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If we oust the existing lot, what else have we got?

Our correspondent writes ...

As an Englishman, I despair at the way this country is sinking to depths never known in my lifetime.

Nothing was ever perfect but most of it was a hell of a lot better than it was when New Labour came to power. Once the original euphoria faded, we began to suspect that we no longer lived in a democracy - gradually we learned that we actually lived under a dictatorship run by Tony Blair and a very small handful of traitors - traitors in the sense that they had no loyalties to Great Britain. They preferred to hand our future to a bunch of unelected autocrats in Belgium whose ranks they hoped to join on completion of their time in Westminster.

In recent times, politicians seem to have gone out of their way to prove that they cannot be trusted but not one of them had the honour or decency to apologise, let alone resign. Such was their contempt for the electorate they purport to represent. And we now know the dishonesty and corruption is not limited to those members in the ruling body - the vast majority are at it. There are just too many snouts in the trough; some we don't yet know about.

This begged the question that if we got rid of Gordon Brown and his crew, who would take over? Who would we want to take over?

I was never enthusiastic about David Cameron for the Tories. After Blair, I was not convinced we should not put the country's affairs in the hands of another younger man. Wisdom comes with advancing years. But more disadvantageous for Cameron was that he had a PR background and, in my experience, all PR men are either born, or trained as, liars.

Nick Clegg, for the LibDems, didn't impress me at all. Like Cameron, he had little experience as an MP and his decision to order his party not to vote on the Lisbon Treaty effectively handed almost all that remained of our rights and freedoms to Brussels.

So the fact is that while New Labour were in power we had no opposition. And nothing has changed with the coalition. The ruling party will invariably win and they will get away with ruining our country. But what can we do?

Can we trust any of the political parties? From experience we know the opposition parties always says the right thing while they are in opposition but they rarely practise what they preach when they come to power.

A vote for the LibDems was always a vote wasted because they would never have enough MPs to form a government and, under Clegg, their chances of increasing their presence were even more remote. Yet now we have a situation where a vote for the Tories turned out to be a vote for the LibDems. So deciding who to vote for next time is an impossible task. You might just as well pick a colour - blue, red, orange or green - and take pot luck.

That leaves a handful of independents who are probably very decent men but they will never change anything; UKIP's principles are sound enough and will appeal to many British people who also see no point in us being members of a European state but the wheel has probably turned too far - withdrawal may not be an option we can afford. On the other hand, we will never have enough clout to change the way a corrupt EU works. Lastly there is the BNP - an organisation that will never appeal to sensible people because we will never, ever see a white Britain again.

So really we're knee deep in the brown stuff and our only hope is a revolution. That, of course, will never happen but imagine what it could be like.

This is where it turns into a bit of fun ...

Imagine there has been a revolution and the government and opposition parties have been overthrown. You are a member of the new Revolutionary Truth Party and it is part of your duties to repeal existing bad laws and devise new laws that will make this a great country to live in.

I have started the ball rolling with a few of my own tongue-in-cheek suggestions. You can submit yours on the form below and the best will be added to the list.

The new laws and regulations of the Revolutionary Truth Party

(Applicable only to England - not in any particular order)

