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So who cares about environmental pollution?

Imagine the scenario ...

"I think I'll have to go for the Toyota Prius, President Blair, because my constituents are beginning to voice dubious opinions about our recent doctrines."

"Look, comrade, just because we supposedly represent the working class doesn't mean we have to be like them."

"Yes, but that's the problem. They don't think we show too many signs of working class origins these days."

"That's because we don't have any. We're mostly from the legal profession so we have to maintain professional legal standards."

"By introducing new laws all the time, you mean?"

"Well, partly ... but I was thinking more along the lines of keeping up the old traditions."

"Ah, like holding on to our memberships of working men's clubs?"

"Well ... yes, but don't forget we won't be welcome in many clubs after next year now we've banned smoking."

"So what traditions are we actually maintaining?"

"Haven't you been listening? As I said, we're lawyers so we have to stitch up the people who pay our wages. That's what we're trained to do and that's what people expect."

"Surely not, prime minister. My constituents elected me because they think I'm an honest bloke."

"Well, you my have been when you arrived at Westminster but I put you in the cabinet because you're an absolute toadie with great potential to become a totally corrupt minister."

"So, I have to go for the Jag?"

"If you want the knighthood and the cushy job in Europe ... yes. Anyway, we should support British industry."

"But the media already takes the piss out of the deputy prime minister for having two Jags."

"Not a problem. Prescott's realised his rank will be demeaned if the rest of the cabinet have Jags so he's asked for two Rolls Royces."

"Ah, I see. I suppose he'll be pleased to lose the 'two Jags' nickname."

"Yes, he will probably become known as 'two rollers'. He likes that idea but he hasn't yet worked out that could also be a reference to his chins."

Raucous laughter. "Will you be getting a new Jag, prime minister?"

"Good God ... no! My boss has recommended an armour-plated Cadillac."

"But that's an American car."

"So? George is American."

Editorial Comment:

Despite the constant reminders that our government is morally corrupt, despite the fact that they do not represent the working class, or the middle class for that matter, despite the fact that they constantly lie about everything and no longer command the trust or respect of the electorate, what are the chances of cabinet ministers accepting the Toyota Prius when the 50k Jag is on offer?

Very small, we suspect.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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