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Rock Solid, Rock Bottom ... all very rocky

Breaking News - 21st April 2009

21st April 2009: Big blaze at Oldham mill

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Our correspondent warns ...

We recently bought a kitchen from a company called Rock Solid Kitchens, also trading by the names of Kitchens Direct and Maple Ltd.

A sales person came to our house and sold us a kitchen with all the trimmings at a 'rock bottom' price. We were promised (verbally) that we would be get a whole kitchen made of real wood at discounted prices on delivery. A deposit of 200 was paid on the spot to seal the deal and were promised delivery within 2 weeks.

All went well until we received the delivery. To our horror, we found just too many defects and faults!

  1. Half the kitchen was a different colour and was not even made of oak as we had been promised.
  2. The quality of the product was so poor and was nothing like the product we were shown in the pictures of the showroom.

We were completely miss-sold.

We have been in contact with the company numerous times but their customer service is very, very poor. On many occasions, they cut us off when we phoned.

Each time we call, we have to repeat ourselves and are told different things each time. Up until now, we have not received any positive information and we are currently without a kitchen, and obviously suffering the consequences.

We would really appreciate it if you could name and shame this company as they have taken our money and also wasted our valuable time.

This has been a KITCHEN NIGHTMARE.

KM, Luton

Editorial Comment:

We had a look at the Rock Solid Kitchens website which, of course, was full of the usual spiel complete with glowing testimonials from 'satisfied' customers. Strangely, we couldn't find their address on any of the pages - just an 0800 telephone number.

An online directory search revealed that the company seems to be based in Oldham, Lancashire and the contact name is always Vance Miller. There are no other details like a proper address, factory premises or organisational framework so the company could be run from a traveller's site as far as we know. 

However, we did finds some comments on various blogs:

From Blagger:

ROCK SOLID KITCHENS is the biggest nightmare of my life . At this present time it looks like I have spent 1,000 on a load of rubbish. I'm at the end of my tether with this company.

Hear are a few reasons why I would not deal with them again

  1. They give you delivery dates and don't turn up
  2. What they do deliver is very bad quality goods
  3. On the so called contract they guarantee parts to be missing (more like 1\3 missing)
  4. You open undamaged boxes to find damaged goods (mmm - good QC at factory, eh?)
  5. Premium rate customer service phone line (wed 30th Jan I was on phone for 1 hour trying to advise on missing parts)
  6. Parts break very easy

All in all, I still don't have enough kitchen to start fitting it. DC

From Ask-Questions: #1

Unfortunately, Mr Miller's reputation precedes him and does him no favours. Which is why, I imagine, Rock Solid Kitchens (based in Oldham and whose phone they answer, 'Kitchens') claim they're nothing to do with him.

The best advice to anyone buying a kitchen is to do your homework and check out the company you're buying from, thoroughly. In these great days of low internet prices, there will always be people and companies trying to take advantage. Be sure you're not someone who falls victim to one. Caveat Emptor.


As I've said before, I don't like direct selling of kitchens and I don't think you'll get the best kitchen design from a service which takes an hour including the measuring of the room and the ordering of the kitchen - but that's a different argument. If Vance Miller's kitchens are so great, why don't more independent kitchen showrooms sell them? He's always sending out leaflets. But don't take our word for it - see what Oldham Trading Standards has to say.

We're getting a lot of email about this company from their very unhappy customers but not one from anybody who is satisfied with RSK. The moral of this is ... read our visitors' comments below and DO NOT buy from Rock Solid Kitchens.

Vigilant Observer

Breaking News

On 21st April 2009, 60 fire-fighters attended a large blaze at a former cotton mill in Hatherley, near Oldham. It seems the fire started after a diesel generator exploded setting fire to some pallets which then ignited some propane cylinders.


Maple Mill - built more than 100 years ago - appears to have been largely destroyed which presumably will put an end, for some time at least, to the exploits of one Vance Miller. Yes, you've guessed it, the mill was the home base of Rock Solid Kitchens.

We think it would be reasonably safe to assume that customers of RSK who have not received all the kitchen components they ordered will certainly not be receiving them now.

The comments from our readers below indicate that most customers were in this position and we are sympathetic to their plight. But it seems the flames succeeded where Trading Standards and others failed - they finally put an end to the career of an out and out con man!

Visitors' Comments

Gemma, Manchester writes:

I have worked for this company and Vance Miller. I was part of the customer services team and I agree strongly with all the comments here. The company is very poorly run, the employees work in freezing cold conditions in a run down old mill, he allows people to smoke in the offices and doesn't really care about his employees or his customers just as long as he gets his money. He repeatedly refused to pay his staff and made it very difficult for anyone to do their job. The customer services team are not trained and there are only 3 to 4 members of the customer services team at any one time. At one point just before I left Mr Miller's employment there were only 2 members of staff within the customer services department. I am shocked at how this man can still be in business.

Richard E, Northampton writes:

I brought a kitchen from rock solid - the worst purchase of my life. Everything is sub-standard. Costing me a fortune to make decent kitchen. This company should not be trading. I have rang them, e-mailed them, faxed them, talked to them on the phone. All they say is I sign the contract. KEEP WELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Mims Talsi, Surrey writes:

I couldn't agree more with most of the comments. I'm taking legal action and so should you. Forums do nothing so pick up the phone, call a lawyer and bring companies like Rock Solid to justice. Like others:

  1. What I received was incorrect
  2. They didn't deliver on time/date (they came round on a different day at 1am, can you believe it!)
  3. There is no means of contacting them
  4. Their website says call a 'friendly member of staff' ... I've never come across such rude people.
  5. They are not cheaper or better either!
  6. They sent 1 guy from Oldham to Surrey at 1am to offload 1 6x4 m2 kitchen with granite top .... he was unable to do this, so I helped. I am disabled and injured myself doing this.

I am left with no kitchen, no-one to help and cooking on a portable stove because of RSK. I am going on every forum I can to highlight to others the disappointing experience I've had. My advice, simply stay away from Rock Solid. Typical, 80s con artists!

Mrs Barratt, Nottingham writes:

Just had my kitchen delivered. There are loads of missing parts - from cupboards to screws. The quality is really POOR. I have tried calling the salesman and the suppliers but as yet have had no reply. After reading these reviews I am very doubtful about getting any missing stuff. Please read these reviews before ordering and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY....

MS, Nottingham writes:

I bought a kitchen from RSK in Feb 08 and have had missing items and wrong size doors. They refuse to contact me back and I have sent them a recorded delivery letter which they have signed for. The 7 days has passed and I will now take this company to court. I have already sought advice from Trading Standards and they have offered their support. If anyone else wants to join in the case then please email and together maybe we can seek justice.... Thanks!
P.S. for the love of God "DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY".....

Paul, London writes:

I bought a kitchen from this company and had an ok'ish experience. Everything was delivered on time and the Polish fitters did a great job. It was agreed RSK would remove the old kitchen but the fitters told me they were not instructed to and could not remove it. I tried calling the customer services number - what a joke! It's a pre-recorded message stating you have to write, fax or email them. The email address ends ... what does that tell you?!
I did email and fax them. Do you think I got a reply? Three trips to the local tip and a dirty car later I left it at that. Then an electrician attended to power up my new glass cooker hood. It's faulty and needs replacing. Again I tried emailing and faxing them. Still waiting to hear.
So while I haven't had the worst experience, I feel for the others who have been ripped off and messed about. Can we not do anything about RSK? Can't we shut them down? I'm almost tempted to call them posing as a new customer and requesting someone come round for a quote, only to ask them for a replacement cooker hood. Can I do that?

JC, Ripley writes:

I too have been ripped off in the same way as all the others with the most appalling customer services. There is a TRADING STANDARDS ALERT FROM WARRINGTON TS out from 24.9.08 - on p2 of Google search. please contact them and Vance Miller no longer owns it - now Alan Ford!

Editorial Comment:

Apparently Vance Miller was summoned to Manchester County Court in June 2008 (not for the first time) and was convicted for contempt of court having failed to end his practise of fleecing customers.
He was fined 90,000 and given six months jail, suspended for two years - this after being jailed for the same thing in 2003. Although it is suspected that Vance Miller still runs RSK (even though he is banned from being a company director) Alan Ford, who claims to run the company, is currently on bail awaiting trial for conspiracy to defraud.
Warrington Trading Standards would like to hear from anyone with a complaint on 08454 040506 - click here for official notice.

ET, Hillingdon writes:

Rock Solid Kitchens are robbers! I ordered a kitchen from them, paid over 3/4 of the money and now, after four months, I still haven't received my full kitchen and cannot get in touch with anyone from RSK.

Jane, S. Ireland writes:

Oh my God! What a terrible company! I ordered a Rock Solid kitchen for my brother's new house at what we thought was a good price. The salesman was all chat and full of it. That was in June. The kitchen came in August. We were so stupid! We checked it and all seemed well ... until our fitter came. So much stuff was missing I rang them immediately. They were so rude to me that I faxed, telephoned and emailed them - all to no avail. They laughed at me, hung up on me and, because I was ringing from southern Ireland, the phone bill nearly cost more than the kitchen.
Five months later I was still fighting with them and it was so stressful. I found out that B&Q had the same kitchen so I purchased the missing items from them and that enabled the kitchen to be finished.
Please, please do not waste your time ringing them or faxing them because I did for nearly six months and got nowhere. At one stage they even told me we weren't customers; that they'd never heard of us! Try B&Q instead. I know you will have to shell out more money but for us it was worth every penny never to have to speak to those terrible, rude, ignorant animals at RSK.

Mick Lafferty, Edinburgh writes:

I ordered my kitchen from Rock Solid back in March. I paid 200 to a salesman who in hindsight was a flash Harry. He even had the BMW M3 to boot. His promises? Not worth a penny.
Here we are in November - the delivery never came and contacting customer relations has been worse than trying to track down Osama Bin Laden. I have now had to write off my 200.
Rock Solid Kitchens!!? Avoid at all costs. You have been warned !!!

M Hussein, West Bromwich writes:

I have to totally agree with all the comments. I too bought a kitchen from these cowboys and have had a nightmare. I have had no kitchen for 4 weeks now yet I have three children - the youngest being 14 months old - and they are having to go to my parents' house for their meals - and they live 3 miles away. I would appreciate it if you could help me get my money back or get them to send me a new kitchen.
Like the other  people, I too paid a 200 deposit and then the outstanding balance of 1500 upon delivery. The kitchen was delivered late at night and I had to help unload as the delivery driver was on his own. The kitchen they sent is not the same measurements as what I ordered. I also found their customer services team very unhelpful.

Paul, Crawley writes:

4x corner doors missing, hinges missing, paid for units to be assembled - they weren't. Paid 240 for electric hob as we don't have gas (you guessed it - gas was delivered). Units misshapen and estimator must have had his eyes closed when he measured as they are the wrong size. The fitter's been here 5 days trying to make this kitchen fit and we've got to pay him extra. The telephone staff are obnoxious and very rude and they hung up on me. Also told me to stop phoning as it was costing me money. How else am I supposed to communicate with them as they don't respond to their fax and emails.

Edward Thomas, London writes:

I have been robbed by Rock Solid Kitchens.

Alan Hadley, Sale, Cheshire writes:

I'm very concerned about this company however there does seem to be an address which is:
RSK, The Kitchen Park, Groby Street, Oldham OL8 AE.
A search reveals that this post code is associated with Urmson Street, Oldham which is adjacent to Groby Street. A phone call to the "fitters" only elicits a message to say that this number doesn't take incoming calls.
I can hear the spurs jangling from here.

JT, IoM writes:

I too have had problems with Rock Solid Kitchens. I haven't opened the boxes yet but I do have items missing. I am being messed about by customer services regarding the missing items and have spent 4 days emailing and phoning. I'm still no further ahead.

Jane Chandler, S. Ireland writes:

Please people go to B & Q for the rest of your kitchen. We had to.
I purchased a kitchen from Rock Solid Kitchens in June. My God! Half of it came and I rang so many times but they hung up on me all the time. I sent 14 emails - I got no reply. I faxed every day for a week - still no reply. I even paid a courier from Manchester to go to their warehouse and collect the rest of the kitchen for me. After many arguments they promised me the missing bits would be there for the courier. When he got there they told him to go away!!!!!! Their kitchens are the same as the ones in B & Q. I went there and they helped me finish my kitchen.

P, Peterlee writes:

I bought a kitchen from this conman a few weeks ago and it's a right load of rubbish!! The doors are so-called cherry with ask carcases and the kitchen is total rubbish! Whatever you do, do not buy from RSK as the problems will start as soon as it is delivered.
I have been in touch with trading standards and Watchdog so I expect to hear from them soon. Companies like this need shutting down as they are taking good people's money. Like the KITCHENS, the contract is not worth the paper its written on and CUSTOMER SERVICES SUCKS!! BIG TIME! They operate on a Premium rate number and always keeping you on hold. They are bunch of retards who couldn't organise a tea party.
So, whatever you do, do not buy kitchens (if you can call them kitchens) from VANCE MILLER.


I have a update of what's happened since I reported to Trading Standards and Watchdog. Trading Standards are dealing with the problems now and it looks like it's going to the Small Claims Court. But I will have to shell out another 1400 and may not win so I haven't decided what to do. I could end up losing more money that I don't have to be honest.

It amazes me how Vance Miller is getting away with with all these customer complaints. The government should step in, confiscate his assets and stop him trading altogether. A leopard doesn't change his spots and, just like a leopard, Miller wont change his. Trading Standards say they have been down before to his mill place but he's never there. He's hiding as usual.

But I will let you know what happens if I get a refund though I doubt I will. But I could be wrong, we will have to wait and see. Wish me luck :)


Trading Standards have rung me and they say instead of Small Claims Court it would have to go to County Court if I agreed to do that. They also say Vance Miller isn't the guy - it's Alan Ford. And this woman from customer services rang Trading Standards and told the guy who's dealing with my claim that I wouldn't get my money back but may get the money back from the cowboy who fitted the kitchen. Was also told if I did take them to court I would have to leave the half a kitchen I have in without an oven and hob and some cupboards without doors.

But I just can't wait to get this out and get my new kitchen from a reliable company. I have been like this for months but they are not bothered. I feel really sorry for other people who have been like this. It's just not on.

Fred Harvey, Wrexham writes:

My kitchen was perfect, on time, totally complete. My kitchen was also dirt cheap, 700 cheaper than Homebase. You people need to stop moaning. You get what you pay for. Cheap price - cheap kitchen.

