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British jobs for British workers?!

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British jobs for British Workers?

Our correspondent writes ...

We're now realising that just about everything Gordon Brown says turns out to be a lie so we should not have been surprised when he promised British jobs for British workers - a statement that he could not make legally, and that he should not have made if he had any conscience.

gordon brownBut he doesn't have a conscience. He's manoeuvred himself into a false position - a job he never earned or deserved - and he's determined to stay there for as long as he can, whatever the consequences for the rest of us.

If we ever suspected Tony Blair was a liar - and we certainly know now that he was - we can also be pretty certain that every time Brown denied knowing anything about the things that Blair did, like selling peerages for hefty donations to the cause, he was lying. If, as he tried to claim, he genuinely didn't know, then he was never fit to become Prime Minister.

But his latest comment really takes the biscuit. When he says unofficial strikes will not achieve anything he's absolutely wrong. And he's lying again! It's the only thing is likely to bring a result with a government that is hell bent on destroying our country. And Brown knows this.

British workers are perfectly entitled to feel aggrieved when they see their jobs being given to foreign workers and their anger against a government that allowed such a state of affairs to develop in the first place is entirely justified. Brown may now preach that protectionism is not the answer but you can bet your boots that the USA will adopt protectionist policies and it's very likely that our European partners will do the same. It may not be the answer but at least those leaders who do will be putting their own people first, unlike New Labour who seem to go out of their way to put true British people at the bottom of the pile.

We should all know by now that our leaders do not listen and they do not care. The Eurofreaks who are running our country are determined to make Britain a quasi-Communist state governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And if we continue to do nothing they will succeed. So we should thank the brave men and women at Lindsey Oil Refinery and the other chemical and energy plants for making a stand. We should pray that the unions will make the strikes official so that the brave pioneers' future job prospects are not jeopardised. We should all back them if we really care about our country and we even might consider joining them. The more people who make their feelings known, the bigger chance of success.

I have never been an active trade unionist and I would be the last person to condone a stoppage for a minor issue. But this is not a minor issue - it's of major importance to us all.  What's happening now at the Total refinery in Killingholme is likely to spread like a cancer unless we stop it. More and more jobs will be lost to foreign workers and every delay will make it harder for British workers to get British jobs.

As for Brown's comment about strikes - sorry, Gordon, but strikes are the Socialist way, or at least they were in the disastrous old days when Labour last ran this country. But what we have to remember is that New Labour are not Socialists - they are Communists. And that factor will be critically important at the next general election. That's when - no matter how red our political convictions might have been in the past - we must rub the sleep from our eyes and vote to ensure that New Labour are never again given the chance to ruin our once-proud country.

Latest ...

5th April 2009

The wildcat strikers voted to return to work when Total Oil suddenly found 100 new jobs that would be allocated to British workers in Killingholme. This is good news and shows that mass demonstrations do have some effect. But it doesn't solve the long-term problems of EU workers being brought in to do jobs that unemployed British workers could do.

Expect more strikes like this ...

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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