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Guilty members of the establishment never seem to be published

When educational standards slip so badly that swathes of primary school children emerge from their first six years of tutoring unable to read or write, it immediately highlights deficiencies in teachers' capabilities. When, some years later, record numbers of children pass their GCSEs each year it suggests teaching standards have improved. The sceptics amongst us don't believe this of course. We think pass levels have been manipulated to produce better results. To some extent, our suspicions are confirmed when 98% of A-level students gain the passes that will enable them to proceed to universities, many of which now specialise in Mickey Mouse degrees.

For the moment, let's concentrate on the primary school teachers. If some of them can't teach our kids to read and write, what can they do that might help the children to flourish? Are they actually any good in any other aspects of child support?
In some cases the answer is no. But they don't have to worry, they will be protected. The only losers are the children they fail.

In the following report you will read about a small boy who was bullied at his first school in Wales. His teacher could have done something about it but her response was that the boy was a 'tell-tale'. So the bullying continued, got worse even, and the long-term effects were catastrophic.

When the authorities received a complaint from the parents, up went the barriers. The bureaucratic mafia closed ranks to avoid blame and it didn't matter to them how many laws they broke to cover up their negligence.

Our correspondent writes ...

The Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) say they take school bullying very seriously but our experiences shows they don't put their claims into practise.

At the age of five, my son went to a tiny local school where he was badly bullied from the outset. Although his personality changed dramatically during this time he refused to say what was wrong. It transpired he had reported the bullying to one teacher but she accused him of being a tell-tale.

The last year he was at the school (when he was just six) this same teacher started bullying him. She said he was unable to focus and gleefully wrote on his report that 'he now sits on his own'. Bear in mind that she was talking about a very quiet, well-behaved and very intelligent child.

In desperation I took him to see the health visitor who described him as 'a delightful child who may be bored and under-stimulated' - it took her only five minutes to reach that conclusion. But the teacher refuted any suggestions that he was bored or that he was having problems reading. Instead, she made him stay in most break times and often at lunch time but he was scared to tell us in case he got into trouble .

After two years of bullying, which the teachers ignored, we were told by another parent to complain to the school governors though we later learned that complaining only made things worse.

The governors arranged a 'meeting' but originally only invited me. Presumably they thought it was easier to intimidate a woman. At the meeting, we made it clear - and it was accepted and recorded - that we had never received a complaints procedure (which is required by law), a school prospectus (referred to incorrectly/misleadingly by governors as a 'school book') or a statement about the school's anti-bullying policy. But, all in all, the Governors meeting was a whitewash and we were conned.

After this battle, we transferred our son to another school where he was again bullied by older boys for 9/12 days. This time our complaints led to the head teacher calling him a liar and accusing us of a 'witch hunt'. She is now acting head at BOTH schools!!!

I removed him from school after life-saving advice from Kidscape. He saw the community paediatrician who thought he needed to see the educational psychologist and diagnosed him as self-harming and school phobic. The LEA hassled me non-stop for sick-notes and threatened me with legal action; refusing to accept that School Phobia was a reason to be kept off school. WAG say children with school phobia must be treated in the same way as sick children and MUST NOT be threatened.

I had a meeting with LEA and was given the choice to de-register or provide a sick-note. But if I de-registered him he would not be allowed to see the educational psychologist. A consultant paediatrician requested LEA to ring him about the non-attendance but LEA declined.

The harassments and threats continued until the consultant wrote and said 'this child is not fit to attend school'. During this time my child continued to self-harm and started saying he wanted to kill himself. As we have no TV, he certainly did not pick this up from the media: he actually felt it.

LEA did not back-off until my child had seen the educational psychologist and I de-registered him but they added in writing that 'de-registering him would be a backward step'

I made a formal complaint about the teachers' treatment of my child to the Director of LEA; his response was 'wait until we receive educational psychologist's report before jumping to conclusions'. I sent him the educational psychologist's report which showed a VERY intelligent child with Dyslexia. The director of education replied in writing that 'two years was not long enough for a teacher to spot such problems'. Again this contradicted all WAG publications and SEN Code of Practise for Wales (much of which also has the backing of the law)

I made a long and detailed formal complaint against LEA to the chief executive of County Hall - he dismissed the very serious complaints and gave LEA a pat on the back.

I then complained to the Ombudsman. The complaint took months to put together, but it was supported by piles of documented evidence and was, in the opinion of many voluntary agencies, 'water-tight'.

But the ombudsman kicked the complaint out without even taking the time to go through it properly. He said I liked to complain and that I refused to accept the LEA answers (many of which were not even lawful). One complaint was that the LEA had submitted a falsified copy on minutes of the meeting to show them in a far better light whilst distorting the true facts. The Ombudsman thought this was OK and couldn't see what the problem was!

