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My new Dream bed was just a dream

Our correspondent writes ...

I ordered a new bed and mattress from Dreams Bed Superstores PLC because the item was guaranteed in stock and could be delivered within 7 days. The actual delivery date was fixed 8 days from purchase  - the earliest available slot. Less that 24 hours before the due delivery date, the warehouse phoned to say that when they went to load the delivery vehicle with my order they suddenly realised that they had "run out"!

How a multi-national company ever conducts an audit with such terrible stock control is beyond me but, to add insult to injury, this person had absolutely no idea when this bed might come back into stock and suggested I rang customer services to acquire an approximate date.

I did just this (at national call cost), and was on hold for 10 minutes before I could explain the situation to the operator. She assured me she would find out immediately and mumbled a very insincere apology.

5pm came with no phone call. The insincere operator had now gone home for her dinner.

I still had no bed so I decided to phone the store from which I bought the bed. I asked to speak to the manager. "He's gone home for his tea," I was told.

Supervisor? Nope. He too has gone home for tea.

So who's in charge? "Er no one. It's 6pm, so we are running on skeleton staff."

Funny that. On the Bank holiday Monday when I ordered the bed, there were salesmen queuing up to take my money.

So buyer beware. They may say they it is in stock but what this actually means is: 'We have some stock, we don't keep track of how many we sell and we have a tiny bit of small print to cover ourselves and avoid being caught out by trading standards.'

Still, seeing as I had booked the following day off work to wait in for the delivery, I had plenty of time to go in to the store and demand my refund.

Editorial comment:

This correspondent's experiences don't exactly match the delivery promises made on the company's website but we perhaps shouldn't be surprised. It's very often the case that a large company's employees don't all sing out of the same hymn book which rather makes a mockery of the government-imposed standards that are supposed to protect consumer rights.

Anybody else had similar experiences with Dreams Bed Superstores?

Visitors' Comments

David, Swadlincote writes:

Totally agree with the comment about Dreams. It took five days to deliver a bed and mattress all because they have incompetent staff in the warehouse and on the customer service team. It should be renamed NIGHTMARES.

AT, London writes:

I'm in agreement here. The Dreams show room from which I purchased my bed was next door to their warehouse and yet, after making a number of calls to confirm stock was available from which I could pick up my purchase the next day, I arrived to find there wasn't any in stock. I was told upon payment that stock would arrive in 5 working days. This time, I am told "about 2 weeks". I witnessed staff in the showroom both physically walk to and phone the warehouse yet, when chasing them over the phone, they behave like separate entities, instead passing the buck to their national customer service line to contact the warehouse. Other customers were waiting in the cold for collection (up to 30mins) as no one was around the warehouse to hear the bell. It took 3 irate customers addressing staff at the showroom for one worker to investigate. My experience has shown staff to be incredibly lazy, and the company to be an incohesive organisation tuned to sell, but not provide. The branch in question is in Enfield - Mollison Avenue.

ZD, London 6/6/09 writes:

They literally take the pi**. I had enough of them as I have been waiting for delivery of my beds since Aug 08. They offered me a miserly £200 discount. Write to the CEO and directors. I wrote them a really long email which I wanted to copy/paste here, but wasn't able to do so. This morning when I called again, they said they can deliver in 3 weeks! Now, after my email, they are saying they can deliver tomorrow. That is besides the point as they do not address compensation, so negotiate hard and negotiate well. As I have been waiting forever, I will wait and see what the outcome will be. Go to the top, you'll encounter gate-keepers, but be persistent. No-one was prepared to give me their email and you are passed from pillar to post. I done my research. They make profits and turnover of £200 million plus and for them to treat us that way is unacceptable!

Teresa O'Donnell, Oxfordshire writes:

I paid nearly a thousand pounds for bed and mattress over a month ago after being told I would receive my bed in five days and that it was definitely in stock. All in all I took four days off work without anyone calling to tell me they couldn't deliver!!! Each day before each delivery date I would phone to double check and each time it was confirmed delivery would be with me the next day. Each time nothing!! It took ages to get through.  Today, after running up a big phone bill, I have been told my bed is not even in the country and the next date available is another month's time. I went to shop of purchase who seemed unhelpful and more interested in customers purchasing in store. Eventually I demanded a full refund to which they than decided to ring customer services who did their best to keep the sale offering me a £180 discount and assurances that the operator will personally ring me every week to update me on delivery of stock to the warehouse. I am so shocked at the treatment by this company and the shoddy customer service who don't seem to know what's going on. I will be writing to the BBC and hope they can warn customers about this con called dreams. Also, their advertising should be removed from TV etc. I will never shop at this shop ever again and I warn others to do your research before you part with any money.

Carol Williams, Epsom writes:

This is a letter I sent to Dreams. Needless to say , no reply.

Good afternoon,  
I thought that I would ask you if you had good nights sleep on Saturday night. My 82 year old father and 76 year old mother did not.   The new electric beds were supposed to be delivered Saturday afternoon according to a phone call that my mother received Friday.   Consequently my husband and his friend went over to the flat and broke up and disposed of their old double bed.   Around 10.30 am she had a phone call to say due to an error, the beds were not loaded up for delivery.    My elderly and disabled parents were now without anything to sleep on. My mother (not wanting to be a nuisance) said that they would sleep on their chairs for the night. Great! Said the lady on the end of the phone, all sorted then.   My mother phoned me, quite upset and I phoned your customer services and went ballistic. I could not put them up as I have my daughter and son-in law staying with me.   Nobodies fault apparently, down to your computer system; my mother wants to sleep in a chair apparently.   This is absolutely disgusting, £1000 beds, extra for headboards and delivery charge. You are not a caring company and it will be my mission to let everybody that I speak to, know this. The beds were delivered on Sunday morning after my parents had been up all night because they could not sleep in chairs comfortably.   Something should have been done, a lorry sent out with their beds on it.   A disgusting way to treat customers and you need to sort out your customer service training.   I will wait for an apology from you to pass on to my parents.

No apology Yet!!

