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Rather than repeat material that is available on other websites, we have decided to give brief summaries of information supplied to us with hyperlinks to the principle sites where you can read all the details.

It's a corrupt world we live in and the websites that attempt to expose the culprits make fascinating reading.

Children screaming to be heard

Many of you will have been concerned about ease with which Social Services can take children away from their families, often with the backing of 'secret courts' where evidence is heard in private. The press are excluded and they, and the parents, are not allowed to say anything in public to defend themselves. This amounts to virtual abduction by the state and no-one really knows what happens to many of these children. Many die in foster care and many others seem to disappear off the face of the earth. Are they used for clinical experiments? Are they sold to other countries? The truth is no-one can be sure because the whole operation is undertaken behind a cloud of secrecy. But it is commonly accepted that many end up in the hands of paedophiles and are abused by them. How can this happen? you may ask. It happens because paedophiles lurk everywhere - in the church, in the police force, in the civil service and in the judiciary. And that is why nothing is ever done to stop this scandal.

Maggie Tuttle has campaigned to discover the truth for a long time; she has appealed to the Cameron person via her website and tried desperately to expose this dreadful scandal. She needs your support and you can start by visiting her website - Children screaming to be heard. Maggie's campaign is also officially backed by Radio 1 DJ, Emperor Rosko and Australian singer, Michael Unsworth, who has composed a song in support of the missing children - "Calling you, calling me".

A state kidnap - LIVE

Also worth viewing is this YouTube clip of a 10-year-old girl being abducted by Grimsby's social services department with the unswerving help of the police. She had already been fostered on five previous occasions and claimed to have been abused at each foster home. The police and social services had been told but they did nothing! They just wanted to tick boxes and meet targets.

The clip also demonstrates why so many morons become police officers. They are brainwashed to carry out every order they are given and are incapable of thinking for themselves; incapable of making a decision based on what they can see with their own eyes; too afraid to step out of line; too gutless to do the right thing.

This is a clear case of the authorities infringing human rights but this poor little girl doesn't have any human rights - the state has made sure of that! Is this the way for a 'democratic' government to encourage impressionable children to become model citizens of the future? I don't think so! Do you?

Gwendoline Arathoon writes:

We never had a fair court case. The social services (SS), guardian and doctors, even our so-called solicitors and barristers were all working together to get our little 2-year-old girl adopted. We never stood a chance against all these corrupt money-grabbing child thieves.
The SS told them to bring our daughter to the SS office where they said they would let her stay with her cousins, but instead they arrested her parents for kidnap in front of her. She wet herself with fright, screaming for her mummy. But SS told the judge she was fine.
This is just the start - there is so, so, so much more that needs to be told. This corruption has to stop

The use of unqualified 'Experts' in Family Courts

There have been substantial media investigations recently into the role of so-called expert witnesses in court cases, particularly in the Family Courts where secrecy is the order of the day.

 If you didn't see it on television, or read about it in the press, please take a look at this website and view the video clip of the Channel 4 News investigation. You will then understand how easy it is for Social Service departments all over the UK to bamboozle judges using the evidence of unqualified 'experts' who make a living from writing such reports and may not even have had any contact with the families whose lives they are helping to tear apart.

Andrew Cook of Burnley writes:

Just noticed that 'Solicitors from hell' website has been silenced. Does anyone else agree that this move make Britain more like Franco's Spain? John McNabb, a SFH in Burnley, Lancashire, never did a thing for my friend in his battle with the "SS" to keep his daughter. Never even got him parental responsibility. As an outsider observing the whole court case over 18 months you would have thought he worked for the local authority.

Corrupt UK lawyers and judges

A story about a builder who was tricked into carrying out major building works for a so-called friend who never had any intention of paying for the job. When the matter went to court, it should have been a clear-cut case of fraud by the 'friend' but he was aided and abetted by corrupt surveyors, lawyers and a judge who was not interested in the truth. Read for yourself on Colin Peters' website

Stop Common Purpose

Did you ever stop to think why government is trying to control every aspect of our lives? Did you ever wonder how they managed to introduce
such draconian laws? Did you ever suspect that subversive forces had infiltrated the network to control our destinies? Well they have!!

We have been pointed in the direction of a so-called 'charitable' agency that is brainwashing chosen people in all spheres of government and commerce to become the future leaders who will spread the doctrines of this sinister society. We planned to write an article of our own
but other are already far ahead of the game. If you love what's left of our country you must visit the websites below to fully understand what's happening. The danger is already with us and it must be stopped.

Visit both these websites to read more:

Bonkers Bexley Council

It's probable that the only people who actually like local authorities are those who work for them. After all, you don't have to be bright or honest to get a job in this branch of the public service and you don't even have to be polite to the public, i.e. the idiots who pay your extravagant wages and forfeit their own pension funds to ensure your fund is protected.

As the person responsible for this website, I have many criticisms of the council who run the London Borough of Bexley. They are corrupt and they commit wholesale fraud and, as one of their residents, I often do articles showing how bad they are. But I have now found another website that concentrates entirely on the antics of Bexley Borough and I wholeheartedly recommend a visit - click here to visit Bexley is Bonkers.