AS, London writes:

Hi, We just had a kitchen fitted by "Rock Bottom Kitchens" - what a joke! The kitchen is a disaster zone. A three-year-old could do a better job with lego! I've contacted them by e-mail but heard nothing and my husband has been hung up on the phone. Now we're considering going to Trading Standards.

AW, Telford writes:

Rock Solid Kitchens delivered my kitchen on May 1st. It's now June 25th and still my kitchen is not completed. Now they inform me that that they don't do the correct size doors for my kitchen and are going to send me larger doors so I can cut them down and paint them white!!!
I said this was unacceptable and that I will have a refund for the doors so I can buy them elsewhere. They said NO!!!! I'm now going down the Trading Standards route but I do have a warning for other potential customers - PLEASE DON'T BUY THESE KITCHENS.

AHG, Thurrock writes:

We recently purchased a kitchen from RSK - they supplied the wrong taps for the kitchen, didn't supply any screws etc so our builder had to head down to B&Q to get these. The drawers RSK supplied do not fit, the sink is damaged and the quality is poor.
We've tried to contact the company by email, fax and telephone and they're just not interested. I was told by one of the operators that she wasn't a mind reader and that I needed to write a full list about what was missing otherwise I would incur additional delivery charges!
A complete joke. Only after I Googled this company did I realise that the owner - a Mr Vance Miller - is well known to Trading Standards for his crap kitchens. I am going to contact Watchdog and Trading Standards as I think it's appalling that such a man can continue to operate rogue businesses.

GW, Port Talbot writes:

I bought a kitchen from this company. The delivery was wrong, then late, then when my kitchen was delivered there were parts missing and damaged. The planner had measured wrong and the parts that were correct won't fit anyway. Trying to get in touch with anyone is a complete nightmare. This company should not be allowed to operate!

DN, Hertfordshire writes:

Same issue. Delivered on 1st August very late in the evening. Missing shelving, incorrect glass doors. When unpacking to install integrated cooker - discovered gas cooker was delivered but electric was ordered.
No replies to emails or recorded delivery letters. Spent all my savings on the kitchen and still incomplete. Trading standards advise sending recorded delivery letters but no reply from those either. Can this company be prosecuted for breach of contract especially as they have so many unhappy clients? I just want to be able to cook my dinner and put my stock in the cupboards!

SC, Bude writes:

My kitchen is due to arrive on Tuesday 26th August 2008. I have just found this web page and I now feel sick with worry. I have already experienced some problems and it hasn't even got here yet. I had a heart operation only a few months ago and was told to avoid stress as much as possible, but already I feel ill. I could kick myself for not doing my home work first. Why is it that people like this scumbag are allowed to rob people and nothing happens to them? I know it'ss good having Trading Standards but what can they really do? Everything takes so long and you have to keep ringing them which makes your phone bill even higher. As usual, the law is shit and honest people like us suffer.

MD, Leicester writes:

If you are lucky enough to find this web page before your kitchen is delivered and paid for, please, please, please do not buy from this company. We have basically paid 1,500 for a whole lot of junk! The units we orders were all different shades of beech, wrong sizes, fittings missing, they do not (and cannot) supply the door for the integrated dishwasher but they obviously don't tell you that! The "stainless steel" sink started to rust less than one week after being fitted, the metal is so soft you can push your thumb onto the tap and it dents. Oh and the waste pipes that are supplied with the sink have no threads on them and therefore leak so be prepared to have to buy the pipes yourself, that's if your lucky enough to find replacements that fit seeing how the sinks are not a standard size!
The list is endless and we have had to buy most of of the kitchen again from B&Q. If you think that you can complain, think again! You cannot speak to anyone at Customer Services, you have to email or fax them with your "issues" and they will call you back. But if they call and you can't answer the phone and miss the call you're back at square one and have to email them again as they will not try to call you back again.
After several emails we managed to speak to them once and after going through the list of everything that was wrong and having to listen to the women in customer services laugh at the fact the sink was rusting we were put on hold for 40 minutes then conveniently disconnected.
I only wish we had looked into this before we bought the kitchen. Vance Miller appears to be one the UK's biggest con men and it doesn't even look like it's worth complaining to Trading Standards. He's already been done by them, and by BBC's Watchdog and Rogue Traders. This guy somehow still manages to trade and get away with ripping people off.

AL, London writes:

I have had the misfortune to buy from RSK as well. I paid 2,685 cash and all I got delivered was loads of rubbish. Now I am not sure how to get my money back. They have stopped picking up the phone and all dealings have to be done with email or fax. But I get no reply to my many emails and faxes.
My first delivery was on 11 July -- since then nothing. I have two small children and the day the delivery came my husband had got rid of the old kitchen, only to find out that all the cabinets and doors were wrong, wrong fittings, no granite worktop, so no kitchen to cook in the house. The kids are now eating unhealthy take-away everyday and it's costing me a fortune.
The customer service is very rude and can never find your paperwork. They make fake promises and cannot honour their contract.
Please, is there anyone who can help me at least get a refund? They should be stopped and put out of business. I want to go to the small claims Court but cannot afford the charges as I understand I have to pay about 1,000 Court fees.

II, Swansea writes:

I bought a kitchen from these deceitful people and they have given me nothing short of the worst service that I have ever received in my life. The idiots delivered almost a completely wrong order. Luckily for me I found a good kitchen fitter who managed to build a decent kitchen for me after altering some of the units. One of the granite worktops was damaged and still has not been replaced 9 months later and I have spent lots of money in phone calls.
By the way, they seem to have a policy of keeping you on the phone so that they make even more money out of you. So just do not call them and make sure you check your order when you get it. They do not care about you or your problems. Still at least the Muppets delivered extra units.

Michelle, London writes:

What a total nightmare. I also used this company and totally regret using them. I'm left with half a kitchen, no drawers and no doors. I've already emailed Watchdog and hopefully will get a response....hope so.
Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this. Why is a company like this allowed to trade?

Aysha, London writes:

I was just as unfortunate to buy a kitchen from these dishonest people. I paid 2,685 cash and the delivery was made at 10pm. We were so tired of waiting that we paid and went to bed. Two days later, the fitters came to discover that they could not fit the kitchen because all the parts were wrong. Wrong size of doors, wrong cabinets, no fittings, 2 missing larders, no wall plates. Not a single door is right! All the bits have been missing since July 2008 and I am still awaiting delivery. I even had to buy a small camping cooker to cook for children.
I did complain to Trading Standards and I am still waiting. I will try to go to the Small Claims Court because I cannot afford to buy another kitchen unless Rock Solid refund the money.
I made many phone calls and was left hanging on for 20-30 minutes. The customer service is very rude and unprofessional. They have now cut off the fax line to claim the missing parts and are not answering any calls at all.
Is there anyone there to stop this guy from trading and get all his websites banned. This should be the first step and then send him to jail afterwards for conning people. He is obtaining money by deception from genuine customers who believed in him. I can only implore people not to buy from Rock Solid Kitchens.

AS, Essex writes:

DON'T DO IT!!. I have experienced much the same as all others. Either no (or late) delivery. My fitters have tried to do their best for me considering half of the original order was missing. My biggest complaint is about Customer Services!! How they can be allowed to call their department by that name when they are rude and childish (i.e. laughing in the background when you are speaking to them). I would also go as far to say that they also LIE regarding delivery dates, sorting problems out, etc, to try and pacify you. Then they have the audacity to criticize you when you get angry and frustrated. I even question whether they can actually read any of the e-mails that are sent. Some certainly can not spell. I was sent a handwritten letter with the opening line 'I am WRIGHTING to you--'!
I was also told in the letter that delivery could take 5121 WORKING DAYS (that works out as 14 YEARS!!) as per their Terms and Conditions! which actually states up to 20 days. This was in response to my letter which was addressed to the MD. My belief that these departments are there to provide a service to the customer is obviously wrong. Perhaps they need to go on a public relations course. Then the company may not have such a damning reputation. On the other hand perhaps they have been told to respond in this manner.
This has turned into absolute nightmare and I certainly will spread the word about my experience in the hope that others do not fall into this trap. I also have been in contact with Consumer Direct, Watchdog and Trading Standards.

PT, Hayes writes:

This company is one of the worst I have ever seen and the same thing has happened to me. In August, I had a wedding in my house except there was no kitchen. I had to buy food for the guests from outside every day, three times a day. This company took 1700 cash from me on 19th July 2008 and, till today, they have not delivered my full kitchen. I have been calling the company but the staff is very rude. They don't listen to anything you say and they just put the phone down on you.

MS, Aylesbury writes:

My delivery was on 8/08/08 and I still don't have an oven, worktops, sink, doors etc.
I went to the CAB for advice and contacted STO in Manchester and now I have a Court Case in County Court on the 2nd December. I have the allocation hearing and contacted legal dep. from my home and contents insurance and hope to get a solicitor from them to help me. I am asking for RSK to give me my many back, days of work to wait for deliveries of WRONG items, cost of 2 trips to Manchester, compensation for stress and inconvenience etc.
VERY BIG CLAIM. I am going for this and hope to win!

Charlie, Swindon writes:

I too have been ripped off. When I wrote them asking for a full refund they replied with a handwritten letter which made references to a telephone conversation I had with them 5 days after the letter was dated.
The company is appalling. Based on advice here I rang Consumer Direct who are now putting me in touch with my local trading standards office who apparently will help with writing to them and taking them to a small claims court. I doubt very much I'll see my 1200 again but at least it is a complaint logged and a small step on the way of getting them banned. How they are still allowed to have a website I do not know? Anyone trying to resolve it with them using the telephone is wasting their time. Write a registered letter and then get in touch with your local trading standards.

RT, Gt Yarmouth writes:

Add our names to the long list of the conned. RSK are the worst company we have ever dealt with. The designer was incompetent, parts were missing, wrong parts sent and the whole kitchen was different to the one we ordered. Our excellent fitter has made the best of a bad job as there is obviously no hope of making any changes.
Come on Trading Standards - CLOSE THIS COMPANY DOWN!

Reeta, Darwen writes:

I have had a design taken place at my house for a contemporary kitchen and it all comes to a price of 1,175 after a 100 deposit cheque which we have paid. I've just come across this website and I just don't know what to do because my dad has already started the kitchen work as it was damp and other things needed doing which is costing a lot. We are struggling with eating and if I tell my dad now he is going to hit the roof! Please help me and if someone can give me advice then I would really appreciate it.

Editorial Comment:

What can we say? At this stage, 30 people have contacted us about RSK and only one of those was happy with his kitchen. In our opinion, you would be better off cancelling your order and looking for another supplier (not MFI). Whether or not you can get your 100 deposit back is another question but you might benefit by cutting your loss now before you throw good money after bad.

VLL, London writes:

I bought a kitchen from Rock Solid. The kitchen cost 650 which included, oven, hob, sink, taps and handles. The salesman spent some time measuring up. I paid 200.00 deposit and a delivery date that I wanted was granted. In fact I should have paid more but was able to negotiate the cost.
Delivery was on time. I did have some missing items but I called customer service and they asked for my request to be written. I emailed them and within a week I received missing parts. They included a drawer and two class doors. For 650 the service I received was good. I just paid more for a carpenter who could deal with most problems that occur when fitting kitchens.

LB, London writes:

I brought a kitchen from ROCK SOLID KITCHENS in Oldham and we only had a few items missing. Rang, emailed and faxed the customer services on several occasions but no luck - not even a reply back saying we are looking into this situation. Anyone out there with the same problem with this company do not go with them, please. They are crap, rude, unprofessional ... the list goes on and on. Please do something to shut this company down for good.

Raphael Ranson, Birmingham writes:

Also have problems with RSK and have cancelled the order. Now they want to sue me. What can I do? Please help!

Editorial Comment:

Whether or not they can sue largely depends on your reason for cancelling. But if you were within your rights there is little they can do. Companies with the terrible reputation that RSK have tend to use the threat of legal action as a bluff and I would tell them to go ahead. The chances are you won't hear another word from them

O'Neill, Kinross writes:

We bought a kitchen from rock solid back in Aug/Sept 2007. Colours did not match and there were missing doors, legs for units, handles etc. We have called, faxed and emailed and got no reply! What can we do?

Editorial Comment:

You could approach Trading Standards as more complaints nationwide will surely result in positive action against this company.

Jim Wesson, Grantham writes:

I bought a kitchen from them 4 years ago, I was delighted! I must say though having an extremely good knowledge of fitting kitchens was an advantage, I don't think it's a job for the average DIY person.
Looking at Vance in perspective, he is a person that should only sell to trade or middle men, the customer service is not the best, I agree! I am going to Oldham in 4 weeks to buy another kitchen but what I will do is go in person and collect it, checking everything.
Wishing you all the best of luck.

Editorial Comment:

Let us know how you get on.

Angela Widdows, Middlesex writes:


Rita, Nottingham writes:

ROCK SOLID KITCHENS - AVOID, BAD, TERRIBLE!! PLEASE, PLEASE do not use this Company and PLEASE trust all these reviews. We have been waiting since early October 08 for missing parts. Incorrect items sent, delivery drivers always arrive very late at night. They are all in it together. I blame the salesman, he came into our house we showed him hospitality as you do and he conned us! You cannot contact anyone even if you ring 08009166660.
I hate to use this term but they are witches of another planet ... rude, nasty, no consideration for your feelings. I have 3 children under the age of 4 and an uncompleted kitchen.
This has been such a horrible time for us since we signed up for them, which was by default as they make you think you are signing a kitchen plan.
PLEASE stay away from them. Trading standards are helping me but if people stop using them they will have to stop trading. All these comments are so true and someone has to stop these people.
Taking them to court costs money we don't have but we must stop them.

Mrs R Cogzell, Birmingham writes:

I ordered my kitchen back in November, then today I revisited the website. I'm so glad I did. I have now cancelled my kitchen. I know I will lose my 200 deposit but have saved a whole lot more thanks to the people who have written on this web site. My heart goes out to all those who have lost a lot of money.

J Gwyn, Bristol writes:

I paid 200 deposit by cheque but I cancelled it after reading these posts. I feel very lucky! But I also feel very aggrieved that I allowed their man to come in to my home when he knew that the company he worked for was a bunch of cowboys. He just wanted my money which we had saved all year. He, and whoever works for the company, are scum. They are fully aware of their company's bad reputation. I also suspect anyone who has posted good things about the company probably work for the company like the guy from Wrexham. The guy who came to my house said he was from Wrexham! Hmmmm!

