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Another inferior kitchen company

Our correspondent writes ...

I want to warn people about another COWBOY kitchen company operating in Essex.

I worked for CONWAY INTERIORS for a few months but I knew nothing about them as I hadn't lived in the area long. I was soon to discover just how shoddy their product was and how poor their service was ... hence the reason I no longer work for them.

The company starts by advertising their trade at car boot fairs in and around Essex - Dunton, Ardleigh, Boreham and others. Please beware of this company as you will get ripped off by MR SMOOTH TALKER himself - SEAN CONWAY.

Problems start as soon as he takes your money which is nearly always in CASH. That way he has your money and you have to take him to court to get it back ... if you're lucky!! You have to pay 40% up front when ordering your kitchens, then 40% the day he starts your work. The remaining 20% has to be paid in cash to the fitters or tilers. If that's not bad enough, the doors are usually wrongly measured thanks to Trevor, the ex-alcoholic. Your kitchen design is done on GRAPH PAPER. When you phone to complain (assuming you can get through as they usually disconnect the phone in the office) you get excuse after excuse why the right doors haven't been delivered.

You've then got so-called fitters who have little experience in the building industry. They try to make do when they fit your kitchen (which costs THOUSANDS), they PLAY with electrics and water as no one who works for the company is qualified to touch any water, gas or electrical work. I know this as I've had to go back to jobs that other fitters have done. I've seen the standard of work and the condition they leave customers' kitchens in.

"TAKE THE PUNTER'S MONEY AND RUN" should be their slogan.

Operating their business from car boot sales, some local people may know all about Conway Interiors' CRAP kitchens but others could be caught out. I've a few letters from customers who are more than willing to tell people how they were treated, some left with no cooker, sink and hob for 5 weeks due to a long list of errors. I have photos taken from the jobs these COWBOY fitters have done and the dangerous conditions they left like electrical works with no face plates or earth wiring, even waste pipes from the sink running back towards the trap rather than the opposite direction.

The company deals mostly in cash as they have to pay some of their fitters in cash - one of their men signs on the dole, one is retired and paying no tax, another was declared bankrupt.

The list of problems and complaints is endless...

M Allen, Essex

Editorial Comment:

Our correspondent is not alone in warning people about Conway Interiors. Many others who have fallen foul of this company have posted comments on Blagger.

Mark B, Essex writes:

We were lucky to find out about Sean Conway prior to proceeding with a kitchen. We had paid him a £100 holding deposit but became suspicious when he reluctantly provided us with a written quote - which he felt was unreasonable. I informed him that we did not want to proceed at which point he became very rude and offensive. He refused to return the £100 deposit yet I have it in writing that it is refundable. He told me to "take him to court" to get it back.
We were lucky but, until there is some change in the law to prevent these cowboys from trading, there will be a lot more people duped by Sean's smooth sell, particularly pensioners who are using their life savings to pay for the kitchen.
Sean is also now trading under a different name - Interior Design Centre. The website is DO NOT be fooled and DO NOT pay him a holding deposit.

Fuming, Essex writes:

Yep, I also had a poor experience with this clown. I am still dumbfounded. I can't actually be bothered to go into details but it's the same as above. All I want to know is how can we make this page more public so everyone can easily read these reviews.

Editorial Comment:

Well, Conway Interiors currently Googles at #1 with us and at #6 with (another feedback forum). Word must be getting around.
(Checked on 2nd June 2011)

Fred Pepper, Braintree writes:

I was working in a house where Conman, sorry Conway, was fitting a kitchen. To cut a long and sorry story short, it ended with the client almost coming to blows with Conway in the street. This happened ten years ago so he has obviously not changed. He is certainly someone to steer clear of. Cowboy is too nice a word for him.

W Blake, Braintree writes:

Conway is now operating from Sible Hedingham under the name Interior Design Centre. I agree with all of the above, a total con man. Fitters are worse than useless leaving jobs dangerous to the public. they must be avoided at all costs! Total cost for me being involved with this company was over £10,000 loss.

R Hollingworth, Braintree writes:

How Conway has been allowed to get away with trading the way he has for so many years amazes me. I had the pleasure of watching him nervously twitch and squirm in court when the judge had the audacity to order him to pay me my money back. And then, as we left court, he shouted to me in true schoolboy cowardly fashion "Yeah - but ya gotta get yer money back now ain't yer..."
Well we did get our money back - and expenses. Every penny. I believe Conway most probably had a childhood trauma which has affected his self-esteem in later life. He has a hearing impairment and wears a hearing aid which makes him very self-conscious.
His body language is very interesting when dealing face to face. He becomes very nervous and insecure when he's rumbled and exposed. He clearly feels he has a something to prove to the world and this manifests itself in this ego driven attitude towards customers. I suspect the man is full of fear and just wants to be looked up to. A very sad man indeed.
Avoid trading with him at all costs. Watch out for his yellow van and little trailer at car boot sales across Essex and the south of England....selling dodgy kitchen sinks and units, etc.

