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Human Rights? What a joke

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Human rights: inhuman wrongs

The more we see of the Human Rights Act, the more we are convinced it is basically used to protect scumbags whilst decent people are often not protected by the legislation and may have to suffer injustices.

In this section we have a starter article from John Lamberton who is also building his own website and we shall add more articles as new information is submitted.

John Lamberton writes ...

I was arrested in Spain on 5th August 2003 following a false report by the Inland Revenue (Special Compliance Office) to the Scottish Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service.

They basically alleged that I was some sort of absconder and had fled the country. Apparently if you have homes in Northern Ireland and Spain you are automatically a fugitive according to these warped people!

Their falsehood was used to deny me bail and latterly Interim Liberation and, as a result of the conspiracy against me, I spent six months in prison in Spain followed by some 3 years and 3 months in prison in Edinburgh.

I was denied basic human rights whilst in custody in Spain and, at my trial (if you can call it that) in Edinburgh, I was not allowed to have witnesses in my defence nor was I allowed to introduce documents as evidence. The Human Rights legislation might as well not have existed for all the heed they took of it.

My case is the first of its kind. I was convicted of Inheritance Tax fraud and sentenced to seven years imprisonment even though the extradition from Spain was agreed on the assurance that any sentence would be no longer than three years! I was basically accused of embezzling my own inheritance and then failing to pay tax on it! Crazy eh?

My website is now up and running. It is my intention to expose the collusion and corrupt practices within HM Revenue & Customs.
John Lamberton

Editorial Comment:

At this stage, we can't take sides because we only have John's brief description of the circumstances. However, we did find some information on a website for Financial Advisers - - and we quote verbatim:

"Those of you who keep up to date with the Government News Network site cannot have failed to notice earlier this month the successful prosecution of John Lamberton. This prosecution made legal history. Why? Because it was the first criminal prosecution for Inheritance Tax evasion.

"Mr Lamberton had transferred his ill-begotten gains offshore, and had even moved to Spain, where he no doubt felt safe beyond the reach of Inland Revenue. But if you cheat the public purse, you can expect the Treasury to use all the means at its disposal to seek you out and exact retribution. Mr Lamberton was extradited from Spain, and is now serving a seven-year prison sentence.

"The moral of this story is that none of us can afford to get involved in any form of tax evasion - either personally or on behalf of our clients. But actually, there are so many legitimate ways to avoid paying tax it is quite silly anyway even to consider the illegal route of tax evasion."

We also found this in the Inland Revenue's IHT Newsletter:


In the first case of its kind, the Revenueís Special Compliance Office in Edinburgh has successfully prosecuted a taxpayer for defrauding the Revenue of inheritance tax amounting to £163,000.

John Lamberton took over responsibility for his auntís share portfolio previously managed by a bank and valued at £402,000. He sold the shares and opened a stockbrokerís account for himself which received the proceeds. He set up a BVI company and used it and other offshore accounts to pass the money through. Lamberton moved to Spain where he purchased a house and set up an estate agency.

He failed to declare the investments in his auntís SA return and, as executor, failed to show the investments on the IHT200 either as assets of the estate or as a gift to him. As one of two residuary beneficiaries, his actions also defrauded the other beneficiary of part of his entitlement.

Lamberton was found guilty of one count of embezzlement and two counts of fraud and was jailed for 7 years. The Crown Office is currently pursuing the confiscation of Lambertonís assets.

As well as being the first prosecution for IHT fraud, it is the first case where the perpetrator has been extradited back to Scotland for a tax related offence and it is one of the longest sentences handed down for a Revenue case.

The case does illustrate that we take the delivery of a correct and complete account very seriously indeed and that we will pursue those who try to avoid making a full and complete return.

So far, everything seems to be against John but, whilst we think inheritance tax is just another government scam, we also know the last place you should expect justice is in a British Court. We will monitor the progress and see if we can obtain more details about the collusion and corruption John refers to (What? Collusion and corruption in government circles? What a surprise!) then we shall report further.

Meantime, other visitors may have experiences of similar dealings with the IR and we would like to hear about them.

Mrs B of Scotland writes:

Mr John Lamberton is very economical with the truth. I am amazed that having spent time in prison for fraud he is currently using a 070 personal number which incurs higher costs to the caller, which he encourages people daily to call this number and give him information. (NOT RELATING TO HIS CASE).

On his forum he boasts his 'hotline number' is very busy with callers. He is deliberately being deceitful in that he does not inform the guest readers and members on his forum that they will be charged higher costs if and when they call the number.

He is personally benefiting by using an 070 number, at the expense of young girl who was brutally murdered. SHAME ON JOHN LAMBERTON!!!

He has recently set up this forum which is full of inaccuracies and fantasy and quite frankly is putting peoples' lives at risk, just because he has had a tantrum on other forums and was found guilty of using different usernames to slander and purposely try to discredit other forum users who didn't agree with him on certain matters.

His forum and the posts submitted are mostly various usernames but the one person, HIM. The man known as John Lamberton is not to be trusted. Please read up on 070/0709/07092 numbers and the benefits you recieve.

There are four types of personal number; National rate, J rate, K rate and PN2 rate. The cost your customers pay for calling each type of personal number is shown below. As the cost increases, so does the list of countries where call diversion can be made at no additional cost to you.

Providers offer many benefits to the owner of 070 numbers, here are price costs for 2 providers but there are some providers who can charge much more than the examples given.

Cost (in pence per minute, inclusive of VAT) Peak Off Peak Weekend
070 National Rate
070 J Rate 30.40 20.90 8.48
070 K Rate 35.62 23.74 11.86
070 PN2 47.50 47.50 47.50

Cost to Caller: Call charges when dialing an 07092 number are charged at "K" RATE - 37.5 PPM/25PPM/12.5PPM Peak/Eve/Weekends from a BT Landline. Call costs from mobiles vary from operator to operator.

Quite frankly I am appalled that a person who was convicted for fraud would be using a child's murder for personal gain.

Editorial Comment:

This is not a case where we can take sides because this correspondent has a view of her own that we feel she should be allowed to express. We have no idea which child Mrs B is referring to so perhaps she can get back to us with more details.

John Lamberton of Londonderry writes:

I submitted a response to Mrs B last week but it has not been added to the above article.

Editorial Comment:

We cannot trace the response you mention, Mr Lamberton but will be pleased to publish it if you submit it again.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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