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Does freemasonry live up to the charitable image it tries to portray?

We offer a platform for anyone to sound off about their pet hates even though we may not agree with everything they say. In this case, others get the chance to express their opinions and masons get an opportunity to defend themselves. Then perhaps we can all make our minds up.

Our correspondent writes ...

We should demand a public register of Freemasons and members of The Order Of The Eastern Star (female Masons). This would comprehensively prove if they are a good charitable fraternity or a criminal organisation. Freemasonry portrays itself as all that it good so it should not have a problem with a public register.

You might know if a family member belongs to one of the organisations but what about your best friend or your neighbour? Lawyers, policemen, doctors, members of emergency services, military personnel, social services staff, politicians, judges, dentists, tradesmen, vets, council executives, postmen, religious leaders, care workers, etc, are all known to belong to Masonic lodges but are they doing good or are they abusing your trust? If you write to your local lodge and ask for a list of members we guarantee they will ignore you. If you make a Freedom of Information request, you will probably get the same result. If you get a positive result, take it to your local MP and ask if he is a Mason.

If you get nowhere, you will know for sure that everything we say is true. Next, you must knock on the door of your local lodge and ask them questions. Make sure you have a witness, voice recorder and video-cam. Ask them for details of their membership or about someone you suspect of being a member. They probably won't tell you.

But we have to wake up to the dangers; we have to fight back as we are running out of time. If we get rid of this Masonic mind-controlled virus the New World Order will fall. No Masonic foot-soldiers = no power. Freemasonry is the main tool for the Illuminati - Oil Barons, Bankers, Royalty and the world's richest families (mainly American/Israeli). These people are responsible for millions of crimes against the planet and its contents. Food, fuel, poverty, starvation, misery and energy costs are all manipulated by the NWO. All wars, terrorism, drugs, crime, politics is fabricated by the NWO. They own all media so they control everything you see, read and hear. All the laws in every country have been changed to favour the NWO. We are literally being controlled by a criminal network and they have nasty plans for us all.

Checkout the numerous truth-seeking websites on the internet and educate yourselves about this very serious situation. Freemasonry is also a mind-controlled religious cult and they DO practice witchcraft. But if we had a public register of the secret societies and the "societies with secrets" (the Freemasons get out clause) then we would no longer be controlled by a criminal cult.

If you are a member of Freemasonry, you are just a tool to be used. Do you really think you'll get the call when it all kicks off? If you are not one of their bloodlines, you are just as dispensable as the rest of us. You ARE being used and temporarily rewarded. Please don't waste valuable time on their silly Masonic signs, numbers and symbols. It's all designed that way to cloud your investigations. Get focused and start working towards a public register.

Incidentally, why have they got charity status when their ninth degree Mason takes vows to kill for Freemasonry? Do not listen to anything from a Mason's head, it's brainwashed.

This article is brought to you by the Anti Corruption Party - a support group for victims of Freemasonry. We are all victims in one way or another but YOU just haven't worked it out yet. Your ignorance is bliss for Freemasonry.

Check out ACP's friends' websites ........... read what each has to say about the Freemasons. Visit (and before you criticize David Icke subscribe to his brilliant, truth-seeking newsletters.) If you are still sceptical how many more facts do you need? You will not find these secrets revealed in any lodge or admitted by any Mason. 99% of the public are not aware that Masons actually stage situations that look normal to the untrained eye but there's more to it. For example, almost every person who works in the emergency services is a Mason so where is their impartiality as a creditable witness? When a Mason is a witness in events like 9/11 - 7/7 - Diana's death, who are you going to believe?

We need a public register of Freemasons, Co Masons and the Order The Eastern Star. Technology is brilliant, we pay for it and criminal Masonic members get to abuse it. Question: why don't the authorities investigate Freemasonry? Let's stop these destroyers of society. Stop the NWO's criminal Masonic foot-soldiers now. If you are a law abiding taxpayer then you are a member of ACP. Don't waste your time with low level Masons, they know nothing about the evil inner core of Freemasonry.

JS, Glasgow

Editorial Comment:

Phew! A Bit like reading a BNP manifesto. I wasn't sure if we should publish this but JS and many others really do believe the Society of Freemasons is corrupt and there's plenty of evidence that some members are.

I was once a member or The Rotary Club and I know many of my colleagues at the branch were also Freemasons. Yes, they were very secretive about it but otherwise they seemed like decent enough blokes; they even laughed when we non-masons took the piss. I always figured they used freemasonry for networking purposes - a way to give them a natural customer base for their business activities.

I certainly know my own grandfather was a mason for I have his apron and paraphernalia. He joined in the early part of the 20th Century. I never understood why he was a mason since it could never be said that he prospered in life. Even my grandmother didn't understand his reasoning. All she knew was that he disappeared for days on end without reason.

When I wrote my novel, I used Freemasonry to demonstrate that masons could manipulate the legal process to ensure that justice was not done. But it wasn't based on fact; it was the fictional imaginations of an author's mind. Yet evidence continually emerges suggesting masonry is an evil force. A good website to read more about Masonic activities is that of the Legal Judicial Political Reformers group.

Whether you agree or not, you can have your say by submitting the form at the bottom of the page. And if you think secret societies should be more open you could sign the petition on the government's website seeking a legal requirement for such organisations (Freemasons, Common Purpose, etc) to publish annually a full list of members.

Visitors' Comments

VH, Newbury writes:

My ex-husband, Nigel, is a high-ranking freemason.

I did masses of research and eventually found out his solicitor was a freemason and the judge in our divorce hearing was also a freemason. My husband lied through the entire proceedings and got away with it. And he knew the outcome of the court hearing before the judge handed it down. He came out keeping the family home, all the assets, the Bentley, the Mercedes, his pension and his business: I got the child, a Mini, and a caravan to live in.

No maintenance was awarded even though it was his affairs and constant abuse that caused the marriage breakdown. He now lives the same opulent lifestyle we once shared while my son and I are near destitute.

These people are EVIL!!

AR, Sheffield writes:

It is a fact that Freemasons are a Society to be feared. Members will protect each other if they are prosecuted or in any kind of trouble with the law.

Solicitors and Judges are known to be members. I am told that they have their own Courts and system of Justice; that if they do break the law or any other of the Society's Rules they will be tried by their own members. But outside of the society they will protect the member to the hilt.

I recall a case many years ago of a child molester who was never even prosecuted; a prolific burglar who lived the good life; even a suspected murderer. I was a teenager then and recall my father saying he would love to be a member. He explained what they were and that anyone upsetting them would be held to account very severely. I got the cane at school because I mentioned this to my mates at that time.

A member of this society once tried to sell the story to the media. He was soon shut up. Yet today, many years after, we have the same view of the Freemasons and it is believable. Not only do the Freemasons protect each other so also do many organisations - the police, Members of Parliament, Council Workers, even members of the so-called Gentlemen's clubs we hear so much about. The Freemasons exist with many names now, they have many people to be feared.

Getalife, Manchester writes:

You really have not got a clue. In 20 years of membership, I and my lodge have given thousands to homeless, deprived, sick and distressed people. I and my brother masons have never sought to gain personally.

I suggest that you go and ask your same stupid questions of your local neighbourhood watch or women's institute. You'd probably get the same response.

Grow up!

Editorial Comment:

Just to prove that little is open to public scrutiny, this brave freemason goes by the name of "Getalife"! Not sure if that's "Worshipful Master Getalife" or just plain "Getalife".
Ah well, Tony Blair and his cronies also claim they have done great things for our country and its people but we all know they did quite the opposite.

