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Do we really need all these dropouts?

Our correspondent writes ...

In the New Year (2006) I returned to London's Victoria Coach Station after a trip to Somerset. As I entered the concourse of Victoria railway station, three men of distinctly eastern European appearance were being guided out to the street by two security guards. All three were so paralytically drunk that they had trouble staying on their feet. In any context, one would have no hesitation in labelling them as dossers - their dress code yielded all the necessary clues.

I travel into central London most weekends because I enjoy the atmosphere of places like Covent Garden and Borough Market. I walk around taking photographs because London is truly a fascinating place with some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is the result of a cultural heritage that has been hard won during the centuries.

But as I walk the London streets, I can't help noticing the number of not-very-British-looking people selling roasted chestnuts, bird whistles and other knick-knacks on the pavements. In Greenwich a few weeks ago, I saw two lots of oriental families (man, woman and child in arms) selling small pictures outside the tube entrance. If such people were allowed to make their home here because "they contribute to our society and and our culture" I'm afraid I can't see the logic behind the statement. We have enough beggars of our own. If they can't speak English and cannot fill one of the many vacant jobs we constantly hear about, then what exactly are they doing here?

Even in my own local shopping precinct in the outer suburbs of London it seems English is no longer the prime language. Everywhere I go, I hear foreign tongues. And they cannot be tourists because tourists have no reason visit my borough. Yet ever-increasing numbers of non-British faces in my neighbourhood indicate that official immigration figures released by the local authority cannot possibly be right.

So ... are they all asylum seekers or are they illegal immigrants? Does anybody in authority actually have any idea of the true numbers of immigrants in the UK? I suspect not.

I have friends in Germany who were born in an eastern European country and they are really nice people. They would be a tremendous asset to the UK unlike the drunks at Victoria station or the ones around here who make a living through highly organised crime. Is this what we want when we let these people across our borders? Do we really need people who habitually and constantly spit on the pavements with the associated risk of spreading disease? Do we want our hospitals filled with foreign patients who have contributed nothing towards their treatment?

I am certainly not a racist but I do resent the immigrants who are dragging our country into the gutters. And I despise a government who tells me who I must like, and makes it an offence if I chose to dislike someone.

When immigration started seriously back in the late 50s on the pretext of filling jobs that British people would not do, I worked with a couple of Jamaican guys who were, without doubt, the laziest people I ever met. The rest of us did all the work and they got the benefits of a wage without any noticeable productivity. Although there are now many excellent citizens of Caribbean extract, I am convinced there are many more who are a complete waste of space. Some are British because they were born here but I often wonder if their Britishness extends beyond the boundaries of the welfare state.

All this leads me to think that some of the new immigrants who arrive on our shores looking for a better life are really looking for an easy life funded by British ratepayers. My contacts in government departments tell me they constantly meet new arrivals who do not speak a word of English except that they fully understand what benefits and state handouts they are entitled to.

Someone in the higher echelons really has to get a grip on the whole situation else the words of Enoch Powell will continue to ring in our ears. Or could it be that the London bombings of July 7 and the Bradford/Tottenham riots (et al) have already made Enoch's prophecies come true? It may be too late to reverse the problems we already have but at least we can close the doors to those who cannot demonstrate the qualities they will bring to our culture.

Uncontrolled immigration might have been partially excused when Blind Pugh was in charge of the Home Office (How did they get in? I never saw them.) but there is little evidence that things are any better long after he's gone.

Editorial Comment:

This issue concerns many worried citizens but most are scared to speak out because the law forbids it.

A few years ago, we could have aired our thoughts without fear of prosecution but our enforced politically-correct ethos now limits what we can say. We must not offend certain sectors of our society albeit they do not seem to be penalised for offending us. So the boot is well and truly on the minority foot.

But the fact is that many older people prefer England the way it used to be. People smiled at other people in the streets - now they are just as likely to kill you for no good reason; you were safe in the sanctuary of your own home and you could leave the doors open - now you are not even safe with the doors locked and bolted.

Government must open their ears and listen to the people. They have to powers to limit the damage and they must use them. The cranks in the BNP must not be allowed to become the voice of the people.

If you're fed up with being a minority in your own country, you could consider emigrating to a country with fewer indigenous residents. If you like this idea, one of our correspondents has provided some hot tips for emigrating to a Muslim country

white cliffs of dover
New immigration control initiative at Dover

Visitors' comments

AD, Weston-super-mare writes:

There isn't anything I can add to the article above but this is how I feel about the subject.

