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Let's have leadership without lies

Our correspondent writes ...

margaret thatcherContrary to general public opinion, I always thought Margaret Thatcher was the worst prime minister this country ever had - certainly in my time. But that was before Tony Blair came on to the scene.

To be honest, at first I thought Blair was a breath of fresh air after the Thatcher years and the dismally boring Major period. We had endured a period of Tory rule that was far too long, a period during which Thatcher killed our manufacturing industry, sold our economic interests to unscrupulous entrepreneurs, and generally started the national decline which rekindled class barriers based on rich or poor - one at the expense of the other.

During her time in power, the woman never showed an ounce of genuine sincerity. She sounded false every time she opened her mouth, and false she was. I never met a greengrocer's daughter who had so many plums in her mouth and Maggie never came across to me as a humbleton from Lincolnshire. Apart from her admirable stand against the Argentinean generals, and her efforts to protect British interests in Europe, she did nothing that stands out in my memory. Except the damage she did to the UK...and the way she elevated her self-opinion to a platform even higher than royalty. And that's not something girls from the provinces normally attempt - they're far more down to earth. But Thatcher is history and fortunately well out of harm's way.

tony blairBlair, however, is not! He should be but it perhaps demonstrates the pathetic mentality of the electorate that after two terms of blatant lies and deceit they still choose to be led by a man who cannot determine what is best for British people. That's because he doesn't care about British people - he cares more for American political leaders and his own party cronies, none of whom bear any resemblance to representatives of the working class.

So we effectively have two Tory parties, one led by a megalomaniac who aligns himself with the unworthiest American president since Nixon; the other by a novice we cannot yet assess in a prime ministerial role. And, of course, we also have a small bunch of self-destructive nonentities who are unlikely to make too many dents in the establishment.

For the foreseeable future, we have to endure a leader we know we cannot trust. We have to listen to his cabinet cronies who presumably attain and keep their positions because they are toadies who, in return for covering up and lying to the electorate, will always command the prime minister's complete backing. Whatever they do or say, however incompetent they are, Blair will back them to the hilt. And the sickening thing is that you can always tell when they're lying because their lips move.

Blind Blunkett lied over and over again, each time with the PM's assurance that he was totally trustworthy and a magnificent member of the government. When Blair's judgment was shown to be completely flawed, he demonstrated he had not learned his lesson by inviting Blunkett back into the cabinet for a second chance which he again threw away by his abject failure to be truthful. The man is, was, and always has been an unmitigated liar and Blair's faith in him was an insult to intelligent people.

When any politician does what Blunkett did, and is caught out, he should not only forfeit his cabinet position but also his right to represent British people ... ever again. He should be fired in disgrace. Corruption will never end unless we can look up to leaders who are honest with us. Regrettably, however, they seem to think that the people they try to bullshit are even more stupid than they are.

Perhaps the answer is to change the system completely. We might all be better off if we did not have career politicians who are in the business only for the personal benefits they will gain. Perhaps we should operate government on the same principles as jury service - selected men and women would serve just five years in office, would be paid a reasonable salary but would not be allowed to take any directorships or jobs outside Parliament. They would return to their old jobs at the end of their service to government.

gordon brownMeanwhile, we still have Blair. Shortly, we may have Brown. If that happens, I believe things will worsen. The gargantuan chancellery bubble will ultimately burst, we will all be up to our necks in debt, and people will say that in fact Gordon Brown was one of the worst chancellors of all time ... and possibly the worst prime minister.

Editorial comment:

In 1945 everyone agreed that what happened between 1939 and 1945 should never happen again. And yet the conflicts have not stopped. Thatcher could perhaps be forgiven for defending a dubious British protectorate but Blair took us into a totally unnecessary war that has caused more problems than it ever cured. And he justified it by twisting facts and distorting the truth. Not just truth economics but outright lies; lies that ensured he appeased an American dictator who was determined to declare war on Iraq, just as he will surely find another enemy to attack in the future.

The fact is that problems around the world would be far less critical if the United States stopped interfering in world affairs. Islamic terrorists would have had no reason to kill innocent Britons if Blair had not been so inanely stupid when he sided with the USA. Even if Iraq had weapons of mass destruction they would not have been used against us.

Saddam's methods of controlling his own people may have seemed despicable to civilised races but now we are witnessing just how uncivilised some of these people actually are. No matter how long we keep British and American troops in the middle-east, we will never achieve a satisfactory solution so why can't Bush and Blair see this? Why do they continue to perpetuate the lies?

The fact is that too few people wield too much power and that cannot be democratic. Given that our governments - national or local - conceivably don't represent the majority of the electorate's interests we should have mechanisms in place to ensure that "the few" are accountable for their actions. If it is possible to impeach Tony Blair then we should be taking that action before he destroys our country completely. We should weed out the liars and ensure that their successors do what they are elected to do.

If David Cameron now comes across as a man who seems to be very honest and caring, then we should perhaps give him a chance to prove that he is. Our single reservation is that he has a public relations background and public relations people, as we all know, are essentially trained liars. Cameron has the chance to dispel the theory but if he proves to be as dishonest as the rest, then he too should be castigated.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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