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Inconsiderate parking by bone idle Bexleyheath shopper

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Some people's manners defy belief

Dateline: 22nd March 2014

As a blue badge holder myself, I am often infuriated by the number of people who park in disabled bays without any sign of a blue badge on their dashboard. I am even suspicious of some of those who do display a blue badge but who are so fit and athletic that it makes you wonder what disability they might conceivably have.

Obviously, not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye, including my own, but I suspect many people find it convenient to borrow a relative's badge to use while they shop. In supermarket car parks there is little chance of getting caught as few checks are done. In civic car parks it is not quite so easy to evade detection as wardens are often out on car park patrol. But they still try it on.

On one occasion I parked in a public car park in Bexleyheath and a young woman with three children parked her Shogun in the adjacent bay, locked the vehicle and walked towards the Broadway. The blue badge was put on the dashboard in such a way that the underside could be seen. It had a picture of a man. There was no such person in the vehicle.

On another occasion I watched a car parking in a blue badge bay at a Tesco store in Somerset. Four people alighted and they all vaulted over the adjacent barrier to reach the shop door. Which one was disabled? I couldn't tell.

But today a woman shopper in Bexleyheath really took the biscuit. I had parked in a disabled bay at ASDA while my wife and I did our weekly shop. On returning to the car park I found my bay was partly blocked by a silver convertible - reg. no. V19 GGY - and the bay to my left was completely blocked.

We took some photographs and somebody else reported it to the security guard inside the store so an announcement was made. Minutes later a young woman appeared, gave us a 'so what' look and drove off.

No doubt there will be others who write in to say 'So what?' so I will tell you what. Disabled bays are there for a reason. Disabled people may have illnesses that will shorten their life. They do not want to lose precious time because some stupid cretin is too bloody lazy to park in one of the multiple empty bays that were available to her.

But more to the point, she left two young children sitting inside the car while she did her shopping. Clearly, her two brain cells were not working in unison else she would have given more thought to the dangers of such an irresponsible and inconsiderate action.

... and here's another one

This is a secondary shopping precinct in Bexleyheath with a short parade of shops on both sides of the road. There are parking spaces outside most of the shops though the number was reduced by Bexley Council to install a pedestrian crossing which only a few people use. Most commuters heading for, or leaving, the local railway station still tend to cross the road at the nearest point to the railway access area ... which isn't where the crossing was placed. But when you've got a bunch of half-wits staffing the Highways Planning Department of Bexley Council this is what you learn to expect - brain cells may be in short supply but money is no object!

However, the parking area for shoppers has only one disabled bay and it is usually occupied ... often by drivers who are not disabled. The car shown in the picture (click the thumbnail) belongs to one of these inconsiderate drivers. And, as you can see, there was plenty of space to park without taking up a disabled bay.

"Many men stumble across the truth ... but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

Winston S Churchill

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