N J Elliott, Salisbury writes:

My bed broke after 9 months, reclining mechanism parted .i fixed it myself but called repair man who duly arrived armed with a CAMERA - NO TOOLS. he refixed the mechanism took lots of photos etc. After 2 months the mechanism again broke it is now held together with cable ties and parcel tape! .the de-luxe mattress is out of shape and not expected to last 2 years. THE COMPANY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR ADVERTISING TO "SLEEP ON A BED OF NIGHTMARES!!!!!!"

Anon writes:

You all want to think yourselves lucky you don't work for them as I do. Since Mike Clare sold the company two years ago, Dreams bullies it's staff, blames experience salesmen for a bad days trading and continually threatens us over 'compliance' and KPI's. If a regional controller from Dreams reads this, ' change your attitudes or you will lose a more good staff. I'm off shortly. A good case for the 'Sun' to send someone in undercover......

Stuart Hall, Ashby writes:

Dreams are a joke!!!!! I am still waiting nearly two months for my goods. Customer service is non existent, they even sent me a letter with a contact number that was out of service. No one is available to discuss, no date for delivery, they have of course get my money, paid in advance.

Sylvester Brown, Slough writes:

I purchased a bed in May had a phone call from the sales staff confirming my bed was ready for collection at the Loudwater branch, having hired a van to collect the bed i was told when i arrived the bed is not arrived from the suppliers.   I called the branch back to ask why i was told the bed had arrived he said that is what he was told and advised me to call customer services as there was nothing he could do.   I called customer services and there answer to the problem was we will deliver the bed free of charge.   Two weeks later i call the branch manager to find out were my bed is and he called me back to say the bed had been delivered to Loudwater 2nd of June as somebody will be calling me within 24 hours to arrange delivery time 5 days later i call the manager again to ask why no one had called me, he said he will contact customer services to find out why. Today he has called me to let me know the bed has not arrived however 5 days previously he called to say the bed is in stock.   I have never in all my life dealt with such an unprofessional company.

Barry Mantz, Orpington writes:

i purchased a bed from dreams on 12/02/10 it was delivered to my house covered in mud and BLOOD STAINS it was returned and i purchased a different bed and  two chest of draws they arrived today 07/07/10 the wrong colour so after five months i still have no bed, the customer service people are useless nobody wants to solve the problem. I am told i must wait another 3/4 weeks for my bed, buy yours somewhere else !!!!

Vanessa Todd, Glasgow writes:

I completely agree with all the comments, I spent just over £3,000 in a Dreams store, we have moved house and wanted all new beds for moving in, firstly the mattress we ordered at a cost of £650 we were told does not actually exist instead we were getting one at a cost of £500, the sales person tried to fob us off by saying "it's actually a better mattress" now how can that be when it is £150 less?? then my bed frame and furniture i was told would be delivered 2 days after the mattress, which meant sleeping on the floor for 2 days, that 2 days then ended up being 5 days, we also paid an extra £25 for our bed to be professionally made, when it was eventually delivered we had to wait a further day on someone coming back to make the bed. I got through to a manager after numerous calls and he offered me £200 compensation, well it has been 2 weeks since that call and low and behold we have still not received the promised £200!! I never realised spending over £3,000 for new beds would be such a stressful experience!! NEVER AGAIN will i shop in Dreams!!

Sophia Agamemnonus, Middx writes:

I agree with absolutely everything that is written regarding Dreams - what an appalling service I received by a company claiming to be 'Britain's Leading Bed Specialist'. 'Britain's Leading Example of Consumer Law Disregard' would be overwhelmingly more apt. I ordered a bed and mattress from Dreams on 10.7.2010 and paid almost £1000 in total. Two days later I was told that my mattress had been 'double sold' and that I would have to some into the store, choose another mattress and put the order through with the Customer Services team. Great. So another journey to the store and another hour spent in Wembley choosing a mattress to then be told that I couldn't order it with the store but had to wait until Monday when Customer Services were open. What a wonderfully efficient system. I lodged the order for the new mattress and was told that it would be with me in 2-4 weeks - so no later than 13 August. Marginally annoyed, I gritted my teeth and asked when the bed frame would arrive, only to be told that there was no bed frame in the system! After a ridiculous number of phone calls, time excessive spent in my day trying to convey that this was unacceptable (a notion lost on this joke of a company), I finally had my bed frame delivered. A couple of weeks later, I phoned back to find out when the elusive mattress was coming in - 30th August - a bank holiday - I had to point out to THEM that they do not deliver on a Bank holiday - how encouraging. And for those in Dreams that cannot do the maths (let's presume that is everyone that works for this pathetic company), that's 7 weeks from order date to delivery date. Excessive to say the least. That's not all folks - this shambles developed even further when I was then also asked how I would be paying the excess money (because the new mattress was more expensive than the one I originally wanted!) I cannot repeat writing what I actually said - needless to say, I didn't pay the excess. PLEASE - if you value your time, money, sanity and dignity, DO NOT purchase anything from Dreams. They are an absolute disgrace whose practices border on being in direct contravention of the Consumer Protection Act 2008 and needless to say, I am escalating my matter further.

Bob Eley, Chandlers Ford writes:

Hi my disabled wife and I ordered and paid for a bed £850 on Tuesday 3rd Aug, we were told it could be up to 28 days this we were happy with. Dreams (Nightmares) phoned on the 11th Aug to say they would deliver our new bed on Friday the 13th, on the Thursday we disposed of our old bed, only to get a phone call later to say your new bed has come in to them damaged so they won t be delivering it to Friday. I phoned their customer services on the non rip off phone No. 01628535353 and after many phone calls they have offered a £70 voucher for our inconvenience. They hide behind the small print that gives them 28 days to deliver and that they had never told us to dispose of our old bed, they also never told us at the time of making delivery arrangements that our new bed was still not in their possession yet therefore unchecked. At this point a reputable company would have asked what they could do to help, When I asked for a loan bed I was told we don't lend beds, when I asked for a refund I was told it would be subject to a 20% cancellation fee (£170) as they still hiding behind their 28 days delivery part of their contract. Had they not phoned before they were in possession of the bed we wouldn t had disposed of our old bed. A reputable company would have refunded the in full without question. If you want Nightmares then Dreams are the place to go.

