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Global Colding

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So is this global colding?

Our correspondent writes ...

polar bearIf you go through life believing everything they tell you, you will soon be convinced there is no future. We've had a couple of hot summers in recent years and this apparently means that Earth as we know it is doomed. Glaciers will melt, polar bears will become extinct, and the rest of the world will be flooded. We may all die.

Really? Were there not ice ages in the past? Were there not extremely hot spells? Is it a lie that the Scottish Highlands were once a desert? Was that anything to do with global warming?

I've never been convinced that global warming is anything other than a cyclic phenomenon. But then I'm not a scientist. However, scientists tell us one thing one minute and it is immediately contradicted by another scientist. We can safely eat such and such a thing; then we can't because it will shorten our life. We can chew the lead paint on our cot in one era, then we learn it will poison us so the lead has to be removed should we be tempted to nibble on a handrail. We must quit smoking because it will kill us and harm all around us but it's not serious enough to take all tobacco off the shop shelves. That would deny the government a very substantial amount of revenue and revenue is the all-important thing.

The more ways the government can find to relieve us of our money, the more ways they can find to waste it. So when they realise even the most dedicated New Labour supporter is not stupid enough to believe that the various tax deductions from our wages cannot increase indefinitely, they have to dream up other scams.

Enter global warming and climate change caused by us not disposing of our household waste in the correct manner. Everybody accepts there is a change in our climate but surely that started with the industrial revolution. If Thomas Newcomen had not invented the atmospheric engine in 1712, we might not have half the problems we have now. If mechanical transport had not been invented, we would have less pollution. But, hey, it was progress and, as we advanced, we undoubtedly contributed to our own downfall. It was our ancestors' fault in the first place and we are now making it worse. But it's happened so let's make the most of it.

If we are contributing to climate change by producing too much non-recyclable rubbish then we should be concerned because that is something we can control to a degree. We can sort our refuse into the numerous containers our councils now insist we have but we can't do anything about the unnecessary packaging manufacturers insist on wrapping products in. Only new laws will change that yet our government seems to do nothing in that respect. Nor can we do anything about the number of people contributing to the problem if the government literally allows anyone in the world to take up residence in the UK. As long as that happens, the problems will only get worse.

But global warming is something else. During the last week we have seen more snow than we've had in twenty years. Is that due to global warming? Or is it global colding? Either way, I haven't seen any polar bears heading our way to take advantage of the cold weather and the ice.

In my lifetime I've regularly seen much worse winters that this one. I've struggled to get to work on many occasions in vehicles that were nowhere near as sophisticated as modern cars. I never let a snowstorm stop me because where there's a will there's a way. But, given the choice, I do prefer warm weather. Last summer was pretty diabolical but the few before that were pretty good. If they were the result of global warming then bring it on.

Visitors' Comments

Berenice John, Borehamwood writes:

Over 300 scientists worldwide have proved that global warming/climate change is a scam. How people believe this nonsense is beyond my comprehension.

Like you, I have seen much worse winters when I was child in the sixties, snow so deep we couldn't get out of the house, flooding on a regular basis (we lived on a flood plain) after heavy rainfall and caused the rivers to burst their banks.

SCAM and stealth taxes, it all boils down to robbing people of their hard earned cash.

I do believe more and more people are waking up to this fake scientific rubbish that's spouted to the population.

When anyone mentions this subject to me I tell them to go study it and do some research, you will see through the lies. They only have to look at who is behind the charity of the WWF.

Philip Skinner, Luton writes:

I believe that you misunderstand, yes there have been cyclic shifts in climate on the Earth since it started having a climate, but these have always taken many thousands of years to come to pass. Unfortunately we are seeing accelerated climate change which makes adaptation for the ecosystem of the earth very stressful, and the ecosystem may just fail in some parts!

At this moment in time we're a bit f**ked either way, its going to happen and there is nothing much we can do about it, but what we can do is limit the damage.

You'll be looking back on this in 40 to 50 years time thinking "Why the hell didn't we try harder?".

Mike Thomas, Llanharan, S.Wales writes:

Doesn't it make you wonder why 'Global Warming' is now called 'Climate Change'. And for the record Britain only came out of a mini ice-age at the end of the Second World War.

Dave Pinnell, Newtown, Glos writes:

Yes, its a complete scam with people in high places getting very rich from taxing the hell out of everyone on the planet. We are even starting to hear deluded government officials in the UK, US and the rest of the world stating we need to reduce the world population because of the environment! It seems like this alarmist view by the powers that be is to control every part of everyone's life. This must be stopped.

Christine Jones, Pembs writes:

Global warming, sorry climate change ha, ha, ha! Hasn't anyone noticed the HUGE number of chem-trails in the skies these days? Don't confuse chem-trails with Con-trails. According to aviation experts con-trails only happen at certain altitudes and at certain temps and should only last around 30 seconds. Usually a con-trail will be vanishing while you watch. Chem-trails on the other hand remain in the sky for hours, starting as solid white lines (sometimes black or even blue) they start spreading outwards after around 30-60 minutes and eventually cover the sky with a disgusting milky white 'cotton wool' effect, blocking out the sun and dropping who knows what on us. Don't take my word for it, look up con-trails then watch the sky when they are busy spraying. Climate change may exist but chem-trails are the most likely cause.

Rickets are back in the news. The Gov blame kids watching TV (as opposed to playing outside) as the cause. They forget that children aren't allowed inside schools during break time or lunch time unless it's raining. As we only need 20 minutes of sunlight on exposed skin each day to get enough Vitamin D3 (to avoid rickets and numerous other illnesses) why aren't kids getting the Vitamin D they need at break/lunch time play?? Because the sky is normally covered with the milk-white cotton wool much that stops the full (or any) sunshine getting through.

I have grown vegetables for 30 years plus but increasingly I find that there is insufficient sunlight to produce crops big enough to bother digging up, let alone planting in the first place. When I try to tell people about chem-trails they shrug it off and say 'nah, its just increased air traffic'. Bullsh*t! Look at the sky, research con-trails then watch what is going on IN the sky. It is so so easy to tell the difference.

I have not been able to find a single aviation expert who can explain con-trails that last all day and spread outwards. (CON being the operative word). The Gov admitted spraying the public with all sorts of germs in the 60's and 70's - what I want to know is what are they spraying us with now and is this where swine-flu came from? An experiment to see how well the spread and contamination worked?

Call me paranoid (it helps, they ARE out to get us) I'd rather be paranoid, informed and able to protect myself and my kids. We should all be taking Vitamin D3. It is cheap and it works but it won't protect us from the muck that chem-trails are dropping on us. Don't join the sheeple - educate and protect yourselves and give the 'climate change' brigade the finger.

Nicholas Taylor, London writes:

The science on "Global Warming" is extremely complex, there are a number of different factors involved and some have nothing to do with human activity. But the consensus is clear- Global Warming is real - as is the (at the moment only potential) problem of Over-Population.

All evidence suggests that the 'average' temperature in the atmosphere is rising. This is putting more energy into the climatic systems which circle the earth. The result is more turbulent (not necessarily hotter) weather, more severe storms, a lot more rain or a lot less - in short more climatic extremes. This can mean locally a particularly cold winter as Britain had this year. But this and other "isn't it cold" observations do not add up to evidence that global warming is a "scam".

Gina Tillian of Brixham writes:

I've never believed in Global warming and the nonsense that goes with it. Nature takes its course as it has done so for many thousands of years.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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