I worked hard all my life but I'm disabled now and no longer able to work. So it grieves me to see immigrant families being given houses by the council - one family is so large they have been given TWO houses knocked into ONE. Yet I'm told I don't qualify for help with my rent ... because I'm single!!

Sorry for the 'rant' but I'm not proud of my country any more. I believe the rest of the world is having a good laugh at our expense.

HB, Sheffield writes:

Excellent article. But it's not just older people in England who prefer things the way they used to be. Older folk in Scotland feel exactly the same. I know because I am Scottish myself and still have several relatives north of the border.

The BNP may be cranks yet I am sure you can appreciate how much the likes of us will sympathise with their policies. Indeed, was it not for the fact that the BNP wish to restore capital punishment I would join the party and vote for them without hesitation. Their ideas make a lot of sense to me.

Am I awfully misguided?

Editorial Comment:

I wouldn't say you're misguided, HB, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if New Labour would prefer that the only opinion we could have was the one they dictated. But you have to balance BNP claims against the alternative party options. Any party who adopted the policies the BNP claim they would introduce would instantly garner many additional votes. But the truth is that few of the policies would ever come to fruition, whoever promised to introduce them. Politicians of all major political persuasions are not interested in the true feelings of the electorate, they are interested only in furthering their own causes and making lots of money for themselves.

Although capital punishment is a cruel and barbaric way to end a life, many want it to return because the substitute deterrents are totally useless. Until LIFE IMPRISONMENT means a murderer is incarcerated for LIFE, there will always be a cry for the return of hanging. Opponents naturally protest that there have been mistakes in the past; that innocent people have been hanged, but how different is that to the Metropolitan Police executing an innocent Brazilian electrician and getting away with it?

Gary, Taunton writes:

If we kick all the immigrants out, then who is going to work in our local ASDA? Maybe, we need to replace them with the lower classes who claim income support, child benefit for their four children (all from partners) and DLA (disability living allowances) - with their 'imaginary illnesses'?!

Editorial Comment:

I'm with you on this one. If the government stopped doling out benefits to the work-shy, we wouldn't need so many immigrants.

N.Patel writes:


Stalin described those who support foreigners above their own as “ useful idiots”. This idea that migrants are necessary to the economy is, in itself, another “dodgy dossier”. The migrants come in to work for 10 months of the year then, like the Irish used to on the “lump schemes”, they go home and claim back all the taxes they paid all year. They then come back, often with a different name and passport, because many with fake names borrowed heavily on credit cards, and claimed for non-existent children.

 Those of us who work in Social Security see the effects on our own people who are left on one side while they bring in cheap labour - labour that often turns out to be not so cheap. College students who would work in the fields in droves during the summer break now run up huge amounts of debt they may never repay because the jobs they were trained for are just not there. Many single mums who would do a few weeks in the fine weather can't get the work either.
And some places even have a “no English rule”.

Bernard Matthews (of turkey cruelty fame) advertises for workers, not in Cambs or Norfolk, but in Poland, Portugal, Eastern Europe, and even in Sierre Leone. One Russian millionaire - friend of Tony Blair and Gorgeous Gordon - is also a gang-master who supplies labour to East Anglian farms and factories. He puts 30 people to a house where they pay rent, pay for their for food, utilities, overalls, insurance, and transport to work, and finish up with around 30 quid each week. Meanwhile, this gang-master now owns 80 houses - not bad for a man who came here 7 years ago. And he is just one of the 5 I could name.

The cockle pickers who died in Morecambe drew attention to something the government tries to hide - the “illegals” and the fact that over the last 7 years the true population figures have doubled. This means hospitals cannot cope, welfare cannot cope, police cannot cope, and the infrastructure cannot cope which meant the drains and sewers overfilled during the floods and many homes were destroyed.

Operation Radium, the recent police initiative over 3 counties, closed 119 brothels staffed in the main by women and young boys who thought they were coming to Britain to work in hotels and hospitals, but were forced into this awful trade.
The freedom of information act means that we can now see much of what our government would prefer to hide from us and the sheer numbers of our own people on benefits is hidden from us with phrases like; “the British don’t want these jobs”. When the Kings Lynn hospital cried out for more nurses, the Fairstead young mothers association, who are 500 yards down the road, said they could supply 75 trainees if a crèche was supplied. They were refused in favour of nurses from Africa, some of whom tested positive for AIDs.

