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When you get kindness thrown in your face

Our correspondent writes ...

Imagine the scenario...

A good Christian woman takes a boy into her home as a foster child because the boy's natural mother doesn't actually want to be his mother. She wants to see him regularly but she doesn't want the responsibility of raising him and looking after him.

Despite getting a far better life with nice holidays abroad, the boy turns out to be a lying little monster who does nothing but cause trouble. Eventually he causes the worst kind of trouble imaginable for the kind foster mother who has tried to welcome him as part of her family: he accuses her of abuse.

Bexley social services are brought into the case and the boy tells the social worker his foster mother has dragged him down the stairs by his hair. This might be believable to most people except that the boy's hair is short-cropped in the modern number-one style and the foster mother is partially disabled. The stairs are something she negotiates only twice a day in considerable agony - when she comes down them in the morning and when she goes to bed at night. Climbing stairs causes her great pain and discomfort.

But the social worker naturally believes every word the boy says and brings a charge against the foster mother. It matters not that the boy is a habitual liar and has previously caused similar problems for another family who took him into their home.

So the case goes to Blackfriars court and the lady is assured by everyone on the prosecution side that she will definitely go to prison for this cruel act (that she didn't do). Fortunately, the same lady is a regular church-goer and her friends there, including the minister, know she is not capable of such an act and are prepared to back her in court.

The case starts and there are objections to the jury, so another jury is sworn in. There are similar objections to this second jury so the process is repeated. The same happens with the third set of jurors so the judge tells the prosecution he has had enough. He throws the case out of court and our accused victim is acquitted.

Thank God for for the commonsense shown by at least one judge in the face of mounting evidence that courts are only there to protect the scum that actually cause most of the problems these days.

Editorial Comment:

We have been deliberately vague about specific details on this report because this dear lady, who was wrongly accused of abuse, has gone through hell for weeks and months.

Convinced by those who persecuted her that she was going to be convicted at all costs, her expectations of a criminal record and a lengthy spell in prison put her in a position where she thought the whole system was against her with no-one to protect her, apart from those who knew her best - her family and close friends.

Fortunately, the judge in question tired of the farce that was played out in front of him and perhaps recognised that social workers are too easily prepared to accept statements that are not borne out by facts or evidence.

Too often we witness the vindictive acts of social workers who will do anything to justify their existence. Many so-called child experts are not married and do not have children of their own yet they claim to know everything there is to know about raising children. The fact is, they know nothing. They may have the educational qualifications for their job but many do not have the brain power or even the commonsense to make sound judgments.

Yet when they fail to protect children who genuinely need their help, they are rarely held to account - even when children have been badly beaten or murdered as a result of their negligence.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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