AW, Devon writes:

Poor Getalife. Obviously just a 'foot soldier' who does not have a clue about the machinations of the higher ranks!

Ben, Rotherham writes:

Considering becoming a mason not for personal gain, but for enlightenment. What do you think impartially? Jeez, something must've rustled your feathers against it!!

Dougall Wilson, Dundee writes:

As a freemason, it is clear to me that some of your contributors have no knowledge of freemasonry. Ignorance of the facts on any issue usually breeds fear and conjecture.

Firstly, freemasons neither take a vow to kill nor to commit other crimes. Killing and other serious crimes against society would result in expulsion. I respect the concerns of people who have suffered from whatever a freemason has done against them. It needs to be recognised here that there are unworthy people in all walks of life and freemasonry is no exception.

As for knocking on doors of lodges and asking for names, I would not be surprised that this approach were not welcomed any more than it would from the local golf club or bowling club who respect the privacy of their members. However, knock on the door and ask for information and it should be provided. Yes, there are secrets but this is part of the tradition of many ancient organisations.

The notion that freemasons enjoy privileges is also a myth nowadays. They might well have done many years ago but in our more enlightened society this is inappropriate. Charity to others is what every freemason espouses, or at least what he should espouse. Most of the freemasonry charity, unlike others, is done quietly and without fuss or publicity in order to respect the feelings of those who are in receipt of it, hence there is no formal charitable status for freemasonry. Surely we should seek to judge our fellow citizens for their behaviour and not the organisation they belong to.

Editorial Comment:

Fair comment!

JS, Glasgow writes:

Statement to all ignorant Masons and profane people. I/we at ACP (Anti Corruption Party) are sitting here with mountains of concrete evidence. ACP are a free support group for victims of Freemasonry. We have been inviting the Masons to come and talk to us for 4 years now, no response. We want to do this in front of a live/filmed independent audience.

We have enough evidence to bring this criminal organisation down. We have sent dozens of serious articles to every Politician and newspaper in the UK with nominal replies and acknowledgments. Freemasonry is a very sophisticated criminal network, controlled by the elite. Lower Masons know nothing and will still perform when asked to. Masons will become victims if they ask questions. They are controlled by fear. Simple question, why don't the authorities investigate the Masons?

Should the Masons in hiding be allowed to comment? Why do they all hide? Search online for "Masonic Diversion Tactics" to read how they can get out of any challenge.

If you are a law abiding taxpayer then you are a member of the Anti Corruption Party. Exposure is our only weapon, contact us or spread the word. If you do nothing, they grow.

JW, Sydney writes:

Denial of the Right to Trial by Jury is EVIL.

Freemason are sinister elitists who deny ordinary people the right to the lawful judgment of their equals, i.e. to trial by jury. The essential element of trial by jury is that jurors ask "So help me God". Denying trial by jury in any court (e.g.: VH of Newbury's letter re: the Family Court) is denying Matthew 18: 20.

TJ, Oklahoma City writes:

You don't have a clue or at least you are giving in to BS and ignorance. The fact of the matter is Freemasonry is a private fraternity which means they don't have to publicly disclose membership to non-members without court order (perhaps orders from high courts/governments). Being a non-member, as many of you sound to be, a Master Mason is a full fledged member to receive the power to release and see all transcriptions. The R.W.Master is the Head of Lodge and is in charge of membership disclosures. Note: 3rd Degree is the highest level for a Mason, not 33rd Degree are more symbolic/consistory degrees and relate to other Master Masonry fraternity called Scottish Rite. 3rd Degree a.b.c. and d. is known as York Rites.

Secondly there is two main types of Freemasonry in the World. 1) Anglo-Freemasonry 2) Continental Freemasonry or Latin Masonry...England is under the UGLE (Unified Grand Lodge of England) and rule the Anglo or Tradition Freemasonry. GOdF (Grand Orient of De France) is the ruling body for Continental Freemasonry or more Modern Freemasonry.

Co-Freemasonry is an Independent Order and is accepted by Latin Freemasonry only! Repeat only, Continental Freemasonry such as the GOdF and others. Co-Freemasonry was started by Freemasons (Masters) that disagree with the Anderson Landmarks established by our other Brothers in the UGLE. So the freemasons that initiated women were initiated by "recognized" Masons (such as R.W.M. Hourbon, Knight of the Rose Croix, 18') in which turn they became "unrecognized" because they initiated women. Co-Masonry is in the middle and should not be associated with either but are recognized for the most part by Continental Freemasonry Supreme Council members in the world. UGLE does not "recognize" brothers of Co-Masonic lodges.

Freemasonry is anything but evil. Cronyism is a problem, I have to admit from what I have heard, but not a problem personally. Cronyism should not be tolerated, but that is a minor problem, being called "evil" is a bigot statement and should be avoided.

Lastly (in terms of the book and movie Angels and Demons) The Illuminati is not associated with Freemasonry.

VP, Everett, Wa writes:

Everyone needs to open their eyes to the sinister plot that is taking place right now. Take a look at the constitution and you will see that you have already lost your freedom.

Mojaki, Maseru writes:

I found that you provide some donations to those who are in need. So how does it come that sometimes you make human sacrifices? Simply! Is it true that you kill people? Ok I'm not interested in the reason why. If so, I think a "yes" is ok.

Editor's note:

Maseru is the capital of Lesotho which is just across the border from South Africa.

David Lake, Barnstaple writes:

It is interesting that Freemasonry seems to continue to arouse such strong feelings.

I wonder ... as a test for whether Masons could exercise influence if they wanted to, could anyone tell me who the three best-known Masons are in UK public or political life? With enough replies, those of you who don't like it will be able to assemble their own membership rolls for the various Lodges and assemblies. You could then publish them on the internet (perhaps this has already been done? - if so, can anyone tell me where?)

I can quite see that members do not like being named because the Masons have quite a PR problem. Those who are members, or otherwise pro-Mason, might care to think about why this is? It may be that the influence used "in the past" (as admitted by one of your contributors, above) has left some very real worries about the possibility of current "beyond cronyism" in the realms of public service. Evil? Perhaps a bit strong for me, so far. Worrying, certainly.

Thomas Keegan, Birmingham writes:

Freemasons.....there are good 'uns and bad 'uns, same as you get with any cross section of people. Many use the masons as a means of promoting their business interests ... what's so wrong with that? Unless you live in a very naive world we are all guilty of trying to improve our lot.

The masons I have met have been very ordinary folk. As we know there are only two genuine people in this world ... I am one and I ain't sure about you....

Lighten up - live and let live.

NG, London writes:

Not generally happy with the Freemasons as my elder brother was one. You say "make good men better" but how about when you make bad men more evil? Where is justice in your devine promises.

KH writes:

How many freemasons are in local or national government and why do they refuse to admit being one or deny it if there is no problem? Do they have to declare it on their register of interests?

It's been rumoured that Ann Widdecombe, MP is one  - now wouldn't that be interesting to find out?

Portia, Dublin writes:

I had never even heard of freemasons until I went for a separation. Then I was ordered home to obey my violent husband because I was too strong for a woman and needed to be taught my place. The shock of this brought me to my senses quickly to enquire who these men were?

I was told they are the freemasons who run the courts along with the Opus Dei boys, and they consider women inferior to them.

