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Using blindness to disguise deceit ... and much more

David BlunkettWe have been taking a closer look at the activities of former Home Secretary, David Blunkett, who has been clearly instrumental in the current government's attempts to control all aspects of our life in just the same way he tried to control the citizens of his home city of Sheffield when he was Leader of the Council in the eighties.

In the days before he aspired to take his policies to the Palace of Westminster, it was considered undemocratic for the citizens of Sheffield to oppose or criticise Blunkett. They could not even express an alternate view for he was the 'democratically' elected candidate from a ward that will never be other than a Labour stronghold and what he said went ... his view.

During his time in the Home Office, he tried to introduce statutes that gave him absolute power because that's the way he likes things. By doing so, he could control the thoughts and actions of anyone who didn't follow his agenda. He could imprison them without justification, without evidence and with no chance of appeal. This effectively reversed the edict of 'innocent until proved guilty' and placed unbelievable power in the hands of a man who wanted to be judge, jury and executioner.

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From a Sheffield Brightside constituent ...

We recently received some correspondence from a gentleman who lives in David Blunkett's constituency in Sheffield who tells us the community is corrupt and that corruption is encouraged by Blunkett himself.

If anything good happens in this community, Blunkett is the first on the scene taking all the credit for it. And he thinks nothing of claiming credit for other people's good idea. Problem is, he gets away with it because he is a man people are scared to offend. If they do, it results in retribution of great proportions.

Our correspondent once upset Blunkett when he complained about police corruption in the city. Even though he had the proof of corruption, all Blunkett did was to turn to his mates on the Sheffield Council who used every device to make our correspondent's life a misery. So miserable in fact, that they almost drove him to suicide.

Our correspondent makes a statement that many will agree with: people are beginning to hate this country because we will always have men like David Blunkett; men who thrive on power and corruption; men who talk about democracy but really mean dictatorship. Britain has become a dictatorship under New Labour . Britain has become a hateful place under this Government. People are afraid of men in the Blunkett mould and the Blunketts of this world use it against them.

Editorial comment:

We were always astounded by the fact that a man who continually demonstrated his ability to lie without compunction was constantly defended by the Prime Minister and still retained his grace and favour privileges even when he was deposed from high rank.

Since then, much evidence has been sent to us concerning Blunkett's background - from his earliest job at the gas board, through his trade union activities, his close association with the Methodist Church, his control of Sheffield City Council, and upwards to some of the most senior positions in government.

We have talked to people who met him indirectly through the course of their work and came away with the impression that he was a really nice guy but the evidence we have seen indicates he is one of the nastiest and most dangerous men in the UK. By implication, that suggests anyone who defends him is equally, if not more, dangerous. Or scared.

Local government and national government and even the EU have gone to enormous lengths to destroy a man who has tried to expose corrupt activities which often have a common trail leading back to David Blunkett. One of our correspondents has even faced threats of death from very senior people but he has volumes of evidence which may one day topple the mighty if he can find a path through authority that is not tainted by corrupt practitioners. And that is the major problem - whichever avenue you take in your attempts to expose corruption, you find that most of the enforcers are themselves tarred with the same brush. Corruption abounds at every level.

Readers' Comments

AR, Sheffield writes:

You are correct. There are many others like this man. They also defend him and they protected him when he put his wife Ruth through hell. This Lady (yes, she really is genuine) certainly experienced the wrath of this evil man. Domestic abuse and wife beatings were well known and someone I know has the evidence that he beat his wife. What many Councillors failed to realize in the protective bunker of Sheffield Town Hall was that many abuses could have been seen through those concealed windows. It is alleged that many young messengers regret having ever entered. Hidden in the shadows of this very old building are many, many dark secrets.
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AR, Sheffield writes:

I was given a T-shirt with a picture of Blunkett on the front of it. Above was the word "Blind"; below the face in red letters "To The Truth". Very true.

I wore this to TESCO just a few yards from my home and was surprised just how many agreed with the shirt and the comments on it. But ALAS ... Local plod did not. A Police Community Support Officer who had just finished having a go at a ten-year-old for kicking a cardboard carton that was lying on the ground. Nearby, a few drunks were sitting on the wall of the nearby pub spitting and shouting. Plod walked up to me and said, "If I see you in that shirt again, I will send for assistance to arrest you for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace" I just laughed.

He told me to button up my coat before I went into TESCO. I just ignored him as he was out of order.

The following day I washed the shirt and hung it on the line at the back of my home. Within half an hour it had gone. I do not say the police took it but they were parked close by and seemed to be having a good laugh at something. If they did not take it, they certainly saw who did.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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