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Bay suspension notices in Bexley

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Picture of illegal parking bay suspension notices

These pictures were taken at Bexley Road, Northumberland Heath, Erith, Kent on 25th September 2006.

The traffic regulations state that suspension notices must be fixed to the parking sign plate - so these are not legal as they are tied to the post. Yet several motorists were given fixed penalty notices by a hawk-eyed traffic warden employed by VINCI Park UK (formerly Sureway Parking Services).

There appeared to be no attempt to warn motorists about the suspensions so this scam was clearly a deliberate attempt to boost income.

Click picture for larger image

Even more confusing ...

The new signs that Bexley Council installed on 29th September (but not at all parking bays) are in discrepancy with the earlier signs. The morning restriction on the first sign (left) starts at 7:30am, the new one (right) starts at 7:00am.

Question: Which one should a motorist obey?
Answer: Neither - they're both illegal.

This animation tells it all

On receiving a complaint that the sign could not be read while it was wrapped round the post, the warden unfurled it for a short-sighted lady to study:

Click the picture below to see our animation.

Photographs copyright 2006 Jim Leake

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