David Conner, Wix writes:

Met this Guy at Weeley Car Boot Sale when looking at sinks. He insisted he came to see us despite us saying we did not want to waste his time.
We had Sean here last samples...out of date computer asking what type of units we wanted, style etc. Quoted £9,900 and said he could not reduce the price. Then reduced it by £900 when we said we wanted time to think about it. We wanted quotes from other companies first. High pressure salesmanship then ensued. He asked for £100 refundable deposit then £50. He tried to shame us then went off in a huff!
All we had was a telephone number, no business card, shop/office address. Oh we had some pamphlets from an unknown company and that is all we shall have from him. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Andrea, Colchester writes:

I'm pretty certain I met this man at the Marks Tey Boot Sale when I enquired about a kitchen and made an appointment.
He turned up and was quite nice. Bloke with a tan, gold bracelet and driving a silver pick-up truck. He did a plan of the kitchen and it sounded pretty good. However, when I said that I would have to think about it, it all started to go wrong. The kitchen price was much higher than I thought. Even when he reduced it I wasn't sure and asked for 24 hours to think about it.
He basically demanded £50 for nothing. When I was reluctant and asked for the address of his shop it really turned nasty. He told me to stuff it and called my 3-year-old a brat and tried to wind my husband up by calling him pathetic because he asked him to leave. He snatched his leaflet, ranting on, getting really nasty and said we should get psychological help for my son, obviously wanting a fight.
Quite scary actually. I thought about calling the police. He even had the audacity to knock back on the door and say he was trying to help people. What a laugh!!
I thought maybe I did something wrong but then I read these reviews. Phew! Lucky escape. Now it worries me if he gets to someone who is vulnerable.
Rogue Trader definitely!!!

Wayne, Essex writes:

I too had a quote for a kitchen from Mr Conway and was unsure when he wanted £50 deposit to secure a discount. When I called and cancelled, he met me at a boot sale and was EXTREMELY rude and irate-not got £50 back. Was sooooo glad I didn't get kitchen from him. He needs to be stopped from trading !!

Tony, Colchester writes:

This man is a horrible high pressure salesman. We got his brochure at Marks Tey boot fair, claiming he could provide a kitchen for £1500.
He arrived at my house, planned the kitchen, told me it would be £9,300. When I told him I would need time to think about it, he re-jigged the offer taking off £700 but only if I gave him a £50 fully refundable deposit. I declined so he scribbled out the lower price and in a complete huff threw his stuff back in his case and stormed out.
He asked me at the door how long it would be before I made a decision, when I said about a month he shouted, "Just forget it then. Just call it a day, that's ridiculous."
I've checked him out: his company is not registered to trade, and yet he appears to be freely trading in and around Essex. Why are Marks Tey boot fair allowing this man to trade? He is a conman!
This man still trades at Marks Tey boot fair. He came round to our house, as Andrea (above) explained, and acted in exactly the same manner. He was verbally abusive to us and when we eventually got him out of our door he abused us from the street.

Lindsey Cornish, Haverhill writes:

We recently had an altercation with this man. We agreed to have a kitchen from him but I started to get suspicious when he was difficult about obtaining sample doors for us to chose from.
Then he sent the famous Trevor to do a survey who immediately changed the design as it would make it easier for him, added to which he did not survey anything and had no idea what we wanted.
We paid a deposit cheque for £ 4000 but the next day neither my husband or I were comfortable. We stopped the cheque with the bank and phoned him to ask if he would clarify the design and advise exactly what we were getting for our money. This he did not like and then proceeded to say to my husband f*** off you c*** - not very pleasant at all.
Thank goodness we got out in time. Although we still lost £100 we have learnt a great deal from our experience .
Please, please anybody DO NOT USE HIM.

Editorial Comment:

And now, an email from the man himself. Read what he has to say and make your own mind up.

