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Another boob for Jacqui Smith?

Our correspondent writes ...

Jacqui SmithAlthough School Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has just announced that the process for introducing national identity cards has been watered down and delayed, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the government are absolutely determined to have all our details on the national database sooner or later. After all, it would make things so much easier for them.

Through unparalleled surveillance systems and totally irrelevant questions on government forms - quite apart from existing records in government departments and virtually unrestricted access to information kept by enforcement agencies, local authorities, banks and many other private sources - the Commissariat (New Labour) already know just about everything there is to know about each one of us.

The only problem is they have to search their sources and then compile the results. But if, with our help and financial support, they can bring all the information together in a single database, it will make the information so much easier to sell, lose or use.

So why is this central database so necessary?

Well, the government tell us it's essential they have this information in order to combat terrorism. Strange, we apparently didn't need it when IRA terrorists were blowing us apart so why now?

Well it seems to have become a priority since the terrorist activities of the last three years - those probably caused by Blair's determination to declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan in support of his buddy in the White House. Yet the aftermath of these wars is now proving that, whatever the rights or wrongs of any country's internal politics, Britain has no right to interfere unless that country poses a threat to us.

In Iraq's case, the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" reason for going to war has long since been exposed as lies and a very decent man, Dr David Kelly, committed suicide (or was bumped off) after attempting to expose the government's manipulation of the facts.

The London terrorist bombings in July 2005 conveniently justified, in the government's view, the continued presence of our forces in Iraq yet I personally believe these atrocities could have been prevented. With my distrust of this government, I suspect those who died on the London transport systems were deliberately sacrificed to justify the war-mongering actions of Tony Blair and his useless sidekicks. Of course, this rash statement can never be proved but if the terrorists' plans were not known in advance, it implies the words 'Secret Intelligence Services' do not sit comfortably in the same sentence, especially when the same intelligence services apparently knew all about the existence of 'hidden weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that could supposedly be brought into play within minutes' - weapons that never actually existed!

But that's another story ... let's get back to national identification cards.

If I had to have a simple credit card-sized piece of plastic that identified me by name and showed my picture, and could be used to prove my identity, I don't think I'd have any problem with that, except that it would have to renewed regularly as my wrinkles increased and my hair disappeared. But it would certainly be more convenient than carting my passport around.

If it could also double as a driving licence that would be even better as the existing one doesn't fit well in my wallet. But, given the government's propensity for losing data, I would object to them keeping any other information centrally in one database that could be read back from the identity card, especially as some accredited organisations might be authorities or companies that I wouldn't trust to help me across the road.

Nevertheless, we are moving further and faster into a Big Brother regime thanks to having a government who care nothing for the people they claim to represent. Indeed, they treat us with such contempt that they want to destroy our heritage and take away all our freedoms. And all because they invited the strangers who now pose the greatest risk to come and live amongst us, and then totally lost control of the situation.


At the start of this article, I mistakenly referred to Jacqui Smith as the School Secretary. In fact, she is the Home Secretary - and possibly the most inept Home Secretary of all time. The confusion was caused by a trick of the memory that somehow tied her in with schools. On checking her profile, I discovered she had in fact been a school teacher, not a school secretary, before she entered the lunatic asylum at Westminster in 1997. No wonder education standards are so low.

But she could yet become a good home secretary if her husband and sons can find some use for her talents - whatever they might be. Give her a chance to prove herself - vote her out at the next general election.

Meanwhile, use the form below to cast your vote on national identity cards.

Readers' Comments

ASW, Baildon writes:

From what I hear, 7/7 was a put-up job by NWO elements of the secret services, and the name MacGregger keeps surfacing a lot around the bus bomb event. As for IDs, they're just another excuse to keep tabs on us, and they won't be satisfied until they're micro-chipping newborn babies!

JAA, Long Eaton writes:

Whilst I agree with all I have read on your site I honestly feel the ID situation is not in our government's hands at all. It is Brussels-based and will be implemented whether we like it or not.

It is all to do with 666 and the Antichrist, with Mondex waiting to be put into action. In due course, we will not even have the freedom to express our opinions on sites like this.
We are moving swiftly to a totally cashless society, and the little chip in the forehead or wrist will be the only means of making any purchases - anywhere, worldwide. I believe it is being, or has been tried in Argentina already. We may currently despise the practices of Local and National Governments but the future will be far worse.
I see the correspondent above says " ...they won't be satisfied until they're micro-chipping newborn babies!" I agree wholeheartedly.

RB, Oldhamistan writes:

You need to encourage more people to log onto the nameste web site and lend support to the campaign being waged against the un-elected tosspots who are slowly dragging this once great country into the ground. The only way to fight this shower of sh*t is to remind them that bringing in new laws without public consultation is treason.
God save the Queen, and all of us, if we allow them to get away with it.

Stuart Ward, Milton Keynes writes:

It's very simple really ... we have let this happen by voting these crooks into power. If we really want change then we - the people - have to make change. It will not happen by itself. It's only going to get worse ... sad really but true.

Wake up, stop sleeping or just go with the flow and let the crooks do what they want to do. It's your choice.....

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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