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Our correspondent writes ...

We often get reports that we cannot publish without corroboration. These are usually accusations against people, companies or government bodies. Naturally, there's no point in asking the accused for a statement as they will invariably wheel out their professional liars and the truth will be denied or covered up ... or both*. Instead, we ask for your help.

Listed below are brief details of some of our pending articles. If you've had any similar experiences with these individuals or organisations, please submit a contact form and let us know. We will respect your anonymity.

Common Purpose

Does your company use training courses run by an educational charity called Common Purpose? Have you come across the expression at work? Have you noticed other expressions like 'neurological linguistic control', 'diversity', 'stakeholders' or 'reframing' being used more often? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us.

PC Batteries

Martin Duncum of Halesowen writes:

I ordered a replacement battery for my laptop on the 7th of January from To this day I have not received the item. There have been over 40 e-mails back and forth as I have tried to get them to refund my money. One minute they say it is on the way, the next they will refund, then it's on the way again, and so on !!

Apparently it has to come from Hong Kong which is not explained on there website otherwise I would never have bought from them in the first place. I am at the end of my tether now as the only way you can contact them is by e-mail. I have tried to talk to PayPal but because it has passed there 45 day period they don't really want to know either, which is not really fair as none of this has been my fault. I did request a refund from the company within 45 days but they have just stalled for time! I would recommend to anyone wanting a replacement battery DO NOT USE this company.


Editorial Comment:

The PC Battery website is registered to Cherry Agla who claims to be a UK Individual but has a Chinese address: Huaqiang Road, Huaqiang Dasha 7110, Futian, SHENZHEN GUANGDONG 518000, China. This probably explains why all components come from the Far East. Has anyone else had dealings with this company? If so, let us know.

Problems with Cumbrian Authiorities

Yvonne Stewart-Taylor of Windermere writes:

The human rights of our family have been violated time and time again by Cumbrian Authorities since 2003. I have complained, on numerous occasions with no redress or recourse within existing systems. It is not until you have experienced such atrocities, first hand, and personally, that you realise we have no rights at all, as authorities get away with breaching those rights without accountability. this has been my first hand experience over the last 7 years.

Cumbria Police, unlawfully hold the names of 6 family members on their secret intelligence files and secret computer database for 10 years, preventing me from earning a living. False allegations with vindictive and malicious intent on the part of Cumbria child protection and the Police are ongoing, without any evidence to substantiate their wicked assumptions.

I am a retired, elected town councillor of 17 years standing, including youth work, school governorship, three local schools etc.

My MP has done nothing ,despite constant lobbying over last 4 years to help our case.

I have been GBH'd on two counts in 2007, sexually molested by a Town Councillor, while carrying out my civic duties as a town councillor. On both occasions this has been played down and suppressed by local police and the CPS have No Further actioned both events.

I am being bullied and victimised by the said above mentioned authorities.

I believe that my friend Sheena Williams has suffered and is still suffering the same persecution that I am and would like others to know, if they can do this to us, and many other professionals, then the perpetrators are not immune themselves from such malicious and vindictive assault, and abuse, in the hands of the system.

I no longer feel able to socialise in my own community, for social or other legitimate voluntary public service assignments, due to being watched by the authorities who seem hell bent on discrediting me.

I have never been cautioned or prosecuted for any offense, even minor. I have, to date, no criminal record and neither do any members of my family.

Yet, like Sheena we are being treated like common criminals, and harassed and persecuted by authority. WHY?? Because the powers that be, secret society stooges do not like those who are honest and trustworthy and who expose corruption. Their only line of defense is to shoot the messenger and emotionally and financially ruin us.

The latest two weeks ago, was an attempt by local police to attempt to try and stitch me up on drink driving allegations. I do not drink alcohol or take drugs, so they soon realised they are barking up the wrong tree. If I ever do go out in public places where alcohol is on sale. I drink soda water and watch my back.

You would have loved to have seen the look on the police officers faces when I told them it is against my religion to consume alcohol, and that they are wasting their time. Talk about scraping the bottom of a barrel to find something on me. Well, if we do not protect ourselves against such evil individuals who are clearly abusing their authority and stepping well outside the remit of their employment policies and procedures then no one else will. My Guard is well and truly up and they are not going to find it easy to stitch me up.

My latest psychiatric assessment this year as well as all those in the past state that I am mentally stable, so they will have to dream up something else if they wish to discredit me, to silence me.

Editorial Comment:

It's positively scary how people in authority can break every rule in the book to victimise someone who cannot fight back.

This is not an isolated case as we hear from many people with similar problems. Please let us know if you have been mistreated by Cumbrian (or other) Authorities.

Yvonne Stewart-Taylor of Windermere writes (on 5/3/12):

This is an update on the ongoing persecution of me and my family. Sister Liesl attacked by police in Ulverston Cumbria last year, thrown onto cobbles, had cuffed and accused of hurting a policeman whose colleague abused her. tried at Barrow in Furness, and found guilty, kangaroo court. 42 now she is criminalised, set up.

My Son attacked and beaten up by a policewoman's boyfriend off-duty police perverted justice by giving false statement to protect the abuser. Police set my son up as drunk and disorderly after he was beaten black and blue. He got off those charges even though the police committed perjury in the court. So he still has no criminal record despite their attempts to set him up.

My friend who was a former councillor in Kent had her four grandchildren stolen for forced adoption!!