Anyway, despite me paying the mortgage and all bills, my husband got the two houses, the two farms, and the children and I am written out of the inheritance and left homeless and penniless. The court judge did not even order him to pay a penny in child support.

I found out through a PI that the court assessors, social worker, solicitors and the judge were all freemasons. Proving several counts of perjury, perverting the course of justice, non-disclosure of all bundles to all parties, breaches of human rights, etc., made no difference to these boys.

So, I can only wait for Lady Justice to do her job soon, and I will watch them squirm in their own misery.

Anna Wotton, Barnstaple writes:

Why doesn't everyone with concerns exercise their democratic right under the Freedom of Information Act and submit a request to their local lodge for a list of members - in a little 'brown envelope' of course.

All lodges are registered charities because of their PR 'work'.

Paul, Kent writes:

I would just like to state that all this claptrap anti-Masonic hatred is all coming from the very same people who celebrate Christmas yet never go to church, or believe in Christ. They love the Easter egg receiving part of Easter yet never raise their hands to make a prayer. It's these people who are barred from freemasonry, exactly the same as a dog is barred from entering a fine restaurant. To be a mason you have to meet certain criteria and if you fail you are not allowed. Many night clubs, private banks, and other facilities for decent people have a criteria which needs to be adhered to before membership is considered. So this anti-mason stuff is nothing more than jealousy and chav talk.

You are all wannabies. You have missed the life bus and blame freemasons for your miserable failed lives. You anti-masons are all losers because you choose to lose. If anyone is more successful than you - in employment, business or any other profession - the only reasoning you have is to blame his religion, or that he is a freemason.

I would just like to end by saying that you people have nothing better to do in your lives, this is all the activity you have other than crawling home drunk on a cheap drink. There will never be any register of masons for the simple reason that there is no need for it as all masons have to respect the law as good citizens. I read a post from a lady above whose husband didn't give her anything as a settlement. Typical loser! Maybe its because you didn't deserve anything and the court saw you were only in it for the money (lol). Maybe he was a smart guy who had his assets well protected. So instead of blaming yourself for not playing your cards right, you decided to dump all of your verbal diarrhoea on to the freemasons. Freemasonry isn't a local pub where anyone can just walk right in - it's only for freemasons and, to become one, you have to prove your worth. Then, once you have proved you're a good man, the masons will make you a better man.

Say what you like, bark as much as you want, the Masonic rituals are guarded and will remain guarded. This is the beauty of masonry and this is what the average man is envy of.

God bless you all.

Editorial Comment:

I guess there must be hundreds of Pauls living in Kent, most of whom would probably have no qualms about standing up to be counted. Guess you're not one of them, Paul. Perhaps you will argue that the secrecy pertaining to Masonic rituals also extends to Masonic members, eh?

But quite apart from that, it seems you're doing everything you're accusing other visitors of doing. A clear case of the pot calling the kettle 'black'.

Mark Daly, West Bromwich writes:

There are two posts above, neither of them particularly hard to believe, from hard-done-by ex-wives of Freemasons. The reality is that Freemasons do sometimes have a malign influence, especially in the legal arena, and if it's Mason v non-Mason, then my money would be on Mason every time. Will anyone take that bet, by the way?

And Masons often seem to like having a career criminal or two in their membership, and I don't think it's by mistake. Anyone remember Kenneth Noyes?

Julie Hodgson, Avis, Portugal writes:

I think it is not the organisation that makes a person do good or bad ... it's the person himself. We do have the choice.....

Mike Martin, Kent writes:

It is a shame to see otherwise intelligent people get whipped up by the material from people like Joe Stirling (yes, that's who JS of Glasgow is) who is a manipulative money maker preying on the fear that people can have about things they don't understand. I thought I would answer a couple of the points made here

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and most wide-spread Fraternity. That's it! That's what it actually is. It is not a "Religion" hence it is open to people regardless of their faith, ethnic or social background. It is, however, a traditional organisation based on three main principles: Brotherly Love (Tolerance), Relief (Charity) and Truth (Honesty).

There are around 200,000 Masons in England and Wales, around 70,000 in Scotland and another 50,000 in Ireland. There is no governing body of all Freemasons, there isn't even one Grand Lodge for the UK which is split up as above.

What non-Masons insist on calling 'worship' is the practise of asking God to bless our meetings. Anyone with a vague knowledge of history will know that this was common practise with most activities 50 years ago let alone 300.

With a 300 year history it has had quite a few imitators but they are not recognised as 'Masonic' by Freemasonry itself, just people who don't know better.

There are 3 gender-based forms - men-only, women-only and mixed - which are separate but essentially the same and go back at least 100 years.

At my own divorce and in common with the majority of men, my wife was given the full value of our house at sale. So being a Mason actually makes no difference there at all.

Anyone who believes that they are 'victims' of Freemasons who are breaking the Law should make a complaint to the Police. The Police have powers to investigate membership records (like any other club) as part of an official investigation.

Unfortunately, to go against Paul from Kent (who may or may not be a Freemason), the Rituals have not been 'hidden' for a very long time. The first exposures took place in 1730 and the most recent were in 1952, 1954, 1967 and 1990. These latest were in books published in the UK where the entire rituals were reproduced in full.

To be honest, in this day and age, all that is secret about Freemasonry is the passwords and handshakes which are only meant to be used in Lodge anyway. There are hundreds and hundreds of actual Masonic websites on the Net if people were genuinely interested in finding out about it. Sadly the majority are more than happy just to recirculate rumours, gossip and even blatant lies.

Editorial Comment:

We print every email we receive so that all visitors can have their say. And we accept Mike's personal point of view ... with one reservation. We're not sure a complaint to the police would be too beneficial as most people these days are beginning to have serious doubts about the police force as an instrument of balanced judgment and enforcement. Moreover, as many police officers are freemasons themselves, a victim of a crime allegedly committed by a freemason might not be convinced that there would be a genuine investigation. For whatever reason, the police seem more intent on pursuing a political agenda and the result, too frequently, appears to be a cover-up.

Mr Martin responds:

You wrote: "Moreover, as many police officers are freemasons themselves..." Even this is an ill-founded rumour and it goes hand in hand with all the others. Now if you look at each one individually and ignore the others it seems reasonable but a little bit of real logic quickly shows the cracks.

The first thing to decide is what do we call "many"? Well bearing in mind that someone making a complaint is bound to talk to a Masonic copper we'd better go with at least one in two. Right, there are 167,000 Police Officers in England and Wales so we'll work with 80,000 being Masons. Out of the 200,000 Freemasons in England and Wales that will leave 140,000 representing all other professions. So far so good.

Civil Servants! There are "many" Masonic Civil Servants. So with more than 800,000 Civil Servants, and again assuming a dodgy Masonic one is easy to find let's go one in four, so 200,000 Masonic malingerers. Ah hang on ...

We mustn't forget that "many" Magistrates, Judges and Lawyers are also Freemasons. So with 42,000 holders of Judicial office, and knowing this one's true, we again have to go at least half so there's another 21,000 Freemasons that don't exist.

We haven't even added in the "many" Local Council officials who are also Freemasons. So with more than a million workers, we'd better be careful and just say 100,000 Freemasons making dodgy deals with their Masonic contacts. Are you seeing the problem?

A large proportion of the members of my Lodge in Sidcup are Postmen, so where does that fit in??

Hopefully this sort of helps you to get a grip on the non-hysterical facts. Even if the Fraternity was what some people believe it is, there aren't actually enough of us for it to be possible.