Rosalind Clark, Reigate writes:

Experience not as bad as some but frustrating enough being kept on hold for ages! Although staff in shop keen to help, I have also waited in for a whole day expecting a bed to be delivered. Customer services just said out of stock once i eventually got through and gave me a delivery date for the following week. Bed arrived but not all the screws!! Beware!

Alice, London writes:

Ordered a bed six weeks ago, been told thrice it would be delivered on 3 various dates after calling each time to chase them up - the first two times, I was told that the bed was actually not in the warehouse, and no one had even bothered to keep me updated. Called Customer Services several times over the past few days, spoke to three different people, every time I as told I would get a call back, which of course never happened. Now waiting for the delivery today, still no sign of life, and of course their customer hotline (which I must have called for more than 3 hours in total) doesn't work on Sundays. I am seriously considering taking them to court. AVOID AVOID AVOID Dreams beds.

Christophe Maugino of London writes:

Totally agree!!!

My experience with Dreams was (still is) a nightmare:

1. First they wanted to deliver when I was not home,
2. Next they were on their way, but they were missing a box
3. The next week they delivered the wrong bed and it was damaged
4. the next week I did not get a call, but when I rang customer service they told me the bed was not going to be delivered because there was an inventory discrepancy

Next... I don't know! I've been waiting 3 weekend in a row, and still no bed in sight!!! A real nightmare.

Keith Baxter of Llandudno, North Wales writes:

We purchased a mattress topper in March 2010. It was totally useless and unfit for purpose. We went back to the shop in Llandudno and met the first problem ... a young lady who didn't want to know.

After promised telephone calls never materialised, we contacted 'head office'. Another mistake! More promises were made and we were told to take the offending topper back to the store and it would be replaced with a more efficient one. Store knew nothing about this (so who is telling porkies - store or H.O.?)

The young madam decided that she wasn't having anything more to do with this problem and walked away, telephone call that Sat evening said that a search would be made and if topper was not available we would receive a refund. The following day (Sunday) the young madam left a message that we should pick up the topper we had left because no exchange would be made.

Wrote to the CEO another letter back from Customer Services more promises made and broken. Then started to take legal proceedings. More promises - not kept.

Finally received said topper this morning 18th Nov. Is matter now over? NO I will pursue the seemingly missing CEO until he has the decency to reply to correspondence. I will also be sending regular letters to the Executive Chairman and founder to see if he is better mannered and more caring than his staff.

Sam Hardinge od Clacton writes:

Customer service from Dreams is terrible. I purchased a bed frame and mattress a year ago from Dreams in Ipswich totalling just under £900. Less than a year old and the mattress is useless, one of the spring coils is broken and protruding through the material on one side of the mattress.

I have followed the guidelines and flipped and turned the mattress every 2 - 3 weeks. I purchased the Dreams' ten year guarantee for an extra cost of circa £80 so when the coil came through I rang Dreams told them the situation and a technician (in the very loosest sense of the word) visited my house 2 weeks later. The technician barely uttered 2 words the whole time he was here.

3 weeks later I hadn't heard from Dreams so gave them a call to check what was happening only to be told that we had caused the damage and that the mattress was 'soiled'. We both pride ourselves on having a clean and tidy house so was angry to be told this! I was then told that there was nothing further that could be done. The salesman was quite happy to take the extra over for the insurance! Disgusting service.

I will not be using dreams again!

Nick Wilson of Bridlington writes:

My elderly mum is disabled due to having a serious illness. She recently bought a bed from Dreams Beds at Clifton Moor, York. She was told by the sales person she was buying an all-singing and dancing electric bed, but was only sent a basic model.

Dreams are now denying that she ordered this bed - but I was with her and I know that she did. The CEO hasn't got the decency to honour the order and Customer Services are bullying her. They won't give her a refund even though the bed hasn't been used.


Janice Mcpherson of Coventry writes:

After 4 weeks I finally got my bed delivered but guess what? It was the wrong size. After many calls and visits to the shop and, may I add, many lies, I ended up cancelling the order.

Bed was collected and the bedding returned in packaging, unused, but they still won't refund. They say it needs to go through another department. The shop says it can't refund anything and it has to be done through HO. Strange, I said, what happens if I bring back a pillow case for a refund? They state they would send my request to HO. So I asked what happened if you accidentally overcharged me for something? They said they would send that request to HO.

They also don't have their refund policy anywhere in the shop and even the manager can't quote it. I thought by law they had to have their refund policy at the cash desk but Dreams just don't seem to follow any laws.

So I have no bed or bedding and I'm £2,000 down. Dreams don't give you dreams ... they give you nightmares! BEWARE!!!!!!!

Maja of Dublin writes:

I agree with absolutely everything that is written regarding Dreams - what an appalling service I received from a company claiming to be 'Britain's Leading Bed Specialist'. 'Britain's Leading Example of Consumer Law Disregard' would be overwhelmingly more apt.

I bought a bed and mattress from Dreams on 16.6.2010 and paid £794 in total. They said I'll get free mattress protector however I just realised they never even delivered it to me as I thought the matt protector was all ready on the mattress. I found out 3 weeks ago when I went to visit Belfast store to purchase another one to keep as a spare then I found out that I don't have the first one delivered as shown on my receipt. The staff were very good with us and we purchased 2 more pillows.

We are happy with the product but we had bad experience with delivery - they didn't contact me for a month to arrange the delivery. When that happened they didn't deliver my mattress protector and now I was trying to explain to a customer service lady name Rachel. She was so rude on the phone and didn't want to help at all.

Next... I don't know! I've been waiting 3 weekend in a row, and still no sign of reply for my item which is paid for but not delivered!!! A real nightmare. No hope any more ..........after I spoke to Rachel in customer service - very rude.....

ngela of Derby writes:

I ordered a bedstead and mattress on the Monday and paid in full online. However, I obtained a bed from a friend. When I phoned to cancel the order, the lady in customer service said there was a cancellation charge of 20%. I mentioned that I did not see this on the website and that I am within the "7-day cooling off period".

