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Veiled Muslim women - why?

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Just for once, Jack Straw is right

Our correspondent writes ...

It's not very often I agree with anything a New Labour politician says or does, but I do agree with Jack Straw when he says he feels uncomfortable talking to a constituent who is only prepared to show her eyes. Why? Does she have something to hide?

Many of our young yobs wear baseball caps and hoodies because they definitely do have something they want to hide. They don't want to be identified on CCTV cameras when they are reaping havoc in the community. As a result, such attire was banned in the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent and no-one complained about their human rights being infringed.

Similarly, dispatch riders delivering to banks and other premises are told to remove their crash helmets. It's a perfectly reasonable request because bank robbers tend to cover their faces when they carry out a bank raid. But dispatch riders don't go rattling on about infringements to their human rights.

Yet it seems that everything that is said about practising Muslims in the UK is totally unacceptable in their eyes and the spokespersons of their various councils leap out in defence of their rights and traditions every time we make a reasonable request that they might do something to integrate with the people whose country they have decided to inhabit by trying to conform to some of our traditions.

But no, Jack Straw's comments have apparently insulted and offended some Muslim women and denied them their human rights. Well, to be honest, I find that rather ironic. As I have always understood it, Muslim women were forced to cover their bodies and faces by the men of their own faith so one might suggest their human rights were violated by their husbands and boyfriends, not Jack Straw.

It is quite off-putting to be served in an Oxford Street store by some girl whose face you cannot see and you cannot help but feel the numerous veiled women walking down the street do have something to hide. Or are they just trying to make a point and using their religion to justify it?

More worryingly, we have witnessed many occasions recently when Muslim men also wear masks - mainly when they're demonstrating on the streets in support of some radical Muslim cleric who is threatening us with death and telling us we should all become Muslims if we want to be safe from the bombs they plant on our transport systems. In such cases, they are covering their faces because they don't want to be recognised; they don't have the guts to identify themselves with the principles they are so keen to force on us.

Strangely, our politically-correct policemen allow them to get away with this instead of warning them that they could be mistaken for terrorists, in which case they expose themselves to risks of being shot.

Whatever the political motivation behind Jack Straw's comments, for once he has made a statement that many people will support. He has said something that should tell a very small minority of the population that we also have customs and traditions we would like to preserve.

But we clearly cannot satisfy the Muslim race no matter how far we lean over backwards for them. They are obviously determined to prove that they will never fit into a country that, in their eyes, has so much against them yet there are no obvious signs that they are flocking to board planes and ships that will carry them off to a country where everything is perfect for them.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that such countries are not particularly tolerant of trouble-makers.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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