Initially, when I reported the bullying to the LEA, the Director of Education wrote saying "perception doesn't appear to reflect reality" and he denied the bullying despite a Governors' meeting letter saying the bullying had been 'dealt' with. That presumably confirmed it had happened.

The consultant had written that the 'up to 50 finger-tip sized bruises my child got was certainly due to bullying and nothing else'. Yet it took over two years for the director of education (I use the term lightly) to apologise for his nasty, insulting, and offensive statement but his apology was only conditional - the condition being 'if it had caused upset'. He refused to apologise for the content and refused to withdraw it despite evidence that his statement was a lie. He argued that the school told him there was no bullying despite what the governors said. So it's apparently acceptable for a school to lie to the Director of Education about bullying and he naturally accepts and acts on those lies without ever questioning the school about them. (These are the supposedly 'caring people' in charge of our children?)

We then complained to Pupil Support at WAG, who agreed to investigate our complaint against the Governors. They sent us details of WAG procedure which showed NO time-limit for submitting complaints or additional complaints. During the WAG investigation we received a copy of Circular 03/04 (WAG) which shows the procedure the governors SHOULD have used. Many of the inclusions have the backing of Law. We discussed additional complaints, based on Circular 03/04 with WAG who agreed in a letter to include them and wait for them to be detailed in writing by us. But when we got the report from WAG they had excluded these complaints (with legal backing) because they were supposedly 'received outside the time-limit'. When I pointed out that there was no time-limit and sent the evidence supplied by WAG, WAG used the excuse that the contents of Circular 03/04 were only recommendations. I replied that they have the backing of law and must be implemented.

The final fob-off? WAG said they upheld the (minor) complaints (approx 5 out of 80) but could do nothing because our child was no longer at the school. The truth is that my child was not at the school for ANY part of the complaint procedure but WAG agreed to take it up knowing this.

It is all an emotionally exhausting, stressful, time-consuming exercise apparently intended to wear parents down and make them drop their complaints. WAG believe that keeping the Chinese people employed making millions of anti-bullying wrist bands is more effective than investigating complaints fairly and honestly.

One particular incident of bullying was when my then 5 year old child was attacked in the school toilet by a 10 year old - the main school bully. As a result, my son still doesn't like going to the loo on his own and prefers me to wait outside the door. This incident (we don't actually know what happened as he can't talk about it) resulted in the school having to ring me to collect him. He had severe stomach pains because he needed a pee and wouldn't go near the school toilets. Then he stopped drinking so that he wouldn't need a pee.

The complaint about this incident involved three teaching staff and was witnessed by the whole of the big class yet the school record shows just a tiny little event of no real significance.

They - the school, the governors and the LEA - have got away scot-free. Why? Because I can't afford to pay a solicitor to take them to court. The legal Aid system now makes it almost impossible to take a bullying case to court unless of course your child was set upon by 20 thugs, stabbed, raped and set on fire all at once.

One parent who contacted me, whose daughter was beaten up by around a dozen other girls, was told by the head teacher that her daughter 'provoked the attack'. This was a different school but the attitude towards bullying is exactly the same in most schools. Parents are told they are over-reacting, their kids are over-sensitive. Then they move up to 'you're all neurotic' and finally end with 'you're a liar and a trouble maker'.

The majority of parents are never shown a complaints procedure though by law all new parents of children at school should be given one. Most I spoke to had never seen or been advised of an anti-bullying policy or a school prospectus which should detail all this information. Such documents are kept hidden so that parents have little knowledge of how to complain officially and will have little or no evidence should they wish to take their complaint further.

I have spent three years trying to get justice; I have had to learn laws, procedures, recommendations, policies and so forth. I did not make a single complaint that was not backed up by evidence and documentation, and it was so stressful and exhausting that a simultaneous house move, divorce and mugging may have been easier. In hindsight, there was no point in making the complaints. It has taken my precious time away from other important matters and caused ill health.

Meanwhile, my child has still not received an apology; he still believes his suffering and the ruination of his life means nothing to those we entrust to protect our children. Most bullied kids just want an apology and validation but they are still waiting and wanting.

If anyone else has similar problems I can warn them not to bother with the Children's Commission for Wales either; they are in the same club as the LEA, schools, governors and government. And I'm not the only parent to say that.

Please expose these heartless, dishonest, corrupt, cowards for what they really are. I have all the paperwork to substantiate my claims and I am happy to share it.