Sean Conway, Sible Hedingham writes:

My name is Sean Conway from the Interior Design Centre and I feel it is now time to put the other side of the story - my website expert says that what Martin Allen has done is highly illegal, possibly slanderous.
He worked for me over a period of 5-6 months fitting our products which are a very high quality, being rigid carcasses and brand named appliances. The true reason he no longer works for me is that his work was not up to standard. I found out he was taking his fit money at the start of the job rather than at the end as should have been, this is not acceptable as it does not protect the customer if any remedial works are to be carried out and the final straw was when I discovered he stole a job from us on the pretence that he was doing a private job.
When he left there were 4 remedial jobs to sort caused by him so any money owed to him was used to complete these jobs. Since then he has had a vendetta against me.
Deposits are rarely in cash as are delivery monies and final balances, all mainly being paid by cheque. I am a sole trader who is VAT registered, take a deposit with orders of between 30-40%, a further payment on delivery and there is always a large sum left, some £1,000 to £1,500 which is paid to fitters on completion.
My business operates from a showroom in Hedingham and I also go to car boot sales, thereby keeping my overheads to a minimum, i.e. not wasting money on expensive advertisements, finding my own appointments over the last 7 or 8 years in this manner which helps to keep my prices very competitive. If this is such a bad thing why does Martin work markets in Sudbury, Braintree and sometimes Boreham, having stolen my idea!
The telephones are never switched off and there is an answerphone for messages when we are closed. Occasionally there are mistakes with measurements or unforeseen items that need to be sorted.
Trevor my surveyor/installation manager has worked for me for over 18 years, is very experienced and in fact has at least twice the experience of Martin Allen. He is definitely not an alcoholic and in the 25 years of knowing him he has never had an alcoholic drink, not even at my wedding! His work is the best I have seen, he is very thorough and Martin can only dream of aspiring to his level.
My fitters are all very competent at electrical and plumbing work - where necessary we use qualified electricians and gas safe plumbers to sign jobs off - these are essential as without them we would be closed down by the HSE. None of them sign on the dole as suggested and they can be paid by cash or cheque on completion, it is not mostly cash.
Regarding unhappy clients, no unhappy client is acceptable and we do try our very best. We have fitted over 3,000 orders in the last 18 years and realise that not everyone can be happy but as these websites show approximately 10-15 unhappy customers, that is less than 1% of our business and I suggest that all of the big companies - B & Q, Moben, Everest, Zenith, builders, electricians and plumbers, the list is endless - would be happy with such a small percentage.
For the record, we have spoken to Trading Standards and they do not agree with these types of websites, as anyone can put anything they like on them - mud sticks - technically a lot of the comments made are slander and defamation of character but it would cost thousands of pounds to do anything about it so people like Martin get away with an illegal act.
The list is not endless as Martin says, it is just a few customers he has whipped up due to the grudge he has against me. We have hundreds of happy customers - no-one hears about them apart from our recommendations!
A final message to Martin, I would like to thank him because after being in this business for over 25 years, seeing about 10 clients weekly and supplying 3 orders weekly, it is sometimes difficult to motivate oneself. Martin has motivated me to be even more successful as when someone kicks me I just dust myself off and work harder as this is the only way to beat it, so thanks again you have given me a new lease of life, something to reignite me in this wonderful business.
There are a couple of sayings:- A man who does not make mistakes does not do anything and a man who says he never makes mistakes is a liar. I think this is sour grapes - please make up your own mind.

Editorial Comment:

A couple of editorial observations:

For a moment, I might have been persuaded to agree that the original complaint was merely sour grapes but if Martin Allen's work was as bad as Mr Conway alleges why was he retained in employment for 5 or 6 months?

Knowing that there is rarely smoke without fire, I read again the comments other people had made and was reminded of the number of occasions Mr Conway or his foreman used abusive language to potential customers. On balance I am inclined to believe they can't all be wrong and if Mr Conway cannot accept that some leads will not produce a firm order then he should perhaps rethink his marketing strategy.

As an aside, I am not surprised to learn that Trading Standards do not like this type of website. The truth is that such websites often show Trading Standards up for what they really are: a pretty useless and ineffective organisation who mostly try to avoid getting their hands dirty.

Although Mr Conway alleges that Mr Allen's comments may be defamatory of Mr Conway's character the converse could also be true. Mr Conway might, in fact, be making libellous statements about Mr Allen. Maybe Mr Allen will have his own views on this subject.

S P Conway writes:

regards your coments at the bottom of my page the reason it took 5/6 months is that sometimes problems do not surfice straight away and also some people are very good at hiding the truth. my foreman has never raised his voice or sworn at clients as far as myself is concerned i have never said that all clients are wrong just that some may have bent the truth slightly to suit their own argument and i say again you never hear about all the good ones do you. the coment about trading standard was meant that these sites are bad in some cases because anybody can put anything about someone just for the fun of it and companies like mine have no way to defend anything or any comeback. where is all the proof. no one even spoke to me about my coments before posting them. how can that be right or fair for any parties involved. lives and busuiness can be ruined for less than mr allen has done to me over the last 4 years. where,s my protection or rights. and lastly what have i said that could poss be slanderous about mr allen but you still want to make a sacastic remark which may mean any good that may have come out of what i felt was the truth may have been wasted.