  1. Any donations to authorities who might use the funds for dishonest or corrupt purposes will be strictly illegal. Such illegal donations will include income tax, council tax, etc.
  2. Public servants will never be given honours for merely doing their job.
  3. Seaways will be excavated to separate Wales and Scotland from the mainland. Scotland and Wales will continue to run their own affairs but they will raise their own revenue. They will not be subsidised by England.
  4. Elected politicians in any independent state must reside permanently in the country they represent. If they seek exile in another state (as Scottish MPs currently tend to do in England) they will never be allowed to seek office in their adoptive country.
  5. No English, Scottish or Welsh MP will have any say in the affairs of another country.
  6. No indigenous residents in England will be obliged to call themselves British. They will be free to refer to themselves as English.
  7. "God save our Queen (or King)" will only be used as a national anthem when the monarch (or other member of the Royal Family) is present at an event. "Land of Hope and Glory" will become the English national anthem. For joint events, i.e. the Olympic Games, "Rule Britannia" will be the national anthem.
  8. Immigrants (legal or illegal) found guilty of any crime will have the choice to either return to their homeland at their own expense or they will be incarcerated for life in a purpose-built prison on a remote island. This island will be known as Scotland.
  9. Solicitors, being members of an extremely dishonest profession, will not be allowed to serve as an MP.
  10. Any MPs caught fiddling expenses, claiming for additional living accommodation, or lying will be immediately deselected. A bye-election will be held in their constituency within two weeks and bailiffs will confiscate cash and/or property equating to twice the value of the amount they stole, embezzled or claimed falsely. If they are unable to pay, they will be imprisoned for ten years on a remote island. This island will be known as Scotland.
  11. No MPs from the ruling party will be allowed to appear on Question Time unless they are wired to a lie detector.
  12. Television companies will not be allowed to seek opinions from any MP or minister who was deselected or sacked from his cabinet position.
  13. Serving MPs will not be allowed to accept any directorships or contemplate any other ways to feather their nests.
  14. MPs who have failed in any cabinet position will not be given a second chance in a different cabinet role, nor will they be given a consolation job in Europe.
  15. Life sentences for murder will be enforced until the convicted person dies naturally or commits suicide using any of the methods approved by the prison authority.
  16. Facilities in the purpose-built prison on a remote island (known as Scotland) will be very basic. All prisoners will work a ten-hours a day, five-days a week shift pattern extended over the full week and there will be no remissions for good conduct or shortages of cells.
  17. PCSOs will in future be used to handle paperwork, reception and office duties; Trained police officers will be employed on the streets where they will feel a few collars, crack a few skulls and solve crimes. If they fail to produce results they will be replaced by members of the Ghurka Regiment and the SAS.
  18. All senior police officers will have worked their way up through the ranks. All new entrants to the force will start as PCs and university degrees will not help their promotion prospects.
  19. Traffic wardens (sometimes known as parking attendants, officers, or assistants) will be taken to their local town square or shopping mall and placed in stocks. Suitable missiles will be provided by the local authority and will be sourced from the recycling bins used for compostable materials.
  20. Social Workers will be arrested and tried in closed Family Courts without a jury. They will not be allowed to produce witnesses or evidence and they will not be allowed to discuss or publicise their sentences.
  21. The Crown Prosecution Service will be disbanded and persons employed by the CPS will suffer the same fate as social workers.
  22. All speed cameras and 75% of all other surveillance cameras will be dismantled and put through a crusher. Any person inventing such devices will be treated like a social worker.
  23. Decisions to prosecute suspected criminals will be left to policemen ranking as sergeants or above. There will be no excuses about 'shortage of cells' because when the prison in Scotland reaches 75% of its capacity another prison will be built on the remote island known as Wales. Should that reach the 75% capacity, a further prison will be built on the island known as Jersey.
  24. ASBOs will no longer be awarded to yobs or other feral youths. Offenders in most parts of the country will be taken to their local town square or shopping mall to be birched. Those living near, or committing a crime near, a British Naval base will be keel-hauled. Survivors will be enlisted for five years in the army and will be sent for training in Helmand Province.
  25. The British Armed Forces will be withdrawn from Iraq and the savings will be used to give pensioners a better deal.
  26. Indigenous English people who rely entirely on welfare benefits for more than one month will be forced to take jobs. Vacancies will be created by repatriating Polish people who claim benefits for children still living in Poland.

    That's it for the moment. It's now up to you to complete the list.

    Some from Sasha:
  27. All social scroungers who obtain student loans, get their degrees and then go back to social scrounging must be forced to eat boiled beef and cabbage, wear pink shell suits and spend all day cleaning up all the dog pooh and vomit that spoils our parks until they have paid off their student loans.
  28. All politicians who lie must forfeit their pay until they keep their promises. Editorial Comment: Great! No more pay for politicians - a bonus!!
  29. All Council Executives are to be paid according to their performance - no performance, no pay. Lies have a further penalty of reducing all holidays accrued. Editorial Comment: That's it then ... no more holidays for council executives
  30. All bendy buses to be sent back to Mercedes with Ken Livingstone heading the convoy. He won't be allowed back into London until he admits he was wrong and promises never to bring them back. Editorial Comment: Better still, don't allow him back at all. Vote for Boris.