JD, Hertfordshire writes:

We bought a kitchen from RSK just over a year ago and, after reading about most people's bad experience of the company, I think we got off lightly! Our delivery was on time, but had two missing doors and a couple of missing handles.
After getting very frustrated, trying to phone them and getting nowhere fast ... we were SO lucky to discover that our neighbour was actually working just around the corner from the factory so he was able to go in and pick up the missing items for us! Mind you, he did have a LONG wait in their reception area whilst they went and got the missing things ... and it did give my neighbour a good chance to observe the chaotic way in which the 'Service Department' was operated!
All in all, thanks to his help, we now have a kitchen that we are very happy with....and at a very cheap price too! Of course, I do realise, that had we had to take time off of work to drive up to Oldham from Hertfordshire, where we live, to collect the missing items ourselves....well, then it would have been a different matter. We were just SO lucky that our friend and neighbour put himself out for cheers for that Ian!!

AZZ, Bradford writes:

I have cancelled the rep's visit to me after reading all these unhappy customer comments. I will not now take the very real chance of getting a sub-standard kitchen (or part of). I find it strange that at the bottom of this forum there is a direct link to the RSK website... very strange.
Thanks all for the advance warnings and I hope you all have your situations resolved quickly.

Editorial Comment:

You had me worried for a moment, AZZ of Bradford, because we rarely link to the websites of companies we are exposing unless there is a very good reason to do so. Then I realised that the link you saw appears in the AdWords panel in the left hand column. Unfortunately, we have no control over which adverts appear there. Google match advertisers to the page content so anyone who has paid to advertise with Google could get a slot on our pages.

But every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. Mr Miller pays for every single click on the RSK advertisement and we get a few pence commission to help keep this website running. If visitors click his advert but don't buy anything, his financial pain is our gain. And clicking the browser's BACK button will return you to our page.

Theresa Smith, Norwich writes:

I used rock solid kitchens but I only got half my kitchen. Bits were broken, the kitchen was the worst I've seen in my life, to top it off the fitter was a cowboy. His name was George. The agreement was to pay him when he'd fitted the kitchen but he'd only been at my house for one day and wanted 200 which I gave him as he said he needed to buy parts for my so-called kitchen.
The next day he asked for another 200. He didn't buy any parts for my kitchen - he was just full of sh*t. He'd made so much mess and left it, he broke lots of the units and just messed it all up. In the end, I told him to sling his hook.
I've had no joy with the kitchen company for my missing parts and can't buy them to match from anywhere. Customer services are just plain rude and really don't want to help. Now I'm left with half a kitchen, no sink, no work top and lots of other pieces.
Please don't deal with this company - they should not be allowed to trade. I tried Trading Standards but they were not much help.

MA, Manchester 4/2/09 writes:

It was a very interesting reading. However, it would help if these comments would have a submission date. From reading the comments and not knowing when they were written, I do not know how to judge this company and what to honestly think. Have these people been waiting for days, weeks or months? I just find it a bit strange.

Editorial Comment:

True, we haven't published submission dates before but I'm not sure what value they would add. The general consensus is that most RSK customers have waited days, weeks and months for a resolution and the wait has invariably been in vain.

MA, Manchester 8/2/09 writes:

Thank you for your response. Regarding the reason why it is so important to know if it is days or weeks. Some people are genuine and did wait for a long time but some people are just simply unrealistic. For me to know, how long are we talking about and with how many people, is quite important if it I want to decide to buy or not, or just simply to form an opinion. If you do have any more questions, please do not hesitate to write them below my comment when you publish it. I shall wait this time as I know you are busy.

Editorial Comment:

Obviously some of RSK's customers are more tolerant than others but presumably most have been promised goods suitably covered by the Sale of Goods Act and did not receive them. When we are given information about a company we try to do a certain amount of research and we publish any relevant findings. But when we hear the experiences of so many people, as in this case, we feel the facts speak for themselves. However, it is up to each visitor to decide whether he or she will become an RSK customer having read the available information. Though it is not our normal policy to recommend specific suppliers, the recent demise of MFI has led high street suppliers like B&Q, Wickes and IKEA to capitalise on MFI's downfall by offering some pretty good kitchen deals themselves. Given this choice, there would appear to be no good reason to buy from a company with the terrible reputation Rock Solid Kitchens has attracted.

ZAF, Warwick writes:

I purchased a kitchen through RSK and was very impressed with the product. At the outset I showed the rep a design I had from a local kitchen company and their prices were 70% cheaper!!. I looked at the sample and ordered the kitchen. I was having building work done so I got the kitchen delivered approx 3 weeks before it was due to be fitted so that if there are any discrepancies, they can be addressed before the fitters start the work.
Kitchen arrived with a single person. I gave him a hand and checked the items and found 2 things missing. I made a note of it on the delivery note and signed and kept a photocopy for my attention. Following morning I telephoned customer services who advised me to fax over the missing bits and later in the day when I phoned the customer sales rep was very apologetic and promised to have the parts with me in 2 days. Very impressive!
2 days later the parts arrived. After 4 weeks when the work was fully complete we had a new kitchen and it was stunning. The laminate work tops were 18mm thick, superb hinges a lot better than B Q 's and the worktop was superb!
On the whole you do have to be a bit more alert when you place the order and receive the items. I suppose if you are a simple person who doesn't know from a to b you will screw up and won't know how to deal with matters in rational straightforward fashion. I will definitely be using this company again as they have saved me over 7000 !! off a new kitchen. Well Done Vance you've done me proud son!!

MS, Nottingham writes:

Hi everybody,
I am sorry to hear of so many people being conned by this company. I have been liaising with a couple of you and have decided to get as many people on board as possible to personally see to it that this company no longer trades. Anyone wishing to join in please email me on
p.s. any positive comments entered on this page are what the employees put up in their spare time...

VH, Brighton writes:

I would like you to know I have only just recently ordered a kitchen from RSK and I've only now just come across this site. My case is the same as many others. My delivery date for my kitchen was on the 11/2/09 and I feel totally gutted that I too have been had. So far this has cost my 2,010 and I have only half of the wrong kitchen. I have been down the same pathway with emails, faxes and telephone calls.
Please can somebody tell me why this company can still rob people and seem to be getting away with it? Can you put me on to anybody that can help me and give me any more info on what to do.
I am a pensioner and this took all my savings to give my wife the kitchen she wanted. Now we're just sitting in front of boxes and don't know which way to turn.

Editorial Comment:

Trading Standards is the first port of call or you could try emailing the person in the comment above.

JA Green, Halifax writes:

Kitchen was delivered at the end of Jan after numerous phone calls to arrange the delivery date. I took a day off work (unpaid) but could've worked as the delivered arrived in the evening.
Lots of parts were missing. After unanswered faxes and e mails, my husband and I went to Oldham. What a shock! We did, after 4 hrs, get most of our missing parts but are still awaiting courier delivery of basket set, breakfast bar and soft-close doors and drawers.
Designer completely messed up measuring of kitchen even after coming to house twice. Hence, we had to buy extra solid oak worktops and had to buy Belfast sink unit elsewhere as RSK don't sell it (not told this by fitter).
My son - a qualified joiner - has fitted our kitchen but it has been a nightmare. Problem after problem. We consider ourselves to be quite lucky compared to others on this site as what we have got is nice and was relatively cheap. In hind sight though, if we had done more research into this company we would not have bought and would certainly not recommend RSK to anyone else.

Gurmukh, Harrow writes:

I have order the kitchen from Rock Solid, paid 300 deposit before reading about them. I am now concern this going to be a nightmare. Can I cancel the contract? Can they sue me? What shall I do?

Editorial Comment:

If you don't cancel you risk throwing good money after bad.

J Edwards, Brighton writes:

There is only one thing I can say about this company, they are low life! They continue robbing people out of their hard earned money and Vance Miller and Allen Ford should be made to pay back all people's money in full. Their website should be taken offline as daily they are still taking money off people ,and giving so many people stress and disappointment.
This is an update that should be put on this site: my kitchen was delivered on the 11th Feb. 2009 and I have had nothing but hassle since. Still to date I do not have the kitchen up and running through lack of parts and faults. Customer service is disgusting but I'm just another one who has been robbed. Vance Miller and Alan Ford should go back to prison, in fact all his staff too ,as I've been told that when Miller spent time inside he met new friends and they all work for the company. Well that would sure make sense. Still time's running out for them. They will be stopped in the end.

Eddie Smith, Peterlee writes:

Stay clear of RSK. This man Alan Ford should be jailed. I am disabled and this company has ripped us off!

Mike, Belfast writes:

I would look to be at the start of the nightmare here in terms of Rock Solid Kitchens.
Have given 400 deposit, and am now starting to suffer the slings and arrows of poor (non-existent) Customer Services in an attempt to ask for Plan changes and so on. I'm getting nowhere and paying Premium Rate number charges for the privilege. Talk about feeling like a shmuck for not doing a simple Google on them. Ah well, sometimes, you let yourself trust too much.
I m going to cancel the Order after reading the blogs and I'll just see if I can somehow chase the 400, which I suspect is now history!! I suspect I'd rather suffer the loss and recover the bigger picture by sourcing from a good reputable local supplier - of which I know several.
Anyhow, what about forcing a feature on Watchdog. I suspect they wouldn't give a flying f**k!! I've just run through the blog on the Internet and seen that Alan Ford, the owner, is in the middle of legal proceedings.
And try this for size. The rep who came out (I'm in Northern Ireland, by the way) and drew up the kitchen then asked me to make the 400 cheque out to his name. I looked at him in disbelief, and of course refused, made it out to Rock Solid Shaftings and debated how I might be able to follow up the RSK order with a cheque written to him. He explained that this was his commission.
You will, of course, understand that a Rep will ask for his commission right away, made out to him, before a f***king screw has been dispatched. NOT!! Had the cheek to say that no-one ever challenged this before. Yes, I should have picked up the distinct smell of the Wild West at this stage.
Well. I'm hopping mad now, and I'm going to have to back pedal on the whole thing.

Irene Wallace, Argyll & Bute writes:

We also were caught out by this company. Our kitchen was delivered 6 hours later than expected and my husband had to help unload. They had sent the wrong doors and the style they did send were all damaged, no runners for the drawers, wrong tap for sink, and we then found out that the rep had not ordered any end panels. We had asked for soft closing drawers and doors but they sent normal closing doors.
Anyway, we got no joy on the phone so we packed up all the wrong goods and went down to Oldham to the so-called warehouse - a derelict building. We were there for 4 hours and eventually came away with what we needed, not what we wanted as it was discontinued. Not that anyone had bothered to phone to tell us this when the order was first placed. The young chap who dealt with us reckons the kitchen that was delivered to us was an MFI reject! It certainly was not quality as they advertise

Julie George, Surrey writes:

Please please please, go to a reputable company. This lot are cheap and certainly not ROCK SOLID.
I have made several attempts to contact them by email, telephone and fax - 35 days later I am still waiting and my kitchen is not finished. Even my independent kitchen installer said the units were cheap and nasty with no guidance holes or templates for drawers etc. We've had to purchase a new hood, new wall cupboards and this is after we parted with 1,575 in cash.
At least our kitchen is nearly finished but with no thanks to the staff at Rock Solid. Something should be done to ensure that no-one purchases goods from a company like this. ENSURE YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK! DON'T BUY FROM ROCK SOLID KITCHENS - IT'S MORE HASSLE THAN ITS WORTH.

21st May 2009 - More info from Julie:

Rock Solid Kitchens are trading - 08712717202 is the customer services number. But don't be fooled - they've no Customer Services experience and Neil was rude and arrogant telling me that the customer is not right - and they no longer deal with faxes and emails. The system doesn't work.
I am no nearer getting my outstanding items since delivery in January 2009 - that's even after going to a small claims court and getting a judgment against them. Looks like, for the sake of all the good consumers out there, I'll have to keep it going. This company really are not ROCK SOLID. I have also left my details with Watchdog

28th September 2009 - another update from Julie

Following my comments on 21/05/2009, I have had numerous conversations and emails from the Northampton County Court regarding my judgment and sent lots of recorded delivery letters to RSK. At first I thought I was getting somewhere, but then a spanner in the works, and all too good to be true of course! RSK have been declared bankrupt so there really is no point paying a further 50 to the Courts to fight my case because it's clear that no funds will be recovered.
To those of you who have received all items, had your kitchen installed and made positive comments, I envy you! For the rest of us, having had the unfortunate task of trying to deal with this awful, disgusting, unprofessional, trashy company that have since changed their name to Dream Kitchens Direct I feel sorry for you. Frankly I have learned my lesson that 'Cheap' is not convenient and has cost me more in time and energy.

Jo, West Midlands writes:

Please avoid this Company. Has anyone visited them?

A Marsh, Manchester writes:

I've just ordered a kitchen from rock solid - the date is 3/3/09. Just reading the feedback, I'm not sure what to do. Has this company improved, do you think I should go down to their factory to pick it up myself and check all the parts?

Editorial Comment:

Somehow, we doubt this company has improved. Some things never change.

Nicole, Lisburn writes:

I received a call one month after I tried to contact them to arrange delivery and was told my kitchen would only be half sent and it all arrived on the day, we only had enough money to pay for the half that was meant to be coming. The Driver Bash wanted me to put the rest of the 1360 in to his wife's account, I told him no but he still gave me the details and when I didn't put it in he called me 27 times in one day - both me and my partner, then left messages calling me a thief and told me he went to the police. I cried down the phone to the company themselves and they told me not to worry he was like that.
I paid the money in full because they wouldn't leave me alone (wrong thing to do) this all happened on the 4th Nov 08, because I was getting work done to my house we didn't get it started for over a month, it was then we realised things were missing.
I contact them by fax on the 23rd Dec 08 and again on the 6th Jan 09 as they will not speak over the phone. We got some parts sent 3 weeks later at 9pm and I have been trying to contact them since. I'm telling anyone who is going to buy a kitchen from this company to really shop around for someone else as this company should be closed down. I was told by someone over the phone that they allow themselves 28days to contact you back with any problems, I couldn't believe what I was being told.
PLEASE BEWARE ........... I wish I had read this before I bought the kitchen. My builder said the kitchen itself is very poor quality, buying something cheaper isn't always the answer.

ALK, Hounslow writes:

Thank you for your feedback on this company. Since I did not pay him a deposit and wanted to check the company, I will not deal with this company. Very many thanks

Mick Kilroe, Chelmsford writes:

A disgraceful company, they have taken our money and delivered or part-delivered a load of substandard tat - wrong sized doors, no tap, no adjustable legs, a damaged cooker, no handles, 2 missing doors. You cannot contact them by phone and are fobbed off with an email address to which they never respond. If you try and force the issue on the phone they hang up on you. Trading Standards are letting them take the piss. If anyone is up for giving these people a good hiding I will gladly help.