Andrew of Braintree writes:

We too had the misfortune to deal with this creature and his entourage. Rude, smarmy, abusive and frankly odious and for the record, I have no idea who Mr Allen is. He certainly therefore hasn't persuaded me to contribute to this site.

Delays, damaged fittings, shoddy work, additional costs and left unfinished. We pursued him legally and his solicitor settled the night before the trial. We were then contacted by Trading Standards who had so many complaints that they only bothered to use 10 unrelated cases! Told us that they were in the process of imposing their first ever ASBO on a tradesman. Now that is a record!

My advice to anyone considering using this man is watch his lips, if they're moving then he's probably lying.

Paul Wagland of Colchester writes:

Being regular boot-fair goers, we asked Sean Conway to quote for and then fit our kitchen. We (foolishly) paid a £3100 deposit before getting anything from him in writing, with most of the balance due once the kitchen had been fitted. The last £1500 was then to be paid to the fitters once any niggling jobs had been completed. We took him at his word that a full contract would follow shortly, confirming our agreement and specifying the work to be done. It never arrived.

We asked Sean for the promised contract repeatedly over the next few weeks, and he consistently avoided the issue. On one occasion Sean's colleague Trevor handed me an envelope which he said contained a contract - in fact it was just an invoice (with no mention of VAT of course).

When the work was due to commence, Trevor arrived on site and the appliance and kitchen base units (ie only the bare bones of the complete kitchen) were delivered. Trevor then asked for the balance of the money up front - so I said I'd talk to Sean. A few days and a couple of phone calls later and Sean was refusing to fit or even deliver the rest of the kitchen until we had paid in full. He also refused to give us a contract, saying "You've had your paperwork", and "Why would I put anything in writing? You could use it against me!".

Sean called me a liar and a coward (because I wanted things in writing rather than meeting him face to face); not the best way to deal with a customer. Trevor then turned up unannounced at 8am one morning when he thought I wouldn't be there (his usual time of arrival is around 10:30). His intention was to remove the reusable parts of our kitchen 'for use on another job, while the payment was sorted out'. I sent him away.

When Trevor is on site, charging you for his time, he spends most of the day popping out for coffee, snacks or cigarettes, and organising other jobs on the phone. Also, the units ordered by Sean arrived scuffed and chipped, and are too large for the space available (for example a 1000mm base unit and a 600mm corner intended for a space 1560mm wide).

Avoid these people like the plague - they lie, cheat and bodge without pausing for thought. Sean says every long-standing company has a few complaints against it, but in the aftermath of our dealings with him I quickly found several that don't. There are plenty of decent tradesmen around who don't have pages of internet content complaining about their services. Use one of them instead.

RJ Austyn of Clare writes:

I too have had a kitchen fitted by this company. I was approached by a lady at Marks Tey boot sale after visiting Sean Conway's stall, she asked me if I was thinking of buying something from him, I confirmed that I had paid a deposit and that I was just confirming some details before they started. She went on to inform me that she herself had had a kitchen fitted by them and that she had had nothing but problems in getting them to finish the job, also her neighbour had had I believe a bathroom fitted and the aggravation had made her ill. I spoke to Sean about this and he said that a vendetta was being waged against him, he is as your previous writers have noted, very smooth and plausible.

Well my kitchen was started approx mid August, I was told that it would all be finished by Sept 3rd, it is now mid December and I am still waiting for them to finish my kitchen, despite paying out to them so far nearly all of the money! I cannot complain about the workmanship carried out by Trevor and his apprentice Ben, their work I would say is very good! However we did have a man sent to us by the name of Tony, beware this man, everything he touched he got wrong!!he fitted 18 handles and over half of them were not straight, when I pointed it out to him all he kept saying was that he had measured them, yes, from the back so when he drilled the holes his angle of drilling was not correct. There were other wrong doings such as measuring a standard double cupboard with two different door sizes, etc etc.

To be fair to the firm they have tried their best to remedy this man's work. As for the quality of the kitchen only time will tell but it seems pretty reasonable. I am now totally fed up with broken promises, I have never been offered an apology for the unreasonable delay, just told that they are too busy to come and finish my job. Had Tony not turned up and the job finished within a reasonable period then I would have had no real complaints. Not all of the delay is down to them as a couple of hitches did turn up due to the electrics needing rewiring, this should only have added a few days at most.

If you want something done by this firm then get them to put in writing when they will finish and hold back enough of the payment so that they will finish the job so as to get their money. I wished I had.