Without apologising she just continued and said ok. She took my bank details (which they already had) and said that my money would be paid into that account. I phoned back as I forgot to ask when the money was transferred. I got through to a surly chap who was most unhelpful and told me that it would take 7 days for my money to be transferred. Besides the appalling customer service. When I ordered the bedstead I was only given the delivery date after payment!!!! Which was three weeks waiting period.

I agree with others - they should be called Nightmares!!! Considering all the money they pay on advertising I really think they should do something about the appalling attitude in their Customer Service department. I for one will NEVER shop there and will advise my friends and family to do likewise (and people at my work).

Mrs Coyne of Leeds writes:

WOW! how on earth does this company keep going , I had decided to order a divan bed from this company today, but boy am I glad I read these reviews. THERE IS NO WAY I WILL BE ORDERING ONE NOW. thanks guys, I think you have saved me a lot of heartache !

.....and why no response about these scathing reviews obviously they DO NOT CARE .... take your money laugh all the way to bank and you may get a bed sometime. what a shoddy set up !!!

Mr B of Ilford writes:

I ordered a bed during May bank holiday, one of their expensive Tempur range, costing £2500 for the full bed and mattress set. When delivered it had rat droppings and stains.

Hayleigh Stevens of Cwmbran writes:

I am furious, on the 15th Sept. i went into Cwmbran Store and ordered an Angelina bed costing almost £1000. I was told it would be delivered 8 days later, it wasn't delivered and when i went into the store i was told it had been sold by mistake and that my new bed would not be in stock for another 6 weeks....they offered me an ex-display bed and because i was sleeping on a mattress i was so desperate to have my bed that i agreed as they also offered me £30 of vouchers for the inconvenience that i thought was a terrible compensation.....

i had the ex-display bed delivered 2 weeks later...and to my horror it was damaged and had white paint marks throughout the bed and looked like a shabby 2nd hand bed...i tried over and over again to call customer services that cost me a fortune in calls..i even had to vent my anger inside the store and they didn't have a care in the world....finally i got through to REBECCA at customer services who told me that my new bed that i have paid for in full wouldn't be here for another 6 weeks....11th NOV 2011. i was boiling and she offered me the £39 delivery cost back.....terrible compo !!

I still haven't received my vouchers neither my £39...nor my was supposed to be delivered on 11th and as i was working had a friend house sit all day when i came back from work it still hasn't been delivered i called cust ser and they told me the bed will be here for the 15th is now 15th and the delivery driver called me to say that he will take my bed away and dump off the new bed but i will have to put it together way that wasn't the agreement at all...after speaking to supervisor they are calling to do what they have promised but we will wait and see.....something needs to be done - this company are liars and muppets and i will NEVER buy from them again

Granny of Wf62ne writes:

my experience with dreams is order a bed and DREAM ON! you might even get it one day

Bev Brummelhuis of Gatwick writes:

I tried ordering a bed from Dreams on the internet but the order could not be completed, I then called and ordered the bed and mattress over the phone. They told me they would deliver my bed the following Friday, I stayed home from work on Friday and waited all day, no bed, I called Friday late afternoon to be told the store was closed, I would have to call the next morning when the office was open. I called the next day and was told they had written the wrong address and telephone down. I asked if they could deliver that day but they said no they were sorry but they would deliver it the next day (Sunday), I again stayed home and no delivery. I called Sunday late afternoon and they had some excuse, as I was going away they promised me a 30 pound voucher and delivery when I returned from my trip a week later. When I called back a week later, they told me the bed was discontinued, wasted my time in 3 different phone calls, 2 days of waiting for the delivery and when I asked for my voucher they wasted more of my time and said because I cancelled the order, no voucher. The worst service I have ever had. The only thing they did effectively was to charge my credit card the first day of the order. Now that I have cancelled my order, they tell me it will take 10 days to return my money.

Vicky of Bolton writes:

please could you help? i ordered a bed on the 23 September and was told it would be here 12 November so i got rid of my bed. it is now 10 December and i still have no bed i have been sleeping on the floor all that time i have spent many a hour trying to get through to your customer phone line ( please if you have a few hours spare i suggest you try it )

I phoned you customer service on Wednesday and spoke to a lady called Chantell she offered me £50.00 discount for my inconvenience she then added to my bill £50.00 for delivery???? i was told there was no delivery charge when i ordered the bed many months ago , so she is now investigating this and i now have to wait till Monday to find the outcome of this complaint.

On Thursday i got a call from a lady saying my bed could not be delivered until i paid for it in full i told her i had sorted the finance out for it back in September so i was then worrying all day was my bed coming or not? so i then (when i finished work) had to go to the store to find out what was happening and was told don't worry it was sorted . I was told that it was going to be arriving on Friday the 9th December i took the day off work i waited and waited by 4.30 nothing so again i phoned your customer service i was then put on hold i was then cut off so again i phoned after 30 minutes i got through to a person wow i was so excited to actually speak to some one i was promised a phone call back.

its now Saturday morning i have a choice this morning do i go to the Dreams store at Middlebrook retail park in Bolton where i ordered the bed from or do i stand at my window all day waiting to see a van ?????? Nick what would you do ???? As much as i enjoy sleeping on the floor and i am getting used to it i don't step out of bed now i roll a habit i hope i break when my bed does eventually get here i am so looking forward to it arriving i hope i am not disappointed knowing my luck it will have a big tear or scratch on it . All my friends on my social network site are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my bed i have been keeping my site updated and i am sure it will continue into next week . Thanks for reading Nick

Vicky (bad back through sleeping on the floor) Whalley

Editorial Comment:

We can't help you directly, Vicky. We merely publish customer feedback.

Anon of Peterborough writes:

Have total sympathy with all of the above- I worked for this awful company for nearly two years and we were actively ordered to lie and mislead potential customers and bullied by the managers and area managers if we did not sell what we knew to be substandard goods at silly prices and which we knew would most probably not get delivered within the quoted delivery schedule- I saw area managers reduce experienced sales staff and managers to tears on the shopfloor because they had not sold enough of the overpriced tat! I left in the end because I hated to think of my parents or indeed anyone I cared about suffering the Dreams experience!