J Crampton, Nottingham writes:

I had a kitchen from rock solid. I cancelled the delivery when they said they could not be sure if it would be delivered in daylight which I insisted on but they delivered it anyway and I was out. They did not notify the driver.
I had paid 250 deposit so I asked for another delivery date. I would have lost my deposit otherwise. Someone named Carlo delivered my kitchen. He supposedly checked it was all there. When my own fitter came there were no legs for the cupboards, there was a cupboard instead of drawers, one of the cupboard doors was scratched, they sent the wrong door handles.
My fitter made the cupboard into drawers. There should have been 1 shallow drawer & 2 deep drawers but what have I got? 3 shallow drawers, a dint in the sink.
Talk about make do and mend. My fitter was stressed - he had never seen a kitchen like this one. He had to take every screw out of the carcasses & put new ones in they were so badly put together. After reading all the bad things that have happened to all you people I feel so sorry for you. My problems seem mild against some of yours. I wish I had never heard of rock solid.
Please God let them find this man before he robs any more people of their hard earned money. The delivery man left me his mobile number and said ring me if you have any problems. What does he do? Guess? Switches it off.
Rock Solid Rubbish!!

John Szymik, Stockton-on-Tees. Cleveland writes:

Same problem as other people. I paid 1600 for a load of rubbish and even half of that is missing. I also paid for upgrade to soft close hinges which I have not received. We are going through trading standards at this very moment.

Chris Mayh, Kinross writes:

Same as most other comments - ignored my requests to provide copies of plan (order made over the phone) and acknowledge receipt of deposit. Driver texted at 5am to say had had puncture and tyre in van did not fit his wheel. He arrived the next day and loaded quickly. Gave me a row because he had the wrong deposit amount written out and got aggressive when I handed over the cash balance less than he expected (I'm a woman on my own). He phoned the office, swearing. I phoned the office who said I was wrong then phoned the guy I'd ordered from (Cain, his mobile number on 07800568709) who agreed I was right. The driver was then also told I was right. He pressurised me into signing off the delivery note, in a clear rush to get off, although I said I thought there were units missing. When asked for the plan/order he said he didn't have it. He left then I found the plan left under the doors and called Cain immediately to say there were 5 x 300 base units missing. He agreed saying the office had misread his writing and thought it was "4" units not "9" that I had ordered. He promised to sort it out and customer services would ring with a new delivery date.
Few days later ... nothing ... so I have called over 20 times since - each time on my mobile as my home is being renovated and there is no landline. I have been fobbed off, promised I would be called back, excuses that my plan is not there, being told that my 3 emailed complaints hadn't arrived as it takes 14 days to come through (I work in IT but any idiot knows that's total crap), faxed, etc, have had the phone put down on me and even been sworn at - the F-word and still no sign of my missing units.
Agree with previous reviewers - the stress and time wasted is enormous plus the costs of the calls. Astounded that they are still allowed to advertise and that the police haven't shut the place down etc. Hadn't seen this site before and stupidly had already paid 200 for another oak kitchen before this for my parents. Not hopeful at all. Any ideas on how to get my money back and get money for these missing units? Am out of work, self-employed, so have no money to go to court.

L Clark, London writes:


Vicky, Kilkenny writes:

We have ordered a kitchen from this company and we were to have it on the 16th of March. There is nobody to be contacted to tell us where our kitchen is, is it going to be delivered? We can only get through on the 0800 number and we are told somebody is going to ring us back but that doesn't happen. So...
... we are lucky that we saw bad feedback before having the RSK representative coming to our door, so only paid 50 euro of a deposit so we didn't really have a big loss. But could have been very bad. That's why I decided that I should leave feedback and say that everything written in these feedbacks is true! Don't let yourself be trapped.

Peter, Manchester writes:

The main advice I will give for buying from this company is first of all stay clear. If you have paid a deposit you won't get it back from this company if you cancel. Having said that, if you have don't part with any more money. If they try and deliver turn them away without payment.
It is impossible to supply for the prices listed on their website. From my last sentence you will know that I am also in the kitchen trade. Vance would probably say that I am a competitor and not to believe me, however I don't view myself as a competitor as I don't make ridiculous claims about my kitchens, and then deliver shoddy work. I would offer to help people out with replacement parts but unfortunately would be targeted by these companies for my comments. As it is I have had to use a different name to protect myself from them.
I will give you a tip ... Alan Ford is not the real owner - he is just a front for Vance Miller. Vance may have been told he cannot run a business any more but he still gets all your money.

Christine Clark, Bury St Edmunds writes:

Rock Solid Kitchens are a nightmare company. Very dodgy, just look at the background history on the internet!! The customer services is non-existent and if you are short delivered, wrongly delivered, damaged delivered, you might as well sing for any replacements. Mr Alan Ford, the Managing Director, has a history - just look up his name under Rock Solid Kitchens - you will surely not deal with him!

Jennifer Freil, Scotlan writes:

I paid thousands of pounds to ROCK SOLID KITCHENS. The kitchen arrived, I had to fit it in.
They said I got a "discount" on a kitchen & said I was saving "over 3000".
They haven't supplied everything for the kitchen. I haven't got drawer handles, there aren't holes in the drawers for me to put my own drawer handles in and the cabinets are shady work.
I have to go & buy things so I can fix their mistakes. Even though I paid good money I have to buy things which should already have been supplied.
Also, I phoned them to talk about the kitchen and SIX TIMES they hung up on me. I also asked if I could talk to the manager, they said "he's out". I asked when he'll be back they said "some time after 10".

I'd like a REFUND or for them to SUPPLY me with the things they "forgot" in the delivery.

Kerry, Shrewsbury writes:

We order our kitchen in Feb - it turned up and we are missing 1 worktop which was damaged. The other work was damaged but we can cover that.
It's now the 2nd of April and still no worktop so we have no cooker. We live on take-aways and micro food. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Sarah, Nottingham writes:

Is this company really as bad as you people say?
Me and my mum have just ordered a kitchen from them and paid the deposit but your reviews are making me want to stop the cheque!
I know they say they get their supplies from places like B&Q, but is this true?
I have read a couple of good reports but the bad ones definitely outweigh the good.
I hope they don't screw us over cos they will be appearing on Watchdog if they do.

Steve Bramhall, Rochdale writes:

I got a kitchen from Rock Solid and it was really cheap despite being made from pretty good materials, and it hasn't fallen down yet! Surprised to hear there are so many people badmouthing them online, although I guess people love complaining. If they're really the terrible company everyone makes them out to be, I sure didn't notice.

Karen Keegan, Slough writes:

We ordered and paid for a sub-standard kitchen. parts were missing, stupidly we paid for it all. They delivered at night which should have rang out warning signs. The only good comment about them is the fitters who worked non-stop for twelve hours. Please do not buy from Rock Solid Kitchens and always check people's comments who have previously bought from them before you commit to buying. We will not be taken in again.

Angela Streete, London writes:

Totally agree. I paid by cheque when it was apparent that the driver was reluctant to wait until we opened the boxes, we then asked for the cheque back. He said he had put it down on the hall table.
Called the driver again to let him know we could not find the cheque, he insisted he did not have it so the following day I reported the cheque lost/stolen and raised another in case they arrived with the missing parts. I heard nothing.
To my surprise, 3 weeks later I got a call from my bank to say that RSK had presented a cheque for payment and the bank was obliged to pay. I argued but they still paid. Have not heard anything from RKS and am at my wits end.

Susan D-G, Milton Keynes writes:

I was filling in the online claim forms on the HMCS (Her Majesty's Courts Service) website and wanted to include Rock Solid Kitchens web address when I found this site. How my husband and I wish we had found your site earlier!! Having paid over 2,000 we received an incomplete delivery with poor quality items such as parts for two 3 drawer units that were made of old, pre-drilled (for another purpose) bits of MDF that could not be put together, also sides but no tops, bottoms or internal shelves for two large larder units and no work tops! They ignored or fobbed me off when I telephoned them and also ignored comments sent in via their website.
Unexpectedly, in December '08, they rang to ask if I still wanted my work surfaces (about 3 weeks after the original delivery) and when I said 'No thank you, I have written to complain and claim money back', the girl said she would look into it and get someone to ring me. Not surprisingly, we haven't heard from anyone since then. They ignored my first letter and also the second one advising them I would be contacting the Small Claims Court. Both were sent by registered post so they can't deny receiving them. I was fortunate that I had access to some cash left me by my late Dad and went to IKEA. I now have a great kitchen from them. DON'T USE ROCK SOLID KITCHENS. We think we are still going to try and sue them.

Grant West, Hythe, Kent writes:

This company is the pits. Their delivery was late, the staff rude, the quality is by far the worst I have ever seen. The carcases are of 80's build quality, assembled on a concrete floor so all the edges are scuffed off. The appliances are third world quality, thus never heard of in this country. On top of that the order was incomplete and damaged.
I, like a lot of others, am going to spread the word as much as possible for people to avoid dealing with them. I am also going to contact trading standards but, like most other government bodies, I won't have much faith in them bringing rock solid and its owners to justice. good luck anyone else in our position.

D Wragg, Oldham writes:


NP, Thornton Heath writes:

I also had bought a kitchen from these people. I got most of it only because I had retained some money but I notice from the news tonight that their place has had a mysterious (???) fire. HOW STRANGE!

Ann, Kingston, Surrey writes:

I have paid 100 deposit for a kitchen which was due to be delivered today. I got a call to say the mill had burnt down hence no kitchen. In curiosity I logged on to the web tonight to see if there was any news about the fire and came across this web site. Well I guess I will be cancelling the order. Hoping the fact that they failed to deliver when agreed will mean the contract is broken between us. Will speak to Trading standards tomorrow to see where I stand. Wish me luck.
I have to say I agree with the customer service being rubbish that's one reason I logged on tonight. Just a little niggle in my mind.

C Grizzle, London writes:

I have had the same problems as most of yourselves. My delivery was 16th April 2009 and it has been a nightmare to get any response from staff. I laughed when I called on 22nd April and heard the answer machine say there has been a major incident at the main office.
At least my premonition was right on cue this time. They have been so unhelpful!!!! Although, I checked most of the items, it was difficult with a broken humorous bone!!! So the glass for the units are missing three doors and the sleek quality kitchen in the brochure is nothing like I expected and paid for. I even paid for the units to be pre assembled costing an extra 50, but none of them had been pre-factory sized holed to place on the wall. They were all chipped in transit and those in bubble wrapping had chips. I paid 1,500  - A JOKE!!!!
My fitters are still in the kitchen trying to make it as nice as possible as I send this email to you all; so yes, be warned, they are shoddy misinforming misleading bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for Mr Alan Ford HE IS GOING TO GET HIS JUST DESSERTS. He will lose everything if he does not correct his error to all the innocent buyers like myself. That's a promise!!!!!!

Donald White, Edinburgh writes:

Oh well every cloud has a silver lining. I paid 200 deposit 3 weeks ago for what did sound a 'too good to be true' offer - despite alarm bells. Courteous staff took my enquiries and agreed to minor changes to the layout. I was expecting delivery next week and expected to hand over the balance of 550 and ship the units to Poland where I am building a house. What a disaster that would have been.
Phone calls with irate Polish fitter then I got the news about 'major incident' and googled this website. What a relief - sorry to all the other customers who have had so much more loss and distress than me and presumably the insurers. Oh well off to B&Q.
One thought - any chance to sequester any insurance payout made to Vance and divert to a compensation fund?

Editorial Comment:

You would need to take legal advice about the sequestration but no doubt Mr Miller has already covered all the angles

Falee writes:

I also bought a kitchen from RSK. I won't bore you with the details as we have all been in the same situation. But the good news is that there was fire at the warehouse - Maple Mill in Oldham on April 22 09.

Cathie Somers, Coatbridge writes:

I am waiting on a kitchen being delivered on 27th April. Didn't know anything about this conman till this week. I eventually got someone on the phone at RSK on Tues (the day of the fire) and was told that I wouldn't be getting my kitchen because of this.
I've lost 250 but reading all the horror stories about this man and his company I am glad I'm not getting it. Just hope he hasn't got another warehouse with dodgy kitchens and staff hidden somewhere and the kitchen gets delivered. Am I within my rights to refuse the kitchen if this happens?

Editorial Comment:

If they've told you they won't be delivering your kitchen I guess your contract is null and void and they should refund your deposit. But please check with CAB or a solicitor.

Dawn Phillips, Alfreton. writes:

Ok yes I see we have all been had but I am a dog with a bone and will not see this mess go on. I will not rest until this company and people are behind bars. I got had in Feb. 08 and finally went to small claims court in December 08 were we won our case. But I have yet to see the money. Ha! What a joke.
What I will say is that I have tried all avenue's - Trading Standards, BBC East Midland News ran a piece in April 08, I also did interview with BBC Radio 4, been in touch with Watchdog and other TV help lines. All seem a joke. The only person willing to help at this time is my local MP.
Please folks, do not give in. I hope more people will come forward and shout out. I need more of you to get in touch with me and my co-worker so I can get more things together. I will shout out for you and voice it. Trying to keep my mouth shut is not going to happen. I now have 3 stories given to me about who runs this cowboy outfit - all from a government dept in Oldham. Who is on a payoff??????
As for the fire in mill two, this only housed machines cutting things. Mill one is the bigger of the two and is the office filled with smokers, telesales room and showroom which is still standing. This also housed the flat-pack kitchens etc and the Quad bike and all the other dirty deals behind locked doors. Yes I have proof. So join with me in this fight - all for one and one for all. This needs people - contact me at

Dawn Phillips writes:

Hello again. Update on my last note.
Well, seven mouths later I have finally been paid by RSK after the County Court judgement passed in December 2008. Sorry to hear the sh*t four are still ripping folks off - yes four are in this together. The two we all know are Vance Miller and Alan Ford.
Yes, one mill went up in smoke but the stock is still in the main mill and showroom in Cardwell Street where all the phones and computers etc are. Main office is in Cardwell Street. All addresses on paperwork are false. Also the good news is that they are still in business under KITCHENDREAMSDIRECT.CO.UK (all lower case). Same front page phone numbers for call centre, same sh*t picture and crap for sale.
They still have the same MO. Also using local tw*ts in local areas to call using local newspapers, all of which goes back to OLDHAM. So buyer beware - do your homework first. So for them too settle with me they think it's all over. THINK AGAIN. I'm still fighting. Please, anyone, contact me on Keep fighting, folks. Get what you want back, don't give up.

