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Why are our troops dying to satisfy the lust of a megalomaniac?

Our correspondent writes ...

One of the sincerest, most genuine men I ever met was the German teacher at my grammar school. But he had one fault: he couldn't teach! Sure he knew his subject but he couldn't hack it when it came to the other essential parts of teaching - leadership, class control and maintaining discipline. Without these qualities, the headmaster considered he was unfit for the job and sacked him. Most of us were sad to see him go as his downfall had been manipulated by a yobbish minority element in the class. He never deserved to be summarily dismissed.

Drawing an analogy, one of the sincerest, most genuine prime ministers I ever previewed was a man called Tony Blair. He appeared, at the outset, to offer this country a refreshing change from many who preceded him. He promised us much and his main themes sounded good - better education, better heath service, better law enforcement. But he also had one fault (as it later transpired): he couldn't tell the truth!

He told us what we wanted to hear but kept schtum about the topics we would later learn to dislike intensely - the covert taxation, a grabbing wife who intended to capitalise fully on her husband's position, a bunch of worthless cronies who would be given the top jobs in our government, his failure to oust cheats and liars, his inability to stand up to the US, his hatred of our way of life and his plans to destroy it.

Yesterday saw the repatriation of the bodies of more brave airmen and soldiers to Scotland. But where was Blair? Although he was the indirect cause of their deaths, he was making his feeble excuses to the TUC; determined to justify the actions he has taken, actions that most intelligent people know are illegal and wrong. The TUC would surely have understood if Blair had forfeited his chance to address them and instead gone to Kinloss. Or was it arranged for the coffins to be flown home on the same day as the TUC conference so that Blair could avoid facing those whose loss should place the heavy burden of guilt on his shoulders?

The truth is that Blair is a coward, as well as a liar. If he had the guts to stand up to George Bush these men might still be alive. After all, Afghanistan was never our war. It was America's war. Now we are cleaning up the American mess, the Taliban have made us their enemy. They are waging a dirty war against our troops.

The sad sight we witnessed yesterday is becoming far too frequent. Blair took us into an illegal war against Iraq because Bush ordered it. He lied through his teeth to justify his actions and all the war has since proved is that - rightly or wrongly - Saddam Hussein knew how to control his people. Now they are largely out of control and our soldiers will continue to die for the many years it takes bring peace to Iraq. If ever.

Bush's war against terrorism is self-inflicted. If America stopped interfering in every other country's affairs, there would be less resentment from those countries, and less cause to attack the West. Blair's decision to obey Bush's orders has merely inflicted the same degree of danger on British soil. We now face the constant threat of terrorist attack whilst our dedicated troops risk their lives to fight a war with no justification and no winners.

Back in the UK, the youths we are used to seeing are unruly, hooded mobsters who terrorise our streets and make our lives hell - another problem Blair has failed to control. On foreign soils, our armed forces personnel are highly disciplined and well trained. They are proud to do their job without question and we must be proud of them. They represent the youth we would prefer. But they are dying unnecessarily to satisfy the vanity of Tony Blair who is not even fit to lick the boots of any man or woman in our armed services.

Going back to my analogy, my classmates and I actually lost a good teacher. His career ambition was to teach and pass on his knowledge to others, some of whom regrettably did not appreciate it. He still had things to learn but he knew his subject and the other qualities would have come in time, given the chance. Unfortunately, the headmaster was a ruthless man so he never got that chance. I learned later that he was a destroyed man. He never returned to teaching.

Blair's ambitions, on the other hand, seem to centre largely on destroying our way of life and the lives of those who love this country. His subject knowledge is limited to self-aggrandisement and any legal training he had seems to count for nothing if he wants to perpetuate illegal acts. To our eternal regret, there is no headmaster to sack him, and to our everlasting shame we allowed him to continue destroying our heritage by giving him the opportunity to rule us for three consecutive terms. 

Instead of getting the sack, he hangs grimly on to power despite knowing he is probably the most hated person in Britain. He is determined to complete his programme of change and we know things can only get worse if he is allowed to do so.

God help us!

Editorial Comment:

This is an old article from the archives. The reason it was put in the archive was that, although little had changed, it was no longer Blair giving the orders. Orders were subsequently given by Gordon Brown and, latterly, by the current non-Tory leaders - David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Despite any assurances that we will withdraw from this useless, unwinnable war in the near future, don't be surprised if our troops are still giving up their lives many years from now.

However, we have just received the letter below from someone who disagrees with our assessment and we publish it because we want to give a fair hearing to everyone.

Rebecca of Scunthorpe writes (on 9 April 2012):

Christ, this is a terrible piece of over-emotional crap.

First of all, that analogy. Wow, that analogy. What pompous, irrelevant, bile. That teacher who lost his job? He wasn't cut out for teaching. Had he taught at a regular comprehensive, like the one I'd gone to, he'd have been eaten alive. But thumbs up for you and your grammar school education (was that meant to impress?).

I have a lot of love for the hypocrisy vomited all over my screen here. Right, so American deserve all they get and more, they deserve innocent lives lost- both civilian and military- due to their involvement in other countries? But the death of any British serviceman is, if you're to be believed, a crime worse than anything else? America's current predicament is due to involving themselves in the middle east, and is not our problem, right? We don't deserve all the attacks, for getting involved in other countries, though. Oh, no. Because Britain was intelligent enough to commit an utter rape and pillage of Africa, to create such utter death and destruction that Africa has not recovered to a level where they could attack us. So either Britain deserves worse or...? What? We're the promised people, so it's ok? For the record, from a humanitarian viewpoint, I agree the campaigns have been a disaster. The campaigns were ill-advised and ill-thought out. But not nearly as ill-advised and ill-thought out as this crap you sprout. It's almost as painful as reading a BNP manifesto.

Editorial Comment:

Funny you should mention the BNP manifesto. During the recent elections for the London Mayor, I received copies of every party's manifesto. If none of them could have been reconciled to a particular party the one that would have appealed most to me and other people who truly love this country of ours would have been the one published by the BNP. Naturally, they could never be a serious voting option but at least they do know what the majority of people want.

So there you have it, Rebecca. You've had your say and I hope you can appreciate that if we all shared the same opinions it would be a very dull world indeed. However, one day you might develop a few more brain cells and come up with something constructive. But I suspect not!

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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