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Feral criminals in Sedgefield are offspring of Council executives

Our correspondent writes ...

I am a semi-retired video journalist and am in the process of exposing the way I was dealt with as a victim of anti-social behaviour by Durham Constabulary and Sedgefield Borough Council.

I moved to the North East of England in June 2002. Little did I know then that I would be entering into the Lion's Den. The Lion in question was Tony Blair, at that time the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and chief proponent of the Anti-Social Behaviour Order - the flagship act of parliament that was brought in to reduce crime and disorder. But in the kingdom of Sedgefield, where Tony reigned supreme and unchallenged, ASBOs were seldom used.

Blair had his own vision of the policy and, of course, in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king! But as my MP he was worse than useless and did nothing to help me.

Sedgefield Borough Council's website tells the world that it takes matters of anti-social behaviour very seriously but until they were taken to task over their failure to accept and help a Sedgefield Borough Council tax payer (at that time Sedgefield Council tax was the highest in UK) not only did they have no policy on ASB they didn't even have a dedicated officer to deal with complaints about anti-social behaviour. So nobody complained and people suffered. Thus, the ignorance and the misery continued on in Sedgefield Constituency, on and on and on ...... until one person said, 'Enough is Enough!' That person was me.

And that was when the trouble really started!!!! I complained because the daughter of a council chairman was waging an unchecked campaign of terror yet my complaint was virtually ignored. My police statement was forged and my MP closed his eyes to the crime going on in his own backyard. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse .... it did.

I have hundreds of tapes - both video and audio - proving the damage and behaviour I had to put up. I have recordings of conversations with, amongst others, Blair's then agent John Burton - a man who could have run in his own right as Bully Of The Year! Sedgefield's Director of Neighbourhood Services was telling me, 'What does the Home Office expect me to do for you' and, after I declared myself homeless, 'You have a house, you're going home, why would we wait 28 days to make a decision? We know all about you, you're going home.'

Even though house bricks were being thrown through the windows up to three times a night, DIE BITCH had been painted on my door and I was threatened with petrol bombs, yet this man expected me to go home. But you cannot be sent back to a place of violence.

I have evidence of police officers' written comments at a meeting with my MP's agent when I asked for an inquiry. The comments stated 'No Death Threats' yet I have transcripts from Crown Court cases where death threats had been mentioned. The police told me at the beginning of the farce not to phone them any more as the crime figures were already too high. They said I just had to collate the video evidence and they would do something. So that's what I did but the evidence was 'lost' by the police and the officer concerned moved on.

As I said earlier, the main perpetrator of the damage to my house was the daughter of the (then) Chairman of the Parish Council; another was the grandson of the Sedgefield councillor Tony Blair had said would help me. But they appeared to be protected by the police. A Durham Constabulary officer forged my name several times on a witness statement relating to a criminal damage incident perpetrated by the councillor's grandson and yet he was left in-situ even after he admitted forging my name on statements taken from me for the five months before he was suspended. Eventually, he was charged with perverting the course of justice after pressure from me.

I am now taking a case to the IPCC (for what it's worth) and also to the Ombudsman as I was left in a homeless unit for 14 weeks while Sedgefield Borough Council decided what to do. I was too much of an embarrassment to them. They never had an anti-social behaviour policy until I approached the Home Office and embarrassed them some more.

I am now in the process of taking the case to the CICA who, so far, claim I have not been a victim of violent crime. What? I would say 227 crime/incidents in just over 3 years makes me a victim and 23 bricks and bottles through my windows in 28 days is pretty violent in my book. I am left with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I lost my home and my health and the perpetrators, including the council and the police, got off scot free!

Justice - I don't think so!

MdD, Trimdon, Co Durham

Editorial comment:

You can read more by visiting Mercedes' own website -

Visitors' Comments

Ngozi Ezekpo, London writes:

The information in the article is very similar to what Holborn police did to me after a Camden council employee and her drug addict partner assaulted me and my ten-year-old daughter and broke my window.

Justice for ordinary members of our society is nothing more than a treacherous illusion. The laws of this land are made to protect the establishment only and to keep us (the peasants) in our place.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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