Dawn. writes:

My 3rd update for you. Today is the 2nd of August 2009.

What a fun day! I have had been checking out the year-old kitchen place in Doncaster, once called cheapest kitchens in the world, now called kitchens 4 less. I have found lots of complaints about them - rude customer services, missing bits of kitchens, wrong colour ,wrong orders ... the list goes on. Well you will be glad to know that, yes, with proof which is safe in my hands, I can now link them with another business. Yes, that's right, Rock Solid / Dream Kitchens Direct.
Also the faulty electrical goods brand name used by head office in OLDHAM NECHT.
Asked people in this place weather I could go direct to the factory to get the kitchen flat packed because they do not hold stock there. I was told I could go to OLDHAM. They factory is in Cardwell Street Maple Mill OL8 2AG so you know it is still trading.
Please buyers, beware. do Dour homework first. I only hope that Doncaster Trading Standards latch on to this. Take care everyone.

Elizabeth Millar, Glasgow writes:

I ordered a kitchen on 16th April from this company and paid 200 deposit. It should have been delivered yesterday. After numerous phone calls and getting told a load of lies, I have spoken to someone who said they are in total disarray and have no money to pay wages etc. They are still trying to put my kitchen together (allegedly) and I have to call them back at 2 o'clock today.
I will keep you posted if my kitchen ever appears, or if my 200 is down the drain.

Elizabeth Millar, Glasgow writes:

I contacted Trading Standards and they said I was within my rights to cancel under the Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 as they had failed to deliver on the specified time. I cancelled the kitchen, I've asked for my deposit back, but I think it's safe to say that will never happen!!!
I think I've had a lucky escape. Wen
t to Homebase and the price is working out the same to get a nice kitchen from them.

Elaine, Mansfield writes:

I am distraught that my kitchen has not yet turned up. I was over the moon when I found this kitchen, it was just what I wanted so I started ripping my kitchen out ready to fit the new one and now I'm living in a sh*thole with 4 kids. It's not fair what they have done. I will take this as far as I have to - police, trading standard, watchdog, friends that know their stuff.
They will not be getting away with it again. Who do they think they are? How do they sleep at night? If anyone can give any information of their disaster kitchens or, in some cases, no kitchens. This company's lack of communication or cunning behaviour - email me at

Alimul, Cambridge writes:

I have had similar problems as others after ordering from this cowboy company in January 2009. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.
Problems include:

  1. Late delivery of kitchen and bathroom. Wasted 2 days waiting for delivery after they failed to turn up on scheduled delivery date.
  2. Missing parts - kitchen sink and taps missing!
  3. Damaged parts - damaged worktop etc.
  4. Very rude and argumentative delivery "henchman" - Initially argued with me that I hadn't ordered the kitchen sink when I actually had. He also wanted more money from me for the delivery. In the end after arguing for about an hour he took the goods away because I refused to pay him for the damaged and missing goods.

Unfortunately, they still have my 100 that I initially paid in deposit. I have tried phoning and writing emails and letters but have had not reply.

Maureen, Rutherglen writes:

I too was conned by this company. My niece found them on the internet and obviously thought they would be a great deal. She put my details in for them to ring me. Surprise, surprise! They were so efficient they rang and were out at my door the next day. The price they gave me was of course so good I did not refuse and did what everyone else did ... paid the 200 deposit. I never heard from them again! When I rang to find out what was happening with my kitchen they said, "Who are you? What's your post code? No, sorry haven't got any paperwork in for you." Then they hung up.
I wrote to them and cancelled the kitchen but got a letter back a week later saying that they were sorry I had cancelled but if I read my contract they can now keep my deposit. I was angry but also relieved that now I don't have to worry about what the future might have been ... sitting waiting for a kitchen I might not have got.
So please stay away from this so-called company. How they manage to get away with it I will never know. One day they will mess with the wrong people..........

Carol Chinnery, Attleborough writes:

We have also had a dreadful experience with Rock Solid Kitchens. The delivery came on time and the driver apparently checked that everything was there. But when the fitters came they found we had missing shelves, damaged doors, missing plinths, no drawer bottoms, wrong taps, mismatched drawer fronts.
I have telephoned - constantly engaged; emailed - no reply; posted copy of missing/damaged parts twice - no response; faxed 3 times - no response. Are they still in operation? If so, why haven't they had the decency to answer the queries? We still don't have a functioning kitchen after 1 month of waiting for replacements.

Jonathan Smith, Dunstable writes:

I suspect no customers of RSK will be hearing from them after the fire. Depends how generous their insurers are ... assuming they WERE insured.
Only took delivery of my kitchen on Friday May 8th. Wrong sink unit, wrong tap, 5 damaged doors and most of the other doors are of such poor quality my fitter said, "Don't bother trying to get the goods replaced."
Have tried to contact Customer Services but no joy and have been told I have to fax them by very rude call centre staff who refuse to give their surname and can't do anything to help me!
Have already spoken to trading standards today and was directed to utilise their online letter template and write to the company owner.
Managed to contact the salesman by his mobile and he has told me to fax Customer Services as he can't help me since he does not get involved with the factory after a sale. I sent a fax a few minutes ago and will keep you all informed of any progress!!
I'm not holding out much hope but I will definitely take this as far as I can. This type of business just cannot continue to operate in this way. Seems like a big mess to me. Why is this company still able to trade when this seems to have been going on since at least last year?
Get a kitchen from somewhere else.

Editorial Comment:

If your delivery arrived two weeks after the fire, Mr Smith, it sounds like RSK are still trading ... unless they had other warehouses. However, we found more news in the Oldham Chronicle. Ed.

Sam, Wigan writes:

I'm so worried after reading all the posts on here. I feel like a fool. I'm normally so careful with things like this but you are lead to believe they are a good company.
My kitchen arrived 4 weeks ago and we have found a few things missing up to now and there are lots of boxes still to check, which I will be doing first thing in the morning after reading these posts. We paid the 200 deposit and have paid 800 on delivery. We've rung the company to let them know what's missing about 3 times now and we are still waiting for the missing items. RSK told us that the items have been sent out but can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. I'm getting very worried now - just hope the rest of my kitchen when I open the boxes is not all crap. I will let you know as soon as I know but and let me tell you if they have ripped us off we will be paying them a visit in Oldham for the correct kitchen we were sold.
Soon find out , 20th May 2009

Steve Davies, Newbridge writes:

I made a big mistake ordering 3 kitchens from this Mickey Mouse outfit for World Champion boxer, Joe Calzaghe, for his 3 rental properties. When the kitchens arrived, instead of delivering to 3 different addresses, as stated when ordered, the delivery driver only had a delivery note for 1 address and all 3 kitchens were all mixed up so it was a long process checking them off the delivery van. Three 1000mm base units were damaged beyond repair, 5 out of the 6 worktops were also damaged and a mixer tap was missing.
I telephoned them the following day and was told to email or fax the missing items by a very abrupt and abusive woman who would not give her name. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said there was nobody available and hung up on me. I telephoned a week later and was told I would get a call back. Guess what? Nothing!!
I telephoned them 8 more times every day with the same answer. I then contacted Consumer Direct and Trading Standards and they advised me to send Alan Ford a recorded letter giving his company 10 days to deliver the missing items otherwise Mr Calzaghe would take Rock Solid Kitchens to court. The day they received the letter I had a call saying we would receive the missing items the following week. And that same day guess what? Their factory burned down!
Shame Alan Ford was not in it after all the hundreds of customers he has ripped off. With no intention of paying them back the only way out would be to burn the factory down and make it look like an accident. I telephoned a week later and asked when would we get our replacements. Again I was told we would receive a telephone call the following day. I then asked if they were still taking orders for kitchens and was told yes. I thought that was very strange - still taking orders (and probably money) when they had no kitchens to sell ... unless they were selling fire damaged ones!!!!!!

Editorial Comment:

Now that Joe Calzaghe has retired from the ring, could he not take a few of his old mates over to Oldham and ask where his missing parts are? I'm sure Alan Ford would not try to bullshit his way out of trouble!

Saul Bunford, Chester writes:

I just had a near miss with this company. When the rep came round I asked him for a business card. He didn't have one. He was even reluctant to give the name of the business. We had answered an ad in the paper for liquidated MFI stock which he said they were out of.
The detailed contract is on the back of the kitchen planner which I wasn't made aware of when I signed the front, thinking I was signing for agreed cabinets. I was told delivery would call within 2 days. They did not and they gave themselves enough time for the deposit to clear.
If anyone wants their deposit back send Rock Solid a letter cancelling the contract under the Cancellation of a contract made in a consumer's home or place of work regulations 2008, and ask for the return of your deposit.
If it looks like a snake, sounds like a snake, and smells like a snake, there's probably Vance Miller behind it.

Emma Hartshorne, Warwickshire writes:

Beware! Alan Ford and Vance Miller run a series of kitchen companies. There are hundreds of articles about them being arrested for fraud yet still they continue to trade. We took them to the small claims court: they didn't turn up! The judge instructed them to pay us 1,800: no payment arrived! We sent in Bailiffs and guess what? The bailiff was told that Alan Ford did not own anything at the company.
We were advised by the court to go after the individual since we would get nowhere if we sued the company. And then it folded.

Soyful Alom, London writes:

I would advise everyone to stay away. I nearly fell victim to these traders. But I still have a problem: I paid them a deposit of 100 by cheque. Unfortunately, by the time I got round to cancelling the cheque it had already been cashed on that very morning. I think I am lucky because I didn't pay the rest - they gave me a quote of 1,100.
Can anyone advise me on how to get my deposit back? Also can we report this to the authority?

Soyful Alom, London writes:

I just posted a few minutes ago regarding my deposit - I was wondering if anyone had the address? to send a letter cancelling my order and getting my refund back.

Editorial Comment:


John Belshaw, Lisburn, N. Ireland writes:

I wished I had read this before I got sucked into the trap. Deposit paid, no kitchen, told it went up in flames in the mill fire, no alternative of same type. What a run around in trying to get deposit. Even finding someone who knows who to talk to is near impossibility.
Alan Ford is the name I was given but I doubt he exists as I've been passed around so many names that didn't exist when I asked for them. This has to be the worst company ever put on earth! Watch they don't trick you into saying you want to cancel too! That's a trick question and if you read the cancellation clauses you will see why.
Has any one had any luck getting their deposit back via small claims court? Should be straightforward case but I suspect this lot don't even care about the law.

Yvonne, Bradford writes:

I bought an RSK Catheral wood in October 2008.
I received nothing that I paid for - everything was different. Doors didn't match, worktop was badly damaged, sink was very small, all the woods have different colours ... even so, it's plywood not even real wood which cost 1500. Didn't get 1000 wall glass, base panel damage wood, no end panel.
On the delivery day, the two gentlemen that turned up were very nasty, swearing before my children because I refused to pay cash - he didn't want a cheque. The customer service team is one of the most ignorant I ever came across in my life - they are just as bad as ALAN FORD. Well I can't say I expect anything better.
This company is a THIEF, the owner should be executed, the government should seize all his assets and give it to all the customers he stole money from. And all the people that work for him should face the death penalty.

Editorial Comment:

Quite understand your anger, Yvonne, but not convinced that executing all RSK employees is the answer. If we hanged every employee who lied on behalf of his or her boss there would be few workers left in the country. However, we could make an exception for MPs who lied about their expense claims. Now there's a thought.

K Kaur, Birmingham writes:

Relatives of mine paid a cash deposit before the fire and the kitchens were meant to be delivered during the week of fire. But nothing! Nobody picking up phone - even the kitchen planner who took the deposit cannot be contacted. Has anybody received their delivery since the fire?

Phillip Cox, London writes:

Not much to say apart from I had no problems with this company. Got a good kitchen CHEAP. If you are after a bespoke kitchen then go to Moben or Space who will charge you ten grand for a kitchen. Don't go and spend a grand and start crying when bits are missing.
And the people who run the website need to do THEIR research before they start slagging off companies who they help advertise for!!!! Because honestly!!! you look silly! All companies have bad reviews when you go looking for them.

Editorial Comment:

If the advertising you refer to appears in the right hand column please be assured we have no control over the AdWords that Google place on our website. We know RSK's advert has appeared but we don't mind. If anyone clicks the RSK link we earn a small commission which helps to support this website. And RSK pay for each click. You would know that if you had done your research!

Barbara Maver, Midlothian writes:

My daughter saw the advert for ex-MFI kitchens at 700. It seemed like a good deal. I phoned and soon a rep, Kevin, came round and measured up for me. I paid him 200 and then sent off a cheque for another 900 as I also wanted a built-in fridge included in the kitchen. This was on 2nd May.
I got my fitter arranged as I also wanted new floor tiles laid and some other work done. So far so good.
Contacting the company to arrange delivery has not proved so easy. I contacted them three times and they said they would call me back. They did not. The last man I spoke to said that Kevin had underestimated on some jobs. I said we had agreed a price and that is what I had paid. I have written to them expecting an answer within fourteen days. I was so looking forward to my new kitchen. Now I would rather have my money back because I think if the kitchen arrived with faults it would be very difficult to chase them up. I would be willing to go to court with this. I have had to cancel the fitter which I am very sorry about. I'm back where I started at the beginning of last month but minus 1100.

Ken, Cardiff writes:

I ordered a kitchen from these imbeciles at the beginning of April for a rental property, also ordering an additional extractor fan for the kitchen at my home.
The kitchen arrived on time after a call from RSK. However, the additional extractor did not and one of the wall units was the wrong size. My fitter adapted the wall unit but I am still waiting for the extractor.
Numerous calls and faxes to the company have been fruitless with either the call going unanswered, the phone being put down or being constantly engaged.
I consider myself lucky as I am only about 60 down, but I wish I had seen this site before I ordered. Giving people like this my money only allows them to stay in business that bit longer and cause heartache for the likes of the good people on this forum.
Ah well, B & Q, Ikea, Homebase, Magnet, here I come.

Shaheda Begum, London writes:

Rock Solid are Con Artists!!!
I found out the hard way ... I'm now in the process of the small claims court. Does anyone want to join me to bring them down? If you do please let me know. Together our case will be stronger and we can get the bottom of this -- hopefully with all compensated.
Please contact me on or
Thank you.

