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Do we really need all these settlers?

Although it was not intended to be this way, this section is largely dominated by the immigration issue. We make no excuse for this as a very high percentage of British people, including legitimate black and Asian immigrants, actually resent the way some latter day immigrants - illegal or otherwise - are lowering the standards this country used to enjoy.

When the tide of immigrants suddenly starts to flood the area you live in, you may be rightly concerned about the effects this will have on house prices, the health services and crime. But there is no escape. You will now find immigrants settling in all parts of the country.

When immigration escalated in the late-fifties, the new residents largely came from the commonwealth, particularly Asia and the Caribbean. Many were good workers but many more were not. Some carried their 'lazing under palm trees' attitude into the workplace and caused great resentment. They settled in conclaves and made little effort to integrate. They turned huge sections of cities into ghettoes.

Now the influx has grown to unmanageable proportions as immigrants flock in from Africa and Eastern Europe. Some are good for the country and bring with them skills to fill jobs that could not previously be filled. 'They are good for the economy' we are told by experts but these experts fail to mention they are only good for the capitalists' economy as they provide cheap labour which helps to increase corporate profits. The fact is you never see prices falling as a result of this cheap labour.

Conversely, many immigrants are here to milk our welfare state, make use of our National Health Service, and perpetuate crime on the streets. Many come from countries where life is cheap and they carry on here as though our lives are worth nothing. They come here to escape the so-called 'oppression' in their own countries and they moan constantly about our customs and how it doesn't suit them. They want us to adopt their laws and religions and forfeit our own.

As it is, many British people are convinced that immigrants receive benefits that are denied to them - they are given housing, they have cars bought for them, and they are supported on welfare. This can only cause more resentment as the British have paid over the years for the privileges immigrants receive for nothing.

At the end of the day, Britain is a small country capable of supporting only a certain size of population. If mass immigration continues at the present rate, and if the British government continues to offer a haven to everyone who passes through many other countries to reach our shores, we will go into overload and the fuse will blow. At the next economic downturn, Britain will not be able to support its indigenous population, let alone God knows how many intruders.

We may already have reached the point of no return yet there is no sign of the floodtide ebbing. We are an island race, perfectly capable of defending our shores, and that's what we did in the second world war. Many good men died to protect us from invasion but our governments have invited these intruders into our country and, sooner or late, we are going to pay the penalty.

We should have closed the barriers long ago.

Visitors' Comments

TM, Edinburgh writes:

Close the gates now. Should have been done years ago.

Tony, Dover 9/2/2009 writes:

It is OK for them to come as long as they can provide for themselves (and everybody they are bringing with them), respect our language and culture. They should find a job and start paying taxes if they want to be accepted by others. If anyone from England would go to their country, they would not expect anything less.

Julie Hodgson, Avis, Portugal writes:

Yes I agree. Alas it is too late ... this should have happened ages ago. I have certainly left the building and I feel more at home in Portugal than in the UK! How strange is that?

Editorial Comment:

Wise decision, Julie.

Captain Pugwash of Blyth writes:

Whilst there is no doubt that a huge influx of new people in to a country or even a locality pose significant challenges on the services in that area it is my view the main cause of resentment among the 'indigenous' population is the slavish adherence to the catechism of social inclusivity, diversity, multiculturalism, gender tolerance, risk aversion, liberal views etc., which has the overall effect of making sure everyone except white, Anglo-Saxon, able bodied, Protestant, working males take precedence.

I am minded by the comments of the judge reported yesterday (31 March 2011) about a father complaining the estranged mother of his children was departing for the antipodes and was told he could Skype them. No doubt if the same comment was directed toward a illegal immigrant from the dark continent the judge would be provided with police protection from the baying mob of Guardianistas out for blood!

But then we must all move with the times Mustn't we?

Editorial Comment:

Or we could try to remember the better times when we didn't have all the problems that many immigrants seem to have brought us.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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