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Life under New Labour

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Life under New Labour? What life is that? (circa 2006)

The section header is probably a bit of a misnomer. Life under New Labour is not the life we remember from days of old. We fought two world wars to make Britain a good place to live but now it is no longer our country. It is run by people who have no regard for the indigenous population; people who seem determined to destroy Great Britain. The UK is being taken over by Europe and America and we no longer have a say in our own destiny.

Meanwhile, our leaders are so busy dipping their grubby little snouts in the trough they cannot see the damage they are doing to the rest of us. Or perhaps they just don't care!

We made the mistake of voting New Labour in for a third term of office because there was no credible opposition and because we perhaps thought they still had some remnants of honesty. How wrong we were! We now know they feed us a constant stream of bullshit. They do not know the meaning of the word 'truth' so we can always tell when they are lying because their lips move.

They have foisted upon us more legislation in nine years than we might normally expect in two or three decades and little of it is of any benefit to us. Most of it takes away our freedom of speech, even our freedom of thought, and we are likely to be breaking some law or other every day, often without knowing it. But when we do, the thought police will soon be hammering on our door and we will be punished.

On the other hand, those from ethnic minority groups can apparently say what they like and nobody will punish them. Though they represent a very small percentage of the population, and though many are here to milk our welfare state and our health services, they are largely unaffected by the laws which govern the rest of us. They can tell us they want to operate under the laws of the countries they were so desperate to leave and they can demand that we adopt their religions yet no-one puts them in their place.

A strong government would do something about the problems but where would such a government come from? The opposition is still not credible and most of us now believe that nearly all politicians are tarred with the same brush. They're all in it for what they can personally gain from it and we're just here to pay for their benefits. Directly or indirectly, we provide most of the fodder for the troughs.

Visitors' comments:

A H Flounders, Hartlepool writes:

Spot on, I agree 100% with your comments. I, like you, believed in New Labour - but never again will I vote for such a group of thieves and utter scoundrels. Keep up the good work.

D of Lop (Tel: 99912111111) writes:

Started reading your site with interest. Turns out you are an idiot with a website.

Editorial Comment:

Presumably you were looking for information about idiots hence your interest in our 'National Government' page. Regardless of the colour of their ties or party logos, we are rapidly coming to the conclusion that our politicians are, amongst other things, idiots themselves so we feel obliged to recognise that our subjects and our correspondents may all fall into the same category.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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