Marie, Luton writes:

On 03/06/2009 I had a delivery of goods  - a kitchen, including white goods. My independent kitchen fitter and his project manager, along with me, checked the goods with Alan (the RSK delivery person who arrived in a clapped out van) when my kitchen fitter and project manager pointed out the defects. I initially refused to pay the outstanding balance until the materials and goods were made right. Alan informed me that if I didn't pay the balance he would take the supplied kitchen away (back to base). On my insistence he contacted Karen in after sales (they all seem to have different titles for the same job). I was given verbal assurance by Karen (with telephone put on loud speaker so all present could hear, including Alan) that the missing, incorrect and faulty goods would be delivered the next day. This did not happen.
I spent an immense amount of time and money trying to resolve this issue only to encounter staff from RSK who seem to have absolute ignorance of who is who in what department. None of the staff, apart from Matt - absolutely honest and trustworthy - actually took responsibility for discrepancies regarding company's promise of high quality goods at low prices and not being delivered as described. I have now had to reject the goods as 'not fit for purpose' and am following the legal procedure in relation to the 'Sales of Goods Act 1979.
I URGE ALL PEOPLE READING THIS TO CARRY OUT AN EXTENSIVE SEARCH (especially considering the amount of money you are about to spend in getting the look for your home). I have read many disturbing reports (regardless of the form of media used) regarding this company. I would be happy to join forces with the author of this site, and anybody else who has suffered at the hands of RSK, in order to try to ensure we get our money back and make sure this company does not trade again.

DS, Aberdeenshire writes:

Couldn't believe it when the kitchen designer came round and designed my kitchen and then told me the price. Should have thought then how can they do it? Well to my cost I have now found out.
Three days before kitchen was due to arrive I was told I could not get the pine but would have to take the beech ... or wait 3 months. As my kitchen was half demolished I had no other choice.
Delivery was 2 days late. My joiner waited all day Monday - not a word from them. I phoned on Tuesday and was told driver had trouble with van. It did arrive Tuesday evening and everything was unloaded. Three units were missing but there was 3 lots of cheap MDF which the company had put in to be built up as the 3 missing units. I refused this and deducted the price of the 3 units from the money I gave the driver. Incidentally, there are no proper receipts issued. After the driver left we found he had forgotten to leave pelmets and cornices and, on phoning the company the next day, I was told it would be 20 days before they could deliver them.
The units are all white with beech doors but the oven housing they sent was beech with a big crack along it although this has to be clad so will not notice. I hope people realise that they can go to B & Q and buy the same units as Rock Solid Kitchens offer - this is what I have done for the 3 missing units. I also got the pelmets and cornices from B & Q and am cutting my losses as I don't want anything more to do with Rock Solid Kitchens. I don't think I will get anywhere with them. I just thank God I have a decent joiner as the kitchen designer did not make a good job of the plans with wrong measurements. My joiner has been able to sort these things out so far.

Anna Zanova, London writes:

I ordered a kitchen from RSK in November 2008. They 'delivered' on the next day as was agreed only wrong size of cupboards, some parts missing, wrong mish-mash. Till CCA in April 09 they did not even have a customer helpline available!!!
Our 1st Christmas in our 1st house was completely ruined by RSK and our nightmare is still not over - after more than 6 months!!! I am tired of this horrible situation. For 6 months we - me and my husband - do not have a life - washing dishes in the bathroom, kitchen stuff everywhere...
How is it possible these 'people' are not yet behind bars but are still able to trade and fool people? Where is the Law and Justice?
I am taking the case to Small Claims Court, which I just found out is possible. Can anybody stop these "traders" and make them pay back?

Editorial Comment:

Seems he has faced the judicial system but largely ignores it.

Linda Bradley, Bishops Stortford writes:

I am another sucker who got taken in hook, line and sinker.
I have just been on Rock Solid Kitchens website and hey presto they are now called 'Kitchen Dreams'. Avoid them at all costs, they will rip you off big time. I am still trying to contact them with no luck, writing letters etc, have given up phoning too costly on the premium rate phone line they have (a license to print money). Our Mr Vance Miller is not bothered one little bit while all us suckers keep giving him money for crap.
He should be lined up and let everyone he has crapped on and taken for mugs the chance to have a bit of fun with some target practise. You have no chance of getting any money back even if you can get him into court and win.
The electrical appliances are not legal for the UK market and are lethal, the company that are the so called suppliers of the Necht appliances is oh Maple Industries (where have you heard that name before?). All smells very fishy to me.
Well take care out there and give 'Kitchen Dreams' alias Rock Solid Kitchens or whoever he is trading as a very wide berth. Buy at your peril
27th June 2009

S Forster, Stevenage writes:

A rock solid bad deal. The rep was very professional then it was all downhill. The rep gave a delivery date which suited me and I arranged a fitter for next day as rock solid advised. They tried to alter delivery day which I couldn't do. I was already getting bad vibes about them. "Customer service" was non-existent. When lly got through they were extremely ignorant and I cancelled with many veiled threats of what it would cost me - and their managing director would contact me. Trading standards told me of several serious complaints about this company. I am trying to get my deposit back but I suppose hell will freeze over before then!!!!

Justin Wigmore, Aldershot writes:

RSK are a robbing bunch of b**tards!! [people born out of wedlock, Ed] From the sales rep to the customer service staff, they are all sh*t. [smelly stuff found in sewerages, Ed] The owner should be "flogged" by all his unhappy customers!! Why the relevant governing bodies do nothing about him is a bloody mystery! Isn't it typical for this country? Scam artists like Vance Miller, Alan Ford or whoever really owns the company can rip off people and nothing seems to be done about it. The sooner these people get what they deserve the better!!

Denise Newell, Peebles, Scotland writes:

I bought a kitchen for 1,400. It was a complete nightmare by the time it arrived. It was supposed to arrive on 23rd Feb. 2009 between 8am-8pm. It actually arrived at 12.40am the next morning. I was shocked. It came fully built instead of flat packed, it was scratched and lots of parts were missing - wall brackets, feet, screws, not enough worktop, skirt with two designs not enough. I was really angry and disappointed as we bought this kitchen from money that my mother-in-law left us after her death in the New Year.
We tried on numerous occasions to contact the firm and I had the phone put down on me. I sent about 20 emails and still had no contact. I even sent a letter to the main man to get my 200 deposit back but not even a reply to say sorry for the crap that he sold us.
WE WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. I hope this company get thrown to the dogs!!!!

Scott Margerison, Rochdale writes:

Listen, why is there only a page for complaints??? Like he says if he sells 20,000 kitchens+ a year then a few mishaps will occur. Why do you think his prices are cheap? Leave the guy alone. You're just all jealous that he has made it in a world where the rich get richer and the poor ... well ... stay at base.

Anon, Chelmsford writes:

I have just noticed that Kitchen Dreams direct have the same address (Groby street, Hathershaw, Oldham) and same telephone number and identical web site as Rock Solid Kitchens. Would appear that they are the same company with same selling technique.
We are awaiting delivery of granite worktops for the 6 units ordered and delivered last week. No response from firm when phoned. Please warn people.

Marina, London writes:

This is a terrible company. They will put the phone down on you every time you call! The quality of their kitchens is awful - and will arrive half missing!

Anna, London writes:

Hi everyone,  
We bought a kitchen from these guys ages ago and it has been a nightmare from start to finish.  
After it arrived, and realising that what they supplied being completely the wrong size to fit in our kitchen, items missing, items wrong, I mean, the oven they supplied was too large to fit into the oven unit they supplied (!) we decided to take them to court.  
We actually are due to have our hearing next week and I am so worried now that even if we do win, we will never see the money anyway.
If anyone has any advice after having taken them to court it would be much appreciated. We are actually claiming against Alan Ford himself after being advised that Rock Solid could disappear at any point anyway... please email me on  
What a nightmare...

Leanne, Manchester writes:

Completely agree with all the above comments!! We too have lost our 200 deposit, although I'm currently planning to take them to a small claims court. I still would even if it was for 10. I will still fight to get my money back.
I feel sorry for all who have lost so much money....have any of you seen Vance Miller's website??? I cant believe this guy has the audacity to put his face on his webpage & then continue to make out he is the one who has been punished! It's absolutely hilarious, what a complete & utter Tw*t!  
Have a look at
What goes around comes around, and eventually this guy will get what he deserves ... it's just a matter of time.

GP, Southamptom writes:

Rock Solid Kitchens(now known as KITCHEN DREAMS....same phone number and website) Can only be described as your worst nightmare!!!Ordered kitchen, it arrived with parts missing and damaged. The appliances described by the rep Barbara Edwards, as being quality items manufactured only for them, are actually Argos returns with shelves missing and still in the Argos packaging. 8 weeks and 124 phone calls later we are still waiting for replacements. Each time we do manage to get through we are promised delivery 'next week'. We have now advised trading standards and they are investigating. Would recommend that if you are considering using this company DO NOT!! They provide NO backup and are only interested in taking your money in exchange for inferior goods.

Marie Mide, London writes:

Neva Neva Neva use this shit company! The drivers took extra money, the hob smashed...wrong cooker...wrong sink..Parts missing! And they don't answer the phones. Been told dates that they were gonna turn up with correct parts and they haven't come. The kitchen units are crap anyway...Still nothing has been sorted. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!!

Sandra Coughlan, London writes:

I purchased a kitchen from RSK and yes I am still parts missing. When I add all the phone calls I have made I could have bought another kitchen. They did send me a cheque so I could replace the parts but surprise, surprise the cheque has bounced!!
I would say to anybody out there buying a kitchen ... stay well away from ROCK SOLID KITCHENS.

Sarah, Northants writes:


Beatrice Stone, Cornwall writes:

We ordered a kitchen from this company on the 25th march 2009. It came on the correct date, 21st April 2009, but the fittings sent for the sink units did not match, taps did not fit, the drawer fronts were the wrong size, we had cupboard doors extra and, although we checked as best we could, the only box we could not find was the magic corner unit. The delivery man said it was out of stock and would come later.
As you can guess, it never came! Nor did any of the other things get replaced or changed. I phoned so many times that in the end I put them down to having gone bust. I am blessed because my husband is a brilliant carpenter and he made my kitchen adding and paying for the extra plumbing and wooden parts needed.
I have a written copy of the delivery list with the driver's name on it advising the magic carousel is missing and will be sent as soon as possible. I won't hold my breath. The reason I did not do anything sooner was that they advised me at customer services that they had suffered a serious fire! They said they would contact me as soon as things were normal.

Gemma Beard, London writes:

I also had an awful experience with this company. Basically, my story is the same as every other horror story on here. Word of warning to others, they are now trading as KITCHEN DREAMS. The Rock Solid Kitchens website has been removed (or basically just renamed) Its disgusting how these people can just carry on conning paying customers.

L Amos, Romford writes:

We have discovered this website after paying a deposit of 160 to their agent. After reading through the comments, we are going to cancel the contract first thing Tuesday. Just hope Mr Miller doesn't want any more cash from us to cancel the order.
I am angry with myself for being fooled by them and can see why their advert doesn't have a company name on it. Can anybody give me advice regarding cancelling?

Karen Bruce, Belvedere writes:

Bought a kitchen and thought I was getting a good deal until it arrives and you start trying to put it together. We put the drawer cabinet together only to discover ... we have no drawers. I have drawer fronts and runners but no drawer pack.
Two months later and endless phone calls and excuses (when you can actually get hold of anyone) I still have no drawers. The cabinets are a different colour to the doors, there are no holes to screw doors into.
 This was my dream kitchen and I am realising it is the biggest mistake I have ever made. I have reported it to watchdog so lets see what happens.

Julie Marshall, Arnold, Notts. writes:

omg! It's taken me two hours to read all these bad comments. I've just been sucked in too. Should have listen to my mum - never pay deposit until you get the goods. She's always right.
Had Mike come round - seemed very nice. Talked about his family etc. Probably a load of bull too! Knew it was too good to be true. Just got excited and handed over 200 - how stupid were we? Suppose we won't forget this in a hurry.
Am just writing my letter now to cancel it. I'll probably get threats from them but am not paying a single penny more. It's going to take me months to save 200 back up.
Am also putting it all over Facebook. Everyone do the same ... anything you can to stop people like us getting our hard earned money took off us. Guess I won't be getting mine back but I'll let you know the progress. It's Sept 5th 2009 and I feel pig sick that I've been DONE!!!!!

Dudley Wheatcroft, Chesterfield, Derbys writes:

Re Rock Solid Kitchens and Vance Miller.
All the comments on this site are true. We ordered our kitchen from RSK in July 2008, going through the same procedure as everyone else. It is now September 2009 and we only have two thirds of the kitchen.
After many phone calls to RSK with no answers, other than hanging up on us or saying you must email, we still have two thirds of a kitchen, which they delivered in Sept 2008. I have sent 18 emails over the past year, copies I have kept but not one has received a reply. I did have five random phone calls from RSK saying they would deliver the missing parts on a particular day at a particular time and was asked to be in. One even said the missing parts were on the lorry which was in my vicinity, but no one ever turned up on any of the days.
I contacted Trading Standards in Oldham who were as useless as RSK. They said they couldn't help and it wasn't anything to do with TS. I was to get in touch with my local TS. I did and they were just the same - as useless as a chocolate fireguard.
3,000 paid to RSK for a kitchen with a third missing. In with the two thirds delivered were broken units, doors that don't fit or are wrong size, different colours, no assembly instructions, etc. They also quoted me 2,500 to fit it. I have since employed a local carpenter to make me the Shaker Style Doors and the carcasses have come from another kitchen company. A year later and the kitchen has just been finished.
Something needs to done about RSK. We need some kind of enforceable legislation to get rid of these con artists from the UK. Watch Rock Solid Kitchens and Vance Miller on You Tube.

Andy Cooper, Lancashire writes:

I am currently trying to fit a kitchen from these rip-off artists. I'm a carpenter of 20 years experience and have fitted kitchens from many different manufacturers from basic council jobs to high end 40k+ commissions.
The kitchen which was sent out to my client cost 2,500 which is cheap for what they thought they were getting but... it's the poorest manufactured kitchen I have even seen and fitted - missing bits, the cheapest units I've ever seen, plumbing the sink is a nightmare with substandard fittings which I can't match up, the plan drawing looks like it was done by a 5 year old ... it just goes on and on.
I'm 4 days into the fit now and I'm already 3 days behind where I would like to be with it. I only found out the name of these fleecers by putting the phone number into Google (08712717200) and came across this site. The client paid cash on delivery thinking they were getting a good deal ... well they've been well and truly ripped off in my opinion. If the client wasn't a friend of a friend I would cut my losses and walk way from it as I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. They're going be left with a really poor kitchen that will last about a year.

