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When are the government going to do something about crime?

Our correspondent writes ...

These days, you can't watch the TV news, or read a newspaper, without getting confirmation that the government's promise to be tough on crime is completely meaningless. Crime is actually getting worse all the time.

Hardly a day goes by without someone being shot, stabbed or kicked to death yet the initial news reports often seem to be quite sketchy. The reporters don't seem to ask the questions we all want answers to. Who was the victim? What nationality? Were drugs the motive? Was it racial?

It all goes quiet after a day or two and nothing more is heard until the police make an arrest. And when they do, we often hear the suspects have been released on bail. What? Murder suspects released on bail! Since when? It never used to be like that. They were only released if the police didn't have enough evidence otherwise they were banged up until the trial.

In the old days, it took solid police work to find the required evidence (except when they were deliberately fitting someone up). They didn't have the sophisticated methods we now have - DNA, CCTV evidence, etc - so, if we have all this wonderful technology, why are we letting suspects go back on the streets?

When you see the number of times suspects are released without charge it gives the impression the police evidence is not all that good. But when we get to the sentencing part of any resulting trial we realise that modern punishment is a joke. Ok, we have to accept that murderers are not going to find themselves dangling at the end of a short rope (as they should be) but to be guaranteed their freedom after just a short period in an enclosed holiday camp beggars belief. Whatever happened to the real concepts of punishment - hard labour, no home comforts, no privileges and certainly no human rights?

So how on earth did we get to this state of affairs? If we believe the government's lies that things are no worse than they ever were then we might wonder why we can't remember any time as bad as it is now. When I was younger, murder trials were big occasions because they were so infrequent. Convicted murderer's names - John Haig, John Reginald Christie, Derek Bentley, Christopher Craig and Ruth Ellis - stuck in the mind because they were infamous. If things really were as bad in those days, then they must have been suppressing a lot of information, or else the newspapers weren't reporting most of the murders.

Perhaps we're now supposed to accept that murders are common everyday occurrences that shouldn't worry us because it's always been like this. Well, sorry, government liars, it hasn't always been this bad! Ten years ago, we could walk out in the evenings without fear of being attacked; we could verbally admonish yobs without fear of being knifed; we didn't have to pick our way through groups of feral gang members when walking down the High Street. Yes, there were always gangs in big cities but there were also policemen to deter them. Now the criminals are not even bothered by the police and they're certainly not scared by the threat of any punishment they might receive if they are convicted.

But why are so many people prepared to pull out a knife or a gun and end someone's life? To my mind, it's happened more in the last decade or two, and it's increased rapidly in the last couple of years. Much of what we see comes under the category of 'black on black' crime and there is no doubt that large sections of the black community thrive on crime and drugs. So why, 200 years after the event, are stupid people like Ken Livingstone telling us we should apologise to black races for the time when our ancestors were involved in the slave trade. Yes, it may have been wrong given today's multi-cultural outlook but I never heard the black races apologising to us for the crime they brought to our streets.

We're in a situation where our membership of the European community entitles residents of any other member state to enter our country freely and settle here. We are also a soft touch for others, supposedly oppressed in their own country, to come here and seek asylum. But how much of our increasing crime rate is due to the increasing rate of immigration?

If you ask this question of your MP, you won't get an answer because you're considered to be a racist and the government would prefer not to reveal such statistics. If you ask the police, you will get a similar response because they're more interested in tracking down 'racists' rather than solving crimes.

The truth is that it's probably as bad as we think it is, perhaps even worse. If my local freebie newspaper is anything to go by, most of the local crime is committed by people with 'not very English sounding' names. Take this week alone:

Charge Name Sentence
Indecent assault Karim Merali 4 years
Drug supply Ali Sadrettin Magistrates court appearance
Adam Cornwill
Brian Allen
Theft and assault Ajmail Sahota 3 years plus 40,000 confiscated funds
Tax credit fraud Christopher Bhebbe 5 years
Rape and child sex Mahder Zeregergis Awaiting sentence
Juma Saleh
Adil Aboulkadir
Mohamud Jimale
Dawt Kefle
Fly tipping Raghbir Bansal 150 fine
Unlicensed skip Kevin Filkins 1,000 fine

These seven criminal cases were reported in a newspaper covering one small outer London borough and ten of the 13 convicted men had foreign sounding names - that's 77%! If this trend is repeated around the country, it might just explain why the crime rate is going up.

In the first two months of 2008, two youngsters have been murdered in the borough though people who knew one of them were not surprised. In one case, the local councillor made a statement saying how shocked he was because the area had a good reputation. How strange! Everyone else thinks it's a dump where drug-dealing is rife. But, as they say, there are none so blind as those who cannot see!

There must be reasons why the killing culture is getting worse and no doubt much of the blame has to be placed on drugs and binge drinking. But how much is due to the government's uncontrolled immigration policies. If these so-called asylum seekers come to this country to commit crime they will cause even more resentment than just coming in the first place. The fear then is that some killings might be acts of reprisal.

But, whatever the motives, killing is wrong and it must be stopped. Unfortunately, the remedies are in the hands of the government who caused most of the problems in the first place. To make matters worse, they've effectively taken our policemen off the streets by bogging them down with paperwork and making them hound ordinary decent people over minor infringements in order to meet stupid targets. They've given criminals more rights than victims and they've created the environment for binge drinking, which is another reason why crime is increasing.  So we shouldn't expect too much. These people are so busy dipping their snouts in the trough that they don't have time to deal with real problems. As long as they're OK, nothing else matters.

Visitors' comment:

Dalveer, Bexley writes:

This article is just nonsense, there is no way that you can use one small area to account for the whole country. Some of the crimes that you have shown, such as Mr Bansal's fly tipping, happen all of the time and go un-noticed. For every "foreign sounding name" there are probably 100 more English sounding names that commit more serious crimes, yet nothing is done about these.

As soon as someone who may be foreign to this country is involved in a crime, it is hyped up by the media. But when an English person commits a crime you do not hear much of it.

Editorial Comment:

I would be very surprised if this random sample was not reflected across the whole country as I meet many people who live all over the UK and they all complain about the same sort of problems.

Your name suggests that you are Asian and you have singled out another Asian name as a person you have tried to defend on the grounds that English fly-tippers would get away with it. I don't think that is the case but our article is not just about foreign criminals. The same laws apply whether the culprits are English or foreign and we believe they should be applied equitably. But we are appalled when the punishment does not fit the crime and it appears that foreigners get the better deals when it comes to lenient sentences.

But the main bone of contention is that New Labour constantly told us that immigrants were essential to do the jobs that indigenous people could (would) not do and to keep essential services running. In that case, I have to ask why so many of these people sell black market goods on street corners, or deal drugs, or claim benefits. God knows there are enough 'English' people doing that already.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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