Laura of Stockton writes (on 25/12/11):

I wish i had read all this before ordering from dreams! I ordered a bed that was advertised on TV at sale price in September. I waited a week expecting someone to contact me about delivery. I phoned customer services (and waited a long time for them to answer!!) They said the bed was out of stock and would be due the first week in December. I loved the bed so much that I decided to wait.

I then received an email which was not even addressed to me, it was to a completely different name saying their delivery date was 12th December. it said to reply to the address if the date was not suitable. i replied to say that it was sent to the wrong person but as they had ordered the same bed as me, would that also be my delivery date. I did not get a reply.

I then received a letter telling me my delivery date would be December 13th so i waited all that time only for my bed not to arrive, I phoned customer services again and they told me the bed was not in stock and weren't very apologetic that nobody had bothered to tell me. They said I could order a different one or cancel if i wanted but i decided to wait again.

Now after reading this I am going to cancel my order and just get my money back. Has anyone read in their small print about being entitled to £5 a week compensation if you have to wait for a bed over 60 days? I am going to investigate this as this is what i have been told. Nightmare!!!

Katie Jarvis of Alford writes (on 20/1/12):

Where do I start? Bed ordered in October. Two promised delivery dates came to nothing. Third one, bed arrived. Paid for assembly, but subcontracted courier couldn't do it.

Demanded DREAMS sorted it - they made courier assemble. Bag of bits left over....oh and wrong bed delivered! 6 weeks on still got wrong bed but also got another bed delivered today to correct error ....but guess what, its wrong too against what we ordered!

I now have two incorrect DREAMS beds, scratched paintwork, broken skirting boards and filthy foot prints all over......going to sue?

Hell yes and making sure everyone knows about it to! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

Natasha of Fareham writes (on 24/1/12):

Dreams? More like Nightmares. I have never experience such poor customer service in all my life. Me and my partner purchased a bed from on of their stores where we were promised that it would be in stock on the 16.01.2012 where we can either pick it up from their Andover Warehouse or then arrange delivery.

As my partner works in Andover he was going to pick it up from the warehouse. So we called their customer service team on the 16th only to be told that it will no longer be available until 17.02.2012!! Obviously we were upset by this as we chose this particular bed over another we liked due to it being in stock earlier.

So we said we will have to think about the situation as to whether we wanted a refund or to wait even longer. So we called back the following day only to be told that 05.03.2012 will now be the earliest we can have the bed, obviously we were not happy about this but as I was not with my partner when he made the call he wanted to check with me as to our next step.

I then called Dreams myself where I got through to a very rude man who was not the least bit helpful. I requested a refund however he said he could not talk to me because I was not the account holder, even though the payment was made on my card and my partner had already given them my name for the account also. As he was very unhelpful I asked to speak to a manager. I don't think there is such a thing as a manager there as he would not put me through.

I have never experience such bad customer service. In the end he hung up on me after going round in circles as he would not escalate my complaint. My partner then called them up to get the refund where they then had to speak to me to authorise it!! No one there knows what they are talking about and will not try to be helpful in anyway.

Do not ever order a bed from Dreams!! My Mum ordered one several years back and had similar problems however I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Boy was I wrong! I have also contacted them through their website but as of yet am still awaiting a response from them. Does anyone have an email address or written address in which to complain to?

Marilyn Grech of Co. Durham writes (on 26 January 2012):

Today is 26th January 2012. I ordered my bed/sofa in December because it wasn't in stock. I was told that they would ring when delivery would take place by a firm named Yodel. Delivery date was today - a slot between 7.15am and 10.15am. No delivery arrived. Phoned Yodel. After waiting 10mins on the phone, they casually told me they couldn't find my sofa/bed!!!

I rang Dreams and they came back with the same answer. I told them because they couldn't keep their side of the order to give me a full refund. They casually turned round and said ok. Two hours later I get a call from Yodel to tell me that Dreams had not done a complete order to the warehouse and that she was ringing customers to tell them of alternative dates of delivery (note she said customers). I told her it was cancelled...she replied 'ok' and bye.

What a company! I would recommend to anyone to be very careful of them.

Editorial Comment:

What a company indeed?

So far, no-one has spoken out in defence of Dreams Beds so I expect they would argue that most of their customers are happy bunnies. It's the first thing any company says when they are trying to minimize the impact of customer complaints. But there's never any smoke without fire.

Philip Richards of Dukinfield writes (on 1/2/12):

I made a purchase totalling £1,695.98, agreed a delivery date, got the date confirmed so my daughter took the day off work. No Delivery arrived. Constant calls with stories of missing parts of my order. 8 days later I had had enough and cancelled the order.

Now getting your money back is even harder than getting your order. I phoned to say I wanted to cancel and was told it would take 3 days for someone to get in touch with me about the cancellation. 3 days later I phoned again to be told TEN days before someone will contact me. To date no money.....

Please do not trust these people with your money they are a nightmare and just don't give a damn about the misery they cause people.

A Bright of Felbridge writes (on 20/3/12):

I can't agree more. My hideous story is still ongoing since January and I am so appalled by it all. My experience would be too long-winded to write about but in essence:

  1.  they delivered faulty goods

  2. average hold time for customer service 35 mins

  3. ongoing promises to get back to me but nothing

Wrote to head office and managed to get stupid grovelling letter. Just had goods replaced and it's the wrong thing!!! Just about to write to CEO but I think I will just get fobbed off.....

Marie of London writes (on 9th April 2012):

Sleeping on my floor since Dreams delivered a dirty bed, If I don't get a full refund (as promised) I am going to do a peaceful one woman demonstration and handcuff myself to my bed in Dreams store next Friday.

All welcome to join in.

Steven Baynham of Bradford writes (on 22nd May 2012):

Why had I not found this before I paid!

£500 down, finally got the bed just over 28 days, but took 4 different delivery dates and then they turned up to 'collect a bed' rather than deliver it! Now its been delivered they won't call me or reply to emails and it's cost me a good £250 in time off work awaiting delivery and a further £80-100 in calls from my mobile waiting on hold for ages.

They eventually offered £70 and I said about my financial losses so they offered £85! I told them to get the cancellations team to contact me to take the bed back as I would prefer to pay the cancellation fee and have them lose out on a sale and delivery fees, but as yet no call back!!