    PB's additions:
  31. No-one allowed to manage in the NHS unless they have at least 6 years experience of working in a hospital dealing with the public on medical issues.
  32. Local councillors will be forced to dig up all the obstructions (i.e. road humps) they call safety measures.
  33. Traffic lights will be reprogrammed to automatically turn red whenever a member of the London Assembly approaches them.
  34. All employees of the immigration dept will be forced to spend three months in each of the following countries - Romania, Albania, Swaziland, Slovakia, Chad and Liberia - just to ensure they fully understand the concerns and mentality of the habitants there before they let them come to the UK.
  35. Anyone owing a Pitbull Terrier to be retrained for border duty with Customs and Excise.
  36. Convicts in prison forced to spend 6 hours a day on treadmills linked to the national grid.
  37. Any politician who mentions a 'low inflation rate' of under 3% when petrol, food and living expense inflation is nearer 15% will immediately be sent to Zimbabwe to see where all that is going.

    OD's suggestion:
  38. All MPs must use public transport when travelling to any destination, on official or personal business, and cannot purchase a first class ticket. They must sit in cattle class with the rest of us and reflect on how truly depressing a half hour journey is when your knees are pressed up against a plastic seatback and you have some random blokes arse swinging in to your face every five seconds. (also includes C.E.O's and managers of all companies related, directly or indirectly, to public transport)

    DC's suggestion:
  39. EVERY politician to be elected annually based upon performance, instead of the current lifetime sentence of every four years

    IC's suggestion:
  40. Hand more power back to the Monarchy - particularly to Philip!

Visitors' Comments

Malcolm Hill, Manchester writes:

If only!

DG, Wales writes:

Great stuff but does not go far enough. Needs to go as far in equilibrium as the current Establishment goes in the suppression of our rights. I am now totally committed to revolutionary change.

PB, London writes:

Great stuff. I can't think of any aspect of my quality of life in UK that has improved this century. I now have total disdain for Gordon and his gang, so here's a few more for your list.

OD, Manchester writes:

Great article! I would like to add one, if I may, which would bring politicians down from their Ivory towers and bring a little joy back in to the life of the common man/woman. - see no. 38.
With this rule in place we could all vent our frustrations to them while packed into the sardine tin on the way to work and have another rant on the way home. I can't say it would be completely safe for them but then I can't say I care as it's not completely safe for any of us to travel on a public transport. I've been attacked on more than one occasion for doing nothing other than minding my own business! What these back-scratching, trough-snuffling, bribe-taking, self-stroking bastards need to do is stop living in their ivory towers telling us there is nothing wrong with the country and actually walk through the streets they are calling safe... They need to talk to the hoodies they want us to hug... They need to stop hiking up their wages and pensions and need to spend their own goddamn money on the things which they keep telling us aren't expensive.
Britain isn't going to the dogs, it went to the dogs a long time ago and after a quick sniff they decided it wasn't worth the risk...

DC, Ilkeston writes:

I more than entirely agree with this article. The underclass of Great Britain is now the honest, law abiding and tax paying working class. We now live in such a corrupt and rotten regime that the only time ordinary people count is when they are bled dry through taxation to support the exorbitant salaries which enable the rife corruption throughout the UK to continue.

Having studied international development at academic level (a peasant with a brain cell? Oh No!!) none of us are supposed to think for ourselves let alone have an ounce of intelligence between us.

My addition to the above REVOLUTION suggestions is that EVERY politician is re-elected every year based upon performance, instead of the current lifetime sentence of every four years. Quite simply put - it makes them less complacent and they actually have an incentive to earn their exorbitant salaries that we all fund. As the saying goes "Magna est Veritas, et Prevalebit" For those countless corrupt morons out there who are too thick to know any Latin, its translation is "Truth is mighty and it shall prevail".

Keep up the good work - let's expose every single one of these corrupt people WE pay for!!

IC, London writes:

Fortunately for me, I'm getting out of the country for a year. I'm going to visit China, and Bali, do a bit of travelling around Asia, then to Australia before heading off for five months in South America. Will I come back? Depends how successful the revolution is!