As an aside I had granite worktops fitted by a company called R C COPPIN of Braintree, Essex. Now this is a good firm, I had reason to complain due to a mix up on their part and it was all sorted very amicably and quickly with no fuss whatsoever, I just wished Interior Designs could take a leaf out of their book!!!!!

Thomas of Colchester writes:

I have to deal with  the cheat. He lies and intimidates to get people to part with their money.

At Marks Tey boot fair I was promised that a kitchen could be ordered from this company for less than £2000, I was stupid enough to believe this. When Sean Conway turned up at my house and measured my kitchen space and heard which units I needed the quote ballooned to £10,000. When I quibbled he became offensive and pushy and told me that if I agreed the price would drop to £6,000.

When I said no, he put the quote back to £10,000 and told me that I should give him £100 for his time. When I refused he shouted and would not leave my house. It took 2 hours and a barrage of abuse aimed at me my wife and my children before he left. I would advise anybody who sees this outfit at boot fairs to avoid them at all costs.

Margaret of Brentwood writes:

I and a friend of mine also had the misfortune to have dealings with this very rude arrogant man recently Jan 2011.

After him coming round being very nice and convincing and planning a £30,000 kitchen we decided it best to look him up on the internet before putting any deposit down and thankfully came upon this site. After reading about him we decided against using him. I rang him up and explained why and that as the kitchen was such a large amount of money we had decided not to go ahead after reading about him.

He waffled on trying to defend himself and went on about easier payment options. When I tried politely to tell him it was a definite no that we were not willing to risk it he became very abusive, I pointed out that that just proved that a lot said about him was truth. He then said it was like having an argument with his wife and that when in the wrong she would make excuses and make things up to squirm out of it (poor wife)! that is exactly what he was doing.

He then told me to fuck off and put the phone down ... very unprofessional and good for his already bad image!! He had left us some some samples which i had told him he could pick up, He rang me back and said "throw them in the fucking bin"!

Is it any wonder this man has a bad name any other company would have said fair enough your choice. What a horrible man, I was disgusted and shocked at his attitude and would say to anyone DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH HIM!!

We are so glad we came across this site.

Jo of Braintree writes:

Everything Martin Allen says is true - this cowboy known as Sean Conway is to be avoided at all costs. The shop in Braintree he no longer has anything to do with and i can guarantee that Michael Osborne Ltd is nothing to do with Conway Interiors - they are just in the same building. Michael is a true professional and his work is of the highest standard.

Going back to Sean Conway he trades at markets and boot sales none of his workers are even legal i just can't understand why this guy is still walking the streets. he's a class 1 pri**

Editorial Comment:

Does that rhyme with brick?

M of Barnet writes:

Mr Conway is a CONMAN with very little social skills. At first he comes across as a sweet talking professional then he becomes abusive, threatening and racist when you do not hand over money to him.

Spencer Howse of Epping writes:

Hi my name is Spencer; I’m an IT professional from Epping. I happened to stumble across Mr Conway’s market pitch in North Weald and coincidentally at that time I was looking for a new kitchen. Mr Conway came to our home and although we had had a previous quote from many other companies Mr Conway was the only one to put his ideas forward and actually redesign our whole kitchen. My wife and I loved the new design and subsequently Mr Conway left with a £100 deposit, and I had a price, fit date and the kitchen planned. My house at the time was being completely renovated and we had no kitchen and Mr Conway offered to give us a sink and tap whilst the structural work was being completed, which I thought was good of him.

It was after this that I happened across this website. After seeing the comments I was obviously concerned. I have a young family and a limited budget to complete the necessary work in my house and so my wife and I made the decision not to go with Mr Conway. We made our way back down to North Weald Market (with sink and tap) and we were honest with Mr Conway and told him that we did not want to progress the kitchen renovations with his company due to the concerns we had based on what we had seen on this website. He did not get unduly upset with this but just stated his side of the argument to us. I have to say he did have a strong argument as clearly this previous employer had caused him some real problems that he has had to deal with on a day to day basis. I would prefer to give my business to the little business man rather than the faceless corporation and so after some deliberation my wife and I agreed to progress with Mr Conway. As a sign of goodwill Mr Conway also threw in a boiling hot tap system for making hot drinks.

Mr Conway and his associate, Trevor, then came over to our property and planned the kitchen with my wife. This was all completed to the smallest detail and we were very happy with the end result. I have to say at this point I had a few high street names come along to measure up the kitchen and see what we could have, for the space available, but Trevor was the only one that told the truth and told me what I could have and my choices rather than saying yes to everything then half of it not fitting. Trevor knows his stuff! This alone was enough reason to go with Mr Conway's company.