Rachael, Ashton-under-Lyne writes:

I bought a kitchen from them last April (2008). Thankfully my dad fitted the kitchen but it was a nightmare getting the missing parts. You wait hours in the office that stinks and is cold. The brackets that this company supplied us with were rubbish - a few weeks after being fitted the wall units all fell off the walls and smashed everything in my kitchen to bits. The whole bracket had collapsed and the cupboard that we paid extra for to be prebuilt fell apart into bits. The oven cuts out and the glass gets so hot it's dangerous.
I am devastated and have wrote, emailed and spoken to HIM in person. He is so rude and was not willing to help at all. When you call the office they put the phone down and when you go in to the office you are left standing there for ages before anyone comes anywhere near you. Please, please stay away from this company

Steve, Birmingham writes:

This is the Director that has been struck off - VANCE MILLER - he's been named and shamed on Watchdog and  Rogue Traders. Just search for his name and you will see for yourself.

Address: (deleted)
Date of Birth : 30/05/1965
Nationality: BRITISH
Number of disqualification orders: 1
Disqualified From: 09/05/2005 To: 08/05/2014
Reason: CDDA 1986 S7

Just stay well away. Honestly ... it's a waste of time and money.

Editorial Comment:

We searched on Google and found Vance has another website (registered in 2006) trading under the name of "Vance Miller Kitchens". On this site he admits all the problems he has had and the reputation he has earned but he puts all the blame on Rochdale Trading Standards who he claims are acting to discredit him so that Rochdale Council can obtain a compulsory order for his mill and turn it into apartments.

The evidence from our correspondents suggests that Miller has indeed earned a reputation for supplying shoddy goods but we also know that that local authorities have no qualms about sinking to any depths to promote their own agenda.

Ahmet, Essex writes:

Today, I have stumbled upon this website having carried out a search on Kitchen Dreams Direct. Unfortunately, I have ordered and paid a 200 cash deposit to someone called Ian on 28/09/2009 (2 days ago), with the balance payable on delivery.

I am understandably upset and angered reading about the experiences people have had with these apparent cowboys. I feel like doing more than writing a message. However, I am unsure if I can actually get my 200 back? Or whether I should just wait for delivery (suggested to be in 4-6 weeks) with my mates in tow, and check all the boxes delivered before parting with more money?

I will of course stand up to the delivery driver and make him wait, telling him he can call HQ and tell them I don't trust the company, because their reputation precedes them.

Editorial Comment:

Your email address suggests you work for HM Revenue and Customs. As Trading Standards are having such problems stopping this man trading perhaps you could put the word around other government agencies.

Julie, Cumbria writes:

Yet another person who seems to have been conned. I handed over 100 deposit 2 days ago for a 4,200 kitchen.
Please tell me how do I cancel!! Am i entitled to a refund?

Editorial Comment:

Seems like a small deposit for a much more expensive kitchen than usual from RSK. You may find you can do nothing more until you know whether or not the kitchen is going to be delivered. Please let us know how you get on.

Maria, Birmingham writes:

Avoid at all costs!!!!! I ordered a kitchen in April 2007 was told it would be with me within 7-10 days. WRONG! It turned up 2 months later after numerous phone calls which btw are answered by the rudest and most ignorant people I have ever come across. They tell you to email them your query and when you do you get no reply!!!! When you call them (if you actually manage to get through after ages on a premium rate number) they tell you to email them!!! The money you spend on calling them would be enough to buy a whole new different kitchen!!!!
My kitchen eventually turned up at 9pm, with a driver who looked worse for wear and actually had the cheek to ask me to help him bring it into the house. I was visibly pregnant at this point. He was quick to ask for the remainder of the money and didn't even wait for me to finish checking everything off on the delivery note. The work surface was the wrong one - I paid for granite but I got cheap laminate. He refused to take it back as he could not take a part delivery back. He would have to take it all WITHOUT GIVING ME MY DEPOSIT BACK!!!!
When it came to fitting the kitchen, my fitter showed me that many parts were missing. The doors all had random patterns on them and the oven didn't fit the oven housing that THE COMPANY HAD SUPPLIED ME WITH. Hinges and internal shelves were missing!!! Needless to say I still don't have the missing parts to my kitchen. I have had my child and am expecting another but I don't expect to see the missing parts anytime soon!!! I know that they are cheap but that doesn't give them the right to con people. It took me 2 years to save the 3000 they conned out of me and it's gonna take me another 3 years (if not longer) to save that money up again

Editorial Comment:

Julie George sent us another link today (29th September 2009). It's a report in the Oldham Chronicle giving full details of the developments in Manchester Crown Court where Vance Miller is being tried on a charge of fraud. Click here to read it.

P Zipzer, Stanford-le-Hope writes:

We purchased a kitchen back in May 2009, took delivery of part of kitchen on 2nd July with various parts missing including worktops. After spending hours phoning and over 50 in phone calls, 4 weeks later the rest of the kitchen arrived. Then the problems really started.
Badly fitting joints, holes drilled in the wrong place, etc. Basically all the cupboards had to be modified in some way. Fortunately we had a good kitchen fitter who is also a carpenter and he managed to resolve a lot of the problems. However the oven and hob were c**p and the seal around the oven has now broken and come off. And what a surprise ... the company that supplied the cooker apparently does not exist anymore, ending up costing us yet more money to replace the cooker.
How come that TS have been called in numerous times, but RSK have been allowed to continue to trade and con people out of their hard earned money? This was my retirement present to me, and I cringe every time I look at it.
No doubt this con artist will start up again under a different name, so all we can do is tell people not to buy direct. Always go to a proper retailer.
There is a lot more we could add but it would take too long! Having looked at some other people's comments it seems we got off lightly, but it still cost us a lot more money to have it sorted out.

N.Shafik, Middlesborough writes:

I purchased a kitchen in April 2009 but haven't had it delivered yet because of some work. I also paid 400 deposit. After reading all these comments I would like to cancel my order but I don't no how to get my money back. I have tried ringing customer service but cannot get through to them. So I phoned up a designer from RSK to take another measurement. Both measurements differed by 1-foot.
They have now changed their name to Kitchens 4 Less. Telephone:01302 783301; Fax:01302 788604. The owner appears to be James Holden

Editorial Comment:

Not sure the last information is correct. Kitchens 4 Less appear to be a separate (but equally disreputable) company operating out Doncaster. They have attracted lots of adverse comment on Blagger.

Elizabeth Wisniewska, Norwich writes:


Dee writes:

Oh gosh, I have not long paid him 200. It is obviously a company that is taking deposit and as much money as they can get away with, without really intending to complete a good and honest service. I have not heard anything back from the company for 5 months. I have told them to send me some information in writing in post but they have not listened of course!. I am going to write to them today as I have had no correspondence. Think these are a case for rogue traders!! Shocked they've not been televised or anything for their services, complete horror!! Sorry to hear you people have been through even worse. I think you should get together and try to get your money back from them.

Patrick Crumlin writes:

I was visited by Dream Kitchens ( RSK) and the planning sheet they used was headed Kitchens 4 Less, been waiting three months now for my order, still no sign. What amazes me is how they keep trading considering how no one in the company seems to know anything

Mrs Faragher, Liverpool writes:


H. Mallett, London writes:

I paid 300 deposit for a kitchen. The total cost is 5000 as I have a very large kitchen and have ordered granite worktop too. 

A women phoned three weeks later to confirm a delivery date but I was not ready as going on holiday. When I return from holiday she phoned again with a delivery date and on the day before delivery phoned again to say all the parts are not ready. I told her to ring back when everything is ready. Few weeks later Karen phoned to say they have everything except the work surface so we need to pay 4000. on delivery in cash or bankers draft. 
My daughter was left in charge of ticking off the boxes and handing over the money on the day.  She did not do this job well and gave the driver all the money.  There were missing parts, damaged parts, missing doors and a rusty sink. After several attempts trying to ring their customer service department I managed to speak to a women named Sarah who said that the she will get someone to ring me with a delivery date for the missing items by the end of the week. Still no reply. I have written demanding my money back and am seeking legal proceeding if they do not repay.

Z Hanifah, Morecombe writes:

Defo is same company, we have just been mugged of 2600 for absolute rubbish kitchen!!! don't know what to do. Kitchens 4 less operating from the same mill in Oldham. I went there to look at their 'show room'. my kitchen has parts missing, different colours just a nightmare. Today (05-12-09) my husband went to them in Oldham with the wrong coloured parts and was basically told in no nice way 'tough deal with it, that's all we have and if you don't like it go buy somewhere else!' Also told they don't give ANY refunds whatever the reason!!!!

Christina, Oxfordshire writes:

Paid over 1k for an incomplete, sub-standard kitchen. Major parts missing, screws, cupboards, units the lot. They demand CASH ONLY so basically you're screwed from the start. 
After weeks of calling their premium rate number, they decide to answer. I've never experienced more illiterate rude mannered people that obviously have 'problems' that in the end is just a waste of a call as they listen but don't do anything about it. 
Don't worry you bunch of WXXXXXS I am in the process of taking you to court, this time I will adding on my fees also, in fact, how many more or their staff will go to prison? Just read four members have not returned to work from Sept? Let's hope they are locked away and they throw away the key. 
 The kitchen was for my disabled dad, who cannot move into his bungalow as it doesn't have a kitchen, strange that........

GP, Manchester writes:

I was thinking of buying a kitchen from a company called Kitchens and Bathrooms in Stockport, who use Necht appliances.  However, after coming across this site, I think it is the same company, as their brochure looks the same as and the deal seemed too good to be true. 
 I hope this might be useful to someone.

Editorial Comment:

Not sure the companies featured on this page would use Necht appliances but Stockport is not a million miles from Oldham so it would pay to be cautious.

Kevin Puddephatt, Fareham writes:

OOOh dear!! We were just thinking that we ought to get our Kitchen4 Less kitchen delivered so I went to find the web site.......and found this site instead (thank goodness!!)
We ordered our kitchen way back in June, and at the time I accessed it through Rock Solid Kitchens. It seems that the link no longer exists (or does it). I was assured that the kitchens supplied are from the joinery company Howdens, with Necht appliances...... I am now thinking that what I have potentially ordered is from a "rogue trader".
I have only parted with just 200 for a kitchen worth 6,506 discounted down to 2600 because I parted with a 200 deposit on the "designers" first visit. Methinks alarm bells should have been ringing.... LOUDLY!!!
So what to do next, it seems that after reading many of the horror stories I should cut and run... Maybe I should give them a call and ask for my 200 quid back.......
Can someone assure us that Kitchens 4 less are nothing but a reputable company and nothing whatsoever to do with RSK or any of the other aka's

Editorial Comment:

We have not heard any direct complaints about this company but they do appear to have a dodgy reputation. Take a look at this page.

Dawn, Derby writes:

Today is 30 December 09. Well this is my 4th up date on here. Yes I would like to let you all know that RSK is now kitchendreamdirect Yes the one in Oldham with the sister companies in Doncaster, Stockport and Blackpool. Yes their do us white goods known as NECHT. It's all the one and same so don't go there. The only way to stop then is not buy from them. Don't use them when you see ad for MFI admin stock or clearance sale cheap kitchens or complete kitchens from 595. It's a con . The big Question is how can the shops stay open when the big boss is in court with 3 others on 4 counts of fraud. Oh yes he gets cheap managers in to do the dirty work. Just don't go there or you will be sorry.

Editorial Comment:

Doncaster, Stockport and Blackpool - same addresses as those of Kitchens4Less mentioned in the letter above. Ed.

Karen Marron, York writes:

I also have been hit by this total scam. I thought as I am getting a divorce and having to move house it would be a good idea to give the old kitchen a face lift by changing the doors/drawers/worktops and cooker so I contacted Kitchen Dreams.
A lady called Jose came to measure up, I placed my order with her and paid her a cheque of 100. The kitchen came and by the look of the paperwork I have it was counted on the van but never off the van. It wasn't until my joiner started to fit it that we realised half of it was missing. I have a kitchen with no drawer front or handles; I also have a hob that doesn't work properly and when I eventually got through to Kitchen Dreams the customer service women said that if I get an engineer out to the hob that they will pay 50 towards the cost of the repair?!
It's a new hob for God's sake! I shouldn't have to do that. She told me that I would have to wait 20 days for the rest of my kitchen which I know I will not get now after reading all the other complaints.
I remember seeing a programme on WatchDog about this company and apparently Trading Standards have been involved with this company before but he just keeps on trading under other names. I have called Trading Standards and my local newspaper where this was advertised.
Everyone should try and do something to stop anyone else being sucked in and treated like this. They also have the nerve to put in the advert in my local paper that they wish all their customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ... That's just rubbing salt in the wound, don't you think??

Dawn, Alfreton writes:

If you need to complain about your kitchen get in touch with Vance Miller himself on his personal fax, if it works??? 01705821991.
He has guaranteed to resolve everyone's complaints and problems now he is a free man.
WHAT A JOKE! Free to rip more folk off. No one can stop him. good luck to you all. 15/1/10

Clare Michiels, Durham writes:

We too have just parted with 100 deposit in December 09 and have been contacted by their sales office (3 days before the kitchen was due to be delivered) to inform us that all the measurements were wrong. As it happened we had contacted KIETH a few times and he reassured us everything would fit.
On Tuesday 26th Jan 2010 another rep arrived to measure up, and for some strange reason after he left I decided to look for reviews on the net and THANK GOODNESS I DID!!!

John Faulkner, Salford writes:

Saw this conman on Rogue Traders yet again. He ripped my sister off for nearly 2,000. Thinks he's above the law. The law here is different. Bet he looks over his shoulder every day.

Jack Russell, Pontefract writes:

Purchased a kitchen last June from cheapest kitchens in the world from Vance Miller - it was a disaster from day one!  Numerous telephone calls; different kitchen delivered; units didn't fit; no handles; corner units wrong; black appliances not silver, and so on. Total disaster. Would never ever call back or turn up when stated. All in all anybody who is in process of getting a kitchen should think twice. Proper rogue traders as seen on ITV.

Brian Davies, Cleobury Mortimer writes:

We ordered a Kitchen from Rock Solid on 18/1/09 and paid 200. They delivered on 31/3/09 and we paid 1,421 but there was no base legs, no back to the larders, wrong doors, wrong wall units and base units. I telephoned, faxed and emailed but got no joy. Had to go to B & Q.