Oddly enough, the woman who investigated the complaint was suddenly no longer working at the job - perhaps she did it too well for the WAG

CJ, Fishguard, Pembs

Editorial Comment:

I have now studied all the documented evidence our correspondent accumulated and it proves conclusively that this was a major cover-up at all levels. Every person in authority that our correspondent approached totally ignored the facts and the evidence. All their combined efforts were aimed at hiding the truth and avoiding accountability. Like all members of the corruptocracy (it's a new word I just invented) they thrive on lies, they fabricate evidence in their favour, and they know they will never be held responsible because they can immediately muster sufficient additional liars to completely outnumber anyone who tries to expose them. And, amazingly, they all keep their jobs. In a just world, they would be dismissed instantly and would then be padlocked into the stocks in the town square.

But who knows? Come the revolution...

Mary Apted of Reigate writes:

I completely agree with everything said above. People involved in education are self-regulatory and can act with impunity. The laws and procedures that are in place to protect our children stop at the school gates and schools are not accountable to anybody.

My 8 year-old son was bullied at school, his teacher accused him of being a liar and made him write letters of apology to the bullies and sign a statement to admit to lying. We complained to all the bodies we could - if we had banged our heads against the wall we would have got the same satisfaction. NOBODY supports parents to enable them to find out the truth and the only purpose of the LEA etc is to cover up and whitewash incidents and complaints.

Sarah Long of Kent (on 10th January 2011) writes:

Wow! This article may well have just saved me. My son is now also school phobic has been off sick and along with bullying he had to cope with Asperger's, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

We have been given the run around and been sent a letter from the LEA because we have made too many complaints to the school about frequent bullying  - 20+ incidents = 20+ verbal or written complaints makes sense to me that if the bullying continues so we will draw it to their attention.

what a load off piffle....What is the point? I like you thought at some point someone will have some common sense but I thank you for your article as this has saved me the time, effort and emotional burden of continuing an already painful and arduous fight. THANK YOU..

Christine Jones of Fishguard writes (on 7th March 2012):

Sarah, don't give up. I have no idea when you put your comments on the site I'm afraid; I've been busy getting a Psychology degree in order to better help my child who, as it turned out, is also Aspergers.

We parents have awful choices to make: Do we fight hard, to the point of exhaustion perhaps, to try and get justice for our kids and possibly save others from the same fate or do we try to put it behind us and live with the feeling that we failed our children??

My son's problems were made much more serious because he is Aspergers and only recently has he been able to sleep in his own room or even go up the passageway after a certain time, go to the loo without a guard outside the door (me) and things like this. I hurt so much for him, for the abuse and the long lasting effects it had and refuse to give up the battle. One day, someway they will pay for what they did. Pembs county council (LEA) has been investigated for child abuse and found guilty I believe, but getting the same organization to investigate my complaint .....

Perhaps we parents ought to make an appeal for help to fight these evil people and get justice for our kids.

Legal help or money towards court costs?? I have thought of this very often because of the hell my child suffered for so many years and continues to suffer, but have no idea how to go about it. Any suggestions? Don't let them rob your child of his right to a safe, happy childhood and education - it IS his RIGHT and kids only get one shot at it.

Best Wishes, Christine.

Editorial Comment:

Sorry, Christine. Only recently did I start including correspondence dates but Sarah actually wrote to me in January 2011. I have written to her asking her to read your advice.

Nelly of Channel Islands writes (on 19th April 2012):

I am in a similar position talked about above though I have avoided taking things to boards or education departments due to a previous experience of ranks closing on me. I continue to insist on firmer limits with consequences set with bullies and promote effective relational education - education of the kids themselves especially targets and bystanders as well as compassionate parents and educators is the only way these issues will change in my opinion. My 13-yo has been bullied for 18 months in a private school (we live on small UK island). The perpetrators are known troublemakers and have stolen from the school, had fist fights and intimidated others and disrupted countless lessons. They have been given endless cautions but with little consequences the most severe being two days suspension for fist fighting with each other.

After many requests/complaints to the school to deal with the bullies, setting firmer limits with them and introducing effective relational education, nothing has changed. My child is school phobic, has thoughts of self-harm, cannot sleep at night and has very poor appetite. Pressure is on me to have her in learning support where she was mostly in isolation. The bullies are still happily in school continuing their covert manipulations and getting their educations.

I turned to a child support agency to help us get my child moved to a 'safe' school. No luck there either. After the initial assessment we were assigned a psyche nurse who has 'prescribed' exposure therapy for my child, delivered in a tough love kind of way with poor validation and lack of compassion for her experiences. When addressing me she used the words 'fixing and rescuing' and said my anger to the school was being absorbed by my child. I cannot prove it but someone high up in the school has a 'friend' at the agency and I would bet my life on it that it is the psyche nurse who volunteered to take our case when it came up for discussion by the 'team'.

My child has no trust in the agency and neither do I (though I do not show this). I am trapped because if I refuse the support it will lead to some kind of investigation of me keeping my child from school, if I ask to change psyche nurses I look paranoid, picky and who's to say the next one we get won't be influenced by the peachy report this one is going to file about my child being over-sensitive and me being an over protective mother.