Editorial Comment:

I don't think for a minute that anyone is suggesting the majority of masons are rogues but every branch of society does have its 'rotten apples' and no doubt some are lodge members. You have mentioned a few groups - i.e. civil servants, magistrates, lawyers and council officials - who are masons and this doesn't really surprise me. Perhaps they like the secrecy the society offers because their natural instinct is to avoid honesty and transparency, as they do in their professional lives. Possibly some of the people I deal with on Bexley Council, who lie and cover-up constantly, belong to local lodges. I don't know. But I also don't know if checks are made before potential members are recruited.

My own grandfather became a mason during his service in the Royal Navy. As a result, my father was invited to join but he declined because he had no time for the rituals or the philosophy. I was never invited but I would also have declined if I had been. My experience as a Rotarian was enough to convince me that it was a very cliquish society and I imagined that freemasonry would probably be worse.

But we all have our own thoughts and beliefs and it would be a very boring existence if we were all the same.

The last word from Mr Martin:

Now there's a fact that I neither can nor want to argue against because it is true. There have been some "bad apples" in Freemasonry and the best known is of course Kenny Noyes, who was a Mason for a while in the 1980s. He was expelled when Grand Lodge found out what he was actually about. Although even he is elevated in the "conspiracy" (and even a few newspapers) world to make him some kind of uber-Mason, with claims that he was Master of his Lodge etc, which he actually wasn't.

I also mentioned postmen, I also know paramedics, some nurses, central heating fitters, plumbers, builders, jewellers, several cafe owners more than a few pub managers. Freemasonry doesn't attract people from any particular line of work, it attracts people who are interested. I think I mentioned before there is very little about Freemasonry that is secret. However, it got very "private" during WWII and that was a habit that stuck right up until the 1980s.

Just to clarify something: your grandfather may have hinted to your father that he might like to join but it is actually against our rules to actually invite people. It's another of those urban legends about Freemasonry. A prospective member must ask to join not the other way around. I have come across quite a few people who thought the former was true and wondered why they never got asked.

As to Rotary v Freemasonry, I have a mate who is an ex-Rotarian and still a Freemason, his verdict is that Rotary, by its very nature, leads to insider dealing as it encourages Rotarians to do so. Freemasonry does not. For example when I joined my first Lodge I was still a Civil Servant, none of the members of my Lodge were and during the ten years that I was both I only ever met one other Civil Servant who was also a Mason. However, if you want to talk about insider dealing and favours the place to look is actually Golf Clubs.

Anyway sorry to take up so much of your space here, I could go on about Freemasonry for ages but I recognise that's not really the purpose of this page.

Mike Wilson, Plano writes:

My grandfather is a master mason and with the Scottish right. For a fact I know that they are not evil. You can say whatever you want about them but you're just too blind to know the truth and too stubborn to really know about them.

Arnold, Canada writes:

As a 3rd degree Mason, I am not as knowledgeable on this subject as the Internet Watching Masons here. I can only say that I joined because my father-in-law was one. And this man was well known in his small Scottish town as one of the kindest, funniest men that ever walked the streets there. And he certainly didn't die rich.

Personally, the only people I am on this earth to protect are my three young children and my wife. I am not evil, mischievous maybe, but not evil. And the brothers in my lodge that I know well are hard-working guys (or retired hard-working guys) that just appreciate a night of comradeship and socializing with other good men.

As far as world domination goes ... a radio host once said it best. He said "I know a lot of Masons. Half of these guys can't even park their own cars, let alone lay out an evil plot." If Masonry was a ticket to prosperity and power, then I wish someone would let me in on the secret. Because my family and I are lucky to get by some months. To all you Masonry haters out there, do some real homework and don't just read the trash-talking websites.

Dorcas Wavinya Jophn, Mombassa, Kenya writes:

I think I like the freemasons. It supports and help the needy. Being one I have the interest of being a member as soon as right now. Is there a way you can help? I WANT TO JOIN.

Editorial Comment:

Sorry, we don't recruit for the Freemasons - we just publish viewpoints.

Editorial Comment:

The comments from our visitors seem to indicate a rough balance between those who think masons are good and those who think they are evil. Invariably, the latter group consider themselves the victims of injustice where they believe Masonic influence is involved and the others are largely masons themselves who will obviously defend their practises to the hilt.

It has to be said that the secrecy with which Masons surround themselves cannot help their case and the lengths some members go to in order to keep their membership secret merely adds further suspicion about their activities.

One of our correspondents recently sent me a link to a website that helps with Freedom of Information requests. He had been using FOI to try and establish how many Kent County Council councillors were Freemasons. Councillors do have a duty to declare such interests yet our correspondent's research suggested that at least two had not mentioned their membership.

Naturally, KCC's Corporate Access to Information Coordinator, Caroline Dodge, quickly moved into 'smokescreen mode' and supplied only very basic information - mainly that the information could be found on KCC's website. My own experience of trying to find this type of information on a local authority website is that it is so well hidden you are soon tempted to give up in frustration. However, correspondence continued to flow back and forth as Ms Dodge avoided giving direct answers and finally the matter landed in the hands of a KCC solicitor, Wendy Morse, who informed our correspondent that any further efforts to lift the covers of an obvious whitewash would be considered vexatious and no further information would be supplied.

This typical sort of local authority reply sometimes makes you wonder just how easy it is for these masters (or mistresses) of deceit to defeat the whole purpose of using the FOI Act to gain access to information that should rightly be in the public domain.

You can read all the facts here.

Harnam Singh, Stoke-on-Trent writes:

I have been the victim of what I believe (but cannot prove) is a conspiracy to silence me for some reason.

what I do know is masonry is far too secretive and powerful for those involved in or those being sucked up into it by false promises and endless lies. I believe that a cabal of Satanists some time in history had infiltrated this order and it has been a continual downward spiral from there on.

One thing to get straight is that with Satanism and Masonry, even if you are involved in it, it's very difficult to get to the bottom of what is really going on in these organisations. The deceptions, spin and lies are all meant to be an endless bout of smokescreens and assassinations to hide humanity against that which seeks to control them.

I had an experience when I tried to enter a Masonic lodge. I was automatically refused by the members perhaps because they felt I was unsuitable as a candidate.

One thing to add: I had these people harassing me at work and now I have lost my job as a result. One peculiar experience was a man with cat-like eyes in the vicinity where I worked. I believe there is a supernatural and demonic element to all this and these occultists do not know what it is they are involved in.

Demons are real and so is Satan, there has been a global conspiracy to make you believe that it is all a joke and none of it is real. Hogwash! It is real, powerful and extremely dangerous to say the least.

Masonry is deception, Satanism is deception and the devil is the deceiver. Wake up people before it's too late. Stop being sold the lie by these no good doers.

N.B. if there is nothing to hide, then why all the secrecy? Take heed humanity - stop the demonic orders from enslaving us all as they have done to me.

K Barnes, Cardiff writes:

I freely admit to being a Freemason of low to medium rank and 14 years in the Craft. I am proud to belong to the organisation and whilst I had several misconceptions prior to joining, so far Freemasonry has shown itself to be nothing more than a dedicated, charitable, sociable and disciplined boy's club.

Criminal behaviour and known criminals are not tolerated, which is probably why it attracts members of the Police and Judiciary. My Lodge has 54 members, 2 of whom are serving Police Officers, 6 retired officers, 1 retired solicitor and 2 magistrates (1 retired). More importantly, we have a landscape gardener, a builder, 2 plumbers, a mechanic, a retired GP, an immigration officer, an accountant, an industrial chemist, a lorry driver, a professional sportsman, an inventor, 3 retired engineers, a car dealer, a van dealer, a guy with a painting and decorating company ... etc, etc.