Russian TB is highly contagious and an incurable killer. We are now seeing it in our hospitals across the area and the government, scared of the truth, blames it on badgers. (Dr Harrison, February speech to thoracic unit Norwich hospital)
The government claims massive benefit fraud occurs each year yet most theft is committed by the government. they make the forms so difficult that 5 billion pounds go unclaimed by British citizens, and over the winter many die of hypothermia, yet foreign nationals have solicitors paid FOR by THE government to see they get all they can. even the CAB have paid advisors to help them claim.
This is Government racism at its worst. This exact scenario was predicted by a British politician who was due to be our next prime minister except that Edward Heath demoted him to the back benches and gave him the kiss of death, a Northern Ireland post. He died in obscurity some time later.

Enoch Powell warned of the N.W.O. agenda and paid the price all whistleblowers pay.

Johnnk, Plymouth writes:

This article is quite shocking. I will give the author the benefit of the doubt in his statement of not being racist though I would say you are highly prejudiced.
We do have a tricky situation of being a small and rapidly overcrowding island for sure. However to lay the blame of the degeneration of our country upon 'not very British looking people' (what planet do you live on? Do describe to me what a British person looks like? )

I commend those able to travel half the planet to land on our shores in search of a better life, be it war or social conditions driving them here.

I have also observed the majority of immigrants I have come into contact with or heard of through friends to be incredibly hard working. Much more so than many resident 'British looking people' (tut tut author).

Many of our towns and cities would be cultural deserts without the mix that makes up the British population.

I do see we need to stop/alter the way we let people in. Not because of race or nonsense such as 'British jobs for British people' but because there's simply too many human beings on this island.

Editorial Comment:

I live on the same planet as you and all the immigrants but I actually live in a country that I used to recognise as England because most other residents were easily identifiable as British. And some of those who weren't at least made an effort to adapt to our British lifestyle. However, the 'cultural mix' that you talk about might have stood a better chance if the first immigrants had made some effort to 'mix' instead of detaching and isolating themselves in their own sectors with their own people.

I don't have a problem with immigrants who are hard workers and want to enjoy the British lifestyle but I find we are rapidly being outnumbered by people who can't even be bothered to speak our language. And when they try to change our customs and religions to suit theirs, I truly believe they should be sent packing.

Anon writes:


I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on London we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Brits. However, the dust from the attacks has barely settled and the 'politically correct' crowd begin complaining about the possibility that our patriotism is offending others.

I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to Britain. However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to understand.

This idea of London being a multicultural centre for community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Britons, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of wars, struggles, trials and victories fought by the untold masses of men and women who laid down their lives and one of the millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!

'God and my right' is our National Motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan. We adopted this motto because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. If St George's cross offends you, or you don't like 'A Fair Go', then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet.

We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don't care how you did things where you came from. This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this.

But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our National Motto, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great British freedom, 'THE RIGHT TO LEAVE'.

We didn't force you to come here. If you don't like it GO HOME!! You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted. Pretty easy really, when you think about it.

M Fang, London writes:

I could well understand your feelings about us. Me and my husband came to this country few years ago through the first highly skilled migrant programme. We have been working in universities doing scientific research, and have published a number of findings. We believe that our research interests are not terribly common here and are proud of the contributions we make to the society.  

However, being immigrants in Britain for the past six years made us feel that perhaps we should go back to our mother land (although we do treat Britain as our home) and continue our research there. Despite our efforts to integrate into the society and participate in several volunteering work, we were met with hostility from the neighbourhood because of the way we look (non-British looking, as somebody said here). We never claim any benefits (unlike immigrants from within the EU, immigrants from outside the EU are not entitled to claim any housing benefits nor any income related support at least for the first 5 years before we are turned British) and never commit any crimes. We pay tax and contribute NIs like everyone else. We, like many of you, don't enjoy seeing people taking advantage of the system. And we speak English.

Is there any difference between you and us? Yes - 10 years from now on we will still be labelled as Chinese "immigrants"!

Peter, Scunthorpe writes:

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the language spoken all around the Mediterranean was mainly Latin. When the expansion of the Islamic Leaders into Europe and North Africa from Arabia, the language changed to Arabic in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. WHY? The Answer, if the local people wanted to speak or deal with the new rulers, they had to speak or write in Arabic. Or pay someone to do it for them.  This is the policy we should have in the UK, you want access to our system, learn English. If you understand English that you can assimilate into the British way of life and understand first hand the way most of us think, rather then allowing your leaders to say what we think?

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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