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So minority ethnic groups may not like Last Night of the Proms ... well, tough shit!

Our correspondent writes ...

Margaret HodgeSo, Lady Margaret Hodge, Nu Labour MP for Barking, suddenly announces that traditionally-British institutions like the Proms may upset our ethnic minorities. So what?!

I am sick to the back teeth of seeing and listening to these half-witted New Labour cabinet ministers who try so hard to destroy our sense of British nationalism (if we actually have any left) by constantly playing the 'multi-culturism' card.

Of course, Margaret Hodge is not entirely British herself - she is the daughter of a German millionaire with an Austrian wife who took refuge in Egypt (Margaret's birthplace) during World War II. After the war, the family settled in London.

As a millionaire, it is something of a conundrum that she has any socialist principles at all but, as we know from past experiences, quite a few from the New Labour ranks are champagne Socialists and enjoy the high life and perks that many working people will never be able to sample. So how can they possibly represent their constituents' socialist interests?

Classical music may be considered by some as the preserve of the upper classes but it isn't. People from all walks of life appreciate the classics and performers like Paul Potts and the late-lamented Luciano Pavarotti, along with many others, have given classical music even wider appeal. If you hear Nessum Dorma on the radio, you can almost guarantee you'll be humming or singing it for the next hour at least.

But the Last Night of the Proms is something special. It's one occasion that happens on one special night of the year - unlike Guy Fawkes night which now appears to go on for at least six weeks a year, much to many people's annoyance.

The single Last Night concert is important to British people for at least two reasons: firstly, it tells us - rather sadly - that the summer season is coming to an end but, more importantly, it is probably the only remaining chance we have to really express our Britishness.

Even if we can't all cram into the Royal Albert Hall, we can still go to several venues around the kingdom or we can watch it on telly. But wherever we are physically, we're mentally IN the Royal Albert Hall when the conductor raises his baton. We're sharing all the same emotions as the lucky ones who got the expensive tickets. We're showing the world that we're proud to be British; proud to be singing Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia and Jerusalem; and not the least bit upset if our ethnic minorities can't join in.

We don't hold it against them if they don't join in and we don't hold it against them if they do. If they do, it perhaps demonstrates that their wish to be considered as British people themselves is sincere. But generally speaking, they don't give this impression.

So ... let's show them what they're missing. Last Night of the Proms must continue for ever and stupid people like Margaret Hodge, or any other ministers who would prefer to take away our heritage, must be ignored. And consigned to the scrap heap at the next general election.

Rule Britannia!!!

Rule Britannia!

Although New Labour's Barking (mad) MP, Margaret Hodge, would prefer to destroy our British cultural heritage by banning the Proms, and although the health and safety Nazis are trying to muscle in with accusations that the music is too loud, 8 o'clock on the evening of Saturday 13th September is a good time to switch your telly over to BBC Two and turn up the wick. Join with millions of other British people worldwide and watch The Last Night of the Proms with pride.

Hear the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance March", "Loch Lomond", "Cariad Cyntaf" and "Molly Malone"; join the BBC Symphony Chorus  and sing along to the words of "Rule Britannia", "Jerusalem" and The National Anthem. Show our communist leaders you are proud to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish and want to keep it that way. For if they have their way, we soon won't have a national identity and we won't have a Queen. New Labour are out to destroy Great Britain and instead have us ruled by unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels.

New Labour must be stopped and The Last Night of the Proms is a great way to show our government and pretenders that we Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Vigilant Observer

Editorial Comment:

And a splendid festival it was! The Albert Hall and parks all around the kingdom were filled with thousands of happy, flag-waving people all enjoying that nation's traditions that New Labour are determined to destroy. Doesn't that tell you something?

Visitors' Comments

CJ, Pembrokeshire writes:

UKIP sell British flags and they're quite a good size for only 5. I started buying them and giving them to friends as presents - they were delighted. We fly ours with pride and will do until the council come and tell us we can't; no doubt that time won't be far away.

Guy Fawkes' night here is done without a 'guy' because it might offend Catholics. I asked lots of Catholics if they were offended and nearly all of them said it had never even crossed their minds. I was once married to an Irish Catholic; he thought Guy Fawkes' night was great and an important part of British history - full support and no offence.

Ms Hodge might prefer life back in Germany. My German friend says they love order and control and people there can't get enough of it. [They lost 2 world wars but are determined to 'get us' which ever way they can.]

The point is, this IS Britain, we ARE British and we have wonderful traditions, culture and an incredible history which ought to make every one of us proud TO BE BRITISH. Those who don't like it don't have to live here.

I now live in Wales; I managed to learn Welsh, not brilliantly but enough to be polite. I'm interested in Welsh culture and history and DO NOT want Wales to be turned into England. If I didn't like the culture, language, history and whatever, I'd move. I certainly wouldn't expect Welsh people's lives and history to be changed just to suit me.

Its time we British started standing up for Britain and our culture and history. It's ours by right and must not be given away by traitors.

Danny, Brighton (formerly of Manchester) writes:

Should we be nationalist? Surely nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism we don't need to have in this country. It's irrational to be proud of a country just because you were born there, better to be proud of what the country is achieving. I also don't understand why Margaret not being "entirely" British has any relevance, is she not as entitled to comment on Britishness as the rest of us real British people who can trace our family back far enough to know we have no German, Italian or bloody Irish in it. I think this whole website is more than a little bit right wing really.

This doesn't mean I'm against stopping the last night of the proms because it could offend people. That would be a stupid idea which luckily no sane MP would ever consider.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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