AR, Glasgow writes:

In principle, I agree with most of the postings on this site, especially the post from DC of Ilkeston. However, I find some of the comments regarding the Scots/Welsh deeply offensive and furthermore fundamentally flawed. In relation to Scotland, the myth abounds that the English subsidise the Scots but in effect the Scots fund the Wesmonster government with oil revenues which run into billions of 's and have continued to do so since oil was found in Scottish Territorial waters.
Successive Westmonster governments use the revenues collected to prop up the balance of payments with Scotland's black gold. I fully endorse an independent Scotland, more so since I read the 'McCrone Report'. I would advise you to 'Google' Gavin McCrone's report to the Thatcher Government (circa 1974). It was classified 'Top Secret' and was kept under wraps for 30 years. But it is now available to read online. The Glasgow Herald may still have a link in their comments section.
In conclusion, I detest this Liebour troughing Government, illegal wars, EU, surveillance, ID cards and 42 day detention without charge. This month - July - will see a by-election in the Glasgow East *. The incumbent MP resigned apparently due to ill health but it transpires that he too had his snout in the Westmonster Trough to the tune of 500,000.
Don't be too hard on the Scots. They are as fed up and angry with Wesmonster's corruption as you English are. And please don't send Jeannie Broon (Gordon Brown) back to Scotland, WE DON'T WANT HIM EITHER.
An aside, see Alex Jones - ENDGAME - 2 hours long but it's an eye-opener.

Editorial Comment:

* And, as we now know, Nu Labour were shown the door in the Glasgow East by-election - a trend that will hopefully be repeated in many other constituencies when people come to their senses and realise that the Labour party have stitched us all up for 10 years. And please be assured we do not hate the Scots, AR. Our comments were tongue in cheek with no intention to offend.
Do click the link in our correspondent's message to view the Endgame trailer - it truly is an eye-opener.

IG, Verwood writes:

My father was Polish. He fought in WW2, he fought communism. We were brought up to be proud of being English. He told us that we lived in the best country in the world and we were very lucky to be able to travel this country and not have border guards. He told us how important liberty is. Freedom of movement and freedom of speech. He loved England for giving him a home, a family, a job. He was never off work sick and always had time for us.
I don't know any Polish. Dad said I only needed English because I am English. He also became English (needed lots of interviews and I don't remember it being very easy). Everyone who met him liked him.
But since Tony Blair got into power I have been noticing things happening and most people I know said, and still say, I'm imagining them. I didn't know about this website but having found it everything that I've been thinking and saying is all here. The country that I love isn't that country any more and I don't like it; it scares me because if something isn't done soon our country will never be the same again: it will be too late!
I detest political correctness and the way it is taking away our freedom of speech. Why is it racist to complain about someone who is doing wrong just because they're not English? Surely everyone should be judged by their behaviour. I have had Polish neighbours in the last few years who made my life a misery yet nothing could be done. If my father were still alive he would have seen them and sorted it out but I couldn't because I got called racist. Now I am still very proud of my dear father but not so keen to meet any more Poles.
Sorry to rant on but how I wish we had the old England back. I don't want to be in the EU and I do want to be English before being British. Sorry if this isn't what the form is meant to be used for but I needed to let off some steam! As my health isn't too good I can't work anymore and this makes me feel even more useless and unable to stop what is happening here; so thanks for letting me rant on. Great ideas by the way!

Editorial Comment:

We have something else in common, IG. By birth, I'm only half-English but my mother always said England was far better than South Africa where she had been treated like a white slave after the death of both her parents in the 1918 flu epidemic. She was always grateful for the chance England gave her to live a free life and she loved this country every bit as much as I do. Unfortunately, our government clearly have no love for this country or the people they cannot control - the people who want to keep the old England that we were always so proud of.

M Wallace of Carlisle writes:

Re: Editorial Comments (Lets imagine, just for fun ) Oh dear, oh dear. After all your rant you're not even pure English. It's people like you and IG, Verwood that are the problem here. You really want to be accepted as English to the point you're deluding yourself into believing you are, but actually you're not, are you, not in real pure terms.

My goodness IG above doesn't even have compassion for his/her own ancestral kind, Poles.

So, may i suggest we divide the UK differently? Let's quarter it, let's not send all immigrants to Scotland but to the fourth quarter to be known as Immigrantsland. You and IG can be in charge keeping peace and order amongst the Non-English or non-Pure English people. In terms of Scotland and Wales they've been with us for centuries and although different nations we have been one for centuries split only by greedy people with their own self-serving interests/agendas, kings and politicians. My you're right - this is spiffing fun. The imagination is a great thing!!!

Tallyho must go.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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