Lucy Q of Hertfordshire writes (on 22nd May 2012):

I am so angry and shocked by the severe lack of customer service I canít even bear to talk about it. I never imagined a company could be so bad. It saddens me that thousands will loose their jobs this year through retailers going bust in bad economic times and the powers that be in their head office obviously do not have the operational clue on how to stop losing money. they offered me nearly £100 off my £365 order to get me to stop cancelling but then couldnít deliver in 5 days time, after 3 previous failed deliveries I could bear to wait any longer and change any more of my schedules to fit them in when to be honest I had no faith at all that I would get the goods and who is to say they will be ok when I got them.

They deserve to go bust and make room for a retailer that cares but I feel sorry for the people in customer service, they are not being provided the right tools or support to have an easier ride. I am all too familiar with call centre operations and fulfilment itís all about cutting costs their call centres are under staffed and outsourced therefore not dedicated Dreams staff, and apparently most of their warehousing has been moved to Yodel and we know who bought them last year - Home Delivery Network the worst delivery company in the world!!

The staff sound fed up because they are sick of taking one abusive call after the other. Customer service is not a nice job in any company but it's 100 times worst when the poor staff donít believe in the brand they are supporting and donít have the answers. They donít even tell you why it went wrong cos they just donít know!! Good luck to anyone who wants to get a bargain... buy cheap, buy twice and there is no such thing as a bargain.

James Christy of Leyland writes (on 23 May 2012):

Oh Dear, as is probably the case with most customers of DREAMS. We don't have access to sites like this, neither do we think or even DREAM (pardon the pun) that they could have problems when dealing with DREAMS.

My wife and I went into DREAMS Preston, Lancashire store on May 6th. Chose a new bed Got a 'firm' delivery date, May 21st. I asked if that was O.K. and delivery would not be a problem, (should have listened to my inner voice that was whispering in my ear) Was informed that delivery can only be made when the item has been paid for so, "No, definitely not a problem as you have paid in full sir."

On Thursday 17th May I received a telephone call from DREAMS informing me that my new bed would be delivered between 7 and 8.15am on Monday May 21st. The day before, we dismantled our existing bed and slept on our mattress on the floor as my bed was being collected first thing Monday morning, 21st. My existing bed was collected at 8.15am in order to make room for my anticipated delivery, at 11pm. I rang the contact number given to me to ask what time I should expect delivery of my new bed from DREAMS. I was informed that delivery was set for Tuesday 22nd May. No argument, cannot be changed, live with it.

As you can imagine, I was left with no bed. No use arguing about it. Contacted DREAMS, was informed that the sales person would get back to me in TEN minutes. At 3.30pm after no contact had been made with me I rang again and was informed that someone from customer services should have made contact with me.

The end story is that I did get my bed delivered on Tuesday 223nd May. I have received no contact from DREAMS following my telephone calls and my email to customer services. I guess we have learned a big lesson. That is: check out online for any signs of the company not being all that you expect before you go into a store to spend a considerable amount of money that is expected up front before you can expect a delivery or satisfactory service.

Editorial Comment:

Absolutely scandalous! One bad experience after another. We haven't had a single letter from anyone with a good word to say about Dreams Beds - not even the usual ones we tend to receive from staff trying to defend their employers. So we can only hope there are other potential Dreams customers who read our warnings and decided to go to reputable bed suppliers.

Mr Helpfull of London writes (on 24 May 2012):

I've also had a terrible experience with Dreams. Failed deliveries, wrong items and not being able to get hold of anyone. I finally spoke to a lovely helpful lady in higher customer service level and got the help and the customer service I deserved

Ring 07870 825598. Use her she was so helpful.

Editorial Comment:

Not sure about this one. The telephone number quoted for contacting the helpful Dreams lady is the same telephone number 'Mr Helpfull of London' supplied as his own contact number??

Mr and Mrs E of Sutton write (on 19th June 2012):

Terrible experience with Dreams, ordered a bed for our child on May 13, advising delivery guaranteed in 4-6 weeks. Then got a mail on 18 June advising they are out of stock and earliest delivery time would be 18 July 2012!

They were very quick to take money from our account, 3 days after initial order, even though they could not guarantee they had stock.

My question here is surely they should not be taking your money until goods are at least dispatched!!!

Editorial Comment:

Honest companies would merely take a deposit but this company is not known for its honesty! Like many other companies these days, they try to get everything up front. This means your payment is an interest-free loan for them. However, customers should insist on leaving only a holding deposit and settle the balance once the goods are ready for delivery.

Anon of North Tyneside writes (on 22nd June 2012):

Dreams beds bullies their staff. Being an employee I have witnessed it and I also have been the subject of it. Certain members of the senior team in my experience are very unprofessional . No confidentiality is shown to staff. Threats to sack, relocate, along with personal remarks regarding accent location of birth ...... do I need to go on. I have also seen decent people reduced to tears, managers vomiting at the thought of reporting poor sales.

I would urge someone to go undercover in this company. They are a tin pot set up who have an over inflated opinion of themselves. The only reason some of the workforce stay is that it is very hard to get another job and I hate to say this but the basic wage they pay for retail sales is very good. Company Banter (so is the term I'm told is "ok" )

Dreams Beds I hope you sink without trace and the decent good honest people you have working for you all get off the ship before it goes down.

Anon of Huddersfield writes:

Trust me, as a soon-to-be former employee of Dreams, I'd say don't buy your bed from them. Things used to be ok until they decided to use a delivery company called Yodel 6 months ago. Since then we have had nothing but problems. Not only do Dreams and Yodel not have the ability to communicate, but Yodel's pickers are as much use as a handbrake on a canoe.
Just one example we have had to deal with ... a customer bought a divan and had half a divan base, a mattress and a washing machine delivered ?!?!? The previous comments about them bullying their staff are true too. No support or help for members of staff, just the bullying tactics, hence why they received my notice a few weeks ago.
Want my advice as an ex-employee? Go to Bensons (please be aware though that sometimes things can go wrong as with all retailers).

