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The usual lies

Despite Bexley Council's promises to rescind the parking tickets they issued during the period when they illegally suspended Northumberland Heath parking bays, it seems many trapped motorists did not get their money back.

We have found no evidence that Bexley made any attempt to contact any of the motorists they fined but merely waited to see if anyone appealed against their penalty. Obviously many people did not appeal because they didn't want to risk the additional penalty charge if the appeal failed - as they often do.

If this is true, it's very obvious that Bexley saw this as a good reason not to give back all the money they had stolen. But you must ensure they do.

Graham Ward is the Head of Parking, Enviro-Crime and Performance for Bexley Council. Email him at and demand your money back. If he tries to fob you off with an excuse that some of the parking bay suspension notices were OK so the penalty stands, tell him that is absolute rubbish. Every bay was photographed so there is documented evidence that all were illegally signed. Remind him that the fine they charged you was corruptly extracted and copy your email to He's the Assistant Director (Development & Public Protection) but he seems to act as Bexley Council's whitewash expert on most matters and he is certainly aware of the Northumberland Heath fiasco.


The parking manager of Bexley - Mrs Tina Brooks - claims 33 PCNs were issued during this fiasco but only 13 were cancelled, presumably on appeal. That means 20 innocent motorists paid the penalty charges and were not reimbursed. That amounts to 1,000 of illegally extracted income for the council, assuming the quoted statistics are correct. I personally suspect many more PCNs were issued.

Brooks' explanation for not rescinding all the PCNs is that 'the computerised system is not able to provide information on individual cases or how they were each resolved'. If so, this is scandalous. How can anyone possibly defend themselves if the authority can't be bothered to keep proper records. On the other hand, it may explain how slush funds are accumulated.

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Winston S Churchill

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