My point is, all of these are good family men, honest in their dealings, charitable when called upon and reliable when they are needed to be. None of them has any dreams of world domination. None of them wants or needs to manipulate the justice system. None could be labelled as criminals.

Have we had any bad eggs? Yes, of course we have, but these people, as pleasant and well turned out as they may be, are excluded from membership for the good of the organisation. Do we interview and enquire into candidates backgrounds? Yes, of course we do, so as to maintain the integrity of the Craft and so that, hand on heart, we can refute the paranoid allegations, some of which can be seen above, relating to criminal behaviour and conspiracies.

Do we have rituals? Yes, of course we do. These are no more than the re-enactment of the equivalent of a play and no more sinister than something Shakespeare would have written (that's the same guy whose plays are studied by our children at school).

If you want to uncover secret meetings, sinister plans and skulduggery, try the Golf Club or the Yacht Club where peoples lives are discussed and their fate decided.

Do we give to Charity? Yes. Virtually every one of us gives on a monthly basis by direct debit, plus donations every time we meet, plus raffles at every dinner we attend, plus every time we hold a function such as a barbeque, boxing match or social evening.

I do hope your other contributors can truthfully claim to make the same commitment. Yes, I thought as much.

Editorial Comment:

Now you've got me worried, Ken. Many years ago, I was, for a short time, a non-playing member of a golf club and I did once have a drink in a yacht club but, as far as I know, they did not put any curse on me. However, you present a very strong case for Masons and the vote is still more or less equally split.

I personally do not feel threatened by any members of any lodge. Of far more concern is the threat from politicians who are doing all they can to make this country part of the European State. They pose far more danger to us than any Freemason.

Lawrence Beat, Newcastle writes:

I have suffered from a very long illness and during that time the Freemasons have carried me financially, even though I am a Roman Catholic and we are supposed to be diametrically opposite to each other as organisations. If you look hard enough you will find saints and sinners in every large group.

K Barnes, Cardiff writes:

Its nice to hear from Lawrence that our charity work reaches real people, especially in their time of need. I hope you are recovering and that the assistance you received lightened the load a little.

An interesting note is that Freemasonry has no problem with the Catholic Church. Possibly the Catholic Church has a problem with Freemasonry. A look at French history and the purging of Freemasons and the Knights Templar by the Pope may have some bearing.

Did the readers also know that Freemasons were another minority group who were hunted down and exterminated by Hitler and his Nazi party?

Laura, Reading writes:

I have read on their website that Freemasons ask their members to believe in supreme beings. Nowadays, in our modern society, I find this an unacceptable belief! If judges, MP's, lawyers, local councils, and police officers are freemasons and do favours for each other and protect each other, shouldn't that mean that unfairness is promoted in our society?

My ex's family (his dad and his brothers - one of them happens to be a police officer) are all Freemasons. I remember after splitting up my ex was working in the family business and his dad was paying him cash weekly, he was also claiming benefits. I reported him for claiming benefits whilst working but when benefit fraud officers came to his house the issue was covered up.

Over the past 9 years my son hasn't received a penny from his dad for child maintenance. He saw him 12 times in 9 years and doesn't really care! Huge debt is still outstanding with the CSA, liability order was granted in 2006, bailiffs were sent to his property and the issue was covered up again! They do protect each other! After the experience I've had I cannot respect Freemasons and it seems that they do favours and protect their members only. I help people and charities in our local community, I run for charities a few times a year, I also give funds and do voluntary work a few hours every week. I am a qualified accountant and give lots to our society via taxes.

JL, Sheffield writes:

Northumberland is probably the most corrupt county in England with the Chief Constable being a Masonic appointment. 96% of policemen from Northumberland asked about freemasonic membership refused to reply to the Commons Select Committee. There is a commonly-held notion that black mass is performed in a Masonic church there and David Icke told me he has a lot of information relating to this and child murders.

Our own experience is that masons steal, lie, kill and procure children and their activity is covered up by police, county council, doctors and social workers. Even women in Northumberland are equal members of lodges and it is said to be impossible to live or work in Alnwick - seat of The Percy's, Dukes of Northumberland - unless you are a mason.

One police officer who blew the whistle on Northumberland police beating a child and fracturing his skull was hounded out of the force and suffered his ex-colleagues harassing him with phone calls and interfering with his car. We are writing a book called "Devils in Paradise" to highlight the issues. Could you make a register of those who have been harassed - real or code names - so that we can monitor numbers. People are reporting to us that they are being blocked from accessing our Petition on the No 10 Downing Street website. Masons insist that people are not as concerned as we trouble makers make out!!

Editorial Comment:

The petition our correspondent refers to is an attempt to get the government to introduce legislation that will make it mandatory for all Clubs, Associations, Groups and Secret Societies to publish an annual list of members and associates. Failure to comply would result in a substantial fine and seizure of the entity's property. We have signed it and we encourage other visitors to do the same. There is too much secrecy in this country and it impinges upon justice. You can link to the petition from here or here.

John Coppermann, Norfolk writes:

My grandfather was a 33rd degree mason. As a child I snuck into his den upstairs and read books of the occult. I had no clue what occult was but figured out, even as a child, that the books were of evil nature.

Secrecy is key with the Masons. Why? My church has nothing to hide and we do so much to help the needy and community etc.... My advice is to spend your time with the church and do "good" there instead. The Masons have to be secret and it's not for good reasons. Secrets are for evil-doers. Join a church. Be a member of God's family!

Brigitte, Melbourne writes:

The Freemasons are no great concern in the big picture. They are only a problem at the bottom level. It is when they have ended up with members who presented themselves superficially as acceptably ethical when joining (not the masons' fault - such psychopathically-inclined persons can act well for a time). Later, as they offend against women, children and risk lives on the road they demand other masons give them favourable treatment.

It appears that, to a point, some police, legally appointed people, and those involved in traffic licensing have done this when they underestimate the seriousness of the matters with the person, assuming they are just giving this mason a break in a lapse of judgement. What this means (aside from the woman receiving no justice) is that this type of person, with his sense of entitlement reinforced, cannot believe he will ever be made accountable and becomes worse, ignoring safety for others on the road, becoming more dangerously violent, not necessarily getting the court orders to desist from threatening, harassing, violent behaviours.

All I hope is that the masons work out that to sustain their reputation in the remaining areas (where Freemasons have positive ethics and make valuable contributions in charitable ways) they need to curb this calling on favours for illegal areas where the safety and wellbeing of others is at stake by having it known that while for the first type of this favour is called and may be met it will be followed by expulsion as that type of member is no longer a fit or proper person to remain among them. That would either have the bad mason possibly not call on such a favour or then it would be the last time that it could ever happen.

I've actually experienced this, but felt sorry enough for the aider mason who is generally a decent guy not deserving to be put through an inquiry. I've actually, by not knowing what was the basis of what I thought was an error, mentioned it more publicly and it was corrected. I'm hoping my current need for legal protection for myself (and would actually prevent the man from his compulsions from committing further crimes) will occur fairly and there is a limit to masons letting him off.

Unfortunately the secrecy of the organisation doesn't give out information of what ways they control this aspect of their repeat offender. My assumption is that to sustain their effectiveness they probably do. I don't think the complaints about masons employing or promoting one of their own is a serious issue, their incumbent will need to perform effectively . Nor any business preferential treatment. These occurrences happen as much outside the freemasons in general social networks etc.