When the kitchen arrived Mr Conway was on hand to check all items off the lorry and in to our house and all of the units were in perfect condition. (We were really pleasantly surprised because realistically when you have 11 units and 22 doors and drawers on a lorry your going to expect at least one knock or scratch - but no it really was all perfect) The fit also went well, although we did have one unit the wrong size and this was due to a misunderstanding between my wife and Mr Conway. A new unit had to be ordered and Mr Conway bore the cost of the mistake. In addition my wife changed her mind about a couple of aspects of the design and Mr Conway was more than happy to accommodate and the changes were turned around with a week or so.

The finished kitchen is absolutely beautiful and Mr Conway would like to take pictures of it so he can use as a selling point. We have subsequently recommended Mr Conway to our neighbours and even my Mother and Father. One set of neighbours are currently in the middle of an install with Mr Conway. We are also looking to have wardrobes fitted in our children’s bedrooms; I will have no doubts about using Mr Conway’s company for this work also. I appreciate that the design and fit of kitchens can be fraught with problems and in some cases it does not work out amicably however most of the time there are minimal problems and the end result is your dream kitchen – like has happened for us.

Food for thought, Mr Conway has been trading for well over 10 years and if he is bad as these handful of people suggest where are the rest of the negative posts? There are clearly so many many more clients that, like us are more than happy with Mr Conway and their end results but as usual you only hear about the bad and not the good. I strongly believe that every company will have dissatisfied customers because you can’t please all of the people all of the time and some people will never be satisfied whatever happens!

If I am willing to recommend Mr Conway to my parents then I hope this will help tell the other side of the story for Mr Conway.

Editorial Comment:

Looks like you have been very fortunate, Mr Howse. You have clearly seen a side of Mr Conway that no other correspondents, or contributors to Blagger, have seen. His politeness and helpfulness appear not to have been observed by other correspondents - he effed and blinded at them.

Tell me, were you wearing the scary green outfit when you challenged him?

J Conway of London writes:

I have a message for Sean Conway. Straighten up pal. You need better business practices. What you have done to these people is a disgrace.

I say we, The Conways, disown you - you should not be able to use our GREAT family name. In the US, the Conways take great pride in our last name.

I am also an interior designer who would never do business the way you do. I can only hope that the laws in the UK change and make you pay.

Editorial Comment:

Not sure about the validity of this comment - the writer supplied a false telephone number.

A Watson of Colchester writes:

I too have had the complete misfortune to have met this low life. Normally I would not call someone that but he is the sort of single cell organism that you would find under a rock. We met him in a boot fair in Ardleigh just to look at his sinks. Next thing we knew he was coming around to give a quote. He stated he was the cheapest in the business but that turned out to be untrue and, when we questioned this price, he dropped it by nearly £3,000 - if we left a deposit of £100. He was very keen to get the business and talked us around to giving him the money. When he had left, myself and my wife looked at each other and didn't know how we could have parted with £100 to a complete stranger without references/written contracts, etc. (This was so unlike us - the sign of a true conman.)

I decided to look into him and found this site. The next day I called him and asked for the deposit back and thanked him for his time. He said to me, "Look, I'll hold onto the deposit and you can shop around and if I'm not the cheapest I'll then give you your deposit back."

Up to this point he was very pleasant and attentive - to my concern. But when I insisted for the deposit to be returned I was shocked with his response. "F**k you, you're a c**t, and so is your wife!" He then went on to repeat, "F**k off! F**k off!" without stopping for breath until he put down the phone.

I then called him back and his only response was, "F**k off you c**t. Stop ringing me." He then phoned me back to abuse me some more and tell me I'll have to work to get my deposit back. When I said I would call round that day to collect it he told me if I did he would 'punch my f**king lights in.'

I sent him a letter via recorded delivery and later that week I received my deposit back.

This guy is a total nut case and should be avoided at all costs. Can't comment on his work but given my experience with him I wouldn't want anyone to risk it.

Martin Allen of Braintree writes:

I feel its time for me to respond to Mr Sean CONway reply.... I did work for Mr CONway for approx 4 months due to not knowing anything about his company, I do not have any vendetta towards Mr CONway but simply letting the public know of the way he treats his customers and employees, Firstly I like to back up every aspect of what I said with evidence to which I still have to show anyone who wishes to see the ROUGE cowboy who employs and Alcoholic and people who sign on that's why the bloke only works 4 days a week......