Tony Henderson, Wellingborough writes:

I bought a kitchen from RSK back in march 2009, it's been 12 months and guess what? After approx 300 calls and 450 deposit paid on a kitchen, I am yet to receive a single item. At least some of you managed to get a door, I do not even a screw from this company.
Rogue Traders did a piece on this company a little while ago, and nothing surprises me, the company are out for one thing and one thing only. TO RIP YOU OFF! Never attempt to buy from these people.

LB, Essex writes:

Dream Kitchens - I was promised delivery b4 Xmas 09. Lots missing. Mum was left to see in delivery - driver said only dishwasher was missing and that it would be delivered by courier at the weekend. He lied!!
Base cabinets, doors, handles, screws, feet, corner posts, end panels, appliance doors, work-top joining strips, fixing brackets  - all missing. Sink, work-top, doors and bottom plinths - all damaged.
Gemma @ 'Customer Service' said they would exchange the sink if I paid courier charge of 50.
436 Dishwasher did arrive over 2months late after I asked for my money back, but I now see it is Necht. Oh dear!
I paid 2400 for a shoddy kitchen and had to buy non-matching doors and other bits from B & Q. I am a single parent and can't understand how the Rep Alan Cooper and Gemma - the most horrible girl I have ever come across - can sleep at night?? They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this!! It's criminal!!

Fox1, Doncaster writes:

Lee Darby wouldn't refund my deposit - hung up on me!

Adrian Hughes, Co. Down, NI writes:

I bought a kitchen from RSK in Feb 08. It arrived in may 08. The sales rep by the name of John La promised me everything - what a downright liar he was! Anyone who comes across him stay away.
I was missing some parts and tried for 6 months to sort it out. I've never been told so many lies in all my life from customer services about my parts - they are being delivered and all the rest of the sh*t they tried to fill my head with.
So after purchasing the parts myself and legal proceedings which is another nightmare I'm no further forward. I won my case in the small claims court here in Northern Ireland and then had to pay to get it transferred to a London court then pay to get it transferred to Oldham and then pay to get a bailiff to recover the money. What a nightmare and load of nonsense our civil courts are these days. But I'm not going to let Vance Millar, Richard Ford or RSK beat me. I will recover my money.

Ben of Nottingham writes:

Not bought from them and after coming across this never will. Maybe they should change the name to Really S**t Kitchens (RSK)

Jimmy Jones, Leeds writes:

vance miller, kitchens now, simply now, kitchenscheapestintheworld, reallycheap kitchens, kitchens 4 less, rock solid kitchens, kitchens dream, kitchens - look them up on

Keli of Bristol writes:

I am another customer in a long list of customers that Vance Miller has conned. I purchased a kitchen from Simply Kitchens under the name of MR. LEE DARBY on the 18-02-10. I gave 100 in cash as a deposit, the goods were delivered on 09-03-10 in an old yellow sprinter van and a driver with a northern accent. The driver was not keen to wait around whilst i checked the goods. I strongly agree with all the comments i have read tonight and as a conned customer feel very angry that this man has been allowed to continue trading right up until now.

I too am one very disappointed and upset customer. The kitchen is of an appalling standard as is the customer care and attitude of this company. My kitchen is still incomplete after 5 weeks after ordering. I have reported this matter to trading standards, consumers direct and they don't appear to be concerned that this man is committing fraud and taking hard earned money off of people!

I could write an essay on this, and i have to trading standards etc, but where has it got me, nowhere, i am still with an incomplete, of poor standard kitchen and very out of pocket. Therefore its about time SOMETHING WAS ACTUALLY DONE ABOUT CLOSING THIS MAN DOWN INDEFINITELY AND TAKING EVERYTHING OFF HIM. If none of us ever get compensated at least this happening would make all of us feel like we have achieved a result. We need to get a long petition running including customer statements, along with real evidence, and report this man to Downing Street.

We are all complaining, getting no outside help, and having to live with our regret of letting this con man rob us and so far he has done a good job of getting away with it. Who is willing to support me and do something about this ?

Darren Bird of Nottingham writes:

rubbish company - paid our money haven't got what we paid for still waiting and listening to their excuses

Nigel Green of Bournemouth writes:

I find it remarkable that so many people have been ripped off by this company. I'm a kitchen fitter and a customer asked me to fit a kitchen supplied by Rock Solid. Within the first hour of fitting the kitchen I realised that I was on to a hiding to nothing bearing in mind that I had given my customer a price for fitting.

I had to do so much extra work to make a half decent job and even then there was much I wasn't happy with... parts missing, edging hanging off, different coloured doors etc. I spent so much time on the phone it took me twice the time to complete the job. eventually I completed the kitchen and left my customer reasonably pleased with the outcome...but only because I put myself at a financial loss and because my reputation was at stake!!!!

When the kitchen arrived...ABOUT THREE DAYS LATE!!! I found parts sliding about the floor of the delivery van scratched and damaged and unprotected. My client ended up having to go to B & Q to buy extra parts in order to get it finished.. thankfully B & Q seem to supply similar parts.


Richard Francis of Horley writes:

Bought a kitchen from rsk April 09 was led to believe by drivers that two parcels were doors. which I found to be end panels. end panels turned out to be selves, Many parts missing too numerous to mention. trying to rectify the problems hopeless. Do not buy from these tricksters.

Simon Ansell writes:

Anyone heard anything about 118 kitchens?

Janet Crampton of Newthorpe writes:

we bought a kitchen from rsk what a nightmare. It was being delivered at 1 30. it arrived at 7 30 in the evening. We said we would not be in at that time but they delivered it anyway and had to take it back all the way to Oldham. where's the logic in that. They delivered it 2 weeks later. The man unloaded his van which was dropping to bits. How he drove down to Notts in that i do not know.

We inspected as much as we could of the large items it seemed ok. the young man came in the house sat down and talked said if there was anything missing to ring his mobile which he gave us and he would deliver them himself. He seemed so genuine we gave him a good tip. It was the first morning the fitter came. Before he could even start he went to ikea and b & q for screws and items for the sink the cupboard doors did not fit they had measured the kitchen wrong so we were a cupboard short so the fitter put shelves instead. we rang lots of times the mobile no. Never got a reply each time the man switched it off when he recognised our no.

we spent well over 100 getting parts that were missing. The long deep drawers came as long shallow drawers so things fall down the back all time. The door handles were so small they looked stupid. so off to b & q for door handles which cost 90.

go to rsk if you want a nervous breakdown. Our ordeal is mild compared to some letters i have read and i feel so sorry for you people. God doesn't pay his debts in money Vance Miller will get his comeuppance soon i hope!

David Laing of Sunderland writes:

In some of the comments left on this site, some people accuse the sales people of being as bad as the company. I would therefore like to offer an opinion as someone who suffered with this company from the salesman's point of view.

In May of 2008 I saw an advert in the National Press for a vacancy as a Salesperson/Kitchen Designer. Upon Applying by phone and having a phone interview I was offered a position with this company. I was told however that the position was self-employed and would need to attend a 2 day training session at my expense. I travelled from Sunderland to (you've guessed it) Maple Mill, Cardwell Street Oldham.

After the two days training I was told that I would be given four qualified appointments per day in the local area. Upon starting the job in June I found that this proved to be possibly one appointment per day as far afield as Barrow in Furness to the west and North Yorkshire in the south. All fuel costs of course were at my expense.

Having came from a professional sales background I gave every possible customer my mobile number to keep in contact until the sale was completed (i.e. kitchen supplied and fitted). I then started to get phone calls of complaint from people who had purchased a kitchen from me. Ranging from non delivery to damaged units. I asked them to phone the customer service line as I had no other contact myself. I even tried ringing the customer service helpline myself on behalf of customers but to no avail.

Then the problem arose that I was not being paid on time for any sales that I had made in fact not being paid at all. This coupled with some threatening phone calls from disgruntled customers forced me to terminate all contact with Rock Solid Kitchens and seek Real Employment elsewhere.

It Pains me to hear that this company is still trading albeit under a different name. as with previous comments on this site, STEER CLEAR of these COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!

P McCartney of Saltcoats writes:

Two years ago we paid a 200 deposit to Rock Solid only to find that on delivery (at approx 10pm) the delivery was not what we had ordered. It was substandard rubbish and completely different from what we had originally chosen.

These people have to be stopped and jailed and I personally would like my money back as we spent 200 and got nothing for it.

Pat Kelly of Thetford writes:

Do not use a company called Kitchens Now - their website is

They took a 200 deposit off us in our own home for a kitchen which they insisted was in cash. We changed our mind the next day and have been trying to get the cash back ever since - for the last 6 weeks.

It is obvious they have no intention of giving it back. After several emails and letters and over 30 phone calls, the company is a sham, and everybody they employ tells you one lie after another.

Tony Jackson of Lancashire wants to know if anyone has heard of a company called Cheapest kitchens in Britain based in St Helens. He says:

I have been trying to get hold of this company to arrange an appointment to design me a kitchen as a present for my wife, but all I keep getting is an orange answering service which to me sounds a bit dodgy when I'm ringing an 0845 number!!!!

PLEASE if anyone has any experience of this company can you let me know. I don't want to end up with my fingers burnt!! What would their service be if I ordered it with them! I dread to think!!!!!

Editorial Comment:

Please tell us if you have any experience with this company. We will pass it on.

Natasha of Burgess Hill writes:

Do not buy from SIMPLY KITCHENS in KEIGHLEY. We are having so many problems! The first salesman was rude so we didn't buy from him, second salesman was great, ordered the kitchen 13th April and we paid a cash deposit; delivered 22nd April so paid remaining balance in cash.

At first everything looked great then found broken items, scratched items etc. Then we found a unit we ordered was not what we ordered. When I rang them they said they were out of stock of what we ordered so sent a replacement which we didn't want so changed it over the phone they said it wasn't a problem and would get it sent out ASAP.

Didn't understand why they couldn't of rung us beforehand to ask what we wanted it changed for? Their Ts and Cs say they normally re-deliver within 5 working days but can take up to 20, it is well over that!

The agents are rude when we eventually get through, they never call you back, they don't care, they laugh down the phone or even hang up! All they say is it will be with you next week, which they have been saying since the end of April! We have spent loads more than planned on labour as our fitter has had to make modifications and we have also had to pay out for replacement parts! We now have 3/4 of a kitchen fitted and we still do not know if we are ever going to get the rest. We have contacted the md Lee Darby with no reply and have now gone to Trading Standards and Watchdog as we don't know what else to do! We are wasting our time ringing Simply Kitchens as they just tell us lies to get rid of us!


Linda Priorof Bury St Edmunds writes:

I bought a kitchen from 'simply Kitchens' which was delivered on 1st July. The fitter started the next day and we soon found many items are damaged and parts are of poor quality.

I have been telephoning constantly only to be told someone would ring back but they never do. I am just 'fobbed' off the whole time and lied to. A surveyor was supposed to come and assess the kitchen products but never turned up with no apology.

I am so fed up and beginning to feel ill over all this. I have asked them to collect the kitchen and for a full refund but they say I have to give them the chance to put things right but this just is not happening. I have no kitchen, a garage full of damaged and faulty goods so can't put my car in and am 2,217 + out of pocket.

Can you help me please?

Editorial Comment:

The law constantly tries to deal with people like these but they merely ignore any judgments given against them and carry on as though nothing had happened. You could try the police but the chances are that they will use more of their resources finding excuses not to help you. Trading Standards is the other option but they've had no real success in the past.

It's been an expensive experience for you and we understand how you must feel. We can only hope that future potential customers of these conmen will read these letters before they part with any of their hard-earned money.

Kerry South of Horncastle writes:

Rock Solid Kitchens had lots of alternate websites, as we found out when we tried to contact them for my mother-in-law. Future Kitchens, Kitchens Now, Kitchens and Bathrooms, etc.

DO NOT BUY FROM ANY OF THESE!! When I tried to find the Future Kitchen website I found all the complaints and warnings first and I still can't find the website.

If you're gonna buy online please use a credit card.

Kevin Pritchard of Caernarfon, North Wales writes (on 25th April 2012):

I had a kitchen from rock solid kitchens, like all the other customers we had a sales person come to our home, measured up and promised the best thing since sliced bread, at the time of purchase we thought it was to good to be true, a solid oak wood kitchen, fitted for less than 3000, then came the delivery, 3-4 items were damaged, another 3-4 items were missing, give them the benefit of doubt. The fitter arrived and started the work, "what a cowboy", he couldn't have gone any faster even if he had a stick of dynamite under his bum, he then found out that there was some plumbing work to readjust and had the cheek to ask for an extra 100 because he hadn't priced for that bit of work, even though the sales person had priced for it in his measuring of the job. This was back in 2007, now 2012 no show on the goods, tired of contacting them, DON'T HIRE THEM.

Katrina Coleman of Bristol writes (on 26th April 2012):

I ordered a kitchen from rock solid with far too many problems from start to finish. Even now in 2012 I'm having to replace brand new hinges on the cupboard doors. As I can't get hold of Rock Solid because I can't replace the hinges elsewhere as i don't want to re-drill the holes to fill the old holes in the second door then put new hinges in different place.

Martin Derby of Manchester writes (on 15 July 2012):




D Richardson of Hope Valley writes (on 8 August 2012):

August 1012 - I have another name for this list - - they have a nice looking website that promises great prices/products but they are clearly the same outfit as they answer the phone with just "kitchens". They were extremely keen to send round a salesman, presumably to extract a deposit. I had booked a visit but after reading these awful reviews I have cancelled - PHEW! Thanks everyone!

Sonia of Bradford writes:

I am very upset and angry that this company (MAPLE INDUSTRY) is allowed to carry on ripping off innocent people like me and you. I was promised a solid wood kitchen and what i got was cheap quality tat that i could have made myself.
I have paid 2650 on a load of garbage. The kitchen fitters did a poor job and left a big pile of boxes in my garden. They told me, "It's your shit, you sort it out!" How are they running a business!! The customer service is appalling, they put you on hold forever, and you give up but they will never answer. I really don't know what to do.

Rosemary Mcguigan of Airdrie writes:

Going through court proceedings with these scumbags after being robbed of 3,000! Been fighting since July 2011! Same company different name ... Kitchens Uber, proprietor: Martin Sersen, Manchester.

Simon Kingston of Kirdford, West Sussex writes:

What do all of the above expect? You pay little, you get little. Generally you have the option of asking friends and family about their purchases and go on a recommendation. If you don't you will get caught out unless you are very lucky. It it is cheap there is always a reason! Next time go to a well established local small business where you can see and touch the products...

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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