Katie Fowler of Ross On Wye writes:

I brought a TV bed of dreams in April which cost us £1800. A week before it was meant to be delivered I had a phone call to say the beds were damaged and it would not be delivered for another 35 days. But by this time my other bed was sold and me and my husband were forced to sleep on the floor.
I tried contacting managers but no one would speak to me. I ended up being called a name by one of the customer services people in the end and got very upset by this.
Then eventually my bed was delivered damaged but they put the bed up for me so we were not sleeping on the floor any more. Then we were given another delivery date for a new bed that was delivered in a worse state than the first bed we have now. They want to deliver a new bed but as far as I am concerned if they give me a good discount I will keep this bed because I can't cope with anymore hassle from this company. I am in tears most of the time because of all the stress. I have an illness that gets worse from stress.
They are trying to offer me another bed and a very small amount of compensation which I have told them to stick.
I have now found the email for Nick Worthington who is the managing director and I am going to fight this company all the way because I am fed up. I am currently off work because I have broken my foot while clearing out my room for Dreams to deliver my bed. So as far as I am concerned this company owes me and a lot more people.
Can I please suggest everyone fights them as much as they can. It's a disgrace!

Dave Range of London writes:

The fact is they claim to have thousands of beds in stock for next day delivery, which is true. The problem is, they have over 250 stores which means only 8 per store and they can make this claim. The most common beds in stock are the ones which sell like cheap single divans!

Susan Forrest of Shipley writes:

I ordered and paid for a TV bed (over £1700) at the beginning of July 2012 and settled on a delivery date of 31st July, in order to redecorate our room. As my husband went to dismantle our old bed, I received a communication saying that "due to stock problems" our bed could not be delivered until 9th August. Fine, we still had a bed to sleep on.
On 8th July my husband dismantled (broke up) our old bed and the bed was delivered on the 9th. The problem was that there were no fixings in the boxes the bed came in. I rang the store to be told by a very irate member of staff that they didn't keep fixing packs in stock. Why??? Even a few packs would take up very little space.
I was also told that the fitters would return on Monday with the said pack and finish the job. I'm disabled so cannot sleep on the floor, so the prospect of 3 nights in a chair didn't really appeal, but I comforted myself with the thought that on Monday night I would be able to rest well.
No show. I rang "customer service" and was told that the fixing pack had to be ordered and until that was received there was nothing they could do. Numerous calls later and an offer of "instore vouchers" for inconvenience (which I categorically refused), I am still waiting.
I have contacted Trading Standards and they have given me advice, but I am still a disabled senior citizen with nowhere to lay down to sleep and it is making me ill. My next step is the newspaper, who, I'm sure, will be very interested in this story.

Kate Elbourne of Cheshire writes:

A SHOCKINGLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! 8 months to get a refund after several things went wrong - still sleeping on a broken bed - have advised that if it's not collected by the end of the month I shall dispose of it as I see fit!
My greatest empathies to all who have posted. How can this company still be trading????

Mark Williams of Nuneaton writes:

Can completely empathise with the comments made about 'Dreams' (the irony in the name is over-whelming). We have had two cancelled delivery dates of beds for our two sons. This has involved days off work, the multiple booking of holiday club places to allow us to take delivery and to decorate the rooms on the same day to really make the most of the 'surprise' factor that our sons deserve. Little did we know that we would be the ones in for the real surprise!
Money taken and left in the lurch; we have called 'customer services' and spoken to apologetic and (we think) beleaguered staff who are clearly ill informed who are either corralled making promises they cannot keep or who are simply too numbed to care.
The high street would be a better place without this shambles of a company. Too cynical now to hold out much hope for the third delivery date.

Debbie of Saffron Walden writes:

Oh dear, this all sounds too familiar. I ordered a bed in my local Dreams store and given a delivery date of 3 weeks. I paid in full. On the delivery date, there was no telephone call, so I spent three hours trying to talk to a human being on the Customer Services phone lines. Eventually I was told the bed was not available for another 20 days. I was told that I could cancel (without financial penalty to me!) and that the account dept would call me within 48 hours to issue a refund to my bank card.
Three days later, no call from accounts, two more hours trying to call Customer Services. Eventually, a really rude person tells me that it will take up to 14 days for a call from accounts, and a further 30 days to issue a refund.
Rubbish sales advice, rubbish Customer Services. What an altogether unhappy experience and I guess getting my money back will be no better.

Annie Close of Newtownabbey writes:

I have just had a nightmare experience with the staff over in the Newtownabbey branch (N.Ireland). Two members of staff with conflicting information...promises of phone calls...complete refusal to refund. say it's against their terms and conditions(??) and it is printed on the back of your receipt. Yes the receipt that you get AFTER purchase..even though the mattress is still rolled in it's packaging they refuse to take it back.
The girl in customer services 'Rachel' said yesterday that she would give me a refund if I could prove the manager I was talking to (that assured me of a refund) actually said that..after speaking to him he denied knowing that the mattress was already in my possession..even thought I asked him should I bring it in from the car and he said that I couldn't leave it there as they can't take responsibility for it until HO has cleared the refund. After asking how I could prove that he actually did say that and she said 'go over to the store and get the manager on the shop floor and at the same ring her and let her overhear him admitting he'd made a mistake. Why should I do that? Otherwise she said I'd get nothing back.
Also this morning I received an email from the customer services at HO saying they will forward my complaint to the 'Irish franchise' seeing as they are in the UK. I'm ALSO in the UK. I live in Northern Ireland which ISN'T IRISH!!!

Trevor Wheatley of Peterborough writes:

Read all of the above and felt a chill of horror! I worked for that awful company for two years and can tell you staff were bullied by their area managers into deceiving customers about stock and delivery dates, that customers are lied to about 'Ends Monday' sales and 'Final Days to Save' and that customer complaints are just ignored. That is all fact - awful, evil company run by bullies and fools!
We had to call the police to deal with customers who finally lost their temper and the customer service idiots charged a cancellation fee to a woman whose mother had died! The awful female Frankenstein of an area manager they have now is just plain stupid - a real Gail force wind!