I won't go into it now, but the concerns of the Freemasons being a cult are a real joke and people need to be careful about conspiracy theories at global levels, its $$$ economical aspects etc.. has a greater impact.

Michael Fowler, Corby, Northants writes:

I do hope you can help me or point me in the right direction. I am trying to trace any relative of my grandfather, Harold Blaxland Atkinson who was married to Dorothy Amy Atkinson, nee Ackroyd.

My grandfather had many different addresses and was a timber importer living in Longbenton, Tynemouth, Newcastle, England. He divorced my grandmother in 1939, and a man called Adolphe Kunstinger was named as the co-respondent. My grandfather remarried and between them they kept my mother away from her mother, Ann Norma Atkinson. She lost all contact. Though she would dearly have wanted to meet her she is now no longer with us as she died in 1984.

The only thing we were ever told was that my mother spoke good French and that her mother had died and was buried in Paris.

Can you please advise me where to go from here? I would dearly love to find any connection to her. My grandfather and most of his family were all business men and women and I am sure one of the Blaxland Atkinsons would probably have been a freemason somewhere along the line.

A Rupert Blaxland Atkinson - who was a distant cousin - died in Kendal, Westmoreland in 1993 and there may be some of his family living close by that I could get in touch with. The Atkinsons did live all around the Gateshead and Jesmond areas.

Can you please help me in any way?

Editorial Comment:

An unusual request this as we are not really in the genealogy business. However the voting to determine whether masons are a force for evil or good is currently finely balanced with the former slightly ahead. Perhaps some helpful freemason may have information that would help to redress the balance. If so, please contact us.

Elizabeth writes:

I believe freemasonry needs to be investigated. It is a sect and a cult. They are criminals who need to be caught.

Robert Kamysz, Crewe writes:

It just seems to me that the editor of this page is a victim of his own demise, and looking at everyone but himself to blame. This webpage not only promotes hatred towards fellow countrymen, but also immigrants, Eastern Europeans, Blacks, Asians, drunks, husbands, wives, and last but not least Freemasons.

I am NOT a Mason, but would love to join, not a philanthropist, but would love to be one. I am an honest hard working IMMIGRANT who ties ends paycheck to paycheck. I am of Eastern European descent, but actually immigrated from Chicago, Illinois. Are you going to discriminate against me too? Or do I qualify to be in your social circle? Or maybe I am too clever for you because I am well educated, speak 4 languages, and come from a well off family?

I see, from reading your entire website, you're not much of a historian either. If you were, you would know that if it wasn't for the Poles, Czechs, Resistance fighters, and Americans you would most likely be speaking German right now.

I am not discriminating against the English, Scots, or Irish, but America is built on Immigration. Has it not succeeded as the most powerful country??

Narrow minded people just look for others to blame - they're taking our jobs, houses, and now Freemasons want the world. Grow up people to say the least. If you want to make a change start by looking in the mirror. This is what the Freemasons do. Individual change promotes groups to do the same. To say that in laymen's terms, set an example for others to follow and promote. Society now has only learned to point fingers.

Freemasonry is and was about traditions and if they do hold secrets, well good for them that they held it for so long, obviously it was done for a reason. If you want to know more than why not join?? Are you afraid of being better? Obviously, I have much more to say after extensive research into Freemasonry, Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, etc. Don't take it from your own research and find out.

THENTHEREWERE4, London writes:

The Freemason menace has honestly earned its place in society as 'The Silent Destroyer'. I believe this to be the only charitable accolade they can rightly call their own.

John Whalley, Wigan writes:

A few points from a Freemason.

Image- The poor public image of Freemasonry is fairly recent, approximately the last fifty years or so, prior to that it was seen as an important force within the community, we are attempting to restore that image.

Elitism - In my Lodge we have three or four millionaires a few small businessmen, several retired people, a couple of labourers, a nurse or two, some engineers (including myself) and at least two who are unemployed at present, most lodges are similar, so to describe masonry as elitist is clearly wrong.

Privacy - No organisation will give you a list of its members, try asking your local authority for the list of employees, or a golf club or motoring club etc for a list of members. None will do so. Members of all organisations have a right to privacy.

Secrecy - Every Masonic Hall proudly advertises its presence, and whoever heard of a secret society with publicity officers, (In my group that is me), go to the websites, every province and some groups and even some individual Lodges have them, just google "province of" and your county name, they will tell you where and when the meetings are, what we are doing, and most importantly about our charitable work, try asking a Rotarian or a member of the Salvation Army or St John's Ambulance what they discussed in their last committee meeting, they will tell you that it is none of your business.

Honesty - We don't take any sort of vow to prefer each other, in fact before we join we are advised that any attempt to use our membership for personal gain will likely result in disciplinary proceedings. We are obligated to obey the laws of any country we are in at a particular time, and we promise to respect and assist friends neighbours and family as well as other masons, we are particularly fond of our often used lines "those less fortunate than ourselves" and "ever mindful of the needs of others"

Politics and religion - We are neither political nor a religion, in fact we are FORBIDDEN to even DISCUSS either within the confines of our society.

Join us - If you really want to know what we are all about come and join us, there is only one qualification for membership, a belief in a supreme being, you will never be asked what that supreme being is, if you join and then don't like it you can always resign, no one will try to prevent you leaving, although we will probably ask you why, each website has information on joining, or if you know a mason ask him, If you are a decent law abiding and charitable person with a sociable disposition you will be welcome and almost certainly enjoy it and want to remain a member, if you are a cheat, fraud, criminal or liar you wouldn't like it, but then we will certainly detect you before you are allowed to join anyway.

Finally if you feel that a Freemason or Freemasons have acted improperly tell us, don't just beef to others about it, we cannot do anything about it if we do not know.

For more information this page is very informative

Vanessa, Croydon writes:

My soon to be ex-husband is a Mason, having also been a past master. On returning from holiday, my daughter and I were welcomed home by his mistress being in our home! I was subsequently assaulted, which was witnessed by our daughter. He pleaded not guilty, made our daughter give evidence in court, and got found guilty. This is the sort of person that is welcomed into the freemasons.

He is a known bully, witnessed by our neighbour (also a mason) but this person doesn't have the backbone to pass on the information. Too much work is passed his way for him to expose the offender.

On speaking with the ugle (head office) I was advised that as it is between man and wife they don't want to know. Only if it is to do with the general public, or a murder, would they get involved. So much for the family comes first in the eyes of the Grand Lodge. They are an organisation that have very questionable beliefs.

JH, UK writes:

The chequerboard floors of masonic lodges represent duality and my interpretation of it is that their evil deeds have to be balanced by good deeds, hence the charitable works.
Or you could look at it the other way round, their good deeds have to be balanced by evil ones. So a a bad/corrupt person will be made to do some charitable work. And, unfortunately, a good person will have to carry out some evil deeds.
I think I have some relatives who may be masons. I can't prove it so I can't name and shame. They're probably at the very bottom of the heap though.