Bexley Council Monitoring Group

It seems there are a good few people who are keen to do something about Bexley Council's corrupt activities.

This is a new website but it holds promise of some exciting features to come. If you live in the London Borough of Bexley, be sure to visit the monitoring group website.

Dover Council

If you really need convincing that local authority executives and officers are corrupt, lying bastards, then pay a visit to

Peter Moulder bought and renovated a derelict house for himself and his family but Dover Council were determined they would not live there. They turned up with a bulldozer and knocked the place down! Even though maladministration was proved against the council, they ignored the findings and refused to back down.

Peter's fight continues more than 25 years later.

Latest development

2nd June 2009: We just heard news from Peter that a Dover councillor has finally admitted deception. He claims that when he was a new boy on the council, he actually believed that council officers always told the truth - naive fool. The whole idea of having councillors is that they can monitor and control the actions of council officers, at least until they are tainted with the same corruption that seems to affect council employees.

The fact is that council officers invariably pursue their own agenda only, regardless of the effect it will have on those who pay their wages or are directly affected by their proposals. And if it means lying about the circumstances, or trying to smear the name of a member of the public, then they do so willingly and menacingly.

Now the truth is emerging about our thieving MPs and civil servants in central government, remember many of those in local government are cast from the same mould. They should all be taken into the town square and placed in the stocks.

One man's fight for justice

In 2001, David Edgar's elderly father was forced into a scabby care home - against his family's wishes - by Walsall Social Services. Three years later, he was dead!

During those three years, Mr Edgar senior's family were not allowed to visit him so they could not witness the abuse and neglect the old man suffered.

When he died, Walsall Council arranged the funeral without telling the relatives and to this day they do not know where their father's remains were interred.

Naturally, formal complaints were made to the police, the MP, and to the local government ombudsman and they did what useless authorities normally do ... they ignored them!!

But David Edgar jnr is a man of substance. He's not prepared to put up with all this bureaucratic secrecy and cover-ups and he's fighting back. In doing so, he's uncovering many other things that Walsall Council would prefer to keep secret.

But read it all for yourself on ...

The Public Defender and the truth about the EU

An increasing number of people are beginning to recognise the dangers this country faces and a few are trying to do something about it. But you can be certain those who are fighting for our rights do not include politicians, bureaucrats. local authorities or wealthy corporations. They are doing very nicely, thank you, as the UK progresses rapidly towards its abolition. Once this is accomplished, the top dogs will have total control and we won't be able to do a damn thing about it because we will no longer be electing our representatives. The unelected bureaucrats in the EU will dictate and regulate everything about all of our lives.

But John Harris is a man who monitors the actions of the creeping dictatorship and does what he can to warn others. Visit the Public Defender website to learn more.

Erewash Borough Council

When the owner of an engineering company blatantly snatches land that does not belong to him and erects an eight-foot high steel fence without planning permission, you have to wonder why the council seem so reluctant to act. When he then destroys a protected bat colony by tearing out all the trees and shrubs that are also supposed to help the ecology by absorbing pollutants, you might be amazed if still nothing gets done by the council. But when he then lays non-draining hardcore over an established flood plain, you might begin to suspect that he has some control over the council.

But it's not that simple. He then goes on to make false allegations about the residents of houses whose privacy he has totally destroyed and the police, without any concrete evidence, jump to his command. They even send out a Rapid Response Firearms Unit!

Unbelievable? You might think so. You might even think we were talking about some despotic third world state but no ... this is the UK today. This all happened in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

You can read all about this case on our website and you can learn more by visiting the councilanddeveloper website.

Liars at Valuation Office supported by Disgraceful Ombudsmen

Jim Tanner is an old soldier - a war pensioner who was prepared to lay down his life to ensure this country offered a secure future free from the oppression of invading forces. In later years, struggling to survive on a pathetic pension, Jim discovered that the oppressive forces were actually the people whose future he had fought for. They were British bureaucrats whose sole purpose in life was to make life a misery for their fellow countrymen. The were corrupt, they were dishonest, they were liars! And when he tried to expose them, the ombudsman covered up their lies and fraudulent actions.

Hard to believe? Of course it isn't! This is Britain today. Corrupt from top to bottom.

Jim has written to many people in authority to try to get some action and we are pleased, at Jim's request, to publish his most recent letter to Gordon Brown, the so-called Prime Minister. Jim senses his time is drawing to a close and this may be his last protest letter. You can read it here by clicking this link.

Read the full story on Public Service Ombudsmen Watchers

Complaints against bad solicitors

This is an independent national survey open to anyone who has ever made an official complaint about a solicitor in the last 10 years, i.e. to the Law Society of England and Wales. By publishing the results of their survey, the web operators hope to embarrass the Law Society into accepting proper regulation rather than offering protection to crooked lawyers.


No 087 calls

We would also like to give you a link to website you may find very useful. If you ever have to ring one of these expensive 0870 numbers that all help lines seem to use these days, check this website first. If they can match your 08?? number you will get a list of landline telephone numbers for the same company. They are usually much cheaper!

Say NO to 0870: Search for a landline number

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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