Anon of Northants writes:

Ordered an expensive bed from dreams in October - an Octaspring Scirocco for £2507. We ordered a double and that is what we paid for. They ordered a kingsize by mistake. Same bed next order (for the double !).
Delivery day comes, the base arrived damaged and could not be put together. And the mattress had not been put on the delivery van. The two free pillows we were promised at the start of all this failed to materialise.
Now waiting to see what Dreams will do. Wish we had gone to John Lewis as we usually do.

Steve of Crawley writes:

As a Dreams employee of about four years, I have watched the company decline into such a shambles it's become almost tragic to watch. I do honestly sympathise with our customers who phone our stores to complain about being let down on their deliveries. Nine times out of ten, it's not the store's fault. When we have taken your order everything is effectively taken out of our hands and dealt with through the service team, or the warehouses.
We have a computer system that has been around seemingly since the dawn of time and needs constant upgrades. We can't amend details on orders without losing delivery dates. That's how stupid it is, so forgive me if I have to pass you over to the service team. It was created for use by around sixty stores, yet it's being used for over 200 now, the infrastructure can't cope.
Since Dreams was sold a couple of years back, no one has received a pay rise, our commission structure is a joke, and as most employees will agree that in the space of two years, our commission has been cut by at least 50%.
I can understand if you don't care about that, but being a salesman with a family, and price rises and inflation being a part of everyone's lives, then it makes a huge difference.
Our managers don't care about us, I've been threatened with transfers to other stores, disciplinary for slight under-performance and so on. Don't get me started with the divisional managers and the heads of sales.
Yes there is a theatre of bullying, and it's all for the sake of the idiots that bought Dreams two years ago. One thing I will say, and this has to be very unique; Why as a company do we advertise free delivery on our website (orders over £100) and yet in store charge £39 delivery for anything. Absurd. And a pain in the ars*.
Oh, by the way, Dreams is up for sale again, and this time I hope it goes to a good home. I hope that someone comes along and sees all the problems it has created for itself and somehow puts them right, I don't want to see Dreams go under, much like some of the comments above. I've made some really good friends and mostly we are a good bunch of decent and honest people.
For those of you that want us to go out of business, are you sure about that? Do you really want to see 1700 people out of a job because the delivery team delivered you the wrong mattress? Grow up, get a life and move on. The internet is a wonderful thing, and is the biggest voice for those who love to complain, and yet those who are happy make very little noise.

Sedef Narin of London writes:

It should be called NIGHTMARE, or just JOKE. You can cancel order in 7 days, but not after delivery ... why would I want to cancel before delivery?
Told them I forego the £400 deposit I gave, just take your bed and bring mine back, and no, I asked this the day the bed arrived, but no.
May they end up buying a product of their own and come across retailers similar to themselves! Shame on me for trusting TV ads, and not doing further research.
If you haven't received the bed, you can still cancel it!

Ricky of London writes:

I went to Dreams in Peterborough to buy a mattress as my ikea one needed changing after 2-3 years of daily use. The reason I go in-store is to try before you buy so after spending nearly 30 minutes choosing which mattress was best I went for the Fortune Mattress for £183 in the end.
I have back and neck problems so needed something to suit. The price in store is the price I paid and they also gave me free delivery (normally £39). During the Christmas sale, this was a deal not to be missed so I paid same day.
I asked the sales assistant, Chantelle, casually dressed in emo clothing with pink hair, not your usual company uniform, if the price is correct. She agreed with me and was happy to take a card payment from me without checking the system via chip & pin. She also stated that the price in-store was correct. I was given a copy of the receipt and transaction with all details stated on the form. I thought I was happy with the purchase of my mattress.
Then later that night I got a phone call from Chantelle saying that I had to pay extra for the mattress to be delivered. This was a mistake on their side as she should have checked the system first before taking the payment. She told me that the sale was already finished, but why still have sale posters placed in store, that's what I don't understand. Her response was their system was down at the time so she just went on self-belief.
If the prices on the website can be updated easily then I'm guessing it doesn't take long to remove the sale posters in store. I wasn't happy with the fact they were demanding an extra £40 when I've already paid for the price including delivery. I wasn't happy at this point and wanted a full refund.
But... there was a problem yet again, apparently they don't accept refunds in-store and I have to call customer services for any complaints I have. Normally you can get a refund if you make a payment in-store.
Next morning, I complained to customer services and they told me that the price I paid for originally including delivery had to be sold at that price. By calling up and asking for more money shouldn't have been done.
I got my refund the following day. I was so frustrated, just wanted a simple mattress. I would not recommend this company to anyone I know. I prefer to pay the extra in places such as John Lewis who are more experienced in this sector.

Patricia Berkeley of Sandhurst Berkshire writes:

17th April we ordered a bed from their branch in Farnborough. We were given a delivery date of 29th April. We received a text over the weekend to remind us of this date. We disposed of our bed on the 28th morning. At 3.15 on the 28th we received a text advising us that the delivery would be around 11am on the 29th, fine that sounded good to us. Then at 5.15 (on the 28th) we receive a telephone call from the distribution depot to say they do not have the mattress but could deliver the bed and deliver the mattress on Friday 2nd May.
As I am sure you can imagine I was not happy with that. What use is a bed without the mattress? Then I am told there was maybe a reserve mattress in the back of the shop we could use till Friday..... No one seemed sure whether this was a used one or not.
My husband has Plumary Fibroses and is a very sick man. He would not be able and nor would I want him to sleep on a bed that I am not sure would be clean.
I then get a call from the depot again and they are going to deliver the bed with a rolled mattress until the one I ordered would be delivered on Saturday. I was not in any position to refuse that. So I agreed. This morning (29th) I get a call to tell me the delivery would be between 1 & 3 this afternoon. Fine I agreed. Around 2.30 I receive a further phone call to say that the delivery van was 2 mins away but they have the wrong bed. Needless to say by this time I am furious. I am then told the correct bed was being picked from Crawley to be delivered to us. This now makes the delivery time between 1 & heaven knows what time. One of the delivery men who brought the rolled mattress, said he had been authorised as way of COMPENSATION to assemble two drawers that I had also purchased. I was that angry I sent them on their way.
I cannot believe that a company like this would even consider such an offer of assembling two drawers as COMPENSATION to make me feel happy with this appalling situation.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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