John Whalley, Wigan writes:

Message for Vanessa Croydon  

Masons are Human beings with all their frailties, however we do demand a high standard of conduct in private and public life.   The behaviour you describe is certainly not what we would expect from a Mason whatever the circumstances.   If your Husband was found guilty of a criminal offence, he will almost certainly be expelled from his Lodge and Masonry, write to the Provincial Grand Master via the Provincial Secretary of his local Masonic Province, contact details on the web and in the phone book, with the details of his conviction and they should act, or write to the secretary of his Lodge with the details, the letter will have to be read in open Lodge, a strict rule, and if the information is true he will probably be forced to resign or expelled, that's if he does not resign in disgrace first.  
Each year a number of Masons are expelled for various reasons and any member who behaved in the manner you describe would not be welcome in my Lodge.  
A member of one of my Lodges recently had his membership suspended for a year simply for forwarding a humorous but slightly risque e-mail, that is how strict we are.

Susan Henderson, London writes:

How can people write so angrily on something they clearly know nothing about, and plainly haven't ever made the slightest attempt to learn about?  The United Grand Lodge of England's Book of Constitutions has always been in the public domain.  The headquarters are open daily for public visits and tours.  They have websites and magazines.  You know that data protection considerations mean that no large organisation can routinely publish all members' names and home addresses, although hundreds of contacts are listed in the Year Book.  The discussion of Politics and Religion is specifically outlawed at a Masonic Lodge - the idea of Freemasonry being an environment where people of all backgrounds and cultures can meet in harmony.  Perhaps this is the real threat that some people feel?  And stand outside a Lodge and see how many people coming and going look like the top international bankers and lawyers you describe - most Freemasons are in very ordinary occupations - mechanics and engineering being the most common at the last count.  Because of the moral and spiritual purpose of Freemasonry, it must be one of the only organisations that you can join where using membership for personal gain WILL result in expulsion - how paradoxical that the ignorant choose THIS organisation to throw that accusation at.  The same does not apply to people who meet anywhere else - at the golf club, pub or community centre.  Why have none of the above vague friend-of-a-friend accusations been reported to the United Grand Lodge of England or the proper legal authorities?  Because of these silly myths, Freemasonry WAS investigated by the Home Affairs Select Committee - who found absolutely no foundation for any type of concern.  On the rare occasion that suspicions of collusion have been reported to the United Grand Lodge of England, in 99% of cases none of the names given is actually a member - and there are usually no grounds for suspicion that they were - merely an ignorant bigotry based on childish conspiracy theories.  Why do so many slow witted people assume that every time they get a poor deal it is because the people involved are "Freemasons"?  These over-imaginative myths emerged after the Second World War.  Freemasons had previously been very public, but, perhaps because of their inclusiveness, were sent to Concentration Camps in Hitler's Germany.  Consequently, Freemasons in the UK felt it wise to keep a low profile about membership in case of German invasion.  After the Second World War there were a series of very popular Cold War spy-type novels and the stories of "secretive" Freemasons built up around then.  The only Masonic secrets are the signs that admit Freemasons into a degree meeting (like a modern members' club door pin number), and these are a tradition from those used by the ancient master stonemasons to show their level of craftsmanship as they travelled Europe to build cathedrals and stay in Lodges.  Members are not permitted to use these outside of the Lodge, and have no way of knowing if another stranger is a member or not.  And anyway, they do not pledge to give preferential treatment to each other, but do take an obligation regarding fulfilling their duties to their family and connections, country and greater good.  F reemasons give from their own pockets (NOT tin rattling) through their four National charities the largest charitable amount next to the National Lottery - and this does not count all the local schemes.  Anyone interestred in the truth about Freemasonry should look on their websites,,, - it really is more interesting than just making up a load of totally unfounded nonsense like some of the previous correspondents seemed to feel inclined to do.  Some people falsely claim to be Freemasons, and very occasionally a bad individual can worm his way into any organisation. Freemasonry has fewer than most - as it doesn't hold any attraction or advantage for them - as its aim is to help people be better people.  If you argue with your neighbour who plays golf - do you blame it on golf?  Please CHECK the facts.

ThenThereWere4, London writes:

The charitable image Freemasons project and would have you believe is precisely just that, an image. Self interest and self purpose is now and always has been the Freemasons only intent.  Their earnest wish is that  outsiders believe anything other of their presence and force in a democracy. Any democracy that accepts Freemasons is one that ultimately only endangers its very existence. Make no mistake Freemasons are a threat to the very continuance of the democratic process. The Freemasons are clever but that does not entitle them to bankrupt us of our basic rights and principles. They should have been stopped years ago.

Mr James, Surrey, UK writes:

I will say this to you. The Craft of Freemasonry does live up to its Charitable reputation. Just like this Government lives up to its Democratic principals. The lower echelons, the novices, new members do a lot of charitable things. However, these lower echelons are the cover for the rest of the 'Senior' members. The ones who have power and influence.
I was a member years ago, and left. I changed my name, my work and 'disappeared' for many years from the radar!! I was ex-Military and then Police after leaving the forces. I now do a j-0-b after giving up any thought of progression in a 'career'. I can assure you these higher echelons of the 'Craft' are a menace, a danger, and believe me they will protect their own to the death. Child abuse, Devil worship, Sacrifice of animals and children. Councils and local 'authorities' who steal children from families....through the courts. They are part of destroying your world by stealth.
Of course you don't want to believe me....and why should you.....but please research into these people...your futures are in danger and those of your children. The greatest thing you can do is NOTHING. These secret people are in MI5/6, governments, Military defence chiefs of Staff, Senior judges and Police. They were responsible for the London bomb attacks through foreign agencies that operate on the transport system...through maintenance contracts!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

John Whalley of Wigan writes:

Let us dispel a few myths in a sensible way rather than all this emotional and sensational rubbish.

Secret Society, Secret Meeting Places, impossible to find? Almost all Masonic meeting places have \"Masonic Hall\" emblazoned proudly on the building, they are listed in the phone book and most nowadays have websites with the address clearly stated.

They will not give you a list of members? Of course not, neither will you get a list of boy scouts from your local scout group or a list of employees at your local firms, or a list of members of your local church societies, In the UK such disclosures are illegal anyway under the data protection act, if you ask individual members they will invariably tell you of their membership, if you want to know who is a member go and stand outside your local hall when a meeting is on and watch them going in, we don’t wear masks you know, or better still come to an open day and meet us, we do not bite, many Lodges hold social events when non-masons are invited, ask for an invite, as long as you are sensible and prepared to behave well they will be only too pleased to have you.

What are the "secrets" then? Quite simply and solely the traditional means of recognition, which are a throwback from the days when most operative masons were unable to read or write and needed a method of checking skills and credentials, a bit like a modern union card or similar, many of our signs and symbols have similar origins.

Why has no-one joined, moved up the ranks, and than done a massive expose of the organisation? It is almost certain that it has been tried many times but since there is nothing to find anyone trying would be sorely disappointed, (I would like to bet that some of those decent men who have joined for similar reasons have liked what they found and gone on to become keen Masons).

Do Masons swear to protect each others secrets? Yes we do swear to keep each others LAWFUL secrets, we all have those, That is no more than I would expect of any decent human being, but we state that all immoral and unlawful secrets are most especially excepted.

Many Masonic terms have been incorporated into the English Language. Square deal, Pillar of society, Upright behaviour, On the level, Past Master, etc, invariably they refer to good and honest behaviour.

Masons prefer other Masons for jobs etc? If that were true we would all be wealthy men, My Lodge has representatives of almost every level of society from millionaire to unemployed, in any case when we joined we were told in no uncertain terms that any attempt to use our membership for personal gain would be treated most severely.