We are up to our necks in bullying not just by the original child perpetrators but by the schools and agencies that protect the bullies, themselves and not the targets or their families. The whole system is a giant narcissistic bully. I am disgusted with it all but thankfully have a wonderful anti-bullying counsellor who is genuine and our family doctor is very supportive. They are amazing support to me but it still doesn't help my child to heal or get them into a safer school.

An anonymous support forum with board sections for parents in these impossible positions, together with sound and trusted resources would be a Godsend. Unfortunately I do not have the capacity for setting this up at present - once through this ordeal I intend to. Do you have any plans to expand a forum on your website? Check out a forum called 'Out of the Fog' traits section, they have great resources for dealing with disordered behaviours, i.e. bullying.

Editorial Comment:

We never envisaged this website operating as a forum and have no plans to make it so. It would require too much time to monitor the input and would most certainly be used by cranks and scammers. Our aim has to remain as a platform for people with grievances to air their problems as a warning for others and encourage advice from other correspondents with similar problems.

Jo Sewell of Bristol writes (on 16 August 2012):

I agree with the comments about bullying and cover ups by the local authority and everyone involved. My son was being ostracized as soon as he went into primary school. Teachers made out it was nothing and i believed them even though my son complained no one would play with him. Turned out that no one would play with him because he is mixed race white and black. This ingrained racism turned into words before long and the children openly said black children couldn't play at lunch times. Instead of reporting this to the LA so they could keep a record of the amount of incidences i realized they had not even bothered to take the appropriate actions which to me meant that they supported these segregations and racialism as the norm. Also the head teacher openly admitted she punished my son worst because she "thought" he needed it for no reason other than she thought. He would get stereotyped and treated accordingly many times. When i tried to get a meeting to complain. The Head arranged a meeting that i couldn't discuss my complaints about her at. She refused to give me the policies for a few months and then started to exclude my son frequently even though she knew my son's behavior was changing because of the racial abuse and segregation and lack of teacher action. Armed with her recent four exclusions of my son the 1st one being 5 days. She and the Local authority representative and the school governor whom both told me they were personal friends of the head forced me to put my Young son into a school with emotionally disturbed teenagers who bullied him racially and verbally with the staffs blessings. The staff in this behavior improvement place, told lies and didn't report bullying to me. When i decided to get a solicitor involved, they reported me to social services for child abuse reporting burns which were in fact bites that they knew about (doctors confirmed this also). They broke many laws and tried to back me into a corner so that i would stop pursuing my complaints about the school and the way it is run by the head teacher. They did all this up until i gave birth and maliciously reported me to social services just a few weeks after my daughter was born. What disgusts me the most is they glorify themselves in i help kids status when really they would let children mentally rot and break laws and abuse children to cover up mistakes they make that will make them look bad. I showed emails proving lies from staff and still the local authority turned a blind eye. When i asked why they are pleased i was reported to social services by procedure but that no such delight is taken in improving racial equality procedures for children, she had no comment. The black or mixed children where i live have no hope if they rely solely on the system in educating and protecting them at school. Instead they end up angry and defensive because of how they are segregated, ignored, stereotyped and then punished and dismissed as nothing all before they are 11 years old charming system we have.

Barry of Norfolk writes:

My daughter was bullied at 2 schools and all covered up by teachers and governors. I am still fighting 1 school - been going on 2 years. My daughter lost out on her exams through them. The head teacher sent 2 letters saying it was all my daughter's fault - she had deep-seated problems; no bullying took place and I had a letter from governor saying she agreed with the head teacher.
When i sent for my daughter's records it stated she had been bullied by 2 students. The LA says nothing to do with them - down to schools and governors. Now these are people looking after our children for God's sake! The laws of teachers and governors looking after our schools have got to be overturned.

Emma of Southwick writes:

I had a similar experience with my son and bullying. He too has aspergers/dyspraxia/heart condition, to the point he won't go out the house. The school were useless and then tried to pass the buck etc.
I feel that school is not always the safest place for some kids. The most important thing apart from the children's welfare is to make sure you keep a very good paper trail of everything you have done to help your child...because eventually the school will call the SS because of their inadequacies (and buck passing). And from my experience the local council and schools were "in it" together to a quite scary level. Even if they say they are not, it doesn't take a lot of digging to make connections. And they seem to like to pick on people they deem to be "poor" and "stupid". Well that will be their downfall. I may have adhd/dyspraxia but I do not bow down to the crappy class system and am certainly not stupid! Stand your ground, don't give up, and keep a brave face!

Jay Bell of Great Yarmouth writes:

Thank you for an informative article. Your readers should take a look at the work going on at which I'm sure will be useful.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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