I would like to Thank Mr CONway for his so called idea of advertising at car boots but unlike him I choose to advertise from a exhibition Trailer showing the customers exactly what they will be getting... ask your self Mr CONway if you really think a 2 bob carpenter (I think that was the last thing you said to me when I asked about the £1,500 you owed me from a kitchen fit I done in Marks Farm Braintree) can do so much damage to your so called PROFESSIONAL kitchen fitting business ????????? please reply cos I'd love to know how with 21 years of knowledge in the building industry I can do your so-called company any harm IF IT WASN'T SO TRUE ???? Mr CONway I take this opportunity to show EVERYONE who is the so-called customers that are HAPPY wit your COWBOY OUTFIT ???

The fact is there is very few and having over 3 thousand customers over the last 18 years I would of thought he would have at lease a DOZEN or so HAPPY customers...

The fact is Mr CONway you have very little customers and with reference to my so-called BAD INSTALLATIONS I would beg to differ and provide evidence of every customer I worked with while working under his company which Mr CONway you cannot show me ONE that wasn't happy with my INSTALLATION but more unhappy with the promises of goods and work but never completed...

If it didn't mean putting customers information and telephone numbers on here for people to missuse I'd gladly put them on here with the consent of the people I fitted there kitchen for anyone to contact for them self's and ask about who is the ROGUE kitchen company and who is the PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER... That's why I operate my business with PRIDE from Braintree Market every Saturday and do not need to go from market to market or car boot to car boot due to my company receiving many jobs just through RECOMMENDATIONS which Mr CONway will and can never do...


Last but least with reference to WHY I do not work for this ROGUE KITCHEN company is simple.... He goes about his business RIPPING yes I said RIPPING people off from there hard earned cash and some jobs or in fact most jobs his so called INSTALLER'S being trained up with very little experience in the building industry by Mr Trevour smelly not so pleasing to the eye. This company has failed to finish very few jobs while I worked for him due to WRONG size doors being delivered.....doors missing.... appliances not ordered (yes CONway remember the hot tap you charged £475 to a elderly couple in Lakeside for the same unit which cost's £250 at BBQ) after telling them this hot tap was at a special price due to OVER CHARGING them to start with....same customer left without sink hob or cooker for over 5 weeks cos he couldn't be bothered completing due to having ALL HIS MONEY already..

I refused to work for this ROGUE company and never STOLE any work off him but in fact fitted a bathroom through Mr CONway but customer was unhappy to say the ease from Sean's comment's on why his bathroom units didn't arrive after paying for them weeks before and if it wasn't for me going out my way to drive to the shop to collect his bathroom suite Mr Murthy would still be waiting and on that out come Mr Murthy asked me to supply and fit his kitchen AS MOST OF MY WORK COME'S FROM RECOMMENDATION'S which I was pleased to complete with more work that followed by Mr Murthy and his neighbours property....

So Mr CONway I'm simply doing what I do best and that's COMPLETE my customer's jobs and let the public know HOW YOU CON people into believing you're anything but a SMOOTH CONMAN....

Evidence provided if anyone would like to view....

C Knowles of Billericay writes:

Where are they now? Has anybody got an up-to-date phone number for Conway interiors regarding a problem with a kitchen we've had fitted, as all the numbers we have are no longer available. The address we have also has nothing to do with the company

Editorial Comment:

The URL '' leads only to a blank page which is hosted by Yellow Pages. However, the domain name is registered to Conway Interiors and the registered address is 12 Coggeshall Rd, Braintree, Essex CM7 9BY. This information is confirmed in Yelp and many other online trade directories where the telephone number 01376 328521 is also given.

You didn't tell us what telephone number or address you have so we don't know if this information will help. But we are reliably informed that the best way to get hold of Mr Conway is ..... by the throat!

Martin Allen of Braintree writes:

Latest update for this COWBOY outfit is this...

Crossing Cottage
Poole Street
Great Yeldham
Essex CO9 4HP

Telephone: 01787 238 380

Send him my regards and also advise him I may be a SMALL fitter but if you cross someone and owe money to you may come across someone like me that won't give up until either Mr CONway changes his ways and stops ripping people off or he GOES UNDER...........the latter one I'd prefer so that people he's ripped off in the pass can watch the sleaze ball never trade again..........

He may be driving around in a 61 plate blue 4 x 4 but credit is great but as he still knows I'm still TRADING and still haven't left my place of work or advertising UNLIKE HIM has moved TWICE............. What goes around COMES AROUND......... KARMA........................

Amber of London writes:

I met Sean Conway at a boot sale and he fitted my kitchen and bathroom. Not only did the work take over a month when it was supposed to take a week and a half, but I was also walked to a cash machine under pressure by one of his workers, Aaron at one point.

I am a young woman living alone and was dreading going home at some points because I knew they'd want more cash up front. Both were hardly used when I noticed:

They'd broken my washing machine leaving it with a leak
My oven broke after 2 uses
2 cupboard doors are hung wonky
My kitchen sink leaks
The toilet flush isn't strong enough
The taps on the bath have broken and were very weak
They knocked a hole in the wall through to the other side which had been freshly painted and decorated - this was never reimbursed.