 FOI request

 Maidstone Borough Council Letter

 FOI request for Common Purpose Graduates

Elle-May , Ruby, Lacey & Poppy Williams-Piper These are the four granddaughters that she had stolen from her by Kent county Council Forced adoptions. They are ruthless evil calculated corporate criminals. They destroy families for profit. This is nationwide and government agenda.

FAMILIES BE WARNED, no child in the UK is safe from these mafia corporates. I was pulled over by the police this week and breathalised for the third time now for no good reason. Again, they just keep harassing me. My friend in Kent's partner was also recently harassed by police for posting the UK Column at the Council offices. Google 'hollie grieg'.

More from Yvonne:

In 1969, the Labour government passed The Statute Law Repeal Act. This Act was one in a series of treasonous acts by Parliament intended to legitimise the take over of these islands by foreign interests. Early in 1970, the government, now with an instrument they enacted the previous year, repealed almost all of Magna Carta. Since Magna Carta had within it a non-repeal clause, Article 61, which enshrined the Charter in perpetuity with rights for all citizens, and stated that anything that sought to diminish the Charter would itself be null and void.

The Constitutional repercussions of this act are enormous. It means that the British Isles have had no legitimate government since 1970. Every Statute, Act and Bill passed through Parliament since, is null and void. No court of justice judgment has any authority. The government of the day knew very well that Britain could never join the Common Market while Magna Carta forbade such a union, that is why they had to get rid of it and in so doing they nullified themselves.

Editorial Comment:

Regrettably, it's becoming ever more obvious that politicians cannot be trusted. If there really was any justice, a good many of them would be charged with treason and hanged. But it will never happen!

Birmingham Building Regulations

James and June Stokes of Birmingham write:

Birmingham Building consultancy assistant enforcement officer recommended his brother-in-law to build a two-storey extension. He used his position within the department to get each stage passed with these results:

  1. Foundations passed but only 33cms deep.

  2. Drains passed but not in place, just a hole in the ground.

  3. DPC passed but does not exist.

  4. Steels passed but are wrong size and can not support upper floor. Roof resting on bedroom ceiling joist, held up with one nail.

Council computer records show build passed up to completion stage. I have an expert's report - same expert as used by Birmingham Trading Standards Dept and Watchdog.

Building consultancy have known about this for 2 years and still have taken no action against either the builder or the surveyor. My husband works for B'ham council and has been threatened with code of conduct. Meanwhile, house is unlivable and has to be knocked down.

Can provide all reports to prove facts. Do not know how many other times they worked this scam. Do not know how many people in B'ham may have completion certificates on death trap homes. Need help publishing what has gone on.

Editorial Comment:

More evidence that corruption remains rife in local authorities.

The Money Club

Kirsty of London writes:

In May 2010 I got a call from a company called The Money Club. They specialise in selling you products at wholesale price and were promoting a 1 free month trial. I told the seller I wasn't interested as I'm unemployed but after she pushed and pushed me I gave in.

It is now August and they have so far charged me 99 for this 'free trial' !!

Outsourced web development

Peter Blyth of Queensland writes:

I had a really bad experience having a web site developed, to replace my old reliable one. It was outsourced to China by 'experts' in this country. It transpired that they were not experts nor web developers and were unable to grasp the standard requirements of an e-commerce site. I was left with a poorly-functioning and costly to maintain web site. My business has suffered as a result over the last two years and I finally had to get the site replaced with a new and better one.

Recently, I attempted to take the company to Small Claims Court, however, I had to finally abandon my claim due to the technical aspect of the case and the inabilities of the court to understand it, unless an expert witness was involved.

The IT profession is rife with incompetents and it is still not regulated. The company I dealt with misrepresents their abilities on their web site.

PS I can supply you with the full details.

Editorial Comment:

Unfortunately, the IT bandwagon was boarded by vast numbers of conmen who saw it as an easy way to make money. Many set up telesales operations to extract hard-earned money from genuine businessmen and gave nothing in return - largely because they were incapable of understanding the business in which they claimed expertise. The whole point of their exercise was to get rich quick.

There are plenty of good web developers in this country so there would be no good reason to outsource to China except that rates of pay are less in such countries thus ensuring bigger profits for the conmen.

Good developers always come with a good recommendation from existing customers.

University College Hospital, London

A lady from London claims she had an illegal c-section done by two doctors who forced her into a theatre against her will. The doctors said they had the patient's consent even though they admitted she was sleeping when they obtained it. After battling with UCH for 3 years, they still refuted the allegations and refused to mediate, instead preferring the lady to litigate against them. It is estimated such action would cost the NHS 50,000 to defend yet they are not prepared to mediate.

If this is the kind of money the NHS is prepared to waste, no wonder they are in such a state. Does anybody else have information about similar malpractices at UCH? If so, please contact us.

Pension credits - DWP

We have a report from a couple in Berkshire who are executors for their late uncle. Their problem is that the DWP is demanding repayment of all their uncle's pension credits from 2003 to 2007 - a sum of around 10,000 - on the grounds that he was overpaid.

Initial research reveals that if there were any overpayments they were entirely the fault of the DWP and are, therefore, not recoverable. We think it is a disgraceful situation when the government go out of their way to get pensioners on the Pension Credits hook, subject them to a means test, cock-up the calculations and then try to recover the money, especially when the recipient has passed away. Has anyone else had similar experiences? If so, please contact us.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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