Masons cannot leave? Any Mason can resign from his Lodge or Lodges at any time and for any reason and will not be asked why, or any attempt made to prevent his resignation, however we still consider him to be a Mason and he can re-apply to join a Lodge at any time. Members can also be expelled from Masonry for various offences both within the movement and outside it, in this case it is unlikely he would be allowed to rejoin unless he could show the expulsion was unfair.

You have to be invited in and cannot apply to join? Totally erroneous, in fact the exact opposite is true, we are forbidden from touting for members and must wait until we are asked, you can ask a Mason you know, or apply to your local group or Province.

John Whalley
Group Publicity Officer
St Helens and Prescot Group of Freemasons (UK)
(yes, I know, a “secret society” with publicity officers, silly isn’t it)

Colin Wales of Sedbergh submitted a YES vote.

Tom Davison of Bedford writes:

Most people nowadays have bank accounts, credit/debit cards. They may do internet banking or telephone banking, and often have occasion to contact the card provider, or their bank. When they do so, they have to identify themselves to someone who has never met them before, but who must be convinced of their identity, before they can be given access to the information they seek. I am sure that most of these folk would be quite happy to talk about their lives, hobbies and families, yet would absolutely refuse to give you their password, pin numbers and the secret questions and answers that protect their access. (Mother's maiden name, first school, place of birth etc)

Masons are no different, and the "secrets" that we guard are the signs, grips and passwords by which we can identify ourselves to another mason that we may be meeting for the first time, and to prove our right of access to one of the meetings. Apart from those secrets, I and other masons are quite happy to talk about our masonic life, and what we do in the lodge. So we are not a secret society, but like everyone else, we do have some secrets that we don't want to pass on.

David Gardner of Auchterarder, Perthshire writes:

It’s always the sign of a slow news day when the subject of freemasonry crops up. I have been a freemason for 40 years and do not understand why JS of Glasgow is so troubled. However, Glasgow, sadly, is still a rather sectarian city, a situation that gives rise to considerable unpleasantness in many quarters there.

But this does not justify attacking Freemasonry and describing it as evil any more than one would say the same of the established church. Some individual freemasons do not live up to the high moral standards expected of them. However, the same can be said of non-freemasons in all walks of life. I would imagine that any bona fide organisation would be reluctant to disclose personal details about any of its members or patrons and rightly so.

My long experience of freemasonry is an environment of genuine friendship and mutual trust. I have never witnessed any of the corruption that JS alludes to, nor have I been encouraged to participate in any shady practices. I think this conspiracy theory is all in your mind, JS. Move on!

TN of Monmouth writes:

With all due respect to all Freemasons, I disagree with the idea of freemasons quite a lot. it's very clever and society need freemasons but such a large amount of secrecy is uncalled for and putting people in there because they have higher jobs is unfair too.

Freemasons should exist, but i don't think some of them should use that power for their own benefits as they seemingly do. People with high power i.e. people high in government, police forces, lawyers etc get there because of their membership in freemasons. My father's colleague had been in a job for 5 years and never moved up, when my dad asked him why he said, "Because i never joined the Freemasons."

How is that fair?

John Whalley of Wigan writes:

In my earlier post I referred to open days. The Masonic Hall in St Helens, Merseyside, is having open days on the 10th and 11th September 2011

Come along and see for yourself what Freemasonry is all about. Contact St Helens council to book a tour -

Susan Morris of Birmingham writes (on 27/2/12):

What are freemasons praying to? Definitely not Christ. Read the ten commandments, read the bible. What they do is 100% in opposition to what it say's in there. You need to be humble to reach the gates of heaven.

A question once reached Jesus by a man who wanted to know how to reach heaven, thought he was doing everything correctly to get there. He needed to do one more thing, give all his riches to the poor. He couldn't do that one thing, so heaven is never reachable for him, as it'll never be reachable by freemasons. These people are interested in money and power (Devil's work).

Have a happy life all you freemasons, I won't be seeing you on the other side, neither will all those people who may be getting it tough now. But this life is short, all I can say 'GOOD LUCK IN THE NEXT!' Boy are you going to need it.

I would say to most people Bless You!! But I think you need more than my blessing!! I would give this some thought if you are interested in yours and your family's souls.

Vanessa of Croydon Surrey writes (on 17/3/12):

John Whalley, thank you for your comments. However as my ex-husband is paying maintenance through a court order - which I had to fund - but is "self employed", if I write/contact The UGLE he will find an excuse to not pay, as in he hasn't any work.

He is a person that has consistently lied his way through life, and will stop at nothing to be seen in a favourable light. Also his Lodge has now been dissolved so there is not a direct contact left. The Treasurer of what was the Lodge, is the best friend, thus ruling out any contact.

It would seem that I am caught between a rock and a hard place!.

G Harris of Sydney NSW writes (on 6 April 2012):

Mathematicians will tell us the science of mathematics can be applied to solve even the most obscure of questions.

Ponder then the wide issue of Freemasonry and their representation in society, particularly within middle and upper level management of organisations paid from the public purse.

As a mathematical test case, study the State of Queensland in Australia with an acknowledged membership of about twenty six thousand men. Start by identifying the total number of people paid from the public purse. Then, identify the number of people occupying middle and upper level management positions in public and public funded organisations, for example, police and other emergency services, judiciary, prisons, local and state government etc. Identify and subtract the number of women holding like positions. Thirdly identify the number of non-aligned men holding influential positions and subtract this number from the total. It is then a simple mathematical exercise to calculate the probability of the number of Freemasons occupying positions of influence within public funded instrumentalities under a system that reputedly selects on ability, excludes gender bias, and is fair, open and accountable.

For this calculation to be made it is a simple matter for the Government of Queensland and the State’s Crime and Misconduct Commission to require all middle and upper level managers to answer a simple question, ‘Are you or have you ever been a Freemason?’. Of course, for obvious reasons, the exercise may end here. However, not to be discouraged, we will hypothetically assume, as a condition of continued employment, the truthful response becomes a requirement. This exercise would result in Freemasons being able to declare, as they have emphatically, being a lodge member is all about charitable works, making good men better and offers no unfair advantages in life or commerce.

Conversely if, as their antagonists insist, the real danger of Freemasonry (nepotism and unlawful discrimination) is that it largely excludes (except as figureheads) our daughters and non-aligned men, interferes with justice and surreptitious business dealings adds billions of dollars to our taxes and charges via manipulated local and State Government tenders, this needs to be exposed.

To start the exercise, seven people need to be asked the question, ‘Are you or have you ever been a Freemason?’; the new Premier of Qld, the head and deputy head of the Crime and Misconduct Commission, the Commissioner of Police and his deputy, the Chief Justice of Queensland and the head of the Queensland DPP. Methinks there is a house of cards vulnerable to the resonance created by scrutiny.

Melanie of Lincoln writes (on 19th June 2012):

Personal experience of police, land registry, solicitors etc, etc. All malevolent and corrupt!

Sally of London writes:

I am a Freemason in a mixed Order where men and women work together. I am proud of my Freemasonry and would not have any problem declaring it publicly - so long as I am never COMPELLED to do so. That would, in my opinion, be quite unacceptable.
Freemasonry is an ancient and honourable Order which practices Brotherly Love, Charity and tolerance. The fact that it does so has perhaps made it unappealing to those of fascist or authoritarian nature throughout the ages.
Incidentally, the Order of the Eastern Star - whilst a member of the world-wide masonic "family" is NOT itself Freemasonry. However, there are ladies who belong to it who also belong to femalecraft masonry or co-freemasonry.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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