When I informed Sean of these problems he just said bad luck, we've gone into receivership. Sean Conway has so far operated as Conway Interiors and Interior Design Centre. When he picked up his phone last week he said a new business name that I didn't quite catch. If I ever see him at a boot sale again I'll tell him exactly what I think of him. With regard to his threats and violence, I didn't personally experience this and the kitchen and bathroom WAS cheap. Thanks.

Martin Allen of Essex writes (on 14/12/11):

Another victim of this ROGUE trader...

It's good to hear Mister smooth-talking CONMAN has gone into receivership but you may find him at North Weald market every Saturday... Another customer fleeced out of money before the works have been completed and paid in cash........... Please ask yourselves why this company has such BAD reputation after trading for more than 18 years in the kitchen fitting business??? Ask yourself why there's no after-sales when things go wrong??? Ask yourselves why so much money has to be paid UP FRONT and then the balance in CASH??? Ask yourselves why there are likes of so called *TRADES PEOPLE* like Aaron constantly taking people to cash machines to get money for work that hasn't been COMPLETED???

Is this because this company *PROMISES* what the so-called salesman tells them he's going to do??? Or is this a company that just goes from one customer to the next without ever having referrals or satisfied customers or maybe even 100% *COMPLETED JOBS*

Please be aware not every trades person that operates from car boot sales or markets is a ROGUE TRADER...........Please make your enquiries and ask for customer references or even pictures of jobs that have been *COMPLETED* Every decent tradesmen will have references and pictures of completed work they have done themselves and not computer generated pictures they use for their adverts or web sites.......... If you find a ROGUE TRADER please tell others............ If you find a TRADESMEN please tell twice as many people.......

Good luck people and Merry Xmas to you all..............

David Kelly of Bishops Stortford writes:

I would like to add to the list re Conway Interiors/Interior Design Company. We were unfortunate enough to come into this man's clutches, the deaf clown, also Trevor with no teeth who thinks that BO is the modern deodrent. Who arrives at 9-30 and leaves at 4pm after spending most of the day on his mobile conning other people. Walking off the job watching and laughing as my wife and daughter had to put the old bath in the skip. He led my wife a hell of a life he was like a Jekyll & Hyde. He and the fitters walked off the job when I told them I was not prepared to give final payment until the job was complete. They said this is our wages and I told them to see Con(man)way as final payment was not due until completion,
I ended up going to a solicitor, this giving me more headaches and costing money. What I would like to know is do these so-called fitters declare anything for tax or N.I purposes?

Kevin Goodrum of Grays, Essex writes:

We can relate to the above - we fell in the CONMANS trap in 2007. Smelly Trevor in and out delivering B&Q own brand ceramic hob when we paid for NEFF. Also B&Q own brand hot water tap - we paid for a quooker hot tap at twice the price!!!
Needless to say we didn't allow the installation until we got what we paid for. The kitchen took far too long to fit, we were kept waiting for parts, it took 3 weeks for them to find the correct Neff hob, we had missing doors. In total the kitchen took 3 LONG MONTHS OF HELL! Non-stop phone calls and arguments. MARTIN ALLEN was our installer.
DON'T KNOW HOW WE WOULD HAVE COPED WITHOUT HIM. He supported us all the way, he even sorted problems off his own back. It was obvious to us there was no long term commitment between Martin and CONMAN KITCHENS as Martin was struggling to cope with the way this company treated their customers.

Martin The Kitchen Fitter of Essex writes:

As you can see, more and more have been conned by this crook. Very good at sales, very good at conning people out of thousands, you'll be pleased to know this crook was made bankrupt in 2012 but he's probably still trading under a different name or his own CONWAY.
I'd like to add to Kevin's comments that this conman left 2 people in a state you wouldn't expect from any company let alone an outfit that sells a lot of kitchens.
As stated I no longer work for this ROGUE TRADER but have made my point by naming and shaming this cowboy, rest assured I will never stop as people like him think they're above everyone cos he has a little bit of money. Well Mr conman you've had less money since I departed your ROGUE OUTFIT due to me spreading the word to people who might be sucked into his scam.
I'll keep you updated soon of his TRADING as last time I knew he was at North Weild Saturday market and last year he was at Boreham carboot on a Sunday, he might be at Ardleigh on a Sunday so please spread the word of this cowboy outfit and stop these ROGUE TRADERS trading. Would be a good series of BUILDERS FROM HELL I think..
Good luck and keep safe people.....

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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