart of Blunkett's land, governed by Blunkett's Police Force. AR, Sheffield

Editorial Comment:

Now that we are increasingly exposed to politically-correct policemen who seem to do little more than carry out the will of our stupid politicians by victimising largely law-abiding citizens for ridiculously trivial offences, it is depressing to see that Sheffield's police haven't changed their attitudes in 50 years.

How do I know? I know because I was born in Sheffield.

When I was a teenager the police arrested me for riding my pushbike in the early hours of a Sunday morning - about 6am. I had a very good reason for doing so but I couldn't tell them. I had had a late Saturday evening with my girlfriend and I was due to go out into the Derbyshire countryside with a friend at 7 o'clock to shoot rabbits. That involved trespassing on farm land but I didn't dare mention that to the police. Like any other teenager, I knew that if I had gone to bed after arriving home from my girlfriend's house I would not have been up in time to go poaching. But all the police had to know was that I was riding my bike on the streets and was doing nothing illegal - which was absolutely true. But they thought it necessary to take my fingerprints and my father was livid when I told him. Perhaps you can now understand why the authorities want everybody's fingerprints and DNA on file. George Orwell's 1984 actually started in 1960.

My only other brush with the police happened when I was about five. A copper caught me red-handed as I tied a piece of string between my great aunt's front door handle and her dustbin lid. The idea was to knock on her door and do a runner. Unfortunately, I ran straight into this copper who grabbed me by the ear. Shame, because my great aunt was an old battleaxe and I didn't like her.

So - dangerous rogue that I was - I felt the long arm of the law twice in 17 years ... but never again in the following 50.

Sheffield police always had a bad reputation and I always remember something that happened when I was 16 in my first job at the gas board. One of my colleagues decided to leave the Gas Board and join the police. He was a nice lad and the annual intake of new Gas Board recruits were sad to see him go - we had all become good friends. A few weeks later we learned Eric had quit the police. Apparently, his sergeant had ordered him to lie in court so that they could convict an innocent man they had fitted up. But the sergeant obviously didn't know Eric had strong religious convictions. He wasn't prepared to lie and left to become a minister of the church.

Having read the above article you may think there's no smoke without fire but remember this is Sheffield. I know for certain the police were corrupt in 1959 and it doesn't sound like anything has changed in 2008.

Visitors' Comments

Test of Sheffield writes:

Complete twaddle!

Tom of Manchester writes:

What a lot of rubbish from both the OP and editor. There is absolutely no way that a gang of coppers did this. If you said one bad apple then perhaps, but a group... no way! Your complaints were never 'upheld' but nothing done.... urgh, there are so many inconsistencies.

And as for the editor-poacher who claims to have been nicked for cycling on a pavement; then be honest and up front. What were you arrested for (cause it wasn't cycling and you know it)?

Last of all - it's like 1984? I lived in China mate. The Brits have it very easy indeed.

I don't believe either of you!

Editorial Comment:

All of a sudden, we get a splurge of comments about this article, and the writers all have one thing in common. They disagree with what was said.

However, one has to question their reliability. Neither of them supplies a full name, TEST supplies a telephone number that contains every digit, i.e. 01234567890, and Tom from Manchester supplies a telephone number with the area code that belongs to Church Stretton, which is in the heart of Shropshire, some 90 odd miles from Manchester.

So it is very difficult to take either respondent seriously. However, I can assure TOM that when I was stopped by the police in 1959 the circumstances were exactly as I described in my first comment. I was cycling (and not on a pavement) - nothing more.

Bobby (local) writes:

It's fair to say that you all obviously hate the police and everything they stand for. Yet, when someone is busting down your door or beating your family member, I wonder who you will call.

It's just as well police officers have broad shoulders, cause once they've finished being family guidance counsellor, babysitter, nurse, slave and every other role you expect, but the police are not there to do, we will also take the blame for all the other failings in society, including your inability to see that someone is blowing smoke up your backside.

Do you really believe that police officers would risk going to prison by telling porkies in the box. As for making hand gestures as if to slit your throat, you truely do need to see a doctor, perhaps senility has set in.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll call the police and they'll save your life, or that of a loved one and then you can take your humble pie and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Editorial Comment:

Now this one is much more serious.

'Bobby' didn't give his surname but the Christian name is synonymous with policemen, as is his telephone number which contains two sequences of '999'. But the area code is that of Liskeard in Cornwall. Hardly local to Sheffield!

It's not unusual to receive correspondence from people who are unwilling to identify themselves but this email contains several very defamatory comments, obviously directed at me personally. One relates to an incident which happened 200 miles from Sheffield and the words the writer has quoted have never been published on this website or anywhere else. Only a handful of people would know about the incident in question and they are all Metropolitan police officers, including an acting Borough Commander.

I'm pretty certain I know the identity of the officer responsible for making these comments and I plan to bring this to the attention of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. I am not prepared to have such defamatory and untrue slurs broadcast to all and sundry and the law provides me with a way to take action against the Metropolitan Police Service. This is exactly what I propose to do.

It's now time to reveal the truth

I took this matter up with my local division of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) by writing to the Acting Borough Commander, with a copy to Sir Paul Stephenson, the Commissioner. His copy was read and acknowledged by someone called Sally Meadon who apparently works in the Commissioner's Private Office.

There was some correspondence with the local division but it dried up when they went into ostrich mode. At no stage has there been any response from the Commissioner, or from the Acting Commissioner who has taken control while Sir Paul is producing sick notes. Unless Ms Meadon has kept the information to herself, it suggests, as I previously suspected, that the men at the top of the MPS are not interested in any adverse activities by their officers - they just pretend that they act in the interests of the public by making banal statements like these:

"The Metropolitan Police Service is here for London - on the streets and in your community, working with you to make our city safer" or "The MPS has a strict staff conduct policy". Shame the 'staff' don't seem to know what it is.

For more information, click here to read the full story.

Tommy Walker of Rotherham writes:

You want to know how South Yorkshire Police keep crime figures down? They just don't investigate it and people have given up reporting it. Since it isn't reported, it 'never happened' in their statistics.

Editorial Comment:

I think this is common practice in many forces. I am also finding that things we believe fall under the category of 'criminal damages' are being reclassified by the police as 'civil matters'. This, they think, excuses them from doing their job but, as I have recently discovered, some policemen put considerable effort into finding reasons for not doing their job. They're rapidly becoming overpaid lazy sods!

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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